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Aloha Friday - Quotes

Kailani over at Island Life hosts a great meme...I am once again linking up. It is pretty fun. You post a simple question... Answer it and then visit others answering theirs!
My question this week:
If you were making a scrapbook, what is a must have quote you would like in it?
My answer: I want to make one from our trip to Disney last year. That being said, it would have to be...
"When you wish upon a star..."
Happy Weekend everyone!

Ablaze Candles Review and Giveaway

I have mentioned several times how much I love candles. I love the way they smell. I love the way they make a room look and feel. The fact that there are so many candles to choose from just makes it so much more fun for me!

I recently had the chance to review a couple luminaries from Ablaze Candles. First of all, I have never purchased a luminary before... Now, I question as to why!

Have you ever had a luminary in your home? They are beautiful!
What exactly is a luminary? Well, Merriam-Webster defines it as "a body that gives light."
The luminaries that you can purchase from Ablaze Candles are beautiful pieces of art that add amazing decor to your home!
That is to put it simply!

Marc and I are looking to buy a house... and I can already see these pieces of beauty making permanent fixtures throughout!
The great thing about Ablaze Candles? They last a lifetime!

Of course, you will get dust buildup on it... You can wash it!
It is safe to wash with warm soapy water!
They say that by washing it an…

Trying to get Organized! OrganizeIt-Online Review

I was so lucky to win a necklace from a blog I love, JDaniel4'smom.Then, it hit me... I actually have a couple necklaces... but they were all tangled up in my little jewelry holder. My jewelry holder is actually a bowl that one of my stepsons made me at camp one year... Granted, I will NEVER get rid of that jewelry holder...
But, I did need a little help organizing my necklaces!

I started looking on OrganizeIt Online and found exactly what I needed!
It was a Daisy Jewelry Stand!
Why Daisy?
Well, that was the flower that we used for our wedding... (I even wore Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume!)
Why do I love this? First of all, it was super easy to put together.. Just screw a couple of the stems onto the stand and you are done!
I did not need any tools... I could do it all by myself!

Another reason I love it? The daisies are 3 different heights for maximum exposure of your necklaces... As well as different lengths!

Yet another reason? The daisies also work as earring storage!

Oh.. and if that was not e…

Wordless Wednesday - Circus

We were so lucky to get to take Broxton to the circus... He had SO MUCH fun!
I think that this just might be one of my favorite pictures!!

He got a "Circus Tattoo" and got to chow down on Popcorn!!!

Hold Up, Wait a Minute - Skin MD - Review and Giveaway

UPDATE: OPEN TO US and CANADA I have mentioned numerous times that I am determined to find the perfect skin care treatment for me... I think I have finally found it!

I was able to review Skin MD Lotion.
I was originally looking for a lotion that would be great for Marc. With him working outside in all the different types of weather, I thought he would like it...
As well as his skin.
Well.... I guess I should be a little ashamed. I got the Skin MD lotion in and I think I have found the best skin care for me!
After I got my shower, I put a little bit in my hand to apply to my face. Now, most times, I put a large drop of lotion, this time, I just put a dime sized amount. It was like instant marriage!
The lotion said "hello!" and my skin said, "marry me!"
Perfection. Seriously.
Serious. (I totally feel like I am on Grey's Anatomy with the usage of seriously during this post, but seriously!)
It was that good!

It felt like I poured sweet relief onto my face. My pores thanked me!
As in…

Stop Stink Now! Varsity Naturals Deodorant Review & Giveaway

With a house full of boys, you can imagine the smell after being outside playing all day! I know that boys are boys and all that good stuff, but we all need to smell fresh!

One of the boys was talking about how he needed some deodorant and it got me thinking... Do they make deodorant for younger kids?
I found out... THEY DO!

Think about it...
We all sweat and everything... Think of all the young kids out there playing sports...
They need a burst of freshness!

Luckily for them (Well, all of us actually) Varsity Naturals is here to help! The thing I like the best is that it is clear.
Like a gel. All uniforms are of different colors and materials...
We all know how embarrassing it can be to have a big ol' deodorant stain on your clothes... Kids don't need to worry about that either!

Varsity Naturals makes kids deodorant... As well as a deodorant for the tweens/teens in your life too!
They make scents for both boys and girls... AND they offer you scented or unscented!
Ummmmmmm - NATURAL too?!…

Farm Rich Fills Our Tummy! Review & Giveaway

Working in a bar for so long, I miss the "bar type" foods at times...
You know what I mean...
I was excited to have the chance to try out some of the appetizers from Farm Rich.
I have seen the bags in the freezer, but really, just never thought to grab it and give it a try!

Until now...
I figured I would be nice and let Marc pick, since I normally get everything...
He decided that he would go with the Chicken, Cheese and Bacon Sandwich Melts...
It actually surprised me, since he is not really a chicken fan...
But, that was what he chose...
(I was eyeing it, but was going to let him pick!)These are really easy to make!
I have made these for our lunch before...
I have also given Broxton one as a snack when he decides that breakfast and lunch just are not that interesting... This boy cracks me up when he pulls his "I'm done" and he has eaten like 2 bites!
Well, he likes these... and it has meat and cheese, so I go with it... Not always, but sometimes!

I like how they have the …