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Looking Stylish in @FrenchToastcom Clothes - #Back2School

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When planning on kids going back to school, one thing is to always check on their wardrobe for the new school year.  Last year, we had a chance to work with French Toast in hosting a review... and I am so excited to get to host a review and giveaway this year!
Let me tell you, the clothes that we received last year still look almost like new, so this is a brand that has stood the test of our house!   (We loved the shirts that we got last year so much that he wore one of them for his school photos! )  The great thing was that his Sunday School teacher asked what brand he was wearing, since it looked so great on him and when I said French Toast, she was quick to tell me that she was familiar with that brand from when her kids were little!   
Our clothes arrived in a cute little drawstring bag with the clothing wrapped in logo paper.  Broxton knew it was for him and was so excited to try them on!  He helped pick them out, so he was thrilled to see what he had chosen from the website!
Long Sleeve Pique Polo - I think that this looks really good on him and it still has a bit of room for him to grow, without it being too big and looking weird!   He wanted a blue one, so that was what we went with... His favorite color is still blue right now, so I sort of expected this one!  With the long sleeved polo, they offer 13 different colors, so this would be great when a long sleeve is needed, but not hot enough for a sweater!  
Short Sleeve Pique Polo  - I loved that they have 18 colors to choose from!  From pinks to purples, red, white and blue...  the list of colors goes on and on!  Broxton wanted to go with an orange one, not really sure why... but we got it and he might wear it during the fall for a couple cute photos!  Stay tuned to find out!  
Mock Layered Polo - This could possibly be my favorite shirt from what we got this time around!  It looks like he has a white t-shirt underneath (as shown by the sleeves and also where the shirt buttons on the chest.) Although it LOOKS like it, its just a mock one, so there is no real layering... We are in the south, you know.. where it gets HOT, so the layered look is CUTE, but not always practical!  This shirt only comes in navy, blue and red.  I really hope they add additional colors down the road!  
The final item we received was their Pleated Double Knee Pants!  I took a picture of him wearing them, they look really good on him in my opinion, but it was a weird looking photo, so I did not want to post it.  I did want to show the double knee... I know that this will be great for us, since he seems to wear through his knees like you just would not imagine!   

Now, since I am so in love with FRENCH TOAST CLOTHING, one lucky winner gets to see how great they are!  Don't let "uniform" turn you away!  Yes, they may be known for their uniforms, but we love them for the quality and look!   We don't have to wear uniforms (yet) but if we ever have to, I know where to turn to!  

One winner will win - 2 tops from french toast and 1 bottom!  

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Educational Snacks - @DickandJane_Edu #Back2School

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Everything seems to be a struggle around here lately, so I am always up for great suggestions!  Since Broxton has started kindergarten, each day is new as to his likes and dislikes and I have to just sort of  go with the fact that he is really becoming his own person.
One thing that also changes?
His hunger... Some days he walks in "starving to death" as he says... and other days he is " still really full" and doesn't want to eat.  I have several varieties of snacks and treats so that leaves an endless opportunity for him to snack if need be.  I was excited to learn about Dick & Jane Educational Snacks and was eager to see how Broxton would like them.  
Dick & Jane Education Snacks are cute cookies that come is 3 different "themes."
English &  Spanish, States & Capitals, or Presidents.  As you can see from the picture above, we were sent The first two.  The original plan was to eat a box and send the other in for Broxton's class to have a snack time...  but.... Well, that just did not work out for us.   
 We ended up opening the English and Spanish ones and it was nice to see that they didn't just do random words, but they used words that kids would be using... We had dog, numbers, sports and more...
The cookie is a nice size, but I will admit, it tastes just like normal cookie... If you are looking for something more exotic, look elsewhere.. but -- if you are looking for a good cookie that will allow a little education, STOP now and look at Dick & Jane!
 The cookies are just the right size for little ones to chomp on and the fact that they are nut free means you can send it in for your child without worrying about any issues with classmates!!!
 I like that the words are stamped / pressed INTO the cookie, not just added on top with sugar or more cookie... That could come off, but not when they are IN the cookie.  Broxton has been having a blast getting the cookies out and having me read it in English & Spanish to him!  
If you can feed your child an educational snack that is made with all natural ingredients and you can get a smile out of him WHILE he is eating it, I think you did a pretty good job!!!
Yes, we ended up opening the States & Capitals Box too!  Not only do Broxton and I enjoy them, I have noticed Marc sneaking and eating them as well!  
What are other subjects that you think they should expand to include?
Have you seen these in stores near you?

