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Day Out With Thomas - Headed to Cordele, Ga

Everyone knows how much we love Thomas... 
So, just wanted to remind those of you near Cordele, Georgia.. 
Thomas is headed that way!!!!!

*** Yes, we will be going with complimentary tickets, but no one asked me to post this, I just received this email and wanted to share with other fans...We have always had so much fun!!!!

You can see more about Day Out With Thomas by looking at my posts from our Day Out With Thomas 2011 as well as 2010.

Season One of Touch Available October 16th

To be honest with you, I do not watch TOUCH... 
I think I tried watching the first episode, but I just could not figure it out... 
Either way, I still like Kiefer Sutherland, so I wanted to tell those of you that watch TOUCH or that are Kiefer fans... Touch Season One is available for purchase on October 16th... 

So, to help Kick It Off, A Couple of neat things to check out... One is a pretty cool website, the other is a list of ways to connect with your child:

Martin Bohm is a widower and single father who is haunted by an inability to connect to his emotionally challenged 11-year-old son Jake. But when Martin discovers that Jake can predict events before they happen, everything changes.

Follow the Red Thread of Fate to explore the connections between the people and places of the show.  

Five Ways to Connect With Your Child
In Touch, Martin has a hard time connecting with his son, Jake. In this feature, we will provide parents with helpful tips on how they can better connect with their children, including having weekly family meals and making yourself more available to talk, attend events, etc.
Prepare Family Dinner
Set aside one evening a week when your family can prepare and eat dinner together. Allow each person to choose the recipe of the week and set a rotating schedule so everyone has a chance to make a favorite dish. Not only will you be spending time with one another, but your children will learn basic cooking skills while you learn more about their favorite foods.

Attend Sporting Event or Extracurricular Activity
No matter what activities your children take part in, stay up-to-date on how practices or rehearsals are going. Ask when special events or performances occur so you can plan your schedule ahead of time in order to attend. Remaining informed and involved in your children’s interests is key in expressing how proud you are to be their parents.  

Family Game Night
A fun way to connect with your kids is to plan a family game night a few times a month. There are many options out there from classic board games like Monopoly to word games like Catch Phrase. A nice way to end a game night is to have the winner choose their favorite place to grab dessert at a local ice cream or frozen yogurt shop.

Photo Sharing Project
A creative way of connecting with your children is by doing a photo project together. You can create a physical scrapbook using supplies from a local art store. Or for the tech-savvy parents, you can create a blog or photo e-book with your children. This is a great way of sharing stories and remembering fun times.

Take an Evening Walk 
One way to re-connect at the end of a busy day is to take an evening walk with the entire family. Communication is key in keeping any relationship healthy so this is a relaxing and easy way to talk with your kids. Also, it is nice to be active with the family so switch it up with a bike ride or rollerblading.   
*** I was not asked to post this.. Just wanted to share.  ***


ABC What I Can Be - Great Gift Idea

You know I love the books from I SEE ME.
They are so cute and I love the personalization of them! 
I recieved an email about their latest book, A B C What I Can Be and I think it looks adorable!
Talk about a great gift for Christmas, or for starting school, or for their birthday!!!
This book teaches kids about their ABC's while doing a personalized touch for each letter... 
C- Captain of a ship (The ship has their name on it)  
I - Ice Hockey Player (Their name on the jersey)

I just thought that this was too cute, so I wanted to share with you!  
I was not asked to post this, but like I said... too cute!


MUST READ: Coming Back Stronger @DrewBrees

As some know, I love watching and following Celebrities...
I have been known to read TMZ (daily) and watch when I can... 
I have been fortunate to meet a couple celebrities and it is always so neat when I get that chance...
That being said, I do not think that celebrities should be put on pedestals... and truth be told, for the majority, I do not know about their personal life...   I think that yes, they are famous... but they are entitled to privacy as well... (Don't get me started on that, I could go on for days...)
Anyways, the point of that was to lead in to me telling you about a book that I was sent for review.
Coming Back Stronger by Drew Brees.  If you need a push in the direction to know that good role models are still out there... You need to learn about Drew Brees.

