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Stock the Cabinets - Ace is the support you need! Review

Are you familiar with ACE Brand?No matter if you have family active in sports/hiking... Or those with a job that requires physical labor...
ACE Brand is something you really should familiarize yourself with. We were sent a couple items from their product line and Marc immediately opened up the package with the self-adhering bandages. You see, his work boots have a good amount of miles on them... To the point where the souls are worn through, which that equals, not really much of a support system. He should be getting a new pair soon, so that is good!
That also means that his knee has been bothering him for a couple days now. Well, we think it is because of the shoes, but then again, it could be that he had to wear these big bulky things on them to give him a grip when walking in the ICE STORM we had down here.. Either way, this is about the ACE Brand... not Marc's shoes! :)
He wrapped that bandage on his knee and just laid on the couch, resting. It seemed to apply just enough pressure on…

{ADULT POST} Spice Things Up This Valentines Day- Review

~~~~~ This is an ADULT POST ~~~~~
"We aren't dead, we are just your parents." That right there was what made me go ahead and say yes to this post. I was contacted by the K-Y Brand to see if I was interested in reviewing a couple of their products, just in time for Valentine's Day. At first, I was a bit unsure... I knew I was not going to get personal and graphic... But, I also knew that my mom and some of my family members read this.
We got to discussing it and her response?
"We aren't dead, we are just your parents." Then, she proceeded to tell me that although they were my parents, everyone likes to share opinions on products. That sparked conversation with some of her friends... They seemed VERY interested!
After all, you do see the commercials on TV. Does it really work?
Is it anything like it says?
Minds got to going...
People want to know.... So......
I said sure thing!
I wanted to be able to let you know if it is all it is cracked up to be. I promise, I am not d…

Aloha Friday # 71

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.
I seriously can not believe that I never thought about this question before..
As it drives me NUTS... My question:
Are you good at folding the "fitted" sheet?My answer:
NO. I can not get it folded right... Ever.
It drives me NUTS. If you think you are good at it, I would LOVE any suggestions as to how to do it.
I have tried and tried. Unfolded and refolded... I just can not figure it out!

Aloha Everyone!
Happy Weekend!

Charlie's Soap - Review and Giveaway

I once tried to use powdered laundry detergent... but that was just not working for us... The powder left big clumps on the clothes... They had this white junk all over them... That was when I said NO to the Powder!
I was a liquid girl and that was that...
Until... I started seeing Charlie's Soap on several blogs I follow. I like that Charlie started making this soap back in 1976. I really like that Charlie has kept his business here in the USA. I also like that it is family owned and operated!

I wanted to try out Charlie's Soap... If it has been around since the late 70's... They must be doing something right!
I was able to review their Powdered Laundry Detergent. I like how they tell you step by step how to get the best results... First of all, you need to run a few times with old rags/towels to clean any of the residue out of the washer. Makes since, although I have never thought about it before... (Kind of like when I change shampoo brands to keep from getting any residue... at lea…

Greenleaf Candles Makes Your Valentines last more than one day!

Are you ready for Valentines Day?Do you buy candy?
Neither or Both?
Well, I have a great idea for you to have Valentines day last for more than one day... At least the aroma of it!

Have you heard of Greenleaf Candles? They have been around for 30 years!
Wow, almost as long as I have!

If you are looking for anything that smells good, you might want to just stop looking... And head on over to Greenleaf Gifts!
They have it all... From Aroma Decor Diffusers... All the way to Top-Its Fragrance Kits.
I was very fortunate to try a couple of their items... First, I want to tell you about the Rose Fragrance. I was able to review the Rose Room Spray.
This bad boy shoots out at an amazing amount!
Just one little Puff and you are good to go!
I love how such a small amount does so much wonder!!!!
I have used this in the living room to add a touch of rose to the air. The scent lingers around, so you are not left spraying every 10 minutes to have the scent!

The Rose Reed Diffuser. I put this in our bat…

W/W - Yummy Food

I do not remember what blog I was reading... but they were talking about the "A Year of Slowcooking" blog. Of course I had to check it out... and I am SO GLAD I did!
I found this SUPER SUPER Easy recipe for Peperoncini Beef Sandwiches.
I mean, they were NOT joking when it says put it in and you are done. We bought a loaf of french bread... Cut it up and made sandwiches on it...
HUGE sandwiches. More than one meal.
The peppers do not make it spicy, it just gives it flavor... We have already made this twice and plan on having it again and again...
Hope the picture starts to show you just how yummy it is!

It Keeps going and going and going... Energizer Batteries that is!

Have you heard of the Energizer Keep Going Campaign?From their site:
"... there's a little Energizer Bunny in every single one of us. From their perseverance, determination, to that will to go on, the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame was created to inspire others and honor those incredible everyday people who are making a difference in the world."

Right now,until February 4th, Energizer is looking for those people that cross our paths, yet are the ones that keep us going on. Do you have someone to nominate? Don't you want to share the story of how that special someone has made an impact on your life?
Six years ago, Cal Ripken Jr. was the first member of the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame when he became the Honorary Inductee. Think about this... He played 2,632 CONSECUTIVE games. Yeah, I think he just might be a bit like that Energizer Bunny... He kept going and going .... and did I mention, going?!

You don't have to know someone with the world record of m…

Keep your hands clean and safe with Zippo Candle Lighter

I love candles!
I love the way they smell.I love the way their little flame flickers in the room. I love the way they make a room so much more inviting...

But... I do not like lighting them when they start to get low. Not that I am worried about getting burnt, although that is not fun. I do not like having to put my hand in there and getting that black "smoke deposit"on me from the sides of the jar. You know what I am talking about. You know, when your candle starts burning low and it sort of heats the inside... Leaving that black residue on the inside. You go to light the candle. Your hand brushes the glass... Now you have that stuff all over you.
Not anymore!
Please tell me you have heard of them, they have been around as long as I can remember. Anyways, they now make a Zippo Candle Lighter! I was able to review the Pink Zippo Candle Lighter. Not only is it super cute. It is also SAFE. With a little one running around, I feel that you can never be to safe. There is a safety feature …

MMMM - New Kids On The Block

Remembering to LINK UP WITH XMAS DOLLY. :)
Favorite group? I will say New Kids On The Block...
I picked Hangin Tough... OLD SCHOOL here... (Like Elementary!)
Here is to a great Monday!!!!

Ellen Is My Oprah! Kai Fragrance Review

As some of you know...
I love Ellen DeGeneres.I watch her show as much as possible... Truth be told, she helped me laugh many morning when I wanted to be sad that Marc was deployed. Ellen is my Oprah!

So, when Ellen has her giveaways, I of course try to win. (I haven't yet... but I have not given up yet, either!) Why am I telling you this?
Because her audience members won a $250 gift basket full of products from Kai Fragrance. Have you heard of them?
Me neither!
I immediately had to look online to see what made Kai so special! It was so calming just to visit their site. Simplicity makes it so much more mysterious to me. Their products are white with a green writing on it. Easily, I think classic elegance. Their candles can be placed in any type of decorated room.
How is Kai described? From their site:
beauty lies in the simplest and purest of things. kai brings this idea to life by using exotic fragrance and natural essences in our light and intoxicating scent. kai captures the irresistible fragran…