Let's Get #Back2School Ready! #giveaway (Over $125 value)

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To kick off another round of back to school posts, I wanted to start with a really cool giveaway!!! If you remember, I posted about loving that my  5 year old can watch a show and although it is entertaining, he is getting educated as well.. and he isn't mad with me sitting down trying to teach him things. (No need to bash me if you disagree, but kids need down time too!)  Anyways...  We love the Nickelodeon line of DVDs and now you can too!

Dora the Explorer and Blue’s Clues: Dora Musical School Days and Blue’s Big Musical Movie Double Feature
Enjoy this all-new musical double feature starring Dora and Blue’s Clues!
DVD Running Time: Approximately 176 minutes

Let’s Learn: Colors
Kids will be tickled pink to learn their colors with their Nick Jr. friends in these five colorful episodes! Ready? Let’s learn our colors! Includes coloring activity sheet inside to keep kids learning more about the colors of the world!
DVD Running Time: Approximately 120 minutes

Let’s Learn: 123s
You can count on your Nick Jr. friends to make learning math as easy as one, two, three in these five play dates! Count comets with Team Umizoomi, journey through school with Dora, figure out Blue’s favorite number, plus more!
DVD Running Time: Approximately 138 minutes

Let’s Learn: ABCs
A is for “awesome” in these five ABC play dates from Nick Jr.! Kids learn about letters and reading as they visit libraries with Team Umizoomi and Diego, help Dora save ABC animals, and jump into classic stories with Blue’s Clues and the Wonder Pets!
DVD Running Time: Approximately 137 minutes

Nickelodeon Favorites: First Day of School
Get ready for the first day of school with your preschool pals from Nickelodeon! Dora the Explorer leads the way in this adventure-filled DVD, which also includes episodes from Go, Diego, Go!; Blue’s Clues; The Wonder Pets!; and Ni Hao, Kai-lan!
DVD Running Time: Approximately 122 minutes

Team Umizoomi: Animal Heroes
Team up with Team Umizoomi on four fantastic animal missions! Help Milli, Geo, and Bot get Purple Monkey to his new Monkey Jungle home at the zoo, rescue Buster the dog at a construction site, fix the Cuckoo Bears’ clock, and find all of Farmer Dan’s missing animals!
DVD Running Time: Approximately 91 minutes

Team Umizoomi: Umigames
Preschoolers will learn many math skills, including counting, patterns, measurement, and more! Get in the Olympic spirit with the Umi Team.
DVD Running Time: Approximately 96 minutes

Team Umizoomi: Journey to Numberland
In this DVD, the Umi Team must identify shapes, build a super flashlight to find a Brachiosaurus, figure out missing numbers in a sequence and complete other math missions.
DVD Running Time: Approximately 93 minutes
Special Features:
·       Umizoomi “Call to Action” promotional trailer

Team Umizoomi
They’re mini, they’re mighty and they’re built for math!  Nickelodeon brings its hit animated preschool series that encourages tots to become strong and mighty to DVD with this debut. The DVD contains four episodes, special features, and the guest voice of platinum-selling RCA recording artist Jordin Sparks.
DVD Running Time: Approximately 95 minutes
Special Features:
·       The Blue Mermaid Shapes Under the Sea Game
·       Team Umizoomi Videos
o   Meet Geo
o   Meet Milli
o   Meet Bot

Blue’s Clues: Blue Takes You To School
Get ready for school with Blue, Joe, Periwinkle, and more! From figuring out clues to figuring out word problems, preschoolers will discover that the learning never ends – even when the school day does.
DVD Running Time: Approximately 100 minutes

Who is ready to win ALL 10 DVD's that were mentioned above????

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VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch - #Giveaway #MakingMyList

The VTech product, gift card, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by VTech.

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

While the end of summer is finally here... That doesn't mean that fun and memories have to end.  We were recently sen the KidiZoom Smartwatch from VTech for review and it is just the coolest thing!!  I am amazed at how much kids toys advance from year to year!  I was excited with a coloring book and crayons when I was 5 ...  and here he is with a SMARTWATCH that is perfectly sized just for him!  
The KidiZoom watch is available in 4 colors, perfect for the budding fashion star you know!  

The colors offered are WHITE, GREEN, BLUE or PINK.  

We were sent the blue and Broxton has had a great time with it.  I had planned on taking it on our vacation, but then with him wanting to take the whole house, I was scared he would lose it and so we chose to leave it at home.  Looking back, I wished I would have let him take it... Just to get our "vacation" from his eyes!  

