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Walt Disney Animation Studios, the studio behind “Tangled” and “Wreck-It Ralph,” presents “Frozen,” a stunning big-screen comedy adventure. Fearless optimist Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) sets off on an epic journey—teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff (voice of Jonathan Groff) and his loyal reindeer Sven—to find her sister Elsa (voice of Idina Menzel), whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf (voice of Josh Gad), Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom.

The film is directed by Chris Buck (“Tarzan,” “Surf’s Up”) and Jennifer Lee (screenwriter, “Wreck-It Ralph”), and produced by Peter Del Vecho (“Winnie the Pooh,” “The Princess and the Frog”). Featuring music from Tony® winner Robert Lopez (“The Book of Mormon,” “Avenue Q”) and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (“In Transit”), “Frozen” is in theaters in 3D 
on November 27, 2013.

In “Frozen,” fearless optimist Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) teams up with rugged mountain man Kristoff (voice of Jonathan Groff) and his loyal reindeer Sven in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf (voice of Josh Gad) in a race to find Anna’s sister Elsa (voice of Idina Menzel), whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. 

·       Kristen Bell has starred in a variety of films, including the comedies “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Couples Retreat,” and the upcoming films “Hit & Run,” “Some Girls” and the Farrelly Brothers’ “Movie 43.” On the small screen, Bell is currently starring in the Showtime series “House of Lies” alongside Don Cheadle; she has also starred in “Heroes” and “Veronica Mars.” Broadway credits include “The Crucible” and “Tom Sawyer.”
·       Idina Menzel, who won a Tony Award® as best actress in a musical for her role as Elphaba in Broadway’s “Wicked” (2004), landed her first role on Broadway in 1995 in the Tony Award-winning musical “Rent.” Film credits include “Enchanted” and the feature film “Rent.” She has appeared in a recurring role on TV’s “Glee” and recently released “Idina Menzel Live: Barefoot at the Symphony,” a live concert with an orchestra led by composer/conductor Marvin Hamlisch. Menzel is currently on a North American concert tour.
·       Jonathan Groff appears in “C.O.G.,” which is part of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Film credits include “Taking Woodstock,” “Twelve Thirty” and “The Conspirator.” TV credits include Fox's “Glee,” the Starz series “Boss” and CBS’ “The Good Wife.” Groff received a Tony® nomination for his performance in the Tony Award®-winning musical “Spring Awakening,” and appeared in the Public Theater’s revival of “Hair” and off-Broadway plays “Prayer for My Enemy” and “The Submission,” among others. He made his West End debut in Ira Levin’s “Deathtrap,” and appeared in the 2010 Tony Award®-winning “Red” by John Logan at the Mark Taper Forum.
·       Robert Lopez is a three-time Tony Award®-winning writer of the Tony and Grammy® Award-winning musical “The Book of Mormon,” which was co-written with Trey Parker and Matt Stone (“South Park”), and the musical “Avenue Q,” which ran for six years on Broadway and four years in London’s West End. Lopez teamed with wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez, whose Drama Desk-winning show “In Transit” is Broadway-bound, to write original songs for 2011’s “Winnie the Pooh,” a stage version of “Finding Nemo” and a new musical called “Up Here.”
·       Director Chris Buck helmed the 1999 Disney classic “Tarzan” (with Kevin Lima) as well as the 2007 Oscar®-nominated “Surf’s Up” (with Ash Brannon). His animation credits also include 1989’s “The Little Mermaid,” “The Rescuers Down Under” (1990) and “Pocahontas” (1995).
·       Director/screenwriter Jennifer Lee is one of the screenplay writers of this year’s hit arcade-hopping comedy adventure “Wreck-It Ralph.” Her screen adaptation of John Steinbeck’s “The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights” is being produced by Troika Pictures. She has an original screenplay in development with Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way, and her original script “Lucid Dreams” was optioned by Wolfgang Peterson's Radiant Productions.
·       Peter Del Vecho’s credits as producer include 2011’s “Winnie the Pooh” and 2009’s “The Princess and the Frog.” He served as associate producer for “Chicken Little” and “Treasure Planet.”

