Tellurian Baby Line "Pure and Natural" - Review (Extra Entries)

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I know that our bathroom is cluttered with all sorts of bath products...
Bar soap, liquid soap, hair products...
You name it, we have it in there.
Any way to reduce the clutter would be perfect.
I was pretty happy to see the 2-in1 shampoo/body wash from Tellurian Naturals.

We were sent the Tellurian Baby Product Line for review.
Now, this line has several different products.
From the oils/lotions to the shampoo/body wash.
I will admit, the 2- in - 1 Shampoo and Body Wash is by far MY FAVORITE!
Not only does it smell absolutely to die for...
It also eliminates the need for 2 bottles.
That means less clutter.
Have you heard of Tellurian?
I hadn't until recently... and I am glad I was able to review it.
Can I share a secret?
I use the 2-in-1 for myself just as much as I do for Broxton!
It really smells great... and it feels wonderful to!
Same thing goes for their lotion!
It feels like I am rubbing a special potion on my skin! :)

Tellurian seems to have the right marketing department for their product as well.
Each of their bottles is brightly labeled.
Also, each item has its own label color.
You know, purple bottle is lotion, blue bottle is the 2-in-1.
I think it is super cute how they have the ABC/123 on the bottle as well!
With Broxton, he is always wanting to check out the bottles while he is in the tub, this way, we end up teaching too!

Tellurian was founded by Jane Leeves and Ron Lewis.
They wanted to offer a baby care line that was both pure and natural.
You can click HERE to learn more.
Tellurian, by definition (, means an inhabitant of the earth.
Seems like a great line for a product that is so earth friendly!

Now, I don't use baby oil that much...
I do use it at times after being at the pool...
I see myself using their lightly scented oil as it is made naturally to replenish the oils/lipids.
Chlorine and sun dry me out, so this might work perfectly!

If you head over to Tellurian, you can use the current promotional code they have for 20% off your order! They also offer FREE shipping on orders over $50.

Since learning about the Tellurian Baby Product Line, I have now learned that they offer an adult line as well to help combat the signs of aging...
I guess I need to check them out as well...
(I'm not getting any younger!)

Last thing, but certainly not least...
With every purchase of Tellurain Naturals, a portion of the proceeds will go Tellurian Cares!
I love a company that gives back!!!!!

With the packaging on their bottles, I think that a gift basket with an assortment of their products would make a wonderful (and pretty) baby shower gift!
Now, if only I had the talent to try and make one to show you!

Please follow Tellurian on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.
They have several great quotes up on their facebook page right now!

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation


  1. Ohhh! I love companies that give back! It's why I love what I do, we have a non-profit sector as well ; )

    Ps - can I have extra entries for the belly bank please? ; )

    mrs . aprilcole @ yahoo . com

  2. Yes I am very interested in checking this product out! I am all about a pure natural products!!

  3. I liked them on FB!/pages/Tellurian-Baby/157380427652730

  4. I follow on twitter!/TellurianBaby

  5. I love that their products are natural! And kudos for aiding in bathroom declutter!

  6. i love companies that have 2 in 1 products makes the bath less cluttered and easier to use with just one washcloth


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