Let's Go On a Picnic - Go Picnic Review

If you need a quick "go to" meal or snack...
What do you normally do?
With us, I will make Marc sandwiches for lunch.
Snacks are usually chips of some sort...
Maybe cheese and crackers.
Believe me, I do not have many creative bones in me...
So I don't spruce it up or think "outside" the box.

Just think how happy I was when I heard about GOPICNIC.
They are actually extremely cute and taste really good.
Top it all off, they are not just basic meat and cheese.
To me, it is a mini gourmet picnic!

GoPicnic's founders developed the concept of the shelf-stable picnic meal in 2004 for a major US airline whose existing buy-on-board fresh food service program was costing it millions of dollars annually due to high levels of waste from unused meals as well as incremental personnel expenses stemming from the need for in-flight food preparation. The shelf-stable snackbox solution that the GoPicnic founders created to address these issues generated profit for the airline for the first time in its food service history and provided customers with a reliable quality product at a good value. Recognizing the many benefits such shelf-stable "picnic" meal programs could bring to a wide array of other industries, the GoPicnic founders expanded on the original concept, making nutritious high-quality shelf-stable meal solutions available to new markets and clients.

One thing that I think sets them apart?
They have several great combinations!
Besides just the meat/crackers...
You also get a couple "side items" to enjoy!
We were sent two different varieties...

One that we were able to review is from the Classic Deli Meal Line.
It was their Salami and Cheese one.
Broxton enjoyed the Salami.
I really enjoyed the Cheese Spread!!!
Included in it :

  • Old Wisconsin Beef Salami Slices
  • Late July Organic Classic Rich Crackers
  • Copper Cowbell Asiago Gourmet Cheese Spread
  • Sweet Perry Orchards Cashew Medley Fruit & Nut Mix
  • Late July Organic Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookie

  • The other we reviewed was from their All-Natural Meal Line.
    I have NO clue how they knew I was a huge lover of Salmon...
    But I was so happy when I opened it up and saw that was the other choice!
    We got the Salmon and Crackers picnic!!!!
    I (of course) loved the Salmon Spread...
    But, surprisingly, my favorite was the Ginger Zip Fruit and Nut Mix!

    Now, with all of these yummy food items, you would think they were done...
    Nope, they even include the proper eating utensil to complete the meal.
    With the Salmon, we had a fork...
    Salami and Cheese spread brought us a knife.
    I love how they are also individually packaged, so you can eat it all now...
    Or snack on it throughout the day.

    This would be perfect for a road trip...
    Little nibbles on snacks throughout the journey...
    Maybe you don't want the food offered on the plane (if your flight even offers anything)
    Or, you could always keep this in your desk at work...
    Options are endless, they don't require refrigeration!

    Here is the kicker...
    Are you ready?
    They even provide the entertainment!!!!
    Like I said, they thought of it all!

    Please follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
    (At the time of this posting, they have a giveaway going on their facebook page!)

    FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation


    1. Those would be great to have around! I buy those lunchables that are great when I have to take Grant to work with me or we go to the park. Except they have to be refrigerated. These don't!

    2. These look great, I think the salmon looks terrific, too.
      Glad you got to try these out, I'd love to try them, too. Love the little games inside.


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