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Aloha Friday # 65

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link below. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!
My question:
Do you have any traditions for the holidays?My answer:
We are starting them this year!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from my home to yours!
(If you do not celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays!)

Carmex - Locked and Loaded!!!! - Review and Giveaway

It is cold outside most places... You know what that means? Chapped lips!

Not if you have Carmex!!!!
Did you know that Carmex now makes a tinted product? Yes!
They now make their wonderful moisturizing lip balm in a tinted color. The tints that they offer are peach or pink. Think about it... It is cold out, add a hint of color to your lips during these chilly days and nights.
I love Carmex and once again, they proved that they know what they are doing!!!!
Side note... in 75 years, this is the first time that Carmex has added color to their product line! Wow! 75 years... and you can enter to win it here!!!!!

Want to win some of your own? I know you do...........
Mandatory : Just tell me... Do you wear any form of lip protection now? (Please leave email if not visible in your profile)
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Holidays = Healthy

With the holidays... People tend to let their health slip away... You know, eating more than normal... Eating more sweets than normal...

If you want to eat more sweets... and not worry as much... Try HEALTHY CHOCOLATE!
I was sent a Xocai Nugget. I liked it, Marc says it tasted "healthy." :) I was surprised to like it, since it was dark chocolate... but I did!
Hmmmmmmm. Maybe dark chocolate is finally growing on me?
From their website: Xocai Nuggets: Xoçai™ Nuggets are extremely high in cocoa content, combining the exotic flavors of dark chocolate with açai berry and blueberry. Each 12-gram Xoçai™ Nugget is made with rich, dark, Belgian Chocolate and has an ORAC Value (or antioxidant content) of 3,120. The USDA recommends at least 3,000-5,000 per day. Ingredients: Dark Chocolate [Unsweetened Chocolate, Raw Cane Juice Crystals, Cocoa, Lecithin (emulsifier)] Açaí Powder, Blueberry Powder.
Head on over to their site to see what all good for you chocolate they have!
Oh and get this... They ha…

W/ W - Mommy's Helper

The other day, I was finishing up wrapping a couple of the last presents... Then I heard the sound of tape being pulled... I came around the corner to see that Broxton did not think I had taped the present well enough. He had to add more!
Of course, it was cute... So, I had to snap a few pictures!

( Please over look the mis-matched pajama's. This was when we were all sick and I just did not feel like changing WHOLE outfits every time... Just what needed to be changed!)

A Real Pay It Forward

As some of you know...
Marc was deployed last year... So, he missed Broxton's first Christmas.
Thankfully, he is home now... So we really want this Christmas to be extra special.
My parents and brother are coming up Christmas Day and will be here for the weekend. Although I do not cook, we have to eat something... :)
So today... We loaded up and headed to buy our Christmas meal. (I figured go ahead and go now, as to avoid the last minute rush.)
We went and bought everything we needed to feed all of us (and boy do we eat!) We planned on food for Christmas Day and then HOPEFULLY we will have plenty of leftovers for dinner and lunch the next day.
We were in the checkout line... Waiting on Marc, he wanted to go grab cranberry sauce. There was a lady behind us that had 5 items. I told her to go ahead and go first, we would be awhile.
She said we were fine.
I told her really, it was okay... We were still waiting on my husband.
She then remembered she needed tape.
Marc came, we finished unloading and th…

Have a Minute? Let's Say Thanks

I know you are busy....But seriously, it only takes a minute.
Please visit, Lets Say Thanks . Haven't heard of it?
It is a great website that lets YOU send a THANK YOU CARD to a service member that is currently deployed. It is FREE to you.
But, the price of feeling loved for the soldier? PRICELESS.
Please, I am asking you... Let's Say Thanks!

Winners announced!

Just wanted to share my winner information with you!
Hope you and yours are having a safe and happy holiday season!!!

Hershey's Stocking Full of Love :Aileen
My Coke Rewards Points :Nicole Green
Gourmet Gift Baskets: Erin @ Canadian Giveaways
EZSox :Shopannies

Picking out our tree

So, I have always had an artificial tree... Until... I met Marc. Then, we have always had a real tree!
We normally just get one at Home Depot, but this year... We went to a tree farm and actually did the whole picking and cutting one!

It was not as fun as I thought it would be... Maybe I was looking for cold and snow and hot chocolate? I don't know.. but we looked and looked... did I tell you that we looked?
We finally found one!
I told Marc we should just get a little one for Broxton. That would have been funny to see my moms face... Her thinking we got a big one and it being a little one. (Although, that might have been the smart thing.) Anyways, we know how fun it is to see pictures... Here is our trip.
Enjoy! Dad and Broxton looking for the "perfect tree." Found it!!!! Time to cut it down! Broxton needs to help daddy cut it just right! Is…

Buddy Tops - Too cute!!! Review

Do you have a BuddyTop?We do!
Broxton has the cutest little DalmatianBuddyTopand I am so glad that I get to tell you all about it!

Not only is BuddyTop a hat... it is also an adorable "buddy!"
Your little one is sure to look even more precious wearing this. (Did you think that was even possible?!)

Marc loves putting hats on Broxton, so this was fun for all of us! (Broxton likes it... I just know he does!) Want to see how cute he is in his BuddyTop?! (Sorry, they are not the best pics... We were busy and I snapped them without looking to see how they turned out!)
I don't think that wearing a puppy dog buddy top is the best way to get a cat to come play with you though... LOL, but he tried! These buddytops come in several different styles... You can choose from the Dalmatian one that Broxton has, or from the other 5 animals that they offer in the winter hat series. They also offer a Spring/Fall line that makes 3 cute hats, they just are not as thick as the winter ones. Buddytops c…

I was TAGGED!!!!!

Well, I have been holiday tagged!!!!
So, let me go ahead and answer my questions....and decide who my lucky ones to be tagged are! :)
Love ya Lorie!
1. When do you usually know and feel that it's finally the holidays? When it gets close to Thanksgiving... Family starts planning get together's, places start decorating... and Christmas music starts playing!

2. What do you want for Christmas this year? I would LOVE an IPAD, but Santa is busy with all the young kids now...

3. Do you go all out with decorations? As soon as we get a house... YES! Until then, we just have a tree.

4. What are you doing Christmas Eve? We will be opening gifts and spending time with each other. I think it will be so fun this year, as Marc is home... and we can watch the excitement with Broxton!
5. What are you doing Christmas Day? My parents and my brother are coming up here to spend the weekend with us. We will be opening gifts, eating and spending time with each other.

6. It's Christmas time. Wha…