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Hellmann's Build The Perfect Sandwich Contest

Hellmann's is teaming up with Best Foods and Bobby Flay to see how people from all over make their one of a kind sandwich! Did you know that some people use mayonnaise while others don't? There are some people who pile a ton on and others use just enough to lightly "paint" the bread. How about you? Are you a mayonnaise fan? Do you use lots and lots? Or just a little? What about your bread? Both pieces with mayonnaise? Or just one? Does it matter top or bottom?
Attention all mayonnaise lovers: Head on over to facebook right now. Well, after you read this post... You know what I mean! Anyways, head on over and enter the build your perfect sandwich contest on the Hellmann'sFacebook Page. It is actually REALLY EASY to enter... and you can also enter daily!
What can you win? Here ya go: Hellman's and Best Foods Products. OR A Kitchen Essentials Bundle. OR Grocery Gift Cards. So? What are you waiting for?! Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a Hellmann's® prize packa…

MelanSol All Natural Sunscreen - Review and Giveaway

I LOVE going to the pool, but I normally get burnt.With that being said, I KNOW I am not the only one :) I am always looking to see what other sun protection is out there.
With Memorial Day around the corner, I know that many people will be outside enjoying the weather. I wanted to share with you a product that we will be using Memorial Day, as well as throughout the summer!
Also, I never really gave much thought, but I always said I needed "sunblock." Then, I got to thinking... is sunBLOCK what I need? I thought that the sun was supposed to be good, you know... Vitamin D and all?
Thank goodness MelanSol explained it to me! MelanSol is a sunscreen, it allows 3-10 5 of the suns UV Rays to reach your skin. Remember, the Vitamin D?
See, I knew I was not going crazy!!!
You know I am not one for quoting all sorts of stuff from their site, so you can click over to the MelanSol FAQ to learn more, but I did want to share this with you:
From their site: Q. Why should you adopt MelanSol® as y…

Dress Your Imagination with Mrs. Butterworth's - Review

Remember when I shared with you about Mrs. Butterworth's coming to Atlanta?Well, I never posted any pictures, because we ended up not being able to go. I really hated that, as I wanted to see all the cute bottles and all the fun festivities. Not to mention, pancakes in the park sounded so yummy!

Even though we were not able to make it, we were still able to share in the delight of Mrs. Butterworth's yummy goodness!
Now, I have not ventured out to make the pancakes yet, as I just get a bit nervous... :) I know, I know!
But, the other day, Marc made breakfast for us all... (My brother was visiting, so I was quick to let him know that this was not normal breakfast!)
Tell me, doesn't it just look great? Yes, there are blueberry pancakes there, but hint hint, they were frozen... I don't want you thinking that Marc just whipped up a batch really quick to out do me! Look at how great Mrs. Butterworth's looks... Sitting there all nice and pretty in her dress... (Did you know that yo…

Have or Know a College Grad? Great information - Guest Post

I just received this email and thought it was too good not to share with you all. My brother will be graduating next year, so this is good to remember!!!! I do think that these are all great ideas!!! Hope you can use the information! Resume Service
The first thing employers see is an applicant's resume and cover letter. Unfortunately, the style of these documents has become more complex in recent years. Graduates won't get noticed using the old method of simply listing experience by date. Cover letters are now approaching works of art, mentioning much more than that applicant is interested in the job and is a good team player, trustworthy and a hard worker.A resume service will create updated documents so subsequent resumes and cover letters live up to modern standards. Costs run roughly $100 to $200, depending on the services you desire. It's worth paying extra to have an expert explain the latest tricks and how graduates can alter these documents for each job. Sites like Res…

Born Free - Contest to Share

It is Pregnancy Awareness Month... With that being said, Born Free is holding a couple great contests...
Good Luck!
Let me know if you enter/win!!!!
In honor of this Pregnancy Awareness Month, BornFree is giving mothers a chance to win a $150 voucher to!BornFree invites you to share your pregnancy photo memories with them! Email in ( or post on Facebook your ultrasound, maternity or positive pregnancy test photos. Include as a caption or comment why your photo is so meaningful to you.
In addition, is running a contest, The American Baby Bests Awards to help moms with their registries. Cast your vote for your favorite products! BornFree is nominated for best bottle and pacifier!
About BornFree®The world’s leading BPA-free baby brand, BornFree specializes in products that combine safe materia…

Jim Furyk and Childrens Miracle Network - Guest Post

I once had the honor of meeting Jim Furyk at a Golf Event.Talk about a nice guy. I mean, Super nice... So, of course, when I received this email, I wanted to share...
The fact that the proceeds to to the Children's Miracle Network?
Even better!!!!
(Yes, I tried to find a picture with him, but that was before digital... Which means, somewhere I can not find right now! LOL)
CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK HOSPITALS ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH PRO GOLFER JIM FURYK2010 PGA Tour Player of the Year Launches New Miracle BirdiesProgramto Raise Funds for Children’s HospitalsSALT LAKE CITY (April 28, 2011)—Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® (, a charity that raises funds for 170 children’s hospitals across North America, announced today a new partnership with 2010 PGA Tour Player of the Year and 2010 FedEx Cup champion Jim Furyk. Furyk has named Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as his charity of choice for the next two years.To kick off the partnership, Children’s Miracle…

AnnieWear Makes a Difference - Review

I was so happy to hear about an amazing company,AnnieWear. Not only do they love animals, they put it forward in caring for them!!!!
We want to one day have a dog, but not now... I just do not think that we are ready...
So, until then...
Broxton can wear AnnieWear and we are all happy! :)
It is nice to know that there are companies like AnnieWear out there that helps share the love of animals, with the love of caring for animals too!

