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Joy! Joy! Joy!!!! #GuestPost

Not a sponsored post... Just thought everyone might like a little joy in their life!!!

‘Doing’ Happy – 4 Steps for Pumping Up 
Your Joy in Life
‘Don’t Just Wait for It to Happen,’ Says Former Executive

Happiness isn’t a state of being, says former Johnson & Johnson executive Lynda Wallace; happiness is something happy people do.
“Some may say that mimicking people is not good enough – that simply wearing Michael Jordan’s jersey doesn’t make you Michael Jordan – and they’re right. But if you behave more like Jordan in his playing years, including practicing, competing, and working out, then you’ll be that much better as a basketball player, and more like Mike,” says Wallace, a certified positive psychology coach and the author of “A Short Course in Happiness: Practical Steps to a Happier Life,” (, which topped Amazon’s Self-Help Best Seller list.
Wallace describes four steps we can all take to live happier lives:
• Focus on the Positive: If you have only five minutes a day to dedicate to becoming a happier person, here’s a great way to spend it. Each night, before going to bed, write down five things for which you feel grateful. As you write your list, take a moment to reflect on each item. Call up a picture in your mind and experience your gratitude in a heartfelt way. This is a great way to jump start gratitude, optimism, and kindness, all of which have enormously positive effects on our happiness.
• Cope Effectively with the Negative: Wallace quotes Thich Nhat Hanh, who said, “Don’t wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy.” Negative experiences are a part of every life. We do best when we are able to acknowledge and accept the difficult emotions that come with the experiences, see what they have to teach us, and then use coping skills such as reaching out to others, gaining perspective on our troubles, and actively engaging in the things we do that give our lives meaning.
• Develop Strong Relationships: No matter how much we may enjoy and need our time alone, the fact remains that we are an intensely social species, and that meaningful connections with other people are essential to happiness. In fact, research makes it clear that the single most important characteristic of very happy people is that they have trusting relationships at the center of their lives. Wallace says that those relationships may be with romantic partners, family members, or friends; it doesn’t much matter. “What matters is that we take the time and trouble to nurture and appreciate our most important relationships, and that we don’t allow other priorities to crowd out our focus on them.”
• Pursue Meaningful Goals: “When I first began studying the positive psychology research,” says Wallace, “one of the biggest surprises for me was just how important goal pursuit is to happiness.” Goals focus and motivate us. They increase our resilience by giving us reasons to keep going following setbacks. And they give us a highly gratifying sense of purpose, forward motion, and meaning.
 “One of the most important things to understand about goals is that making progress toward them actually contributes even more to our happiness than achieving them does. So it’s important that we choose our goals well. Pursuing them doesn’t have to be easy or entirely pleasant. In fact, we gain the most happiness from working toward goals that demand a lot from us. But they do need to fit well with who we are and what we value.”
About Lynda Wallace
After 20 years as a highly successful executive with Johnson & Johnson, where she was responsible for a $1 billion portfolio of businesses including Band-Aid, Neosporin and Purell, Lynda Wallace changed careers to pursue her passion. She now helps individuals and groups apply proven insights and techniques to achieve greater happiness and success in their lives, families, careers, and businesses. She meets with local clients in her office in Montclair, NJ, and with clients from around the world by phone or at in-person engagements. Lynda holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and is a certified positive psychology coach. She is also a sought-after speaker and the author of the No.1 Amazon Self-Help Best Seller “A Short Course in Happiness: Practical Steps to a Happier Life.” More information is available at her website:

Spend the Night In Cowtown with Bailey!!!

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Movie dates with Broxton are always favorite times for me... 
We snuggle under the blanket...  

We pop popcorn... 
We enjoy entertainment and it is these little moments that I will treasure forever, because before you know it... The movie dates with mom will be of the past... 

We recently had the chance to watch Adventures of Bailey - A Night In Cowtown.  
It is the third movie in this series, but it was the first we had seen.  Being part of the series didn't deter us from watching and honestly, it did not seem like you needed to see the previous ones to enjoy.  
I will say it wasn't the best as far as acting...  but it wasn't horrible either... 
I thought it was cute... and Broxton enjoyed watching it!
This was a cute movie for family movie night with the kiddos!  


