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Please... Potty Training Advice?

This weeks Aloha Friday is to help my sister in law out...
She called asking for advice and I told her I would ask all of you...

Her little boy will be 4 this summer and they are still struggling with Potty Training.

He will tee - tee on it, but he won't do the other.

They have tried and tried... but no luck.

I told her the few things I had heard to help her out... but she has tried them all..


My question this week:

Do you have any Potty Training Tips / Pointers that I can share with her?

New Shoes for You- Del Monte Contest Going On

Too cool not to share!  Good Luck to you all!

In an effort to motivate people to get healthy by exercising and eating more fruits and vegetables, Del Monte Fresh Produce will give away 500 pairs of sneakers, from March 1 to 31, to Del Monte Fresh Produce Facebook fans.
The "500 Sneaker March Giveaway," hosted on the Del MonteFresh Produce Facebook page, will randomly award 500 sneakers to 500 Del Monte Facebook fans who enter the contest.
All entrants will be encouraged to sign a pledge to exercise at least three times a week for thirty minutes and, as the USDA recommends, make half their plate fruits and vegetables.
Del Monte Fresh Produce is committed to providing consumers with quality fresh fruits and vegetables, which are key components in leading a healthy lifestyle. The "500 Sneaker March Giveaway" was created as a way to encourage Del Monte Fresh Produce fans to exercise as well.
Each week, during the entire month of March 2012, 125 randomly selected eligible US and Canadian consumers that enter the contest, will each be awarded a $75.00 gift card to Foot Locker to purchase a pair of sneakers.
For more information, please visit:

***** This is not a sponsored or paid post. 
 This was just a great giveaway that I wanted to share with you all!  
Yes, I entered to win too! *****

Kidz Bop 21 Brings Plenty Of Songs to Move Your Feet

Normally when we get in the car, Marc gets to the radio first...
Or, if it is just Broxton and I, we talk... so there is not much music.

Broxton is at the age now where he is really enjoying music and when he gets a song he likes, he will try and sing it over and over.  When I saw that we would have the chance to review the latest Kidz Bop CD, I knew Broxton would enjoy it.  
I hate to admit that I only knew one of the songs on there... 

That was until I played it... 
There were several songs on there that I actually did know, I just did not know the name to it... 
It was so funny to hear kids singing the song!  
I will say that I knew basically the top 6 and then did not know the others... 
But, I do know I will learn them, as Broxton has really been shaking and moving to the songs!
I told Marc it was like he had a twitch in his leg... As soon as the song started, he had to dance every time!  
Guess what song is his favorite... Number 2 - Moves Like Jagger.

Ha ha ha!  That cracks me up!
So- you want to know just how cute this CD is?

Head on over to the Kidz Bop site and you can listen to a sample of each song...

This would be a fun CD to have for a kids birthday party! 
It would also make a great gift idea!  
(Also, maybe the Easter Bunny could throw this in as an extra Easter Surprise!)

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Great Nights Rest at the Hampton Inn

When looking for a hotel, what are a couple of factors in your choice?
For us, it is the area and price.
We normally TRY and find a Hampton Inn.
Have you ever stayed at the Hampton before?  That was the hotel of choice for my family, before I married Marc.  Not only is the price affordable, the hotel is always clean and I am in LOVE with their lotion!
(To the point where I have tried to buy a bigger bottle, or more of the little bottles!)

Once I was married to Marc, we continued with the Hampton for our hotel...
Once Broxton was born, it was assured...
This was THE hotel for us.
Because the beds are so soft and comfortable that the Hampton Inn bed in Valdosta, Georgia was where he slept through the night for the first time!
We had been struggling for him to sleep through the night and right before Marc deployed, he finally did! Right there in that comfy Hampton Inn bed!  They advertise "cloud 9" sleeping and I can assure you that they are not lying!
You know that you can actually order the bedding from their site?!
Marc and I have said that once we have the extra money for a luxury like that... We will be making that investment!

A bit ago we had the chance to return to that wonderful hotel and I get to share our stay with you!
This is actually us leaving the hotel.  We arrived at night, but I wanted to show you how pretty it is.  

 The "Suite Shop" carries a little of everything.  From drinks to snacks.  If you do not feel like leaving the hotel, you can step down there (right by the check in) and grab what you need.  Just charge it to your room bill.  They even had Advil.  Perfect for that headache that comes from nowhere!
Work area.
Love these beds!!!!
If you can see past there, that is a couch and coffee table over in the "sitting area."
Flat screen for your viewing pleasure.

Once again... I can not stress just how much we LOVE the beds!!!!
Of course, I had to take a picture to show my favorite!!!!
The lotion!  
Time to leave, but we will be back again!!!!!