Football Saturday - Game Day Rules

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

I am so excited to tell you about some of the products/ companies I learned about while visiting Americas Mart!!!

Since it is FOOTBALL SATURDAY, I want to share with you an AMAZING find... 
I had originally planned to share with you this for Christmas, but I just can not hold out any longer... 

Game Day Rules is a set of books from Sherri Graves Smith.

I thought it was so cute to see these books....and you know that we are a house divided...  My love of my bulldogs and Marc's love of his tigers... Broxton cheers for both and all is right in the world.

Game Day Rules is a great set of books that basically writes out how to to act when you visit your favorite stadium.  Sherri sent us both the UGA and the LSU versions!  

Of course, my dad got the chance read the Hairy Dawg's Game Day Rules book to Broxton.
It started with the introduction to Hairy Dawg... Our mascot!
Then, as you turn the pages, you are shown what it is like on a typical Game Day at the Stadium... From getting there and tailgating to cleaning up before heading into the stadium!
I loved that it told about being polite and showing manners, no matter the team that you cheer for!  I made a comment about this being a great book for kids on how to be on your best behavior on game day... and my dad commented on knowing a few adults that need to read the book as well!
  I am more familiar with UGA , obviously... and it was great to see that she had Hairy Dawg and UGA both represented... We got to see Sanford Stadium and since my dad was in the Red Coat Marching Band, we were all happy to see the band represented at the halftime show!   

As I said, we were sent both the UGA and LSU versions...
Right now, the teams she has available: 
Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, LSU, FSU , Florida, USC, Tennessee, and the University of North Carolina.

About Sherri:

Sherri Graves Smith, 41, a native of Tuscumbia, Alabama, debuts this November with the publication of her first children’s book, “Big Al’s Game Day Rules.”  In her book, Big Al takes children on a game day adventure of the University of Alabama’s campus teaching children about manners, civility, and good sportsmanship.  Auburn Tigers are the rival team in “Big Al’s Game Day Rules.”

Sherri joined The Coca-Cola Company’s Legal Division as an attorney in November 2000.  After taking an overseas assignment as Assistant Division Counsel for Coca-Cola Ltd. in Toronto, Canada, Sherri was being considered for a three-year position in Vienna, Austria.  Her career came to an abrupt halt after a routine visit to the doctor revealed that Sherri had cancer.  In November 2007, at the age of 36, Sherri was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and immediately began an aggressive course of treatments that included chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Presently, Sherri is continuing in her battle against cancer which has been diagnosed as a chronic condition.  On her current regimen, she infuses every Monday and takes chemotherapy pills twice daily four days a week.  Getting better is her full-time job.

Sherri is a lifelong avid reader and always has held a special place in her heart for children.  Prior to her illness, Sherri volunteered at homeless shelters and schools tutoring children in reading.  In addition to tutoring children, Sherri was an active participant in going to schools in the urban areas of Atlanta and teaching law courses in order to encourage youth to seek careers in the law.

In 2010, Sherri’s manager at The Coca-Cola Company, Angus Haig, asked her whether she would be open to reading to his children at their school as a way of being able to work with children.  She began reading to children again, and it motivated her to become an author.

Sherri chose to write about manners and sportsmanship because she is a huge fan of college football and a graduate of the University of Alabama.  Sherri was concerned that winning and cheering for our favorite teams had become unhealthy and was turning into instances of bullying and verbal and physical abuse.  She was concerned that examples were not being set for children to have healthy rivalries and to display good sportsmanship.  In a light-hearted and fun way, she wanted to teach the qualities of simply being a good sport, and thought that school mascots would be a great way to touch children's lives in teaching good sportsmanship.

In this initial series, Sherri chose to write about manners and sportsmanship.  In a light-hearted and fun way, she wanted to teach the qualities of simply being a good sport, and thought that school mascots would be a great way to touch children's lives in teaching good sportsmanship.  

Sherri’s second of series of books will launch in the middle of February.  This series teaches the alphabet and counting books, entitled “Big Al Teaches the Alphabet” and “Counting with Big Al.”  Sherri plans to expand this series in the future.