From their site: We created AnnieWear to offer the best selection of animal-themed baby and toddler clothing and gifts. We cater to people looking for a unique gift for a special occasion, something that will make their gift stand out and their gift recipient appreciative.Our mission, and what makes AnnieWear so special, is that portions of all AnnieWear sales are donated to animal rescue programs around the country. Our goal is to create a way to give back to animals that so desperately need help. At AnnieWear, the more we sell, the more we can give.
Now, with a…

Aloha Friday - Gym?

You guessed it.. It is FRIDAY!!!!! Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. Then, link up with Kailani!!!! My question this week: Are you a member of a Gym? If so, are there any classes that you really enjoy taking there?
My answer: I am not a member of one, YET!!! I plan on joining soon. We have been checking out the trial membership and checking out all the different classes! So far, FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frecklebox- Review and Giveaway

I have been following several blogs for quite some time now.Not only do I blog and host giveaways, I also enter quite a few as well!

There is one company that I have tried to win and I have just not been able to be the lucky one... Until NOW!
I just LOVE personalized gifts, but I can not really justify buying one just because. I mean, yeah... I am excited that today is Monday and all, but that doesn't mean we are running out to celebrate!
I was so excited to know that I would be getting to review an item from Frecklebox!
I know, I had planned on looking into getting Broxton something from them for Christmas, so I had my eyes on a particular item.
If you think about it, Broxton is not a popular name that you will see already listed on the personalized gifts... Nope, I knew we would not be running to the store to grab something!
Just what was it that I wanted so bad?
The My Name Is... Personalized Book. This book is just too cute!!!

Not only do you personalize it with their name, you can a…

Arm and Hammer Power Gel Turns One - Review

Did you know that Arm and Hammer released the first Gel Detergent...
We had the chance to check it out... and I have to say, I am liking it!
The thickness of it being GEL makes me feel like there is more product to get my clothes clean! Not to mention that I am enjoying the scent of it!
Our clothes are coming out clean, but luckily it has not had any hard to tackle stains, YET!
It is called Arm and Hammer Power Gel Laundry Detergent and it is turning one...
You know what that means? PARTY TIME!!!! (* They are calling it a Gel- ebration! Cute, I know!!!!)
To celebrate their first birthday, Arm and Hammer Power Gel has decided to hold a contest!
Enter a messy photo of your little one celebrating their first birthday... Upload their photo with a 50 word or less caption. (You have until June 15, 2010 so pick out a good one!)
Then, on July 18, 2010 the top 5 finalists will be announced on their site. After that, the real party starts!!!
Consumers will then have the chance to go to the Arm and Hammer …

Wordless Wednesday - Silly Daddy!

So, the other day, I went in to check on Broxton during naptime... This was what I found:
Sweet sleeping boy, right? Look closer... Okay, let me back it up a bit for you... Can you see now? Daddy had made his bed into a tent!!! LoL, yes!!!! He tied the blanket up top of the bed so that Broxton was sleeping in a tent!!!!
Silly boys!!!!

Growing Pains- Season Two On DVD

I am not sure if Growing Pains was a show you watched regularly, or if it was just an every now and then kind of show for you...It came on from 1985 to 1992. I can not honestly remember if I watched it when they were new episodes, or if I just caught them as reruns...
BUT - I can tell you that I LOVED to watch it!!!!
Kirk Cameron was always such a cutie, gotta love the trouble that Mike Seaver was always getting into!!!
And Jason? Yeah, looking back, they had a pretty hot dad!!!!
Alan Thicke doesn't really look like he has aged at all!
Never mind that there were many stars that had small roles on Growing Pains throughout the years.. (You can google to see what names stick out to you. I am just saying, Leonardo DiCaprio.)
Anyways, Growing Pains Season Two was just released on DVD this past April. I forgot how funny the show was!
Oh, and get this...
I was watching it when we got a delivery from UPS. Our driver is super nice and always talks to Broxton, this particular time, he asked what he w…

Just a quick update with Blogger

As I posted the other day, the issue with blogger has set me back.I scheduled several posts of reviews and giveaways... Well, when blogger went down, it totally messed me up.
First of all, I had tons of reviews and giveaways that are still missing... (Actually, 2 have shown up in my edit post box, but still...
LOTS are still gone. Besides that, I could not get on blogger Thursday or Friday, so that was 2 more days of posting that was not available to me...
That leads me to today!
I have been out of town, so I was not able to play catch up..... BUT A WARNING for you....
So, get ready for great posts... Full of reviews, giveaways and of course pictures of BROXTON!!!!

But, before I get to posting and making up.. Let me share today with you...
Gold's Gym is offering a free 7 day trial membership. So, Marc and I went today. Took a tour. Love it!
Then, tonight.... I took my first "spinning" class. Talk about FUN!!!
Yeah, I am hurting a bit.... but it was great!
After that, Marc an…