If you are looking for a great place to stay, please keep the Hampton Inn  in mind! You will not be disappointed!
Also, if you are trying to plan a get away this summer...
Don't forget Valdosta, Georgia!
From Wild Adventures to more!
Valdosta isn't that far from Florida either, so you might want to stay a night or two in Valdosta on your way further south!
If you are looking for somewhere for a convention...
The Convention Center is directly across the street from the Hampton Inn of Valdosta.
So, you could stay there and then just walk over for your meetings!

*** I was offered a media rate for our visit at the Hampton Inn.  All opinions expressed are my own.  ***


W/W - Harlem Globetrotters

The other night, Broxton and I had the opportunity to attend a Harlem Globetrotters game. 
We had SUCH a great time...

You can read all about it by clicking my Harlem Globetrotters Review Link.
I just wanted to share a few pictures from after the game.

It was so much fun and so neat to actually get to meet some of them after their game!!!

Don't forget, if you are in or near Atlanta... Please enter my contest to win 4 tickets to the Atlanta Game.

If you are on twitter and would not mind tweeting for me, I would love to have you share my contest with your followers too! 
Thanks and Happy Wednesday!

Help Save the Chimpanzee! April 20th

Disneynature takes moviegoers deep into the forests of Africa with “Chimpanzee,” a new True-Life Adventure introducing an adorable young chimp named Oscar and his entertaining approach to life in a remarkable story of family bonds and individual triumph.  Oscar’s playful curiosity and zest for discovery showcase the intelligence and ingenuity of some of the most extraordinary personalities in the animal kingdom. Working together, Oscar’s chimpanzee family—including his mom, Isha, and the group’s savvy leader, Freddy — navigates the complex territory of the forest.  

The world is a playground for little Oscar and his fellow young chimps, who’d rather make mayhem than join their parents for an afternoon nap. But when Oscar’s family is confronted by a rival band of chimps, he is left to fend for himself until a surprising ally steps in and changes his life forever.  Directed by Alastair Fothergill (“African Cats” and “Earth”) and Mark Linfield (“Earth”), “Chimpanzee” swings into theaters on Earth Day 2012.

·         “Chimpanzee” is the fourth release for Disneynature, the first new Disney-branded film label from The Walt Disney Studios in more than 60 years.  The label was launched in April 2008 to bring the world’s top nature filmmakers together to capture a variety of wildlife subjects and stories.
·         The first three releases under the Disneynature label—“Earth,” “Oceans” and “African Cats”—are among the top four highest grossing feature-length nature films of all time. 
·         Walt Disney was a pioneer in wildlife documentary filmmaking, producing 13 True-Life Adventure motion pictures between 1948 and 1960, including “Seal Island” (1948), “Beaver Valley” (1950), “The Living Desert” (1953) and “Jungle Cat” (1958).  The films earned eight Academy Awards®. 

In theaters Earth Day 2012, Disneynature’s newest True-Life Adventure introduces Oscar, a young chimp whose playful curiosity and zest for discovery light up the African forest until a twist of fate leaves Oscar to fend for himself with a little help from an unexpected ally. 

***** This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I just received the Press Release on it and since I want to see it, I thought you might too... I had no clue that the Chimpanzee was possibly near extinction!  This looks like a movie to touch the hearts of everyone.  *****


Family Fun With the Globetrotters - #Atlanta #Giveaway @Globies

I can now mark something off my (imaginary) bucket list.
Okay, to be honest, it wasn't on my non-existent bucket list... but, after seeing the Harlem Globetrotters the other day, it should be.  So, bottom line... Whenever I find the time to write up my bucket list, WATCH the Harlem Globetrotters LIVE will be on there.  Then, as fast as I write it down, I can slowly reminisce on how much fun we had when I cross it off.

Why am I telling you this?
Because Broxton and I went to see them the other night.  I have always heard of them and truth be told, I  have seen them too many times to count ... ON TV.  So, when we were in Albany, Georgia this past week...  I was really hopeful to get to see them, as I found out they were there.
THE Harlem Globetrotters Bus!!!!  In Albany, Georgia.
We had the chance to go and review their show... and now I get to tell you about it!
(And offer a chance for someone to win a four pack of tickets to their Atlanta game!)
Now, once we got there...   I realized just how excited I was becoming.  I kept humming their "theme song" in my head and singing it to Broxton.  Then, it all started.  Quite honestly, I was not really sure what to expect, as I had never seen them before...

The start of the game had the announcement of their MC of sorts...   He reminded me of CeeLo Green and I even mentioned it to the stranger beside me...   We then had the "pregame" entertainment of a couple of guys that came out and introduced the crowd to the Globetrotters Mascot, Globie. 
Globie and the MC.  
This part was rather entertaining and I noticed that the crowd was all laughing and getting into the spirit of things.  Let me tell you something else I noticed at this point...
The Globetrotters are not really geared to one particular age group.
As we were waiting for it all to start, I noticed a group of older people.. 
(Older as in 70 somethings... )  There was 4 of them and I kept watching to see if they were meeting with their kids/grandkids... but no, it was just the four of them!
I even overheard one guy (probably in his early to mid 50s) mention that he first saw them when he was 6 and has loved seeing them through the years!
Anyways, enough crowd watching... back to the game!
So, they have this dance competition with the "Globie Crew" and with Globie.
They even have a couple kids from the audience come out and join in on the dance competition!  

