Aloha Friday - 51

Aloha everyone!
It is that time of the week...

Answer a simple question...
Ask one of your own..
Then RELAX and ENJOY your weekend!

My question this week:

Do you use the toiletry items in your hotel room?
If so, is there any hotel that the items sticks out as a great one?

My answer:

I love love LOVE the LOTION at the HAMPTON INN.
Whenever I go... I am in heaven! (When my mom travels there for her job, she normally brings me a bottle back... It is great!)
After our weekend in Savannah, I have to say that I really liked the shampoo and conditioner at the WESTIN in Savannah... It was Green Tea Aloe! My hair LOVED IT! :)

Al0ha and have a great weekend!


  1. I love to bring all of them home and put them in a drawer for guests that come to stay at our house.

  2. We stayed at a hotel a few weeks ago that had Crabtree & Evelyn soap, shampoo/conditioner, and lotion... mmmmm!

  3. Your link worked great. Happy AF.

  4. I bring all those home for when I run out & forgot to replace. Not that the shampoo or creme rinse is enough for my mop, but it's great for the hubby. My grand-kids like to use it too. I bring home all the commodities. Coffee, sugar, coffee Styrofoam cups, plastic clubs. Hey, the price of rooms nowadays we deserve to take them home!

  5. I tend to grab the hotel room things to keep on hand for traveling. I loved the Lavender shampoo and conditioner at Kalahari. It was lovely. :)

  6. I usually take my own stuff, but always grab it up to bring it home.

  7. I never use them while staying in the hotel, I bring my own stuff but I bring them back and use them in my guest bathroom!

  8. I do not usually use them, but I take them home with us. I love the ones from Disney World with Mickey Mouse on them.

  9. If I didn't bring my own , then I'll use theirs. I went to a hotel called PomPei or something like that and their products were very good.

    The comfort Inn has very good products too, but in general I find all of the hotels/motels products to be drying and not really work very well.

  10. Yes.. I usually never bring our own soap so we always use that. I usually bring shampoo and conditinor but I usually take them home to use at a later date since they are there.. LOL We have a hole drawer full of hotel shampoo/conditinor and loation.. LOL
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  11. Princess Nagger loves bringing home the toiletries from our hotel rooms and using them at home for her bath - she says they're 'her size'! ;) My favorite is from the Caribbean when we've vacationed there - love the tropical stuff! :)


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