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Which Holiday Would You Like to Spend With Spongebob? #MakingMyList

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Looks like Spongebob fans are in for a real treat this holiday season!
You might wonder why... Well, it was announced that SpongeBob Scary Pants was being released for Halloween...  and now,  I get to tell you that Holidays with Spongebob is being release on September 9th. Once again, just in time for the holidays, if you are one to start buying early to avoid the madness...
This DVD will include holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and even Valentines Day!   
Episodes include:
Scaredy Pants
Imitation Krabs
I Was a Teenage Gary
Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
The Secret Box
Band Geeks
Welcome to the Chum Bucket
My Pretty Seahorse
Idiot Box
Bonus Features:
Music Video: “Scaredy Pants”
Sneak Peak: SpongeBob SquarePants Videogame
Christmas Who?
Snowball Effect
Survival of the Idiots
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV
Chocolate with Nuts
As Seen on TV
Pizza Delivery
Squeaky Boots
Bonus Features:
Audio Commentary: “Christmas Who?”
Storyboard: “Christmas Who?”
To Love a Patty
A Flea in Her Dome
Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob
Le Big Switch
The Donut of Shame
Blackened Sponge
Bonus Features:
Original Animatic: “To Love a Patty”
Karaoke Music Video


It's Slinky, It's Slinky, It's a Wonderful Toy! #SlinkyDay August 30th

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Image - Alex Toys
Did you have a slinky when you grew up???  I remember having them and wishing more than anything to have a house with stairs, just so we could play with a slinky down the stairs... Talk about a big wish.. 
Well, now here I am ... an adult... with a house with stairs... and Broxton now has a slinky to play with!  We have been having so much fun!  I remember when he got them, he was so excited!  (He was given a black one - collectors edition --- and a purple one!)    We have had hours of fun..  Letting the slinky go from one hand to the other... and then down the stairs!  We have been racing them to see who would win!
The great thing about slinky?  Not only have they been around since 1945 - they have so many different "slinky" products!    

 I will admit, I was not familiar with Slinky Dog at all --- Except that he was in Toy Story and I love that character...   So, when our box of slinky fun arrived and there was a slinky dog in it.. You best believe I had to open it to check him out!!!
He has changed since it was first introduced, with one major change being the leash.  He still has one, but it is a tiny version of what once was  --- Safety first!  
I loved that there were little rollers in his feet for hours of rolling fun with your little one!
He is made of a hard plastic material ... slinky in the middle.. leathery type soft material for his ears... and slinky type tail.  TOO CUTE!!!!!!

We were also sent a wide assortment of the fun slinky toys!  Slinky has expanded from the traditional silver one that I remember...  We were sent a collection of their "color" line and I can not wait to bust them out for Christmas gifts!  I loved the collectors edition Slinky, although I did expect it to be silver and it was black... But that was wonderful for us...   
While several toys were put up to be given later... I know that we will be having a great time playing with our toys on Slinky Day!   Did you know that you can even buy a LIGHT UP SLINKY????  What???!?!!!! Nice sales going on for Slinky Day, so check it out!  

What is your favorite Slinky toy?
Will you be playing on Slinky day?
If so, hashtag #slinkyday so I can look for you!   

FREE Frozen Party

*** This is not a paid / sponsored post ...  I just saw this email and know how popular FROZEN is right now, so I wanted to share... 

What - Frozen Party 

When - Saturday September 6th, from 3-5 pm

             (Princesses will be there from 3-4:30)
Where - Learning Express East Cobb in Merchants Festival
                                                 (The Target Center)                                               1401 Johnson Ferry Rd 
                                                    (770) 321-3975

So- if you have a fan of Frozen- You might want to make plans to be there!!!!
The email says :  TAKE PHOTOS and GET AN AUTOGRAPH with the Frozen Princesses.



Let's Learn - Patterns and Shapes- Available Sept. 9th #MakingMyList

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If you meet my little 5 (going on 25) year old son, you will see that he swears he knows everything!  Don't get me wrong, he is a very smart little boy, as it was proven again last night as he had to point out that we had a crescent moon to look at on our drive home.  The thing is... He is NOT a fan of working.  School work is no fun, if I ask him.  The times I try to teach and explain things to him?  He is not having it - because he already knows it!  (His words, not mine!)
So, for us, I have noticed that he does great if I let him watch shows that educate instead of JUST entertain.  Luckily for us, Nickelodeon has a line of Let's Learn DVD's... (Let's Learn Colors  and  Let's Learn 123 or Let's Learn ABC)   I know some people are against letting shows "teach" their kids, but for me, kids need a break from school work... maybe a bit of down time to just relax... Why not let it be something fun to watch that is teaching them as well???  
I think that this would be a perfect dvd for little ones and since it is available September 9th, you could buy now to start planning your Christmas gifts!  

