Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

I realize that not all of my readers are in the US, so I am excited to tell you about a new site I have learned about. 
If you are working on a new design for your toddlers room...
Kidsen has a great selection to check out!
Up first, I was trying to decide what I would do if we did not live in an apartment and I could decorate any way I wanted to.  But then I thought, you know, there is no need to worry about painting a wall when there are so many wall-stickers out there these days!  You know how I am about decorating without making a mark... Remember my love of the phototrax that we now have hanging in our house?
We all know how much my little one loves trains, so as soon as I saw the train stickers, I knew it was something he would love!
Then, I saw something that I want so bad for Broxtons room.
The only problem is I have not seen any in the states... and even if I did...
We really have no where to put it right now...
Remember, apartment... in Atlanta...

But still, it is cute to think that if we had a house, I could plan on putting this cute children's desk.
I love looking at children's décor, so I can not believe that I had not seen some of the products they have before... I absolutely LOVE their toy box storage...  but with all of the books we have, I was totally checking out the book shelves they carry!
Also, for all of you that are in love with the owl theme that is going around like crazy...
No need to worry, they have plenty of Owl items to make you smile and have plenty of ideas for decorating to have your dream room!
How do you go about decorating?
Do you just sort of "wing" it.. or do you search online to find the perfect way to do so?
I look online and plan of dream rooms...  ( I used to graph out on graph paper the layout for how the room was set up to figure out space once furniture was in there!)

This is a sponsored post.  Although it is sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Haha, the "Owl" theme is pretty big right now! Who would have guessed?!


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