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Christmas Cards

Melanie asked a great Aloha Friday Question...
Do you send out Christmas cards? If so when do you usually mail them and how many do you send out?

I told her I thought I needed to blog about that...
So, here goes.

I used to send out TONS of Christmas Cards...
I mean, TONS...
It was after I went off to college.
Let me explain.

I went to a small 2 year college.
Then, I moved to Atlanta.
I tried with every single thing in me to keep in touch with everyone.
I did the whole calling/emailing and all that.
Then, when Christmas came around...
I sent the cards.
It was a BIG DEAL to ME!
I sent them to ALL of my family.
I sent them to ALL of my friends... From that first 2 years of college as well as my high school friends.

I had to send about 150 to 200 cards out.
To me, it was about sending a card to let them know, even if we did not talk ALL the time, they had made an impact in my life and I wanted to let them know that they were loved and thought of, throughout the year and especially during the holidays.

At first, I got LOTS back..
It was wonderful to see what all had been going on with everyone throughout the year.
Getting married, having babies...

Through the years, it has dwindled down...
A few years ago, I said that was it...
I was not going to kill myself sending cards to people, that maybe it did not even matter to them.
That maybe, just maybe, they really did not care if they got that card or not.

So, I decided just family (really close family) and friends (very close friends)
That is when it happened...

I ran into a guy friend of mine (had not seen nor spoken to him in a few years.)
He was quick to tell me that he LOVED getting the cards from me every year.
That he looked forward to getting it to see what I had been up to..

So, I was sucked back into it..
Maybe everyone cared after all...

So, I have slowly narrowed down my list..
Last year, I said... If I did not get one back..
Or, if I had not talked to them in the past year, they were OMITTED off the list...

But, I am not going to lie...
I like sending the cards out to everyone...
I mean, everyone enters your life for a reason..
You know that email about reason/season/lifetime?
That is how it is to me...
and although I may not talk to them that often, they mean something to me!

It also doesn't help that I have a sweet baby boy that I want to show off to everyone either! LOL

So, the list is (once again) pretty long...
This year is it though..
No card or response in the next 11 months...
No card from us next year!
Maybe I am reading to much into it..
But, I feel if I take the time to send you a card....
You can call/email/write, something..

This year, I am sending out a little over 100 cards...

How many are you sending out?
Am I crazy for feeling this way?

16 x 20 Rolled Canvas Print - Giveaway

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I have to admit, before I became a mom...
I never really cared for photo gifts.
I mean, I gave them to my mom... but as far as one for me?
I would LOVE photo gifts of my little one!
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I guess I need to try and start narrowing down what I would like to have printed!
There are so many options.
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Aloha Friday #11

From Island Life:

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link below. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

My question is:

Do you use family names?

My son is named after my grandmother...

And my brother is a combination of my uncles...

His name is Ashton and he is named after my Uncle ASHley and Uncle TONy.


18 x 24 Poster - Winner

Hope everyone had a very Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
The Poster Print winner (selected by was :

Comment # 23
Deb said...

I subscribed by email.

Deb has been emailed!


Couple great ideas...

With the holidays right around the corner...
Here are a few great gift ideas:

Thanks to freebies4mom for this information:

The Bonnie Hunt Show is giving 25,000 a free Personalized Cover 8.5x11 20-page Photoworks photo book ($39.95 value) using the coupon code BONNIE. Just search for product #3157086 to make sure you make the right photo book to use this coupon code for. You won't find out if all 25,000 codes have been used until you checkout with your book, but I'm guessing since you actually have to make the book first these won't go as fast as you would think. Thanks goes to Surviving The Stores for the code, and to Chris for telling me she made hers, got it for free and got free shipping too!

and then.............................

From sweetdeals4mom we have :

The first 10,000 people to become Facebook Fans of HotPrints can receive a FREE Photobook every month. I signed up for mine, added about 30+ pics in the book, checked out for a total of $0. The books are also fully customizable. Click here to become a Facebook Fan, then you will need to go here and click "Make your own HotBook" on the right. Uploading all the pictures was a bit slow for me, but it will be worth it when it comes. Once you order your first FREE book, you can add the promo code of free4friends to get a second book for FREE. Enjoy.

