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Hope that you all have had a great holiday break. We have had so much fun and I admit, I am looking forward to school starting back... I know that there are some parents out there that are wanting a longer break, but there has to be some out there like me who are ready for a bit of a schedule and structure. Which parent are you?
We were able to get the boys up here for their Christmas break. Well, two of them. Broxton loved having them here and our house was full of excitement and energy. The highlight for me? Marc was actually off of work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! We spent the day with him on Christmas Eve and were able to go to the Christmas Eve "family" service at our church. Then, Christmas Day we spent the day hanging out and enjoying being together.


This weekend was full of driving. We took the boys back down South where we exchanged gifts with my side of the family. We returned back up here and have been just "resting" before Broxton starts back to school this week. His sleep schedule is all messed up right now, so I am really DREADING the morning he has to wake up for school!
Other than that... Trying to get a little bit of a schedule together for the new year... Not just for our personal life, but also for blogging. As I said, I hope you had a great holiday and here is to a great year ahead!!!!! I will be back to regular blogging soon, just enjoying the last bit of time with Broxton before he starts school and all.


  1. Glad your holidays were awesome! I'm on break until January 28th, so ready to go back. Happy new year and looking forward to more awesome posts :)

  2. Broxton looks happy to have 2 of his brothers around.

    I'm all for structure. One day off here and there is fine. Extended breaks are difficult!

  3. I know what you mean about dreading having to get your child up for school. My daughters sleep schedule is totally off.

  4. Glad you had a wonderful holiday with your family and that the hubs could be home.

    I totally understand about the schedule. I'm setting my alarm extra loud tonight.

    All schedules of sleep is messed up here too.

    I loved the time I had with my children.

  5. My girls don't sleep ever!

    And with the bickering, I'm ready for them to head back:)

  6. So glad you got the boys and your husband for Christmas! Happy New Year!!! Here's to a fabulous YEAR!!!!

  7. We have one that doesn't return to school until the 15th, the others went back yesterday, we got a lot done during the holidays, got the haircuts,dental appts, and check up.. so no one will miss school later on.

  8. Broxton looks so happy! My, he has gotten so big!

  9. So wonderful that Marc had both Christmas Eve and Day off and got to spend it with all his boys. (BTW, I loved the photo of all of them on your Christmas card.)

    It's gonna be tough getting everyone, including yourself back on a regular schedule. But you are such a great mom, I know you can do it. =)


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