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Kabul 24 - Book Review

I chose to read and review Kabul 24 by Henry O. Arnold and Ben Pearson.

I have to admit, I do not watch much of the news, so I was not familiar with the story.
This book tells the FAITH that held this group together.
They were kidnapped by the Taliban and forced to live in very poor conditions.
Their FAITH is what brought them home, safe!

The headlining sentence on the back says...


That right there grabbed my attention.

Kabul 24 is the story of members of Shelter Now International. (SNI) This group was composed of 8 Christian workers, from Western Countries, who answered Gods calling to come and help the refugees of Afghanistan learn to rebuild and relearn. Once in Afghanistan, they had 16 Afghan's that joined with them in the reconstruction of their country.

The Taliban set out to kidnap them, as they thought that they were a threat to them.
The Taliban felt as though the SNI members were trying to convert them to Christianity.
When taking the SNI 8, they also took the Afghan members as well.
Therefore, they became the Kabul 24.

I thought that although this book is titled, Kabul 24, you really learn more of the SNI 8. I feel as though the name lead me to think that they were going to go into more coverage of the Afghan 16.

I really enjoyed learning about the work that Shelter Now International has done for Afghanistan. I think one of the things I enjoyed the most about this book was although they were faced with MANY things that would bring most people down, they kept their faith and realized that they could overcome anything.

One thing that hit home was that no matter what they faced, they made a vow to let no one be killed at their expense to be free.
This book shows that although there are members of the Taliban that are not the nicest people, there are also Afghans willing to risk their life for what is right, and in this case, that meant helping the Kabul 24. Some of the Afghans we meet in this book help to remind you that although there is still so much prejudice in the world, you really can not stereotype everyone. They even show us how the Taliban treat prisoners, that had not even done anything wrong!

I am glad I had the chance to read Kabul 24.
I will say though, I had a really hard time getting into it.
Maybe it is because I read more fiction, but towards the end, it had my complete attention and I had a hard time putting it down.
I really like that they told us what has happened with the Kabul 24 since their capture. (After 105 days of being held hostage, you wonder what they do now... )
I do feel lucky to have been able to "sit in" on the meetings of their faith...
The scriptures that kept them from totally losing it all, the songs that they wrote to keep their spirits lifted. The personal thoughts and fears that they dealt with...

I just wish they had more pictures in the book. I guess that means I will have to see the movie now!

Book Description

The story of the capture and imprisonment of eight Western aid workers in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

For three months in 2001, the desperate plight of aid workers kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan captured the attention of the world. With the growing specter of U.S. retaliation for 9/11, the Taliban and Osama bin Laden attempted to use their Western hostages as bargaining tools. What the captors did not count on was coming face-to-face with the enduring faith of people who know their only hope was in Christ.

Kabul 24 revisits their grueling interrogations, their sham trials before the Taliban Supreme Court, their peril during the bombing of Kabul, and the crushing sense that the world had abandoned them. It reveals not only the eight Westerners’ 105 days in captivity but also the gauntlet endured by their 16 Muslim coworkers who, after being taken to the notorious Pulicharki Prison, were beaten and tortured, having been accused by the Taliban of converting to Christianity.

***** I received a free copy of Kabul 24 for review purposes. *****

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!
I will be posting pictures of B soon!

Tonight was supposed to be fun...
I was looking forward to giving out the candy to all the trick -or- treaters...
You know, after working so long on Halloween, it was nice to be able to enjoy the kids!
I took B to see my grandma and to the neighbors..
I mean, come on, he is only 8 months old... He can't eat any of the candy!
It was so sweet, my grandma bought him a cute little toy for his T-O-T "candy"
We waited till the neighbor put their light on and then we went to do an official trick or treat...

I was going to take him to a few other neighbors, but I have to be honest...
I got a bit emotional...
Yeah, I know...
On Halloween?!
But, yes, I did!
I just got to thinking about how M. is missing B's first Halloween...
and will miss the first Thanksgiving... and Christmas... and New Years...
It just took me by surprise!
So, we went to the one house and then came home...

