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RADIO DISNEY ENCOURAGES KIDS AND FAMILIES TO GIVE BACKTHIS HOLIDAY SEASON WITH THE LAUNCH OF ITS FIRST ANNUAL "FESTIVAL OF GIVING," DECEMBER 3 AND 4--Local Radio Disney Stations in Over 30 MarketsBring Multiple Charities Together for a Convenient Way to Give Back--Radio Disney, the #1 radio network for kids, tweens and families, is making it easy for kids and families to give back this holiday season with the launch of its first annual "FESTIVAL OF GIVING." On DECEMBER 3 AND 4, Radio Disney stations in over 30 markets are bringing multiple charities together in their local communities to create a convenient way for kids and families to help others this holiday season. "Festival of Giving" kicks off Radio Disney’s Project Family initiative, inspiring families to spend time together in an effort to make a lasting, positive change at home, in their community and the world at large."We know our audience of kids and families is passionate about giving bac…

#HolidayGiftGuide - Lolita Glasses

Have you ever heard of Lolita Glasses?
We had never heard of them before, but if you are one to shop at boutiques and look for unique and one of a kind gifts, then I would bet you have heard of them.
Lolita Glasses are just wonderful!
If you have someone on your list that is a fan of wine...
You should totally head on over and look.
They have it all!!!!
From cute wine bottle wraps:
I am not even a big wine drinker (you can read my earlier post about today about that) but this is just too cute, I will for sure be using it during the holidays!
One side says "Naughty" and the other says "Nice"
The finishing touch? The bottom!
It looks like a peppermint on top, but flip the glass over and there is a drink recipe painted on the bottom! How cute!!!!
This is a beautiful ornament with an electric "candle" in it! I think it is adorable and can not wait to see it on our tree! I HEART THIS! It is a BFF mini wine glass... ORNAMENT!
I know exactly who I am giving this too!
It m…

#HolidayGiftGuide - Sophia Rose Wine

Let me start this post by saying... I am not a wine connoisseur. Bottom line. |Yes, I worked in a bar for 10 years, but I just really could not get into the wine drinking. You see, my friends would have a nice glass of wine after work, or with dinner... I did find that a couple of the wines I did like, I just honestly could not afford. So, that being said... I keep on looking. I actually went on a wine tasting once...
It was fun, but I could not verbally explain it like the others. You know what I mean, the sipping, sniffing, swishing and spitting. Then, discussing the aroma and flavors... I would answer briefly. I liked it or I didn't.
The reason I am telling you this?
Because I just reviewed a bottle of Sofia Rose. It is from the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. I was very impressed with the bottle and the color. With Marc's work schedule, he can't drink ... and I knew I wasn't downing a bottle by myself...
So, we waited and took it to my parents house. Let me state this: They are n…

Gourmet Gift Baskets Supports Our MIlitary

Gourmet Gift Baskets Gives Back...I have reviewed Gourmet Gift Baskets before... I am so excited to share this with you!!!

Here is an email I received:

In honor of Veterans Day, would like to offer our valued customers a chance to give something special back to our troops. For every purchase made on 11/11/11 of $100 or more, is going to donate one of our very special care packages to an injured soldier at Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, in time for the holiday season!We are also offering as a special gift to all of our customers, a coupon code, VET11, that is good for an 11% discount on any and all purchases made on November 11th!In the spirit of giving this Holiday season, would also like to offer all bloggers out there the chance to have two of our wonderful care packages delivered on your blog's behalf to injured soldiers who will spending this Christmas at Walter Reed Hospital. You can…

#HolidayGiftGuide - Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

I have to tell you, I had never heard of "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" until just recently. Then, I learned that it was not only a new movie being released, it was also a book!
(Thanks for that insight, Liz!)

I was excited to know that I would have the chance to have a Laotong Night with my friends!
Laotong or “old sames” is a special type of relationship in the Chinese Hunan culture that bonded girls together for eternity as kindred sisters. This bond is one of most precious friendship and women even shared their own secret writing they used to communicate called Nüshu.
I received the movie (and the books) and I was ready...
Only problem, my closest girlfriends don't live here close these days... So, I watched the movie alone.
I will be mailing the book copies to a couple close girlfriends as a "thinking of you" gift...
I actually took it when I went to visit my mom to see if she wanted to watch it, she was quick to say No. She had no interest... Well, I am glad she …

#HolidayGiftGuide - Brush Buddies - Perfect Stocking Stuffer

If you are looking for a couple of cute stocking stuffers...
Why not consider Brush Buddies?
Oral hygiene is something that we all need to teach our younger ones... Why not make it fun while beneficial?
Broxton LOVES to brush his teeth!
Most times, I catch him in the bathroom pretending to brush his teeth with his fun toothbrush!
(No toothpaste, so don't worry... that is only in the morning and at night...)