In the midst of her illness, Sherri also has devoted time in raising money for the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation, a charity that helps adults battling cancer in the greater metro area who are facing financial devastation as a result of undergoing cancer treatments.  In working with The Coca-Cola Company’s Legal Function, Sherri has helped raise$400,000 for the foundation.    

Unwittingly in the past five years, Sherri’s life has gone from being a corporate attorney to being an author and philanthropist in working with a cancer organization in the Atlanta area.  Somehow, she finds the energy to do this while taking some form of chemotherapy five days a week.

As a fan of college football, I am totally in LOVE with these books...  If you are a fan... you will be to!!!
Head on over to her site and order a copy of Game Day Rules today!!!!
As a hard back book, it is a perfect keepsake!!!

***** Stay tuned for my holiday gift guide...  I have 2 other books to introduce to you from Sherri!!!!

Make sure you follow Game Day Rules on FACEBOOK.

Modern Family Season 4- Available September 24th #MyModernFamilyBD

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I remember the first time I watched Modern Family... I was busting out laughing and had to call and tell everyone I knew about that show... It was just too funny!  But then, being a first time mom with a newborn baby and deployed husband got the best of me and television was not one that took top priority...  I watch now from time to time, but my ultimate goal is to start several television shows at episode one and catch up... Modern Family is one of those... 
I love when any (and I do mean ANY) of the cast is on Ellen, as I watch and laugh so hard... they all just seem like genuine funny people!
Well, you know I can ramble on and on... but I wanted to let you know that Season Four will be available for sale on September 24th. 

The laughs — and the awards — just keep on coming for the #1-ratedModern Family,” winner of three consecutive Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series! With Jay and Gloria’s baby on the way and Haley going off to college, the entire Pritchett/Dunphy clan faces some major surprises as they bicker and bond over house-flipping headaches, unwanted play dates, and everything from hot-tempered hormones to in utero karaoke. Featuring a stellar array of guest stars including Matthew Broderick, Shelley Long and Elizabeth Banks, Season Four takes a heartfelt and laugh-out-loud hilarious look at what it means to be a Modern Family.”

Special Features:
Deleted and Alternate Scenes
Commentary on “Party Crasher”
Commentary on “Fulgencio”
An Addition to the Family
A Day with Eric
Commentary on “Career Day”
Commentary on “Goodnight Gracie”
Modern Guide to Parenting
Modern Family” Writers
Gag Reel

I think this collection would make a great Christmas present!  

Have you ever watched Modern Family?
If so, who is the character that makes you laugh the most?


The Fox Say

I am trying to keep up with things... but I guess I missed the whole "What Does the Fox Say" craze...

Have you heard of it?  Am I once again the last to know?
I do admit... it is pretty exciting.. You HAVE to watch all the way to the end!


Happy National Talk Like a Pirate Day

***** This is not a sponsored post.

We love Pirates around here...

Lego Fan? Cool Creations in 35 Pieces

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Broxton has jumped head first into a love of Lego's like you just do not know... I love them to, until I step on one during the middle of the night... (They aren't that fun during the day either, but at night, man... the little toy Army men must use them to set traps to protect themselves!)  Anyways, that is for a whole different day... So.. Broxton and Lego's...  love... He loves making things... loves seeing what new construction he might come up with... I love that he uses his imagination... and I love that Lego's makes him work on focusing and on hand/eye coordination.
We were recently sent a book, Cool Creations in 35 Pieces.  Talk about neat...
You know how when you buy the Lego pack, you get that little fold up paper... or the small booklet with the way to  build the picture on the box?  To me, this is a fancy version... I can not tell you how many of the booklets we have lost / have thrown away because they were destroyed... Well, with this neat little book (hard back too, love that!)  we can just flip through the book, make the object... then put the book back on the bookshelf!  Not that difficult...  and it seems to stand up better than the little books included in the packaging... 
Image Credit : AMAZON

The ONLY drawback for me?
I just really wish they had the Lego pieces you needed included.. Yes, I know that would make the price go up... but it would save sanity versus having to look through the tons of Lego's to find the ones you need to make it... I would do a couple different options..
Maybe offer the book WITHOUT the Lego's for one price... and then pick like 3 colors... and make books catered to each color... (Are you following me?  Like you can buy the book that includes BLUE Lego's... or just RED, or YELLOW)  That way, as soon as they got home, they could get to working on their creations...   The book starts off showing you what pieces you need to complete the object.. and you can go dig and find them, but for me... it would be easier to just offer that set as an add on feature... Maybe I am the only one...
Either way.. We loved it... Broxton has not built them yet, as we need more pieces... but he loves looking at the possible options to do.. and with that, he likes listening to me read the names of the creations out to him! If you have a Lego fan, I highly suggest this book!   


