@OriginalFanBand Affordable Sports Memorabilia

We keep saying that we are going to exercise... but that is about it...
We have a walking track near us that we have gone to a few times and I will officially start walking when Broxton goes back to school in the New Year. 
I have a Fan Band to wear, but to be totally truthful, I doubt I will wear it.

First of all...
What is a fan band? 
It is an armband for you to show your support of your team/player without breaking the bank!!!
I was excited to see that they had the Braves... Hey, I am from Georgia.. and I am not a bandwagon fan.  Good, Bad or Ugly, I am still a Braves fan.  (Marc is a SF Giants fan...) 
Well, they sent me a Braves one alright :)
But they did not just send any Braves fan band...
They sent me a CHIPPER JONES fan band.  
So, this fan band is not going to be worn! 
He just retired... 
I wanted to put it up for safe keeping for Broxton, but I did not know if that was just me being crazy, or what.. I ended up asking Marc (he said to do what I wanted to do with it.. ) I then asked a friend of ours that is a big sports fan.  As soon as I was telling him about it, he was immediately like, you didn't open it, did you?  Keep that!
So.. it is not going to be opened.. it is up for safe keeping! 
If you are a sports fan, or know someone who is..
This is a great (and inexpensive) way to show their team pride and still have money left to enjoy a game!!!!

The fan bands are in MLB and NBA jerseys...
Head on over to look and see if they have your team!
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