In this third installment of THE ADVENTURES OF BAILEY, everyone's favorite golden retriever pup has settled into his new home and has developed a crush on the neighbor's female dog.  When her brother Felix is snatched and about to be sold at "the Exchange" in historic Cowtown, Bailey sets out to rescue him in order to win the love of his sweetheart. Chaos ensues as Bailey encounters one comical obstacle after another in this warm-hearted, fun-filled adventure!  Featuring lessons about acceptance, honesty and teamwork, THE ADVENTURES OF BAILEY: A NIGHT IN COWTOWN is sure to rustle up plenty of viewing fun for the whole family!


Fuzzwippers Make Good Travelers - #DigIntoReading

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We love the Fuzzwippers Books by Marilynn Halas.  
We just received the latest book in the series...  

The Fuzzwippers Make Great Travelers is another awesome book.
In this book, Fuzzany and her friend, Alexandra head to Hawaii.  
The thing I loved most in this book was that it said "new place with new experiences and sights waiting to be explored."  At this point, we were talking about how you should always try new things (including food!)
Fuzzany and Alexandra made new friends in Hawaii and even learned how to surf.  Instead of giving up when the first did not succeed, they tried again... with support from her new friends!
This was a cute book and I loved reading it to Broxton!
As always, the end of the book has the message from the Fuzzwippers:

To help children along with their travels, author Marilynn Halas offers a list of traveler tips, located at the end of the book. They are:
1.      Being a great traveler means being a good listener and a good helper too.  Listen to your friends and family so you will learn all about the new place you are visiting and remember that when we all help each other any trip is easier and more fun.

2.      Different places may have different food, games and sights to see, so take your time and discover each new place and make new friends.  Remember that every place has something special to share with you if you are willing to smile, try and trust.
3.      Try something new and you just might find that you have a great experience and a great story to tell when you get back home.  It might be a kind of fish or maybe learning how to surf, but don’t miss out.  Try and see what you learn about your new place and also see what you will learn about yourself.

4.      Remember that you are a guest in someone else’s home whenever you travel.  Be the kind of visitor you would want to have in your home.  Smile and say Thank you every chance you get.  Gratitude is always the best attitude.

Cars Life 3 - The Royal Heist @eOneHomeVideo

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It never really surprises me what shows up in our mailbox from time to time... Broxton loves all sorts of transportation things... so when I saw it was "Cars Life 3 - The Royal Heist" I knew he would like watching it.    We enjoyed it... and it was cute to see who stole the jewels...  

SYNOPSIS: Queen Limousine is coming to town to attend a charity drag race, and everyone‘s caught royal fever, even Sparky. But the excitement turns to dread when the queen’s jewels go missing, and every car becomes a suspect. Join the world’s favorite little red sports car on a turbocharged whodunit adventure that packs more hairpin turns than an Alpine speedway – and a shocking final twist that no one sees coming!


Simon Mall - EPIC EVENT August 3rd

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Children Will Also Participate in Fun Activities tied to the film ‘EPIC’ on Blu-ray and DVD August 20th

Kennesaw, GA, 7/31/2013  Simon Property Group, Inc. (NYSE:SPG), a global leader in retail real estate, is holding a special celebration to help young students and parents across the country ‘make the grade’ even before the school year begins. Families are invited to score an “A+” in preparedness and entertainment with Simon Kidgits Club®’s annual Back-to-School event at Town Center at Cobb on August 3.
Simon Kidgits Club’s Back-to-School event will feature a variety of interactive activities for children and valuable offers for adults, all designed to make transitioning into academic routines a little easier.
·      Infusing some fun: To incorporate excitement into getting back to the classroom, kids will have the opportunity to participate in seasonal-inspired craft-making activities and games
·      Introducing what’s hot: Before hitting the books, families can explore the latest clothing, accessory and toy trends from retailers at Town Center at Cobb
·      Sharing savvy ways to save: Event attendees will have the chance to win prizes and giveaways and tackle their back to school shopping lists with exclusive retailer coupons.

