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Happy Easter from the Chipmunks and Chipettes!

In case you need to print a quick card for Easter... 
(These would be cute to print small and place in a hidden egg!)

I received a review copy of Chipwrecked.  I was not required to post this, but thought it was cute!


Celebrate with Your Little Angels for Easter

I am happy to tell you that we have been reviewing the cutest DVD's lately...
Little Angels from Roma Downey.
If you shop at Wal-Mart, I am sure that you have seen the products or advertisements in the stores.
We actually had these for a bit and Broxton loves to watch it over and over again.
The DVD starts with a cute and catchy song about the Little Angels and then goes into the cartoon.
The Little Angels are painted on the ceiling... that way it is the last thing the kids see before they go to bed... and the first thing they see in the morning.  The Little Angels come to life whenever there is a situation where they are needed.  Through songs, they teach the lesson at hand!

Broxton has watched the Little Angels 123's about 7 million times!
We were going to visit my parents and needed a DVD for the ride down.
I put this in and AS SOON AS IT WAS OVER, he asked me to play it again... and again.. and again... and did I tell you he asked me to play it again?  He loved watching the little angels and learning to count with them!  
The Little Angles Animals DVD teaches us of all of Gods Creatures.

My favorite of the three DVD's is the ABC's one.  Yes, Broxton knows his alphabet and sings it all the time, but it was just adorable watching this!  They teach the alphabet with religious meaning... and not only teaching it that way, they also teach the shapes!  (I think that was a new one to me!)
For example:
B is for Bible...
and the B looks like an open book (imagine it, if you can... open the book up and turn it sideways... that way the pages are making the humps.)  I know, they sing it cuter and more as a way to remember,  but I was just trying to show you how they do it...

We had the chance to review the Little Angels DVD's... but, they have so much more than that!  They also have Little Angels CD's... and books... and also an App!  

For Easter, they even released these cards for you to be able to share with those you love!
Hope you enjoy!

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Meet The Little Angels

I hope you come back to read my review about the Little Angels DVD's that we have been reviewing... But until then, I just wanted to share with you a little sneak peak of them.  
A coloring sheet with the two kids that are the main characters and then the Angels that are there to help them out:

Here is a fun way to meet the Angels.

MichaelMichael is an archangel and The Boss Angel. Michael is the leader of the little angels, has a commanding presence, and is supremely knowledgeable. If any of the little angels run into a problem, they go to Michael for help.
GabrielGabriel is an archangel, and is second in command to Michael. Gabriel is the Messenger Angel, which means that when the little angels want to announce something very important, they give the job to Gabriel! He always carried a trumpet, which he blows to get everyone’s attention before his important proclamations.
CharmeineCharmeine is the Angel of Harmony. Not only does she carry and harp and sings, but she works to teach everyone to harmonize, work together, and get along!
HayleyIf you love animals, then Hayley will definitely be one of your favorite little angels! She knows everything there is to know about animals, and loves sharing her knowledge of them with people like you!
DinaDina is the Angel of Learning. She loves to help others learn and help show them how to do things. Dina also carries a super awesome iPad-like computer device, so she can access knowledge on the go!
ArielAriel is a guardian angel, and she protects kids from harm. Not only does she protect kids from harm, but she also teaches them how to protect themselves, and shows them how to avoid getting into trouble in the first place!
UrielIf you like painting, Uriel is the little angel for you! He is the Angel of Creativity, and he carries a palette and a painter’s brush so that he can constantly paint and create new art!
HamalielHamaliel is the Angel of Logic. What’s really cool about Hamaliel is that he is a kind of “Sherlock Holmes” angel, meaning that he is able to figure out all kinds of different mysteries!
Don't forget to Follow the Little Angels on Facebook.
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LoveSac Slippers Are A Walk In the Clouds

Have you ever had something that everyone else wanted?  Or have you secretly wished for something that you saw?  If you answered yes to either question... you might be thinking of the same thing I am... the LoveSac Slippers!!!!

I was able to review a pair of the LoveSac Phur Slippers.

I originally wanted to check them out to see if they might be a great gift idea for my grandaddy.
There was talk of possibly removing the carpets at his house (hardwood underneath), but I was worried of him slipping... So, I thought it would be nice to get him a nice comfy pair of slippers for him to wear to get around the house, but not worry about him slipping...