After that, the lights dimmed and we knew we were in for a treat!  I thought to myself that if the game was as entertaining as the pre-show entertainment, we would really be in for fun!
The "opposing" team came out... They were called the Elite.
Then, (cue the "theme song" music)  INTRODUCING YOUR HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS!!!!!

As they introduced each player, they would go stand in the middle and do a few different tricks. 
Please notice the one player in the aisle.
He was shooting hoops from there! 
They came out and were bigger than life!
It was so exciting! You could just feel it in the air and see it on the faces of the fans!
As I mentioned, I had no clue what to expect, so I was ready to see what all they had to offer!

It started with them doing all sorts of tricks center court and introducing each player.   That then turned to their layups and other warm up routines...Then, the game started.
The captain (if you will, not really sure his title, but he was the one miked up through the game!)  was called BIG EASY and he was very entertaining!   
The 2011 College Slam Dunk Champion is this kid nicknamed HOPS... He was there and Broxton even got to get his picture with him!

So, the game is going on and this Big Easy is miked up so we all hear him.  He is talking to the other team, yelling to his teammates... and it is hilarious!
Then, he just stops what he is doing and goes and sits in a court-side ticket holders lap!  Just to hang out and watch the game.  Of course, that had the fans laughing and I was one of them!
The Globetrotters would dance on the court, interact with the fans and basically show what fun they have while playing basketball.
I can not say enough just how fun and entertaining it all was!
I repeatedly said throughout the game that this was the most fun, wholesome family fun event I had ever been to!  It really is a draw for everyone.  Not just basketball fans.. Not even just sports fans.  It is for everyone... boys and girls... from little kids, to older and wiser souls!   

If you notice the guys, they are just over there in their own world dancing and having fun...
On the court!!!!!
I really want to tell you more about it, but I want you to have the chance to go and enjoy for yourself... 
Let me tell you my favorite part..
The "instant replay"  that is all I am going to say about that...
But, it was awesome!!!!!
Yes, we bought a ball!  
After the game was over, they even had the players stay for a few minutes to sign autographs!!!!!
Please visit the Globetrotters website to see if they will be near you.  If they are, you should try and go, you will have an amazing time and the memories will last a lifetime!  Hey, you might even start a new family tradition!  Broxton has had to interact all the different things they did ever since the game and that was last Thursday!  

Remember you can stay in the know by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Now, if you live in or near Atlanta...  Or will be in town...  Are you in for a treat?!

One lucky winner is going to win a 4 pack of tickets to EITHER show in Atlanta.
Phillips Arena in Atlanta  - Saturday,March 17th at 7:00
The Arena at Gwinnett Center in Duluth - Sunday,  March 18th at 2:00
* Please note, these are tickets to the game only.

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Experimenting with My Taste Buds - @Amys_Kitchen

I have never tried Tofu..
Until recently.  Even then, it was by mistake.
I know, some of you are right there with me... others think I am crazy for never trying it...
Either way...

I did try it... and I think I liked it.
Still out on that one.
I had the chance to try a couple different products from Amy's Kitchen.

First up, I saw this Brown Rice and Vegetable Bowl
It looked delicious.  So, I grabbed it... and then a few days later, decided to try it...
Yep.. there was the tofu. 
I think I honestly would not have noticed it at all, if it wasn't for the texture.  
I now know, I am a texture person....

The taste was great and it was good to know that I was eating organic and gluten free.
I always worry that people that are on non-dairy / gluten free/ organic diets might not be enjoying their food... Now, I know they are ... 

The other I tried was the Organic Beans and Rice Wrap.
Now, that was good food right there!
I had coupons for other items and I was really eager to check out a few of her other products... 
But, then I saw these two women.
They had two shopping carts FULL of foods... 
and over half of their cart was full of Amy's Items.

Of course, me being me.. I asked if they were "couponers"... 
As I have never seen carts that full for those that don't coupon... 
No, they were not... they were just doing their shopping..
We got to talking about Amy's products...
She said she recently had to change her diet and that she was really impressed with the Amy's product line..
I told her how I had tried a couple and had been impressed so far...
That was like a sign to me...
She HAS to change her diet... So, I gave her my remaining coupons...
She was so appreciative and I was glad that there are companies out there like Amy's that can help when people need help in changing their diets!

Please follow Amy's Kitchen on Facebook and Twitter.

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.
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