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We're Tiny, We're Tooney, We're ALL a Little Looney

I was able to take a trip down memory lane today and it was quite nice!   When my brother was younger,  he was in daycare...  At the end of the day, they would get the kids cleaned and ready to be picked up and during that time, they would watch cartoons.  As soon as I see the "Tiny Toon" characters, I automatically hear their song...  "We're Tiny, We're Tooney, We're ALL a Little Looney,  and in this Cartooney, We're Invading Your TV!"
Broxton had the chance to watch it today with Buster, Babs and the gang and he was quick to ask " Bugs Bunny was a Baby?!"  I personally think that the Tiny Toones are just adorable, as they are trouble makers, just like several toddlers I know!   In the latest DVD, it is "Tiny Toon Adventures, How I Spent My Summer Vacation" and it is an original movie.   I think that I liked the story line with Babs and Buster the best, as they were having a water-gun fight that quickly turned into a trip to imag…

Goodbye Back Pain - @chickensoupsoul #Giveaway

If you or someone you know has back pain, there just may be help yet!   Chicken Soup for the Soul has a new book, Say Goodbye to Stress. It is full of Inspirational Stories and Medical Advice.
This book is like all the other Chicken Soup books we know and love, as it is filled with stories written by every day people like us, but it differs as well.
No more quotes to start the chapter off... No silly cartoons... But, it is full of great information!

Oh, My Aching Back
This Really Hurts
I'm Afraid This is Serious
I Can't Live Like This
Life Is Stressful
Finally, Help Is On The Way
Ahhh... Sweet Relief
Brush and Floss Your Back

I really liked how it even gave you directions (and drawings) on how to relieve neck pain...
It was actually the same thing as the nurse told Marc, so I know it is true!
They even give you a "guide" of sorts on when to call the doctor with your pain!
Not only does this give you advice on a level you can understand, it also explains so…

OH Happy Me - Glee Season THREE #giveaway

Calling ALL Gleeks...  Season Three is out!   WHoooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!! It was actually released on my birthday, I guess they knew I was a fan!  :) (Season Three is out, meaning I can watch them graduate all over again...  and that also means Season Four is just that much closer!)

Glee: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray
Season Three of the electrifying, award-winning series finds the Gleeks headed for the Nationals – and graduation! As younger members join New Directions, others are about to begin exciting, if uncertain, lives outside it. Featuring some of television’s most enthralling song and dance numbers, including memorable hits from the legendary Michael Jackson, Glee continues to earn its place in the hearts of viewers around the world.
Bonus Features:
Disc 1: **Glee Under the Stars **Glee Music Jukebox
Disc 2: **Santana's "Santa Baby" Music Video **Glee Music Jukebox
Disc 3: **Glee Give a Note **Glee Music Jukebox
Disc 4: **Welcome to the Class **Making the Finale **Sue Addresses He…

What Do You Know About Ethiopia?

Honestly, do you know very much about Ethiopia?
We were sent the latest DVD from the World Together collection and I was eager to watch it...
I admit, I do not know much about other area's.
Truthfully, I had no clue WHERE Ethiopia was before I watched this... (It borders Sudan, Somalia and Kenya .)
While watching this area, I was able to learn about the different area's...
Each section of the DVD represents a different area of the country.
I busted out laughing when they said something about being full of surprises, or not knowing what you were going to see... Something along those lines... because they then showed traffic with cars riding down the road and then someone running behind chasing like 4 big cows!  
I know I will not be heading to Ethiopia for vacation anytime soon, but I tell you this... This DVD showed us BEAUTIFUL churches (800 years old) carved into rock!
Not to mention the beautiful historical area...
Wow... If I could go take pictures of that area, it would be AW…

Grandparent's Day is September 9th, Grab a Great Gift Today!

Did you know Grandparents day is September 9th this year?  
Last year it almost slipped up on me, so I hope to be more prepared this time around!

If you are looking for something cute and creative to give a grandparent in your life...  Look no more:   If I Had As Many Grandchildren As You is the perfect gift idea! This book is full of adventure and color and sure to be a treat for the grandparent reading it and the kid listening! The story is told from the point of view of "Grand Paws" (an old Lion) and an imagination is something he has very strong!  I loved how each page features a wonderful adventure, feeding into the next journey, with the opposite page showing bright and fun photographs!  I can not lie, as I read it... I was itching to go on a journey as well...  No matter if it was a real one or a pretend one made up at home! 
The best part of the story is that Grand Paws is telling of a magical adventure with the grandchildren, but then he hits home as well...  "I…

My School Days #Giveaway - Great Record Keeper for the Future

How do you plan on keeping memories of your child(ren) School Years? I know that I want to keep a journal or something so that as the years go by, I can add to it...  I think it would be nice to give to Broxton, or his wife, or his kids..
Or maybe for me to keep, who knows...
But, I did not know what I would need/want to remember... Then, I saw a website, myschooldays and I knew that was something I should head over to look at.   I was really impressed, as it was just what I was looking for. Lucky for both of us, I get to host a review on one... and a lucky reader gets to win one as well!  The My School Days book is printed on heavy duty paper with bright colors. It has a ring binder (I personally like that, as it makes it easier to turn the page to make it a single paper for writing on... I hate when I have to write on a double page, or I have to bend the book and mess up the binding, this way, all is well in my world! )
The front of the book and showing the binding.    The first page of t…

What Could Be Better than Spider Man and Mega Bloks?