That leads me to now... 
I received the slippers and immediately I was in love with them!  They are just so soft... and they keep your feet warm.  Not hot, but warm... know what I mean?

I thought they were cute how they had a little patch in the inner sole of the shoe.  
The shoes I received were cream with a green owl patch/stitching inside.

Did I tell you how soft they were?! Wow.. It was literally like I shoved my feet into two clouds or something.  They were just that relaxing!  
I took them to my parents house, as they have hardwood floors and Marc HATES walking on them barefoot.  As soon as my mom saw them, she just had to try them on... and that meant an act of Congress trying to get them from her, as she just knew that as much as I loved her, I was going to leave them for her.. Yes, I do love her, but she wasn't getting my shoes!  As if that wasn't enough, Broxton thought that he needed to sport them around the house for a bit.  You can just imagine my little three year old walking around in these big "boats"...

 I tried to get a picture for you, but he just wasn't having it... although he is wearing them here... 
  As if the actual product wasn't impressive enough, I was really taken by their packaging...

The box is a heavy duty box that we have now turned into a treasure box for Broxton's odds and ends... 

I think that this would make a great gift idea, so head on over and check them out now...
Don't forget, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Graduation are not to far into the future... You can start planning now!  

While you are there checking out their comfy slippers, make sure to stop over and visit their sactionals.
I love how there are so many different ways to set them up, and if we can ever afford them (want a house first)  I would love the design element of being able to play around with these different setups!
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Catch the Breakout Kings Today

If you have never seen the show, Breakout Kings... I suggest you check it out now!
I had never seen it, but then I had the chance to review it on here...

We put in the first episode and were hooked! 

Breakout Kings Season One was released on DVD March 13th and we luckily have a new show to watch now!  Have you heard of it?  Seen it?  It comes on A&E and it is a great show that holds you for the whole time!
Marc and I started watching the other night... between March Madness Basketball going on, most of our normal shows were not on or were on repeat... Since we had this whole first season, we figured why not check it out?!  So glad we did!  We watched a couple episodes and were discussing how the show starts off with a bang and you are hooked from the intro!  Not to worry though, it doesn't die down through the whole episode... but rather keeps reeling you in!  
When the boys came for Spring Break... I asked if they had seen this show, they had watched a few times... You know what that means?  We put in the next disc and next thing you know.. they were hooked as well!  

Needless to say, we have now watched the whole first season... and are trying to find a way to watch season two now.  We found it "on demand" but still need to see the first episode of season two!

Now, let me tell you about the show... now that you know how much we love it :)

Breakout Kings is a show about cons that work with the US Marshalls to catch fugitives!  In exchange for their help, they get a month shaved off of their sentence... and they were moved to a minimum security prison.  If any of them mess up at all (try to run, steal or anything like that) they are ALL sent back to maximum security prison and their sentence is doubled!  Each of them has a past they don't want to share with the others... so it makes for quite a show to see how they all work together...

BREAKOUT KINGS” follows some unconventional partners working to catch convicts on the run. Driven by the fact that there are few things more dangerous than a prisoner who has just escaped and tired of following protocol, veteran U.S. Marshals Charlie DuChamp (Laz Alonso) and Ray Zancanelli (Domenick Lombardozzi) are taking an unorthodox approach to their work: using former fugitives to catch fugitives. If they agree to help, the fugitives’ sentences will be reduced for each escaped convict they bring in. However, if any of them should try to escape themselves their sentences will be doubled. Will the BREAKOUT KINGS” wait for their freedom, or will they go on the run themselves?

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PAAS Lets Your Creativity Show

Are you one that sticks to certain brands of items for things?
I never really noticed how I am about some, but not others... Until recently.

I will not go into everything that has to be a certain brand... but I will tell you one.
Photo Credit: PAAS

As long as I can remember, that has been a brand we have trusted!  
You know it is getting close to Easter when you see the PAAS items... and tons of vinegar! 

We received two of the new product lines from PAAS for review and I was so happy!
Broxton has been wanting to "color the Easter Eggs" for a few days, but I wasn't planning on doing it this year... 

We had our Egg Hunt at the church and they did all plastic eggs... but, I did want him to have that memory, so we all won in this case!
Photo Credit: PAAS

We were sent the PAAS EggTats for review and we all know Broxton is into tattoo's... 
So, I knew this would be fun! 
We colored the eggs...  Since I am honest in my reviews, I have to tell you something...