Want to know what made me first want to read this?
Watching the interaction with Drew and his wife and son after winning the Super Bowl.
He just looked like good people and I was eager to know more about him.
By reading this book, I learned that actually he was injured BEFORE going to play for the Saints and at the time of his injury, it was doubtful he would come back at all... But, he just needed a team that needed him as much as he needed them.. (Does that make sense?)
He ended up in New Orleans, with the Saints...
After Katrina... They all needed something to hold on to...
Something of encouragement... 
Yes, the city found it in each other... and in Drew Brees and his Saints... 
 Drew Brees found it in the city of New Orleans and in his new family, the Saints.
Now, you don't have to be a Drew Brees fan... You don't even have to be a sports fan, but I tell you this... You will love reading about Drew Brees and his wife... 
This book lets us in on a secret... The Drew Brees we all look up to.
When the world has so much negativity around it, it is so nice to have someone like Drew Brees around.  
No lie, he is one that I would like to meet... Well, the whole Brees family!  Have you seen them? Adorable!
I would just thank them for being good people!
Anyways, Drew shares with us his Faith... and his Strength..
To Come Back Stronger.
Did I mention that Drew and his wife have the Drew Brees Foundation?
They raise money to help with cancer research... Not to mention improving the communities around them! 
I could seriously go on and on about Drew Brees, but then you wouldn't need to buy the book... 
So, I will hush now.. but I will say this...
 Buy it.. read it.. and then share it with someone you love!
(This would make a great gift for any football fan... or basically anyone in your life!)

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SuperPretzel Sweet Cinnamon Hits the Spot - Dessert or Snack

 If you aren't hungry... You might be before you finish this post...
We were recently sent a delicious sampling of the New SuperPretzel Sweet Cinnamon... 

Talk about delish... Yeah, it sure was!  
Broxton saw them as soon as he opened the freezer and needed to know what it was and when he could try one... He had a good day at school, so that was his afternoon snack that day!  
The box of Super Pretzels has 6 pretzels and then the sugar/cinnamon mixture packet... 

You just throw your pretzel on a plate, zap it in the microwave and then top it with a bit of the sweet cinnamon topping ... then you enjoy!  I was worried that I was going to need something to dip it in, as I did not want it to be too dry... There was no need for anything, as it was just right!  (You don't even have to use the topping, unless you want to, but who am I to pass that up?!)

Now, Broxton and I have just been enjoying eating them plain... (okay, yes... with the topping) but there are so many other ways that you can enjoy: plain, topped with cinnamon sugar, dunked in icing, dipped in chocolate sauce or sandwiched with ice cream.  ( No lie, I had help with the other ways to eat them... as I was just focusing on how great they were... )

One more thing... 

They even sent a recipe, so if you want to try making French Toast....
 - Prepare a usual French Toast mixture using eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla. 
- Warm your SUPERPRETZEL Sweet Cinnamon soft pretzels according to the directions on the box. 
- Coat both sides of each prepared Sweet Cinnamon soft pretzel and cook on a hot skillet until golden brown on both the top and the bottom. 
- Top with syrup or enjoy all on it's own!
You can follow SuperPretzel on Facebook.
FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. 
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In Time for Halloween: The Halloween Tree DVD

I have to admit, I had never heard of the Halloween Tree until recently.  
After my dear friend, Google, told me a bit more... I can share with you what I learned.
It is a "fantasy novel" by author Ray Bradbury, from 1972... Yes, you read that right... 1972, so before I was even born!  
To summarize the movie for you... there is a group of kids that is planning to go trick or treating for Halloween.  they head over to a buddies house and find a note that he has been taken to the hospital for appendicitis .. BUT, one of them sees what appears to be their friend running off... So, kids being kids... they take off after him and find themselves at a spooky house... The owner of the house opens the door and they say what they are supposed to say "trick or treat!"  but the man asks them to explain WHY they dressed the way they did for the night... One of the kids falls and they see what appears to be their friend running again.. 

At that point, the movie feels as though it is turning into a Halloween version of A Christmas Carol... 
The kids go all over the world, learning why they dress the way they do (skeleton, witch, monster, mummy) and at each point, they face the "ghost" of their friend... 

I don't want to give the story away, so you need to watch it to see... 
I will say that I  felt that even though it is a "cartoon" it is more of an animated movie, versus "cartoon".... Translation, it is for older kids... Not little ones :)

Broxton started watching when he saw it was animated... but left the room once it started, as it was a bit deep/dark for him.  
If you have older kids, this might be a fun movie to have them watch... but if you have preschoolers or anything in that age range, I say skip it and wait until they are older... 

Did you watch this when you were younger?  
(It seems to have been a very popular movie to watch during the Halloween Season!!!) 

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. 
Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.
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