Broxton has now decided to join the "Super Hero" Craze!  Not really sure when it started, or how for that matter, but he started talking about super heroes and then how he needed some... Truth be told, he only had 2 little ones that came in a kids meal at some point in life...  I was so stoked to hear that I would be getting to check out some of the Amazing Spiderman Sets from Mega Bloks!
Spider Man Speeder
Bridge Showdown 

I loved how fun it was to play putting them together!  Granted, I am not as fast as I used to be, so I did follow the directions when making them.  I tell you this, I was pretty proud of my accomplishments when I was done, but it was not too long before Broxton was busy taking them apart and making other things !  I have always heard that building blocks like this are great toys, as it builds on their senses and works with hand/eye coordination... We have played with them for hours... As parents with kids know.. 

These toys are not fun when you step on the…

When It Gets Dark, Keep Them Safe

Do you and your family go for walks at dusk?  Do  your kids walk home from a friends house once it starts to get dark out?
I hate to admit it, but for the most part, we don't go outside when it is getting dark or once it is dark.
Some of our neighbors drive like idiot's, so I am not about to put Broxton in any danger for them not to see him when they drive through like maniacs!

I was excited when I heard of Safees.
They are reflectors in fun designs that you can just clip to add a reflection and hopefully let those around see someone ahead!
The best part is that they are super light weight...
They can clip to the person's clothing, or you can even clip them to a dogs leash or collar!

The Safees come in designs such as cars, dinos, owls, hearts, even cell phones and other designs that are sure to make your kid smile to put it on!  
From Safees: Safees are hard prism reflectors that are attached by a simple pin to your clothes at knee or thigh height. By letting the Safees swi…

Makeover Your Rooms With An Affordable Budget with Easy Decorating

I have so many plans once I have a little time at home without Broxton here.. 
Please do not get me wrong, I have loved having him here with me and having the opportunity to be a stay at home mom... but, it will be nice to have a couple hours at the house to be more productive! I had the chance to review a bookazine called Easy Decorating.
(You can purchase it from Barnes and Noble for your Nook for only $9.99)

It was full of so many ideas that are sure to make your house look awesome..
The best part?  They are easy and affordable ideas!
This concept was to take wallpaper and decorate.  You can cover shoe boxes with the wallpaper..  If you look closely at the picture... You notice that the boxes, picture frames and trash can are all the same!  Yes, wallpaper covered! How cute and inexpensive is that?!
This book teaches you about color, patterns, prints and more...
I really enjoyed flipping through it getting idea's on how to spruce up our place...  Knowing that I am a stay at home…

Cat Iron Diesel from @ToyState - Must Have for Your Little Conductor!

Broxton is wants to be just like his daddy to the point that it is not even funny. He is ALL boy..
He loves anything transportation, trains, planes, cars, trucks, tractors...  Of course, he also loves anything ARMY and most anything sports..
We were so lucky to have the chance to review CAT Iron Diesel Train from Toy State, I knew Broxton was going to absolutely LOVE it..   We have been running errands like crazy lately and Broxton has been so good, so I thought it would be a nice reward for him to get this as a special treat one day last week. I told him he had an extra special surprise and he was so excited!
We opened up the train box and were soon ready to go.. 

Mom complaint here:  They had the train put into that thick Styrofoam.  I personally did not like the way it was packaged,  I wish they would have used the hated twist ties before they used the Styrofoam, but that is just me... Soon enough we were ready to play.  The train track comes in 8 different pieces (6 of the curved …

Have a Teen At Home? Check Out: Surviving Your Adolescents

I know that I want to be the best parent I can be to Broxton... Yes, I want him to like me.. but I am not going to compromise parenting to do so... I will try my best to not be a "helicopter parent" but I will be trying to help guide him into making the right decisions... There will be failure along the way, we all know life is not perfect, but I will praise him for things that deserve so!
I was excited to get the book, Surviving Your Adolescents How to Manage and Let Go Of Your 13-18 Year Olds, as I want to be the best I can be...
I know I will be that mom crying when he goes to preschool soon.. and for sure I will be that parent that will be crying when he leaves for college!
Yes, we have the boys, 12 ,14 and 16... but I am not with them 24/7, so I don't think that I need to learn to "let go of them"

This book is broken down into 6 parts...
A total of 18 chapters..
Let's start and look at a cartoon image from the book:
Does this look familiar to you? Image fr…