It said on the box "fast color" so I was so excited... but, this time took forever! 
I am not sure why... as I have never EVER had a problem with PAAS before..

But, I will tell you this: I used Styrofoam cups, since we had them and never use them... 
Also, I thought that I had a big bottle of vinegar, but got home to learn we had none...
So, I used just water...  (that was the first time I have ever used water only.)
I am thinking that just added up to equal a hard time for me...
Either way, after what seemed like a million years... we had very pastel colored eggs... 

I did notice that the darker tablets did work better than the yellow/pink ones... 
Broxton was excited with his finished project... but then we turned around and ate them since we didn't have an egg hunt to attend...

We will be joining friends for Easter and the plan is to let the kids go on the back deck and have fun coloring eggs... So, I will be taking the other egg kit then.  The other one we received was the Retro Splatter.  I know that the kids will have a great time coloring them and I now have a bottle of vinegar ready to go!

I am really excited with all the new "themes" that PAAS has created!  You could have a really great time with all ages creating the one of a kind egg to showcase their personality!

The new kits are: 
  • 3D Eggsplosion – Grab your 3D glasses and a front row seat and watch these egg masterpieces come to life in front of your very own eyes!
  • Go Wild – Fashionistas can get wild and crazy with the PAAS Go Wild kit! Dress eggs with giraffe spots, tiger stripes and more, then embellish with sparkly sequins.
  • Rockin’ Designs – Easter eggs get a rock ‘n roll makeover with designs and stickers inspired by popular fashion trends.
  • Egg Tats – Open up your own tattoo parlor for eggs and decorate in a whole new way using special art transfers.
  • Retro Splatter – Splatter designs mean every egg dyed with this retro-chic kit is one-of-a-kind.
  • Eggstra-Terrestrials – Create truly out-of-this-world egg decorations. Send your imagination into another galaxy with 3D glow-in-the-dark foam stickers that just landed from outer space!
  • Chrome Eggshaust – Rev up your engines and head out on the highway with thePAAS Chrome Eggshaust kit. Stickers, colorful dye tablets, holographic “eggarounds” and egg stands transform ordinary eggs into road-worthy hotrods.
  • Deggorating Doodles – Let your creative juices flow and “eggspress” the artist within with Deggorating Doodles. The special coloring pens and stencils allow you to decorate eggs any way you want!

Don't forget to follow PAAS on Facebook.

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Spice It Up with Tattooed By Inky

When it comes to thinking outside the box, I am not always the best at that...
For Easter, the Easter Bunny normally leaves candy and maybe a toy or two...
This year, he already told me he is leaving Broxton other items...
But, what do you do for the tweens/teens in your life?

Thinking outside the box... Why not try Tattooed by Inky?

It is a body spray that will have them not only smelling good, but feeling ready to go!
The Tattooed by Inky line comes in 5 scents... 2 for boys, 2 for girls and one "unisex."

I tell you, I would have liked to have tried the unisex to see if it really would be liked by all, but then I saw the description... "Patchouli" I am sorry, but that right there is a turn off.  I can not stand that scent.  Nothing against you, if you are a fan... just not for me!  

So, we received the Blue Bottle (for boys) it is Drako.

It is described as Spices, Musk and Precious Wood.  I really liked it and actually used it on Broxton a few times (as he was wanting to be like daddy)  when we were heading out somewhere...  When the boys got here, I gave it to them...  You can not even begin to imagine what 3 more smelly boys added to the house equal!  They all loved it and have been wearing it ever since.  The scent is not too overpowering and I have noticed that after they are in the restroom, they usually come out a bit refreshed and I can tell that they have sprayed themselves with the body spray!

We also received the Purple Bottle (for girls) it is Sudden Freedom.

This is described as aquatic florals, pink jasmine and warm rosewood.
I have enjoyed wearing it and see this as a great spray for a week at the beach.  I am not sure that it is a scent that I would wear on a daily basis, but it is light enough for the younger ones to enjoy... 

I had to ask the boys if they thought it was a scent they would like on their girlfriends... of course, they would like pretty much any scent on a female.. so they were like "oh yeah!" 

Tattooed by Inky is available at Target and for only $5.99 a bottle, you could pick up a couple to make as a great Easter Basket addition...or just a great thinking of you gift!