One of the features that Broxton has LOVED?  The camera /video recorder that the SmartWatch comes with!  He has taken pictures of all of his toys and our house... and he has made video recordings of all sorts of things...  I have to pay attention when he is playing with it and I am on the phone, I don't want all my business out there and who knows who all he would plan on showing his recordings too!    
Even with him not being able to read yet, the buttons and images are so kid friendly that he was quickly able to figure all of this out himself!  I am not sure the storage, but he has luckily figured out that if he doesn't need or want an image, it is best to go ahead and delete now, versus running out of space. (I also go in and delete things that are just waste too!)
While some kids can be content with things the same for a long time, Broxton is not like that.  (Main reason why we didn't do a "themed" book bag / lunchbox this year.)  An awesome thing with the VTech watch?  You can play one of the 4 games on here --  He has enjoyed the puzzle one a bit..   But you can ALSO download MORE games and different watch displays!    
 He has been mentioning that he wanted a new watch off and on for a bit now... Not sure where it came from, but this was perfect for him.  There are a good number of display screens to go behind the clock to make it just the way you want it...  Of course, as soon as he saw Aliens, he knew that was what he wanted!
 Although the VTech SmartWatch has all the "bells and whistles" of other SmartWatches, it doesn't have a million buttons to learn in order operate it.
We have really had a great time playing with this SmartWatch.  It is geared for ages 4-7, but Broxton says that last time his big brother came (almost 14) that he took over it and started playing on it !
I really liked knowing that it is "Splash Proof"  too!!!
Check this out :  The Kidizoom® Smartwatch is also splash proof, making it perfect for everyday play. (Splash and sweat proof. Do not submerge and not suitable for showering or bathing). More than just a watch, it’s the Kidizoom® Smartwatch.

I will say that I love the color choices, I love the fact that they have different screens to make it more personable for the kid wearing it... I LOVE that it is their own little camera/video recorder...  The absolute BEST for me????
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY comes in it.  I don't know about you, but most toys seem to come with the rule that it MUST SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF ALL BATTERIES... but not this one... This one?  You just plug it up to the USB cord and charge it that way!   I have not looked at the other games offered, but I think that 7 might be a bit to "mature' to have this watch... unless they want it more for the camera/video recorder... I figure no need to check out more games until he gets bored with what is already loaded on there.  

I see lots of kids getting this SmartWatch during the holidays... At $59.99, I would not go out and buy it just for the sake of getting one, but I do see it being a great gift... Not only is it a fun and cool TOY --- It helps teach and lets their inner photographer come out!!!

Kidizoom® Smartwatch (Ages 4 years and up; MSRP: $59.99) features include:

·         1.4 inch color touch screen
·         Camera for taking photos and recording videos
·         Voice recorder with 5 voice changing effects
·         Special effects including customized photo frames, color filters and distortion effects; fun video frames
·         4 fun games, included
·         Kid-durable design to withstand drops and bumps
·         Splash proof and sweat proof
·         Alarm clock with fun tones and animation
·         Timer and stopwatch in kid-friendly themes
·         50+ digital and traditional analog displays
·         Rechargeable battery
·         4 vibrant colors: blue, pink, white and green
·         Micro USB cable for data transfer and battery recharging
·         Access to Learning Lodge app store to download more games and watch displays

Want to win one????

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Celebrate with Dora! #MakingMyList

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If you have been around the last few days on here, you might have seen that Nickelodeon is preparing spongebob fans for all sorts of great wish items this holiday season...  Well, no need to worry - Calling all Dora fans!   Celebrate with Dora is perfect for you!  From Birthdays to Christmas and even Halloween, they have you covered with a 3 DVD collection, being released on September 9th!  

Dora the Explorer: Celebrate with Dora Episode Synopses:

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Christmas!
A Present for Santa
It’s Christmas Eve! In the spirit of giving, Dora and Boots trek to the North Pole to deliver a present to Santa.

Rapido Tico
Boots waits for a new toy fire truck to arrive in the mail but when the package arrives, it’s empty!  Dora and Boots must travel to the Snowy Mountain to recover the gift before Swiper the sneaky fox finds it.

Quack Quack!
Dora and Boots are coloring a picture of Mami Duck and her eggs when the coloring book suddenly comes to life.  The eggs start to hatch and the wind blows one of them away.  Dora and Boots must jump into the coloring book to bring the newly hatched Baby Duck back home to Mami.

School Pet
Dora and Boots save the school pet, a hamster named Mimo, who goes missing from his cage.

Bonus Features include:
“Santa’s Super Scavenger Hunt”
“Nick Jr. Baby Video Sneak Peak”

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Halloween
It’s Halloween! Dora and Boots are trick-or-treating when a cute Little Monster surprises them.  They help Little Monster hurry home before the big clock strikes 12.

The Missing Piece
Dora and Boots meet a wizard, El Encantador, who is missing his magic wand.  They set off to find El Encantador’s wand so that he can perform his magic.