Painter With A Punch by Robert Burleigh

I have got to tell you about the coolest book I just read.   I saw the book, George Bellows: Painter With A Punch, and I thought that it would be a perfect book for Broxton and Marc... I had no idea that I would be the one that would love it so much... Well, Marc hasn't seen it yet, so I really don't know, he might like it more than me, but probably not! 
Have you ever heard of George Bellows?  I hate to admit that with all the art classes, I was not familiar with him, although Marc was!  The book is basically like an art history book, but it is one that is exciting, not boring, as some can be!  
George Bellows was an artist that was born in the late 1800's.   He was an athlete, that decided to try living in the big city, so at the age of 22, he moved to New York!  I sure am glad he did, as through his works, we can see so many things!  This book shows us his life, but not with photos or a long boring story, but rather through his art work!  George Bellows shows us New Yo…

What a Silly Monster - Marlow and The Monster

Broxton mentions monsters from time to time, but we always talk about them being fake, so he has never really been scared about them before...   There have been times when the boys are here that they try and scare him, but I remind them that I do not want to be up with him having nightmares, so I would appreciate them NOT doing that... At that point they normally stop and go back to playing other fun things... When I was approached about reviewing the book, Marlow and the Monsters, I was excited...  As I love having back up books to help me get my point across when dealing with Broxton. (Not to mention that gives me a perfect excuse to cuddle and read with him!)
I really enjoyed the book and I think Broxton liked it too....  He would run off acting all silly when I got to the parts with the monster talking... but then he would quickly run back to me once I was done with his part...  I loved this story, as it was not a "typical" monster story... The Parents did say that monst…

Label Everything With @oliverslabels #giveaway

With school starting back up for everyone, it is time to make sure everything is labeled and ready to go...  I was just talking to a friend today about what all needs to be labeled for our little ones when they do start school... You know, Broxton is my first, so I really have no clue about any of this...
That being said, I was so excited to have the chance to work with Oliver's Labels for a review (and LUCKY FOR YOU... A GIVEAWAY Too!)

I was rather impressed when I went to visit their site...
Oliver's Labels seems to have thought of it all.
As for their designs, they have cute graphics fro, cupcakes to ninja's...
They also offer more basic designs, such as just a letter or a simple color.   I was REALLY happy to see that they also have labels that help to remind caregivers of food allergies.
We are lucky so far that Broxton does not have any known allergies, but I can imagine the sense of peace when a parent sees that a company has items such as these when their kid is one…

Rubbermaid Lunchblox Perfect for Lunch On the Go

Just a little bit longer and Broxton will be in preschool. I have been highlighting back to school items while I prepare for this "milestone" for us..  Not to long ago, I was on the rubbermaid site and I came across the Rubbermaid Lunchblox. I was curious as to if this would be a great product for him to take him lunch in, so I am glad when the chance arose for me to review them on here for us all to learn more!
I thought that they looked like a great way to take a lunch, be it a toddler or an adult... 
I was curious as to if they were glass or plastic and have since learned that they are indeed plastic.. BPA free to be exact! You know how your eyes are always bigger than your stomach?  (At least for my family that is sometimes true.. ) Well, when the lunchblox arrived, I was a bit concerned that it would not hold a sandwich without having to squeeze the bread in there... Yeah, I was a fool on that one... I do not know if I have always just pictured bread ENORMOUSLY HUGE or…

Missing A Sock? Snappy Socks to the Rescue

I do not know about your dryer, but our house has a dryer that is VERY HUNGRY... At least it seems that way... every time you turn around, someone is missing a sock...   My mom pins hers together when she takes them off, but lets be honest... I am too lazy to do that...  I recently received a surprise in the mail...  Snappy Socks!  

They are from the creators of the USA DAWGS footwear, so that means they have a good foundation!   I will tell you these Snappy Socks have a bright future... Not only are they adorable...
I for sure would not mind a pair of the USA Flag ones.. Or the low cut colorful ones that are for women..  But, they have the cutest ones for infants and toddlers too...
I love the ones with the Dawg paws... but in keeping with my mind being in back to school mode, aren't these loose leaf socks adorable?!

I do wonder about the price.... Infant socks start at $3.99 and they go all the way to the Men at $6.99 I know with having to buy socks for the boys , we don't b…

Bob and The Can Do Crew Are Here!!!!! Can We Do It? YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!

It's Bob the Builder and his friends in a brand new DVD! You know you want to see what Scoop,Muck and Roley are all up to, so head on down to the Rafflecopter form so that you can enter to win!

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION For preschool fan favorite Bob the Builder®, no job – or DVD collection – is too big!!  Bob the Builder: The Ultimate Can-Do Crew Collection, has 10 awesome episodes full of building, teamwork and friends, coming to DVD, Digital Download and On Demand August 28, 2012 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. Boband his Can-Do Crew never back down from a challenge and are ready to lay down new foundations to teach young building enthusiasts that the Fun is in Getting It Done! 

DVD SYNOPSIS Hold on to your hardhats as the machine team shows what hard work and teamwork are all about in this Ultimate Can-Do Crew Collection featuring 10 amazing episodes! See how it all began with Bob and the team working together on a big job, overcoming troubles at every turn! Then it’s Lofty to th…