He was so excited when he received his latest toothbrush. It is a Brush Buddy and it is adorable!
I love it because it is great for travel. The brush buddy is a toothbrush, but it is so much more!
The toothbrush handle is an animal... then, you press the button to have the toothbrush head extend up for brushing teeth. There is a cap (head of the animal) that covers the toothbrush when not in use. Broxton plays with it and then uses it to brush his teeth.
I think it is cute, although he has a hard time getting it to close right. I have learned that it is easiest to push it back into the body..…

Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test

Just received this in an email and wanted to share:

Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test
For The First Time Ever!
On Wednesday, November 9, 2011, FEMA, DHS and FCC will conduct the first national test of the Nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) test. This nationwide test will kick off at 2:00 p.m. (EST) and run concurrently across all time zones.
This system test is the first of its kind designed to broadcast a nationwide message to the American public. In the history of the country, nothing like it has been conducted on such a level.
As you may be aware, there have been tests in the past, but not of this magnitude encompassing all regions of the Nation simultaneously. The three (3) minute test will run concurrently on all radio and TV band stations exceeding the previous messages broadcast which were anywhere from a 30 second to 1 minute message.
There is great concern in local police and emergency management circles about undue public anxiety over this test. The test message on TV might not i…

#HolidayGIftGuide - Huggable Teddy Bears

As long as I can remember, I have loved stuffed animals. I think they are so cute and most have a sweet sentimental meaning behind them. Some are just because and others are for special occasions.
Broxton actually has several bears that we have on a bookshelf in his room. One is from before daddy deployed, one from when he returned... A couple from friends and now he will get a new one at Christmas, unless I end up keeping it for me!
I was able to work with in a review and I am in love with the sweet bear we were sent!

First, let me tell you... This isn't just any site... You have several options as to what sort of teddy bear you want to get/give. I, of course, had to look at pretty much every option available!

You can start by looking at what brand bear you want. (This is an Aurora Brand) I had no clue, so I looked at all of them!
Each brand has adorable ones that make you want to snuggle up with them right then and there!
You can also look at the bear by occasion. Is it a…

#HolidayGiftGuide - Cowboy Food #Giveaway

Cold weather means : CHILI weather for my mom. She loves it and although I am not a huge fan, I do get where I really want a bowl or two from time to time.
I was just given the chance to review a cookbook that has every way you can ever imagine to make chili! Cowboy Food by DD Little.
The author even tried to make it with Peanut Butter once!
(Not a recommendation, I just have to add!)
This book is a cookbook full of chili recipes... As well as side dishes and salsa's... But, not just any old chili... Chili from the "chuck wagon" days!
They even tried to make it a bit healthier for today's generation!
Oh... and talk about a variety of chili!!!
They include:
Red Meat Chili, Fish Recipes, Turkey Recipes, Chicken Recipes and Vegetarian Recipes!
I for one want to try the "Cable Car Chili." If you are a fan of Salsa, you will like this too!
I am torn, what to try first?!
California Pineapple, Mango Salsa or Pineapple and Corn Salsa?
You tell me!!!!
If you aren't a cook, no …

W/W - After the dirt

If you stopped by last week, you read about Broxton playing in the dirt...Head over here for a couple cute pictures, if you missed it...

Well, after seeing how excited he was playing in the dirt... I had to take an idea from a friend of mine and expand a bit... We made Broxton a mini sandbox!!!!
Apartment living at its best!
So far, it has been wonderful!
He plays, we get fresh air and all is wonderful!!!!

Have a Happy Wednesday!

#HolidayGiftGuide - Photo Frame Table #GIVEAWAY!

Do I have a great gift idea for you?!
I was looking around online and I saw the neatest thing:
A Photo Frame Table. I was actually visiting Plow & Hearth when I somehow or another came to that product.
It was love at first site! What exactly is it?
Let me tell you:
It is a photo frame. It holds 9 different pictures. I love that each individual picture has a backing for easy changing out of photos. You know how some collage frames just have the one back? Not here... You have 9, so you don't have to worry about messing up the others!
It is also a table. Say you want to sit and write something or eat a snack or whatever you might need a small table for... You just open it up like you would a TV tray. (Please tell me you know what that is, as it is a staple at my parents house.) Then, when you are finished with it, you just fold it up and put it back up, once again, like a TV tray. But, it is so much nicer looking. The photo on their site has it sitting up like it is on disp…

Spread #Cheer this Season! The USO and Cheerios are Teaming Up!

I am not sure exactly how many of you personally know someone that has deployed or is being deployed, but let me tell you, the USO is a great organization that is there to help. The USO has been around for what seems like a million years. It not only provides support for those serving, but also for the loved ones left behind. I will never forget being in the Atlanta airport and seeing the USO stand waiting there to greet the service members. It was a feeling that makes me so very proud to be an American.
Once I became an "Army Wife" I got to see first hand how supportive the USO is.
Marc has a toiletry bag that the USO gave all of them. It wasn't just the bag, it had the necessities in it:
Soap, razor, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, chap-stick and more!
He even said that before they deployed, the USO had an area set up to allow them to grab things they needed before they left the states. If the soldier has a layover when coming for R & R, they can take advantage of the USO wait…