B was all Mr. Nosy wanting to see the trick or treaters...
One sweet little girl even asked if he was wanting to eat the candy (he kept trying to grab it as I gave it out)
We had a couple groups that got a trailer and put hay on it and drove the kids around...
It was cute and I loved it...
Just wish M. was here and B. was older...

I got frustrated..
We started getting some that came up...
NO COSTUME at all... Just jeans and a shirt with a plastic Wal-Mart bag...
No "trick - or - treat" or anything, just put the bag out..
Instead of making a big deal, I just gave the candy and closed the door...
Sometimes it is easier this way....
But, the kicker of it all was the kid that looked at the candy and said he didn't like it...
I said, sorry (I took the candy back) and closed the door.
He could have done 2 things...
1- took it and been grateful
2- took it and traded with someone else...

Either way, he didn't like it, so I didn't give it to him!

The end of the night was like this..
B. was getting fussy...
I said one more group of T-O-T'ers and then we were done...
Well, I looked out and 4 BIG kids (Not in costume) were walking up...
Needless to say, I turned the light out...
Ate the candy that was going to them...
and put B to sleep!

Head on over to A Nut In a Nutshell and read her Halloween List...


Bath Luve - Review and Giveaway!

*******CONTEST CLOSED*******

We all know how difficult it is to keep a baby warm while giving them a bath...
The water has to be so low, they are shivering cold...
Well, Amy Seckinger decided that she would come up with the solution.
Amy came up with the idea of the
The bath Luve comes as either a duck, a frog or a fish.
The whole concept of the bath Luve is this...
You place it over your baby as you are bathing them. It keeps them warm during bath time.
Warm and Happy Baby = Happy parent!
Once they are older, you can use the bath L
uve to place on their back during bath time to still keep them warm.

Amy sent us a fish for B to use.

I lay it on his back as he plays in the water...
Then, when I lean him back to wash his hair, it covers the area...
Mommy really does NOT want to get sprayed! :)

The great thing about the
Luve is that Amy is still branching out!
Besides the
Luve, she now has Bath Luve buddies (use them as a sponge while bathing, then they can also be used as a play toy!)
There are also washcloths and towels available now!
Consumers can purchase the Bath Luvē at all 930 Kohl’s stores nationwide as well as other retailers such as Babies R Us, select Baby Depots, Toys R Us Australia and The frog Bath Luvē with a matching Bath Luvē Buddy is available from “One Step Ahead” catalogue. Buy Buy Baby offers the entire Bath Luvē line. Seckinger’s web site,, offers online ordering.

Amy has generously given a Bath Luve to a lucky reader of mine!

It is pretty simple...
Leave me a comment as to if you are winning it for you or a gift...

Extra Entry:
Leave comment with a funny bath story with your little one! 1 entry
Subscribe by email (must be confirmed and leave me your email address) 1 entry
Follow Publicly 2 entries
Blog about this giveaway (must leave me the post link) 3 entries
Add my button to your blog (must leave link) 3 entries

This contest is open to U.S. Residents only...
Contest ends midnight, November 18th.

*****I received a free Bath Luve for review purposes. *****

Aloha Friday # 7

Time to relax...
In just a few minutes...

Before you do..

Please participate in Aloha Friday.

Kailani over at Island Life has a great meme going on!
You just post a question, answer hers with a link to yours... and then visit everyone else and leave some comment LOVE!!!!
Not much easier than that...
It is Friday!

My question today...

What do you call the "wound" on a child? LOL, I could not think of another word to post in the question...

I call it a boo-boo!

It has been a boo-boo in my family for EVER!
My husband (and his kids) call it a bo-bo!
I have never heard it called that before!
Some people I have even heard call it an ouchie..

So, what exactly DO YOU CALL IT?!


Thursday Thunks... This should be interesting...