To the Monkey Bars
Dora has never been able to climb all the way across the monkey bars.  Dora and Boots set off for Play Park so that Dora can give it another try.

The Big Storm
A big storm cloud is coming. Dora and Boots have to warn all their friends in the forest to get home before it starts raining.

Bonus Features include:
“Dora’s Halloween Hunt Game”
“Nick Jr. Baby Video Sneak Peak”

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure
Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure (Double Length Episode)
Happy Birthday, Dora! In the final episode of the Magic Storybook Trilogy, Dora and Boots need to get home for Dora’s birthday party with all her family and friends. Before Dora and Boots can jump out of the Magic Storybook, a twisty wind picks them up and blows them into Wizzle World.

Dora Helps the Birthday Wizzle
Dora is reading a storybook about a Birthday Wizzle who could make birthday wishes come true with his magic wand.  Today is his birthday so it is his turn to make a wish, but a wind comes in and blows the wand out of the book.  Dora must jump into the book and bring the wishing wand back to the Wizzle to give him his birthday wish.

Wizzle Wishes
Dora and Boots meet a cute little Wizzle who lost his bag of wishes and can’t get home. They set off in search of the lost wishes, but their friends keep finding the wishes first.  Dora and Boots must overcome a giant sunflower in Isa’s garden, a storm of raining nuts in the Nutty Forest and slippery slopes at the Wishing Well in order to return the wishes to their rightful owner.

Bonus Features include:
“DVD Game”


Which Holiday Would You Like to Spend With Spongebob? #MakingMyList

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Looks like Spongebob fans are in for a real treat this holiday season!
You might wonder why... Well, it was announced that SpongeBob Scary Pants was being released for Halloween...  and now,  I get to tell you that Holidays with Spongebob is being release on September 9th. Once again, just in time for the holidays, if you are one to start buying early to avoid the madness...
This DVD will include holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and even Valentines Day!   
Episodes include:
Scaredy Pants
Imitation Krabs
I Was a Teenage Gary
Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
The Secret Box
Band Geeks
Welcome to the Chum Bucket
My Pretty Seahorse
Idiot Box
Bonus Features:
Music Video: “Scaredy Pants”
Sneak Peak: SpongeBob SquarePants Videogame
Christmas Who?
Snowball Effect
Survival of the Idiots
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV
Chocolate with Nuts
As Seen on TV
Pizza Delivery
Squeaky Boots
Bonus Features:
Audio Commentary: “Christmas Who?”
Storyboard: “Christmas Who?”
To Love a Patty
A Flea in Her Dome
Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob
Le Big Switch
The Donut of Shame
Blackened Sponge
Bonus Features:
Original Animatic: “To Love a Patty”
Karaoke Music Video


It's Slinky, It's Slinky, It's a Wonderful Toy! #SlinkyDay August 30th

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Image - Alex Toys
Did you have a slinky when you grew up???  I remember having them and wishing more than anything to have a house with stairs, just so we could play with a slinky down the stairs... Talk about a big wish.. 
Well, now here I am ... an adult... with a house with stairs... and Broxton now has a slinky to play with!  We have been having so much fun!  I remember when he got them, he was so excited!  (He was given a black one - collectors edition --- and a purple one!)    We have had hours of fun..  Letting the slinky go from one hand to the other... and then down the stairs!  We have been racing them to see who would win!
The great thing about slinky?  Not only have they been around since 1945 - they have so many different "slinky" products!    

 I will admit, I was not familiar with Slinky Dog at all --- Except that he was in Toy Story and I love that character...   So, when our box of slinky fun arrived and there was a slinky dog in it.. You best believe I had to open it to check him out!!!
He has changed since it was first introduced, with one major change being the leash.  He still has one, but it is a tiny version of what once was  --- Safety first!  
I loved that there were little rollers in his feet for hours of rolling fun with your little one!
He is made of a hard plastic material ... slinky in the middle.. leathery type soft material for his ears... and slinky type tail.  TOO CUTE!!!!!!

We were also sent a wide assortment of the fun slinky toys!  Slinky has expanded from the traditional silver one that I remember...  We were sent a collection of their "color" line and I can not wait to bust them out for Christmas gifts!  I loved the collectors edition Slinky, although I did expect it to be silver and it was black... But that was wonderful for us...   
While several toys were put up to be given later... I know that we will be having a great time playing with our toys on Slinky Day!   Did you know that you can even buy a LIGHT UP SLINKY????  What???!?!!!! Nice sales going on for Slinky Day, so check it out!  

What is your favorite Slinky toy?
Will you be playing on Slinky day?
If so, hashtag #slinkyday so I can look for you!   
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