Nickelodeon extends its line of “Let’s Learn” DVDs with the brand new Let’s Learn: Patterns and Shapes.  In a fun-filled two hours of “edu-tainment,” kids can play along to five new episodes from Team Umizoomi,Dora the Explorer, Blue’s Clues and Ni Hao Ka-lan! as they explore circles, squares, triangles, and more. The set also includes a shapes worksheet! Created by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment, and distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution, Let’s Learn: Patterns and Shapes is available on DVD on September 9, 2014 in the US.
Let’s Learn: Patterns & Shapes Episodes:
·       Team Umizoomi: Team Umizoomi vs. The Shape Bandit
·       Dora the Explorer: Catch the Shape Train!
·       Ni Hao Kai-lan: The Dinosaur Balloon
·       Blue's Clues: Shape Searchers
·       Blue's Room: Shape Detectives
Running Time: 138 Minutes


Halloween on Bikini Bottom? #Spongebob Halloween DVD Out Sept. 9

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Growing up, I remember one great thing about Halloween night...
Lots of candy!!!  The other thing that was awesome?  Going to visit my grandparents!  I do remember that they didn't do the whole "leave the light on and have random kids come trick or treating"  -- they were older and let's be honest, just how safe is that to do???
Anyways ---  My parents would still take me, because don't all grandparents want to see their grandchildren dressed up????  They would always have something special for me.  My one grandmother would have a candied apple or something like that... and then raisins or something else...
My nana would have a pack or two of gum --- you know, Juicy Fruit or Doublemint... back when you could buy the little packs for like a quarter or something. (Am I really dating myself that much?!)  Sometimes my Nana would also give me a quarter or something like that too!
When Broxton was born, I took him to see my one grandmother for his first halloween... Come on, I wasn't taking him trick or treating, an 8 month old baby can't have candy... but I did want him dressed up and I was so excited to let my grandmother see him...
You know what she did?
We got there and she had a little teething toy / stuffed animal just for him!
Yes she did!  I loved that- although she didn't have to do it..   ( We still have that toy now, although it is packed up now!)
So- moving along...  If you aren't into giving out candy for Halloween, why not "Trick" them with a great "Treat?"  Spongebob and Patrick are back with a Halloween 2 pack DVD... It comes out September 9th, so you have plenty of time to get them this before Halloween... You might be able to talk them into coming home early to watch a bit before bed instead of staying out later knocking on doors!   

SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeBob’s Halloween Collection Episodes:
·       Scaredy Pants
·       Imitation Krabs
·       Frankendoodle
·       I Was a Teenage Gary
·       Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
·       Secret Box
·       Band Geeks
·       Welcome to the Chum Bucket
·       My Pretty Seahorse
·       The Idiot Box
·       Ghoul Fools
·       The Curse of Bikini Bottom
·       Ghost Host
·       Born Again Krabs
·       Arrgh!
·       Your Shoe's Untied
·       Money Talks
·       Music Video: "Scaredy Pants"
·       SpongeBob SquarePants Video Game Sneak Peek

*** Running time is 200 minutes!!!!

Invited to the Monster Party? #ReadWatchGrow

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Sing song and rhyming... This book has it covered!  If you have ever had a kid invited to a birthday party, you will totally get this book...  The sentences are short and I could not help but to read it in a friendly Monster voice --- like a mix of Cookie Monster and a few margaritas.  (Let's be honest, I can not do impersonations at all, so that was why we had to make tequila part of the mix!)
The book starts with  : "Monster invited. Monster delighted. Monster squeals SO EXCITED!"
Each page shows the cute little monster getting ready to attend the party he was invited to go to... Then actually at the party... It is all fun and games (literally) until Monster dad comes and tells him it is time to go home... You might be familiar with the next scene: " Monster pout. Monster shout. Monster huffs and stomps about."  
The end of the book is on a happy note, but you will have to read it to find out!
Super cute book with adorable illustrations.  I did like that it is very colorful, but it isn't bright and awakening, more of a muted look.
Image Credit - Sterling Publishing 
Monster Party  (Ages 2-5) 
Monster's invited—and monster's delighted! Come and join the monster bash. There's spinning and pinning, high-fiving and jiving, and munching, crunching, and buggy-food lunching. But when it all ends, Monster must leave his fun-loving friends. There's crying and sighing—until Monster discovers a happy surprise waiting for him at home. This wacky celebration will be a hit with kids!
Annie Bach is an author, artist, and designer who has written and illustrated Night-night, Forest Friends (Grosset & Dunlap). She lives in Seattle, WA with her husband, daughter, and two pugs.


Positive Light on Sharks! Surf Sharks #Giveaway #ReadWatchGrow

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If you are looking for a cute book - and one that puts a different spin on sharks...  You want to check out Surf Sharks - The First Wave!  
After all the Shark-week shows, it was expected that we would be talking about sharks a bit more... Instead of the scary images, we were treated to a fun way to learn more about them! Surf Sharks is a super cute and colorfully illustrated book that introduces us to 3 different sharks right up front.  

