Malcolm Finney, Medical Detective: The Case of Itch and Rash

When Broxton was a baby, I noticed this nasty rash on him one day...
He kept clawing at it and I eventually took him to the doctor.
Come to find out, he had eczema (I really had no clue what that was) and I needed to learn about it.

He would scratch his skin to the point it looked like he was clawing his skin off and at times, he would cry when I tried lotions and what not on it...
That being said, whenever I have the chance, I read and learn about eczema. 
He does not get that many flare ups, but he still does...

When I saw that there was a children's book, Malcolm Finney, Medical Detective: The case of... itch and rash, I wanted to read this to see if it might shed more information on it... Or at least give me something to read to him to try and explain it to him.

Since Broxton is 3, I did feel as though the book was for older kids...
but, I did love that they had little note sections to tell you the definitions of different words...
Also, they have illustrations with the conversation in bubbles, but they also have basic story text as well, so you really do learn a lot.
Besides this book teaching about eczema, it was also helpful in teaching about allergies and other medical terms...
I felt like this book was a medical version of that television show, The Magic Schoolbus, as Malcolm actually went into the body to learn about the skin! 

I thought it was a great book and I am happy to know that there will be other books in the Malcolm Finney series!  Up next, The Sugar Monster!!!
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