Maybe I am wrong...

With Marc being deployed and a new baby at home...
We decided that we would get his picture taken every month for the first year.

We went to Sears and we have THE BEST photographer working with Broxton.
He really likes her and she takes her time with him...
They work great together.

Well, we PURCHASED the Super Saver Card.
That card entitles us to:
(at each visit)
FREE sitting fee
FREE 8 x 10
and finally, Buy One Get One free on each portrait sheet.

Like I said, we go EVERY SINGLE MONTH
They gave us a coupon for 1 FREE portrait sheet.
(With a note saying THANK YOU for your business.)

They were also giving us a 20% military discount (Talk about awesome!)

For Halloween, Broxton came in 5th place in the contest.
(So, he won a FREE collage portrait)

When we went for his 9 month picture.....
We were told:
~ No longer honoring military discount with Super Saver Card
~ Will not honor the coupon for being a loyal customer with the FREE 8 x 10 Picture that I should get with my Super Saver Card (that I paid for)
I can get one or the other...
~ Will not honor the FREE collage I won (through the contest) with the FREE 8 x 10 Picture that I should get with my Super Saver Card (that I paid for)
Once again, one or the other...

Every month...
We get the FREE 8 x 10 picture, for our photo album (we have 4 hanging in his room)
Then, we buy PLENTY more to send to family and friends that do not get to see him that often.

Now, do not get me wrong, I understand the economy and that everyone is hurting, including businesses...
But, the fact that I won a free collage and got a coupon for being a LOYAL customer...
Well, I think you should be able to combine them for that...
I understand not being able to combine other coupons/codes...

Am I wrong? Maybe so...
But I think I am being fair...

Let me know what you think.



Saturday, my youngest stepson played in an All - Star Football game.
We went to watch him play and let me just tell you...
My blood was boiling!

When we got there, they were directing traffic down this road...
So, we followed the other cars. It took us to this EMPTY parking lot (no where near ANYTHING) so, everyone started turning around and heading back where we came from.
We saw the parking lot to the left... a little less than half full.
But, no where to get in... all the gates were closed.
Well, I asked the guy directing traffic (he was in a Sheriff's vest) where to go.
He told me that I needed to turn around and go back to the end of the street. (The EMPTY parking lot that was totally out near NOTHING.)
I asked if I could park in the parking lot to my left.
He informed me that I could...
If I wanted to wait until the WHOLE PARKING lot was empty.
I tried explaining to him that I had a 9 month old baby (the weather was nasty and cold) and I would appreciate it if he would let me park there as it was right at the field we needed to be at.
His attitude was SO RUDE!
I gave in and headed to park in no mans land...
I was following the car in front and as I went to turn (to flip around to go park in never ever land) the OTHER guy caught an attitude as well...
He informed me that I could not go that way. I asked him where I could go to turn around and he RUDELY told me that he didn't know, for me to keep going down the street.
I am not sure if their uniform made them think they were special or what there deal was...

Let me tell you...
If you ever need to go to TIFTON, GEORGIA...
They are not very friendly there...
Well, the parks and recreation/sheriff's department at least...
Had it not been for the game, I KNOW I would have spoken my mind and left...
But, I bit my tongue.

It gets better...
We walk for 4,000 years and FINALLY got to the field where the game was.
What do we walk up to?

The COACH for the opposing team...
I am NOT even joking!
I guess he was running his mouth the whole time and they had him arrested.
They were having to hold another lady ( in the stands) back from going crazy.

Luckily, the coach for our team had his players face him (away from the arresting scene) and he talked to them about the game. Then, he had them jog to keep them warmed up.

The other team had one parent pull the kid from the game, after the arrest.

Come to find out... (After the game, I learned this)

Still do not know what that was about...

20 - 6

Play again Monday night...

ANYTHING like this ever happen to you?

Bundle of Trouble - winners - UPDATED

Thanks to ALL who entered the Bundle of Trouble Giveaway! picked the winners...

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julie said...

I am a follower


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demmi said...

when my daughter told me that she loved how she was raised

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