The Halloweeney Version of Thursday Thunks
Welcome to the October almost Halloweenth version of Thursday Thunks!

(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!

We pick a subject, and your job is to interpret it anyway you want.
Write about it on your blog... simple as that.
Maybe you can interpret it as a picture - we don't care!Please only leave a link if you have written a Thursday Thunks post.
Please mention us in your post, and link back to the blog here.Don't forget to go visit the other participants' blogs. Read and comment about all their Thursday Thunks! Thats what all this is about afterall, isn't it? We'll have so much fun and become lifelong friends....
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Berleen, the color Blood red and the number 31.

1. So Halloween is this weekend, if you haven't heard. Are you gonna open your doors up or not?
If I plan on taking B trick or treating, I have to get out somehow... But, yes, I hope we get LOTS of little ghosts and princesses and ghouls, OH MY!

2. You better open 'em cuz I'm coming... what are you putting in my treat bag?
For you, You get NOTHING! No, we will be giving out twizzlers first, chocolate last... I do NOT like twizzlers!

3. Since October is the bestest month for television (well for cable & dish subscribers it is) and there is a horror movie on at any given time of the day - are you sick of them yet?
Been sick of them since they started

4. Which one of those movies can you watch over & over again?
See above, well, I guess I could watch The Great Pumpkin a few times

5. Tell us about a Halloween scare you've had....
I really do not remember...

6. Did you watch the old Casper cartoons when you were a youngin? Well, back then they weren't old I suppose, but I'm sure you still understand my question.
I saw one today, but I did not watch it...

7. Have you ever found a four-leaf clover?
On a friend, as his tattoo

8. Haunted Houses... you know, the kinds you pay to get in and they chase you with chainsaws and severed heads.... do you like 'em?
As a kid I did, not so much anymore...

9. Do you use cute cartoon type wrapping paper for Christmas presents or the not cutesy paper? Or are you one of those gift card and/or gift bag people?
Depends on who is getting the gift... Although I LOVE getting the gift bags... Easier to carry and you can reuse them!

10. How long do boiled eggs need to stay in the boiling water before they become hard boiled eggs?
Umm... I really do not know...
Boil for a long time, then let them sit there even longer...
Check back on them later...

11. Jason is coming in through your front door... Freddy is coming through your back door... zombies are at every window of the house and Norman Bates is calling to invite you to dinner... what do you do?
I get mad for not having a basement...
If I did, I could run out the basement door!

12. Did you know that the scariest part of Halloween is giving all of your Reeses Peanut Butter Cups away?
No, the scariest part is when the chocolate gets low...

13a. If you were to play a part of a haunted house (not the ghosts in the attic kind), what would you want to be?
Not really into playing the parts...

13b. Have you ever played a part in a haunted house?
See above

14. If Thursday Thunks had a Halloween party, what do you think Kimber & Berleen would come dressed as?
Tom and Jerry? Sorry, do not know these people...

15. Do you cook a turkey for Thanksgiving?
No, Marc did a ham last year... and that was the first Thanksgiving as a "grown up" that I did!

16. Have you ever read a book that scared the pants off of you?
Nope, but I have read some that made me cry... really really cry!

17. Whats the predicted high temperature for today?
I could not tell you, but it was nice, we just got back from a walk

18. Have you ever howled at the moon?
Nope, but I went there before! Pretty fun place!

19.You are in an alley and a werewolf and a vampire are coming at you - one of them has to win. Which one do you want to bite you?
I pay them off and wait for Marc to get home... He is the only one allowed to bite! :)

LOL, some of the other posts had GREAT answers!
Dixie Chicks said... THE SEXIEST ONE
Sandy M said ... oh, the vampire.. I don't like hairy men.

Ha ha ha!
Have a great day!

Thankful Thursday 2

Today is Thursday and after a LONG night...
B refused to sleep...
I am tired, but I know to be Thankful.
My list today is going to be a more simple list.

