Mommy and Me - Week One

Krystyn over at Really, Are You Serious has a weekly Mommy and Me link up.
Since Broxton and I actually got a picture of the two of us on Christmas Eve, I thought I would link up and share it with you all.
Let me know if you will be linking up as well, I would love to come over and visit!!!!


Hope you have a great week!!!!!


  1. I heart you, dear friend! You two are adorable!

  2. So cute! You both look so happy! Did you straighten your hair? It looks pretty.

  3. I love the twinkle you both have in your eyes.

  4. Very cute! Love that it's a Christmas shot. Visiting from MMM!

  5. He is getting SO big! Love this picture of the two of you!

  6. Very Cute, the picture is priceless.. he has the biggest smile!

  7. You both are adorable!!! Love the pic!

  8. What a marvelous photo of the two of you. You both look so happy and beautiful.
    I cannot believe how big Broxton is getting, he is a little man, not a baby anymore. =)

  9. Aren't you guys soooo cute! (And, it's seriously crazy how many people I see in your comments that I "know!")


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