Good Morning, Glory!!!

I tell you... We keep getting surprises that are just amazing at the house...
A couple weeks ago, I noticed this blue flower out by the house... but then when I returned later that day, it was not there...  Sort of odd, but I did not think about it again..
Then, a few days later, I noticed it again...   once again, it was gone later...
I finally said something to Marc and he told me that it had to be one of those flowers that opened with the sunlight and then closed up to sort of " go to sleep" later in the day.
I thought he was crazy, but I asked my grandmother... and she said she had heard of them, but did not remember the name of it...
Finally, I thought about snapping a picture to figure it out...
Then, I learned it was called a "Morning Glory!"
This was the beautiful flower that we noticed in the morning!

But, when we returned and started to look, this was what we found!  

I'd Know You Anywhere My Love - Great Gift Idea

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Image Credit : Amazon
Yesterday, I posted the Q&A with the author, Nancy Tillman... Today, I tell you about the awesome book that I had the chance to review.  Luckily for me, I was able to look at it without Broxton, as I want to give him this sweet book as one of his Christmas gifts!  I'd Know You Anywhere, My Love is a one of a kind book that truly shows the unmistakable love we have for someone close to us...
Oh, side note really quick... some of you might be familiar with the book,  "On the Night You Were Born," well, this is from the same author!     
In I'd Know You Anywhere, we get to see the beautiful artistry... not only with the words that Nancy has used to tell the story, but also in the beautiful illustrations that are used throughout!  The lion has to be my favorite, just saying!!
Nancy uses this book to let kids know this, no matter where your imagination takes you, "I'd Know You Anywhere!"  From the chinny chin chin of  a little piggy, to the nose of a little cub...
It is a great book that I am sure people will love...
This would actually make a great book to a new born from a parent...  Or maybe a great gift for a First Birthday or Christmas.  As I said, I love it and can not wait to share it with Broxton!!!

Sons Of Anarchy Season Five

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You know... Christmas is getting closer and closer.  I feel safe saying that, since school is back in... and of course, Halloween and Thanksgiving items are displayed everywhere...
Not to rush or anything, but go ahead and start planning now... (for Christmas I mean..)

If you are like most of the people I know, Sons of Anarchy is a very popular show...
Meaning everyone is excited about the release of Season Five on DVD. 

“Sons of Anarchy” Season Five
From creator Kurt Sutter comes the adrenaline-charged Sons of Anarchy, featuring extended episodes and kicking into high gear with its biggest, most explosive season ever! As SAMCRO's new president, Jax is surrounded by ruthless enemies and gut-wrenching betrayal. With Gemma fighting for control of the family and a bloodthirsty Clay out for revenge, Jax finds himself haunted by the sins of his past. Alliances are forged, friends are murdered, and loyalties are put to the ultimate test. Now, with the truth in sight, Jax must do whatever it takes to secure the legacy of brotherhood and protect his family --- even if it costs him everything.

Special Features
 Deleted Scenes
 Commentary on "Sovereign" featuring Kurt Sutter, Paris Barclay, Katey Sagal, Maggie Siff and Dayton Callie
 Gag Reel
 Opie Winston
 Kurt Sutter: Creating Anarchy
 Fan Concert at The Club House
 Commentary on "Darthy" featuring Peter Weller

Hey, if you are not a fan, maybe you should start checking it out !!!


I'd Know You Anywhere, My Love - Author Q&A

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Book review coming tomorrow, but wanted to sort of introduce the author to you!!!  Enjoy!!