Truth for the Journey has this (today she has her 50Th Thankful post! Way to go!)
You list 5 things you are Thankful for.

1. As always, my husband and son. I really am blessed with the wonderful life I live.
2. My family and friends. Although there are many miles between some and none at all with others, each and every one of them have a significant place in my heart.
3. My hearing. Without it, I would not get to hear the sweetest sound ever, B when he starts to laugh!
4. My sight. I get the joy of looking at all the great things God has given us. I get the added bonus of seeing my baby boy as he experiences new things everyday.
5. The nap that B just took. I took it with him... and I LOVED IT!


Rubbermaid Lock its - Review UPDATED....

I do not know about you all, but I have a huge mess when it comes to the kitchen...
You know pots and pans, open the cabinet and out everything falls!
Or, go to find a storage container, only to find you have the container but no lid, or a lid but not the right size container...
I received a canister set for review and my mom has fallen in love!
They come in several different sizes and the lids fit more than one container.
They are safe in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer!
I was very relived when I took it out of the dishwasher to see it was as good as when I first got it! You know, how sometimes when they come out a little warped and not exactly the same shape as when you put it in? :) I will say, I put it on the top shelf, just to be safe.
I used one for vegetable beef soup and I have to say, there are no stains on it.
***** Although this is not a "stain - proof" line (as I earlier stated, sorry about that, I looked at something wrong. Rubbermaid does offer a line that is stain resistant, it is called Premier, I will have to check it out next! *****
I put raw cauliflower in one as well, everything stayed fresh!
One also stored ham... It has even been dropped a few times and the lid has not budged!
The lids "snap" closed, so that you do not have to worry as to if the lid is on all the way.
Also, they stack on top of each other, so when you are putting them in the fridge or the pantry, you do not have to worry about them falling over!
I love them!
With the holidays around, you could buy some to take if you are doing Thanksgiving somewhere... Or to get organized for a holiday party of your own...

From their website:

No spills! Lock-its Canisters have four locking tabs for an extra secure lid seal that prevents spills and keeps food fresh.
• 4 Locking tabs for an extra secure lid seal
• Built-in rubberized seal makes it easy to clean
• Easy Find Lids System keeps lids and bases organized! Lids snap to bases and to other lids for easy storage.
• One lid fits multiple bases
• Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe

UPrinting Stickers Winner

Congrats to LIGHTHOUSE 27~
You are the winner of the UPrinting Customized Stickers!
The winner was selected from
Comment number 15 was drawn.

Lighthouse27 said...

I'd say use them as a sticker to put in Broxton's books, maybe he'd like that.


Nice things happen

It is getting cold over there..
Marc asked me to mail him an electric blanket.
So, today...
B and I headed to the post office to get it sent on over...
We can't have daddy cold over there!
We got to the counter and paid, while there, we were talking to Andrew (we go weekly, so they know us now) about how Marc was doing and the weather change...
As we went to leave, this lady approached us (she was the next customer in line) and asked if my husband was in the service.
I PROUDLY told her that yes, he was ...
He is in the ARMY!
She then handed me the money and said that she wanted to pay for the postage.
Okay, if you know me...
You know... I am emotional...
That being said, I said thanks and walked on outside.
Once outside, I got a bit teary eyed and B and I waited to thank her again.
She came out and I said thanks.
Her response was that there was no thanks needed, she was thankful for us!

How nice is that?!
She then told me to come see her tomorrow and she wants to get a care package sent over to Marc and his guys! She said that she would set a box up at her job and take donations...
She works at Ole Times Buffet and was just as nice as she could be!

Talk about a Random Act of Kindness....
It made my day!

UPrinting Postcards Winner

Thank you to all who entered the UPrinting Postcards Contest!
The winner was selected by

Colleen is the winner! picked comment # 3

Colleen said...
I am following you via google.

You have been emailed and have 48 hours to respond.

Congrats Colleen!
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