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I have mentioned before that Broxton loves Dinosaur Train and I actually enjoy watching with him..
Hello, trains and dinosaurs?  He loves it!
Today, December 10, 2012...
We are getting introduced to 2 new Characters on the show! 
Meet the Grandparents!   Grandma and Grandpa Pteranodon!!!!
Look at the new line up for this week:

“Tiny and the Crocodile”/“Meet the Grandparents”  Premieres December 10
Team Pteranodon travels to Dienosuchas Swamp to meet Deanna Dienosuchas, a crocodile over 12
meters with many big teeth, and a crabby attitude. Tiny leads the way to warm up Deanna who turns
out to be friendlier and less scary than the kids imagined. The Pteranodon kids have special visitors -
their Grandma and Grandpa! The kids delight in realizing they share similar traits with their
grandparents (laughs, expressions, and interests), and love showing Grandma and Grandpa around
the nest area and playing some games they all like.

“The Egg Stealer?” / “To the Grandparents’ Nest We Go!”  Premieres December 11
Buddy and Don stumble upon a mystery when they find unhatched eggs on their beach. The mystery
grows when some of the eggs are stolen. Don and Buddy become detectives and suspect that maybe
Tiny, Shiny, or other friends may be stealing the eggs. They’re not. Soon, all the kids join in to solve
the mystery, as they figure out that the eggs belong to an over-protective, caring mom named Olivia
Oviraptor who is just trying to keep her eggs safe. Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, and Don have fun spending a
special day with their retired Grandma and Grandpa at their cliffside nest. The kids get to see things
from their Dad’s childhood nature collection, and afterwards they play games and fish with Grandma
and Grandpa.

“Double-Crested Trouble”/“Erma and the Conductor”  Premieres December 12
While riding the Dinosaur Train, Buddy and Tiny meet Dylan and Devlin Dilophosaurus, twin brothers with amazing double-crests on their heads. Dylan and Devlin like to compete over everything from getting the best seat on the train, to being the best hunter. After Tiny and Buddy spend time with the brothers, they show them how working as a team can help them succeed while hunting! The Pteranodon family is on the Dinosaur Train headed to the Big Pond for a special nighttime treat – watching a meteor shower in the sky! Mr. Conductor stops to pick up Erma Eoraptor, his best friend, whom he’s excited to spend time with that night. At the Big Pond, the Conductor and Erma are interrupted a few times while trying to be alone, but soon find the perfect spot back on the Train. They watch the meteor shower from there, as the Pteranodon family watches the amazing meteors from the Big Pond beach.

“Dome-Headed Dinosaur”/”Treasure Hunt
The Pteranodon kids and their dome-headed friend Spikey Stygimoloch meet a brother and sister,
Patrick and Pamela Pachycephalosaurus, two dinosaurs with enormous dome heads. Spikey bonds
with the Pachycephalosaurus. Patrick and Pamela are athletes who invite the kids, Mom, and Spikey
along to watch them use their impressive dome heads to play a volleyball type sport called, Dome
Ball. Don has a large collection of things he’s found in nature, but he’s missing one hard-to-locate
item – amber. On the Dinosaur Train, Don and the other Pteranodon kids find out that Gilbert is also
looking for amber. At Amber Arroyo caves, Don and Gilbert separately search for and find amber,
eventually bonding over their discoveries.

To celebrate the all new episodes...
I am tying in my Dinosaur Train giveaway! 

Dinosaur Train: Ride the Holiday Train Lift-The-Flap Board Book, from Reader’s Digest
Buddy and his friends are super excited. Their favorite holiday is coming—the Winter Solstice! Kids travel on the holiday train to the North Pole where the Pteranodon family has the chance to build snow dinosaurs, play a prehistoric game of ice hockey, and meet some new friends.  Secondary learning activities which reinforce learning concepts are included, and over 45 flaps hide fun surprises that kids will want to find again and again!

DINOSAUR TRAIN™ BIG, BIG, BIG DVD Hop on the Dinosaur Train and join Buddy the T.Rex and his adoptive family of Pteranodons as they   travel around and meet some of the biggest dinosaurs in DINOSAUR TRAIN: BIG, BIG, BIG.  Buddy and his Pteranodon siblings embark on new adventures traveling back to the Jurassic Period, riding on the
newest Dinosaur Train car – the flatbed, and earning their Junior Conductor hats.  Buddy even gets to  meet another adopted dinosaur!  From the world-renowned Jim Henson Company, PBS KIDS and Paramount Home Entertainment, the DINOSAUR TRAIN: BIG, BIG, BIG DVD includes eight exciting edutainment adventures that bring dinosaurs to life and makes science fun.  

 Due to giveaway dates, this will not arrive by Christmas,
but who is to say you can not give an "I LOVE YOU" gift?
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  1. we love buddy debbie jackson
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  2. Thank you for the giveaway - both of my kids LOVE Dinosaur Train!

  3. Thank you for the giveaway! Both of my kids LOVE Dinosaur Train!

  4. my son would love this! thank you!

  5. My sons love this show and their favorite characters respectively are Tiny and Buddy

    ( d schmidt in widget)

  6. Isaak's always talking about this show, but I've never watched it. The joys of working fulltime.

  7. I'd love to win this for my son. jj250@aol.com

  8. My boy loves dinosaur train! I think its pretty cute.

  9. my son loves anything with a train

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  14. Thanks so the great giveaway. My daughter loves Dinosaur Train!


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