Children will also participate in fun celebrating the home release of ‘EPIC’ at the Simon Kidgits Club Back-to-School event at Town Center at Cobb. From the creators of ‘Ice Age,’ the year’s funniest, most exhilarating animated adventure comes home as EPIC debuts on Deluxe Edition Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD this +August 20 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Directed by Chris Wedge and featuring an amazing voice cast including Colin Farrell, Amanda Seyfried, Christoph Waltz, Jason Sudeikis, Steven Tyler, Pitbull, and Beyonce, the blockbuster film comes home just in time to help families become one with nature and end the summer in Epic style.
            Kidgits Club members will engage with EPIC by:
                                    ● Viewing Area
                                    ● Decorating their own bug jar!
                                    ● Creating their own garden stake!
                                    ● Completing coloring and activity sheets.
                                    ● Receiving a movie mini poster (while supplies last).

The Simon Kidgits Club is a fun and informative program that focuses on health, wellness, education, safety and entertainment for children ages 3-8. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2013, the Simon Kidgits Club has kept children and parents alike amused for a decade with various events and activities while providing incentives for club members, such as special offers, rewards and games.
For more information about the Simon Kidgits Club and Back-to-School events, visit or and

Part This Part That @blueapplebooks - #DigIntoReading

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Talk about a cute book!
What Is Part This, Part That by Harriet Ziefert is so much more than just a book!
This book is colorfully illustrated and the text is amazing!!!
When you open the cover ... before the book even starts.. you know you are in for a treat!!!
"Just like dancing is part step and part swing, When you put parts together you get a new thing!
Put on your thinking cap.  Use all of your smarts!  Follow along and imagine both of the parts!"

I absolutely loved the creativity in this book...
As you turn the pages you have the rhyming of each line.. but it also provokes thought ....
What is  "PART push or PART pull?"  SWING :)
I know it tells you, but it was fun to read with Broxton so that we could play the guessing game together...
If you are looking for a FUN book to read ... (this is targeted for ages- 4-8 years old)  then look at this a bit... It really is cute... and much different from any books I have read with Broxton before!
I plan on sending this in to share with his class once school starts.
(I am telling you.. CUTE!)
Head on over to Blue Apple Books and see what grabs your attention... This book is from their Preschool selection...    They have so many books I seem to be falling in love with!!!!
I am already eyeing the Travels With Charlie series!!!

The Adventures of Lisbeth #DigIntoReading

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I have mentioned before that Broxton keeps talking about wanting to learn Spanish... 
I know that is a good thing, but I don;'t know Spanish...  (It was years since I was in Spanish class...)

We hit a two for one with one of the books we were recently sent!!!
The Adventures of Lisbeth ... Remember to say Thank You!!!

First of all, it is a cute book about a little girl that spends the day at the beach.  
She is there with her family when she sees a friend from school... they spend the day together (hence the "adventure")  While playing at the beach, Lisbeth discovers stones that are in different shapes...   She collects them all....  and in the end has a special message to her family...
The great part?  It is also told in Spanish... that way more kids can enjoy the book.. but also so that when Broxton does start to learn Spanish, he can read it!!!!   Yay!!!!!

If you are looking for a cute book, this is a great one.
It is book number 1 in the series!  So, that means there is more greatness to come!!! 


Need A #GRILL?

Welcome to Wednesday!!!!
So, you know how we bought our first house? 
One thing... We have been SO EXCITED that we would now be able to grill!!!!
Only problem... No grill... 

That was, until my brother graduated college...

Long story short... 
My dad (AVID GRILL MASTER!)  had a grill for ages...  that he gave to my brother when he got his first apartment...  now, my brother just gave it to us...  (he will be getting a new one as a graduation present.)    We were thrilled to go and get it... 
We drove to get it... loaded it up... and by the time we got home... 
The rust had blown off (thanks to riding in the back of a truck)  and we noticed the huge holes left all over the grill...  hey, this is a grill that has been LOVED for years and years... 

My husband decided that he would repair it for the time being....
By buying a grill grate to fit into the grill :)

Gotta Love it!!!!