Final thought,  I will admit that I thought the name "Tattooed by Inky" was going to have it having a tint or glittery or something... The name comes from the tattooed designs on the bottle (from what I have gathered) so that was the only throw back for me... I do think this is great for all those that might want a fresh scent throughout the day!

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Let's Share... A Love of Reading

As I have said time and time again... 
I love to read!  I remember when I was younger, my Nana would have me read the newspaper to her... 

Not because she couldn't... but because she wanted me to learn.  I would read the articles to her and if I did not know a word, she would have me look it up.  Because of her (and my mom who could pretty much open up a library from home...) I love to read.  I hope that I can pass my love of reading to Broxton and so far, he seems to enjoy it. From snuggling up and us reading together to just him sitting and flipping through magazines and books... 

That being said, I wanted to share a couple random emails I have received lately...

We have a couple of Dr. Seuss books here, but not many... Sad to say, out of the TOP 5 List below, we own only 2... Oh the Places You'll Go and The Cat in the Hat.   (Guess we need to get these other 3 soon!)

Brooke Jackman Foundation has compiled a list of the Top 5 Seuss books that are more than meets the eye, stories that also teach children how to handle challenging situations :
  • The Lorax –   Teaches children the need to be environmentally conscious
  • Oh, The Places You'll Go – Teaches children how to remain positive when faced with adversity
  • The Cat in the Hat –  Teaches children about responsibility and honesty
  • I Can Read with My Eyes Shut! – Teaches children that reading is a useful tool to acquire knowledge
  • And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street – Teaches children to be imaginative
“Dr. Seuss stories are the perfect way to introduce children to themes that they will be encountering throughout their lives.  From these books, children are given examples of how to be independent and self-confident, how to care for the world around them and other lessons that they will be able to draw wisdom from throughout their lives,” said Erin Jackman, Director of the Brooke Jackman Foundation.

The Brooke Jackman Foundation was created in 2001 to honor Brooke Jackman, a bright and compassionate 23-year-old avid reader who was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks before achieving her dream of becoming a social worker.  Brooke’s passion and commitment to literacy and helping children spurred the Jackman family to create the Foundation as her living legacy – turning tragedy and despair into hope for a better world.  Since its inception, the Brooke Jackman Foundation has donated over 100,000 books and 15,000 “Brooke Packs,” backpacks filled with books and school supplies, to children and families in need.  In addition to an annual Read-a-thon, BJF has established four libraries, as well as a number of after school literacy programs, at sites across all five boroughs, including homeless shelters and Family Justice Centers for victims of domestic violence and crime in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.



Whether your little one is a beginning reader or a reluctant one, these lists of expert-recommended fun and educational reads will help your child uncover the bookworm within.

Get your toddlers off to an early reading start with these picks:
Mine! A Backpack Baby Story by Miriam Cohen
Joseph Had a Little Overcoat by Simms Taback
I Went Walking by Sue Williams
Click here for more reading suggestions.

Ensure your preschoolers get their daily dose of reading with these book selections:  
Best Friends by Charlotte Labaronne
How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague
Mine! Mine! Mine! By Shelly Becker
Click here for more reading suggestions.

Keep your grade-schooler’s reading skills on track with these fun reads:
Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo
Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan
Click here for more reading suggestions.

***** As I said, I received these as emails, but I wanted to share them with you.  May you also pass along a love of reading to the young ones in your life! *****


Have You Been To Russia? I See the Sun in Russia review

Since we can not afford (financially or time wise) to just hop on over to other area's of the world, I am glad to know that we can explore and learn about other area's from reading.  If you remember my review on I See The Sun In Afghanistan, you will know that I really enjoy this series.  
Dedie King and Judith Inglese just released their fourth book.  
The latest?  We get to visit Russia!  

I See the Sun in Russia follows the life of a young boy named Anton.
Through this book, we learn that Russia is a city very much rooted in the arts...

Anton was lucky enough to pass the exam to allow him to go to a special school....  His brother goes to the basic public school, but we only follow Anton on this one.  His day starts like all kids, getting ready... followed by classwork.  Lucky for us, we get to follow him to the museum for a field trip this particular day... The school day ends with music lessons and then an ensemble, with him getting picked up at 6 pm.  
I really enjoyed how this book mixed a few of the Russian terms (Babushka means grandmother or can mean old woman)

As with all the books in the series, I really enjoyed the unusual illustration of mixing the photographs with drawings.... As well as the English with Russian translation of the story on each page.  