Image Credit : Amazon

Q&A with Nancy Tillman

1.    Animals figure prominently in your books. What is your favorite animal?   My favorite animal is my pug, Figgy.  That’s the truth!  Fig is my mascot… he sits beside me every day as I write and illustrate.  Other than that, every animal has special characteristics that draw me to it. Everyone is unique and wonderful in its own way…and each one suits a child differently.  Giraffes are so tall they are perfect to help children pick apples.  One can easily cross a stream upon a hippo.  Who better to have a water fight with than an elephant?

2.    If you could be any animal, what would you be? Why?  I suppose Id be a big, beautiful bird.  It would be so wonderful to fly.  I’'drop in on all the other animals. Maybe I’ d be a flamingo.  I’ve always been enchanted by them.

3.    Why do you think children relate or are drawn to animals?Children are drawn to things that stimulate them or nurture them. Animals are full of joyful surprises and funny noises… and many are great cuddlers, too.

4.    The child in Id Know You Anywhere, My Love pretends to be many different animals.  Why do you think children enjoy pretending to be different people, animals, or things? It comes naturally to them, probably because pretending is so developmentally helpful. By trying on different personalities, children learn social differences and empathy for others, among many other things.  Plus, it’s FUN!

5.    When your own children were growing up, how did you encourage them to use their imaginations? Here’s one way that I’ll share with the parents out there.  I often told my children they could scream if they did it silently.  I still have memories of my son’s silent screams.  He could let a lot of energy out without a sound!  Try itJ
My daughter, Tess, had an alter ego by the name of Jessica Reindeer.  Jessica had a dog named Candybreath.  loved to listen to their adventures.  Once Jessica told the neighbors that her dad had died from eating junk food.  I had to explain that it was Jessica’s dad, not Tess’s dad.

6.    What was the inspiration behind the story of Id Know You Anywhere, My Love? I wanted to give children the joy of becoming another creature with the comfort of knowing their parent would always recognize them.  And I always love to create interactive pages that allow children to “be” the animal either in action or in sound.

7.    Is the cover image of Id Know You Anywhere, My Love inspired by the photograph of you with a giraffe that is featured on the back of the book?  Yes it is!  My publisher, Jean Feiwel, loves that picture and asked me specifically to create an illustration inspired by it.  Children I’ve met on tour always tell me they love that picture, too.  That picture was taken in Kenya.  The giraffe, Lynn, licked me all over my face.  I was holding food in my mouth!

8.    Your books are heartwarming and very comforting but always close with the phrase “You are loved.” Why?  Quite simply, it’s a message no one gets enough of.  It’s the bottom line take-away of all my books, so I always want to end with it.

9.    Millions of families across the nation have grown to love your books dearly.  What is it about your stories that you think creates such a special connection with your readers – children and parents alike?I try to give parents words to say what they already feel for their children.  Most parents really deeply feel those words, and their children can tell.  In their early years, children are little sponges. I love knowing parents are getting those messages of love into their children before many of the world’s other messages make their way in, or before barriers go up.

10. Can you describe your creative process? How do you choose a subject? Do you have a favorite place where you go for inspiration or to work out any blocks? Do you write or illustrate first? Are you inspired by friends, family, scenery, otherI am inspired by the natural beauty of the world around me, and the beautiful faces of young children looking up at me.  When Isucceed in reaching those children, I want to do it again and again.  Yes, there are special places that are especially inspirational to me… many countries in Africa have provided me with beautiful memories to work from.  But I could just as easily be transported by a crow that talks to me on a morning walk, or fog over a wheat field.  As much as I can I try to paint wide open spaces that children can imagine themselves in. 
Generally, I write first, although there are illustrations that I can already see in my mind.  Sometimes I envision an illustration that might influence text. 

Homeland Season Two Available September 10, 2013

This is not a sponsored post... I just really liked Season One of Homeland...
So, I thought someone might want to know that Season Two is now available on DVD (It was released September 10, 2013)

“Homeland” Season Two
“Homeland” makes its triumphant return after winning six Emmy® Awards, including Outstanding Lead Actress for Claire Danes, Outstanding Lead Actor for Damian Lewis and Outstanding Drama Series. Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody (Lewis) is now a U.S. congressman, and former CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Danes) has returned to civilian life. But when a new and potentially devastating terrorist threat emerges, Brody and Carrie's lives become intertwined once again and they resume their delicate dance of suspicion, deceit and desire. Delve deeper into the edge-of-your-seat excitement with the thrilling second season of this "unmissable and gloriously suspenseful" (USA Today) hit show.