So........   Yes... we need a new grill... At some point we will get one!!!

Family Travel Tips

**** I have worked with Cold EEZE before...   Even gave some to Broxton's teachers last year...  Just to help them beat any sickness going around! This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to remind everyone to enjoy summer vacation!!!  

Family Travel Tips for a Healthy End of Summer Vacation
Provided by: Dr. Jennifer Collins
New York based Physician specializing in Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology

Exercise Is Important, Even on Vacation: A great secret to staying healthy is exercising on a regular basis; this actually helps to boost your immune system!  No time for the gym because your shopping too much? Take the longer route when walking to and from your car to the stores. Hitting the club scene? Dance the night away! Average 30-minutes of dancing can actually burn 150+ calories!
 Upping Your Zinc Intake:  Zinc Gluconate is clinically proven to short duration of a cold by almost half and if you start feeling symptoms of a cold, taking natural, homeopathic remedies such as Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy, which releases Zinc ions into the throat and upper respiratory system to prevent the cold virus from spreading. They are great to have on a plane, too. Sucking on a lozenge will alleviate the popping of your ears while flying!
Vitamin C - Complex B and Calcium: These vitamins not only strengthen your immune system, but they are easy to get a hold of as well! A glass of milk, orange juice or a quick trip the pharmacy can help you prevent a cold. Did somebody say Mimosa with extra OJ?!
Having Fun: Of course, stressing out before a trip is never any fun. Loosen up, laugh with friends, and dance a lot! Laughter reduces stress and the less stress you have helps your immune system function effectively

Don’t Deprive Yourself of Sleep: Sleep plays a vital role in good health and avoiding the cold! Getting 8 hours of sleep on regular basis (even on vacation) is important and can help protect your physical and mental health. Staying up late and waking up early doesn’t allow for your body to get the rest it needs to fight off germs.

August 20, 2013 Full Of Digital Download Releases

Having worked with this PR Company in the past, I was excited to share this with you!  I was not compensated for sharing this with you.  

These are all available On Digital Download or Video on Demand Only.  

Pingu Learns A Lesson - 
Available Digital Download and Video on Demand August 20, 2013  

See everyone’s favorite little penguin - Pingu - in these 12 hilarious fun-filled adventures! Watch as Pingu and his friends learn some chilly and important lessons while away on their class trip, and when Pingu pretends to be sick to avoid school, the doctor knows just the cure to send him on his way. See what happens when a simple penguin prank backfires and when Pingu has a day off and must choose between playing outside and helping his mother. All of these and many more fun and important tales in Pingu® Learns A Lesson.

Episodes Include:

·        “Pingu on the School Trip”
·        “Pingu and the Stranger”
·        “Pingu's Museum Visit”
·        “Pingu Pretends to Be Ill
·        “Pingu the Painter”
·        “Pingu's Prank”
·        “Pingu and the Paper Aeroplane”
·        “Pingu Seeks Revenge”
·        “Pingu and the Toy”
·        “Pingu Draws a Winner”
·        “Pingu Steals”
·        “Pingu Has a Day Off”

Fireman Sam - Super Saves 
Available Digital Download and Video on Demand August 20, 2013

Whether trouble arises on land, sea or air, Fireman Sam is ready to face any challenge with bravery, skill and speed! There are some tall jobs when the squad must rescue Sarah from a treetop, Jupiter from under a bridge and Moose from the side of the lighthouse! Things aren’t any easier on the water when Sam and Neptune find themselves rescuing Charlie and the kids from a school of fish! Get ready for some four-alarm fun and excitement with Fireman Sam and his brave crew!

Episodes include:
·        “Boyce Will Be Boyce”
·        “Charlie's Big Catch”
·        “Lighthouse Lock Out”
·        “Girls’ Night In”
·        “Wheel of Fire”
·        “Sky Lanterns”

Bob the Builder- Hammer Time 
Available Digital Download and Video on Demand August 20, 2013 

It’s HAMMER TIME with Bob and the Can-Do Crew! Benny feels left out but soon learns that sometimes it takes a small digger to do a big job! Lofty is nervous about his turn at the campfire sing along until he learns that singing, like building, takes teamwork! While building an observation tower, the team uses creativity to help Roley reach new heights. Bob and Wendy find the perfect owner to rock out in the newly restored houseboat and much, much more. There are lots of jobs to do so grab your hard hat and join the crew!