It was nice reading this with Broxton and talking about how although we live in different countries, we are both similar and different from one another at the same time.  
I read on their I See The Sun site that the next books in the series will focus on India and Mexico.  I think both of those would be great to read as well!
Do not forget the first three books before this are : Afghanistan, Nepal and China!

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All Aboard for New Episodes of Thomas and Friends - April 7th

You know how much Broxton loves Thomas... Remember our Day Out with Thomas 2011
(You can just search THOMAS up top in my search box to see how much we love Thomas here...)
So, you can imagine my excitement when I received the following email:

Thomas & Friends returns to PBS on April 7th (but check your local listings for exact date and time) with brand new episodes.

The season’s debut episode, Chuffing with Pride, is divided into two stories.  In “Race to the Rescue,” Victor works on fire engine Flynn’s wheels so that he can roll on the road as well as on tracks.  Afraid of being a “big red wobble on wheels on the road,” Flynn decides to use the tracks instead even though the road is faster! Using the tracks, Flynn is late to help with emergencies on Sodor, but he is still able to put out the fire in time.  Flynn realizes that he isn’t a “big red wobble on wheels.”  In fact, he’s the hero of the day! In “Bust My Buffers” Gordon is too snooty to notice some freight cars and then crashes into them and loses his buffer.  Den and Dart offer to repair Gordon, but he insists that Dieselscannot fix Steamies.  Mavis and Salty tell Gordon that he needs a buffer.  Gordon chuffs back to Den and Dart and asks for help.  Diesels and Steamies are all Really Useful engines!

Thomas & Friends features Thomas the Tank Engine,  a cheeky, true blue engine who proudly wears the “#1” on his side and a cast of track stars, including James, Percy, Emily, Henry and Gordon.  As children  embark for fun and excitement with their engine friends, adventures  unfold that lead to timeless life lessons such as discovery, friendship and cooperation.  The CG-animated version of the series first debuted in 2010, allowing kids to hear Thomas speak in his own voice and see the Island of Sodor sparkle with unparalleled details and elaborate destinations. 

*****  This is not a sponsored post, just pretty excited about April 7th and thought you might be too! *****


Have You Noticed Kraft Milk Bites in Your Refrigerated Section?

As a mom, I am sometimes rushed... Or, sometimes things come up and I can not always do as planned...
I have been sick for a bit now, at first, I thought it was just allergies and did not really worry about it (besides the over the counter medicines...) but finally, the pain was too much and I had to go to the doctor...
I have a bad sinus infection and a "horrible ear infection" going on...
Not fun.
That being said, I have been out of it a bit around here...  I mean, I was in PAIN.  Like, I felt my head was about to explode off of my body...
Wonder why I am telling you all of this?
Just to lead up to telling you about a life saver this last week or so...

Have you seen them?  Have you tried them?
It is actually made with Real Milk... they are in the refrigerated area of your stores.
We received the Strawberry and the Chocolate ones for review.

Now, I am not one that gets up and makes homemade waffles or anything for breakfast... but, with me being under the weather lately, it was nice to have Broxton just be able to go in the refrigerator and grab one for breakfast.  He has really enjoyed the chocolate the most (those have been afternoon snacks) and the strawberry is my favorite!  I really want to try the peanut butter ones, but will make sure to let Marc know they will not be allowed to go to school with Broxton.  
I actually read on their website that you can freeze them, and then when you throw them in their lunch bag in the morning, they will be perfectly thawed by lunch time! We will have to try that out!  I have been impressed by them (and the fact that Broxton loves them) so I know that this will be a lunch item for when he starts school!

Why are these so great?
The taste is great... not to mention that by eating one, it covers 30 % of your daily value of Calcium, also giving you 5 grams of Protein.  As if that wasn't enough, it is a great source of Fiber and Vitamin D!

I think they are just the right size, smaller than a candy bar, but larger than a little taste!  I would love to see them expand to other flavors down the line!  You could have these as a breakfast bar, a treat at lunch, an afternoon snack, or if you have bedtime snacks, they would work great then as well!

If you are not a fan of chocolate or strawberry, no need to worry!  They also have Peanut Butter, Mixed Berries and Oatmeal Raisin!  (I will have to get the Oatmeal Raisin for Marc to try!)

Follow Kraft MilkBites on Facebook and see what "Mel" is up to!

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