Special Features
 The Border: Prologue to Season 3
 Deleted Scenes
 Return to the Homeland: Filming in Israel
 Damian Lewis: A Personal Video Diary
 The Choice: The Making of the Season Finale


You're Killing Me Smalls! #CoolrayField #Georgia

This is not a sponsored post... But... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE The Sandlot...
How cool would this event be?!  

Who:  You 

What:   Coolray Field is teaming up with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment for a celebration of The 20th Anniversary Sandlot Tour on Saturday, September 21st.  David Mickey Evans, the director and narrator of the film, will introduce the film and engage with the audience for signings, photographs and Q&A following the screening.  
Families are invited to come early to enjoy kids' inflatables, concessions and other attractions will be open at Coolray Field prior to and during the movie.  
A film that still captures the hearts of baseball fans young and old, The Sandlot made its Blu-ray/DVD debut  on March 26 and is currently on sale from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

When:  Saturday, September 21,2013
               Gates open at 6:30 pm
               Screening starts at 7:30 pm

Where:  Coolray Field, home of the Gwinnett Braves
                  2500 Buford Drive

Tickets:   Tickets for adults and kids alike are $7, and can be purchased in person at the Coolray Field Box Office, by calling 678-277-0340 and by visiting

Who You Are

I was shown this recently...
Hope it moves you like it moved me!!!

Meet Rufus and Ryan

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

We have luckily found a church that we enjoy going to.   I feel bad that it took us so long, but I am just really thankful that we have found one and that Broxton enjoys going to church!!!
When I was presented with the opportunity to read a couple children's book by Kathleen Long Bostrom, I was excited, because it was about to cute characters... Rufus and Ryan!!!
FROM HER WEBSITE: Rufus and Ryan is a new series of board books for preschoolers, featuring Ryan, an energetic little boy, and his stuffed monkey Rufus. The series focuses on religious and church concepts, as well as character traits and development. The text is presented in young Ryan's voice as he teaches Rufus about the things he is learning himself.

In Rufus and Ryan Go to Church, we meet open the book to hear Ryan telling Rufus it is "Church Day!"  and he is so excited to be getting ready to go to church.  Seems as though both Rufus and Ryan love church and everyone seems to know both of them!  Then, we sort of get an introduction to Church from Ryans point of view.  The people are nice.  They sit quiet.  They have the Bible Story, they sing... they pray...after church they have snacks and everyone stays around in fellowship, not rushing off!  
I loved how it showed how even little kids can love church!
I think this would be a great book to give as a new born gift, as the pictures are colorfully illustrated and the text is simple and in a decent sized font for early readers.  This would be great to read to your young one (or a young one you know and love)  as a way to introduce church to them, as sometimes kids (and even adults) can really be just overwhelmed!  

With Rufus and Ryan - Say Their Prayers, we once again start the book with both Rufus and Ryan!
In this one, Ryan is riding piggyback on his daddy... and Rufus is riding piggyback on Ryan!!! 
They are getting ready for bed, which first starts off with brushing teeth and getting pajama's on.  Up next?  Prayers!  I loved how it was not a set prayer and Ryan even says "What should we tell God?"  
He then tells Rufus to bow his head and close his eyes, to get ready to pray.  It was so sweet to listen to Ryan talk to God just like he was talking to his best friend... and even included Rufus, by asking Rufus what he wanted him to tell God!   Once again, another great book in my opinion.  Perfect for a little one!!!
It says these books are geared for 2-5 year olds and with the hard board book, it is sure to be a keeper!  

Since we have started reading these, Broxton has asked me if he will be going to church.  I told him he was in children's church right now and he could come to the adult church soon.  Of course, Broxton says his prayers at night.. but he normally asks me for help... and I have to tell him that there is no right or wrong way, that he is just talking to a friend, so he can say whatever he wants... 
I am glad that we had the chance to review these, as I now want to check out her "Little Blessings" books as well!  
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