Episodes include:
·        “Benny's Important Job”
·        “Lofty the Star”
·        “Sir Muck”
·        “Roley's Bird's Eye View”
·        “Wendy's Houseboat”
·        “Spud the Woodsman”
·          “Bob’s Beach Hut”


American Playground - Tunes Make Me Smile

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Is it wrong to admit to everyone that I was totally jamming to the cd that was sent for review for Broxton? I know... I am just a kid at heart, so it was okay... but I tell you ... 
I LOVE IT!!!! American Playground is just the upbeat and "patriotic/ americana" music that we need to hear more of these days!!!
I put the cd in and immediately was singing right along... at the top of my lungs...
American Idol auditions?  No... they weren't... but I was having a great time... So that was all that mattered... Well, that and the fact that Broxton was smiling and laughing, so it was fun! 
Out of all of the songs, I loved Keep On the Sunny Side by Elizabeth Mitchell.  Her voice is amazing!!!!   If you want to listen before you purchase, just head on over to the link above and you can sample a tune or two!  

Kicking off the sing-along fun is the traditional “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain,” from Seattle-based roots artist Johnny Bregar, recorded especially for this album. Texas-based country-Western artist Aaron Watson (with Elizabeth McQueen) delivers a super sunny version of the classic “Blue Skies.” Other featured artists are some of the top names in family music: Dan Zanes (with Barbara Brousal) performs the bluegrassy folk tune “Saro Jane,” Elizabeth Mitchell sings “Keep on the Sunny Side,” Buck Howdy delivers a cowboy-style “You Are My Sunshine,” Victor Johnson  extols “This Little Light of Mine,” Randy Kaplan covers Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”(originally written for his own child), and Phil Rosenthal and his band invite everyone to sing along with Woody Guthrie’s classic “This Land Is Your Land.” Kids and parents alike will also enjoy singing along with tunes like “Oh Susannah” (Diane Taraz) and “We All Need More Kindness in This World” (Guy Davis), an example of an original song that is sure to be an immediate family favorite for its singable, positive refrain.
American Playground  includes 20 pages of colorful liner notes, including charming  photos of children at play, historical kid-friendly information about the songs that enhance the great American story, plus  details about each featured artist.

Track listing
1. Johnny Bregar – “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain”
2. Aaron Watson feat. Elizabeth McQueen – “Blue Skies”
3. Victor Johnson – “This Little Light of Mine”
4. Guy Davis – “We All Need More Kindness in This World”
5. Elizabeth Mitchell – “Keep On the Sunny Side”
6.  Dan Zanes with Barbara Brousal – “Saro Jane”
7.  Diane Taraz – “Oh Susannah”
8.  Randy Kaplan – “Forever Young”
9.  Buck Howdy – “You Are My Sunshine”
10. Phil Rosenthal – “This Land is Your Land”

Outdoor Fun - Rose Art Sidewalk Chalk

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

We love sidewalk chalk here...
It is fun.  It gets us outside. 
It allows for creativity!
I was given the opportunity to try out the Rose Art Surprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk and Broxton was SO EXCITED to try it out!!!
The one we were sent was in the shape of a flower.
Each petal had a different color of sidewalk chalk...
The middle part of the flower was also the place where the surprise was left!  

Broxton kept trying to figure out what he had to do to get the walker ready...
We colored with all of them, but settled on the white one, as it was where the surprise was!!!

He worked and worked.. Since we were both going to be surprised, I was fine letting him have a blast with the chalk... even if it did mean getting dirty!
After a bit, we saw this sliver of plastic inside..
Then, he gave up on trying to use the chalk, as temptation was too much and he really wanted the toy.
He finally started trying to break it... and what was inside?
An adorable little plastic toy butterfly!!!
He was so happy and wanted to take it to church.  

If you are looking for a fun activity... Look into the surprise inside chalk from Rose Art!!!
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