We meet: Mavrik - sleek blue mako, Talon - striped tiger shark and Hemi - hammerhead.  They all live in "Fin City" and one of them was pretty adamant about going to watch a surfing competition...   Of course, the other 2 don't want their friend going alone, so off the three buddies go...  (They had been warned to say away from the beaches that weekend, as the surf competition was going on and it wasn't safe for them to be over there.)  After we meet the three sharks, we end up meeting three surfers planning to enter the competition that weekend: Rip, Ozzy and Wade.  The surfers are planning on getting in the water, when they notice something... Thinking it is a dolphin, they go to investigate and end up seeing a shark caught in a net... The net was intended to keep surfers safe, but did not think about the danger that it would cause any sharks... 

I will not go further in telling you about the book, as I want you to see what a great story this is.  Obviously, you will talk to your kids about being safe and not interacting with sharks and all of that, but this is a great way to educate the kiddos (in a fun way.)  

We get to learn about different sharks, we get to learn that things that are meant to help, can actually harm other creatures and we also get to learn about friendships and safety.  I really enjoyed this book and it makes me happy to know that this was the first book of the series...  I can not wait to see what other life lessons we will be learning from the surf sharks!  

Image Credit- Amazon
Surf Sharks: The First Ride is the first in a series of books. It’s an extraordinary story about how three young sharks and three young surfers come together to help each other escape danger and solve problems. They find friendship, respect, and a common love for the waves. This captivating adventure is filled with excitement, surprising characters, and fascinating facts about sharks. Surf Sharks—they’re righteous, radical, and always ready to ride! Check out the next big wave in children’s entertainment at

We were so lucky to be sent a gift pack to check out this book!
What was in the gift pack? 
- A copy of Surf Sharks: The First Ride
- A sticker book
- 32 Surf Shark stickers with fun shark facts on the back
- A set of pop-up collector cards

Wouldn't you LOVE to win this for someone you know and love?
(Christmas is less than 18 weeks away!)  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What Do You KNOW About Snakes???? Snakeopedia #ReadWatchGrow

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You know you love your child when you say "Yes!"  to reviewing a book about snakes, knowing good and well that you have no desire what so ever to look at that book, but you want to, because you know that it is something that they would enjoy!  
When I first saw the cover of Snakeopedia, I was immediately thinking that this was NOT a book for me.. And yes, I was correct... But - if you have someone that is eager to learn about snakes (or if you want it around as a reference book)  then this is a book for you!  
Image Credit - Amazon
It’s the new, ultimate guide on snakes, reptiles, and amphibians, SNAKEOPEDIA (July 8, $19.95, Ages 7+). TIME for Kids and Discovery have teamed up to create this visually stunning book aimed at kids obsessed with these scaly creatures. They will learn everything they want to know about a snake’s unique anatomy, what and how they eat, their evolution, recent reptile discoveries, and so much more!

Loaded with 180 full-color pages and 400 photos, images, and facts from Discovery experts and a herpetologist (someone who studies reptiles and amphibians), SNAKEOPEDIA seamlessly combines learning with fun, as young readers and snake enthusiasts read about the 12 families of snakes as well as other members of the reptile family such as lizards, turtles, and crocodiles.

The chapters in this book include:
Reptile Taxonomy
Snake Anatomy
Blind Snakes
Snake Families
Shield-tailed Snakes
Fangs and Teeth
Pipe Snakes
Snake Senses
Sunbeam Snakes
Snake Skin
Feeding Habits
Wood Snakes
Attack and Defense
File Snakes
Snake Habitats
Life Cycle
Burrowing Aps
Extinct Species
Record Breakers
Facts and Fears 
Other Reptiles:
Turtles and Tortoises
Lesser Known Reptiles
Recent Discoveries
Shaving Reptiles
Hands on Activities

This book is actually very interesting.  Yes, I will admit that...
The images are FANTASTIC... and the information throughout is very cool to know.  I will say that I am not a snake fan.. have never been a snake fan and will never be one either, but this was full of amazing photographs and each 2 page spread also has plenty of text boxes to give you all you want to know!
This would be a great addition to any library and I am glad that it is now part of ours!  


After School Snack Ideas (or before practice snack ideas) #cbias

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

You know how time changes?  Well even though some things change, others still remain the same... 

Like good food and good memories!!!    If you have kids, that means easy to make snacks!  That is when you can be thankful that your local Wal-mart carries Bagel Bites and Delimex!  
My brother - age 6
My sweet baby boy - age 5
I remember when my brother was little, he played baseball.. and now I get to enjoy watching Broxton getting ready to enjoy baseball season!  While I am lucky to get to be a stay at home mom ( I would not trade it for anything in the world...) My mom and dad have both always worked.  I get to figure out what would be great #AfterSchoolSnacks  for Broxton, but mom and dad didn't have to worry about snacking options until my brother was older... 
It is funny, I was given the chance, from #CollectiveBias,  to shop for Bagel Bites and Delimex food items to tell you a few great back to school snack and in doing so, all I could think about was my teenage years... Talk about memories!  I can remember going to friends houses after school and we would enjoy bagel bites as after school snacks...    The Delimex taquitos?  Yeah.. that totally makes me think of my brother!  I am not sure where he tried his first taquito, but he fell in love with them and that was an item we used to have in our freezer all the time!  
Delimex in Wal-mart 

Let me give you a heads up...  I was not very happy with Wal-Mart in the placement of the Delimex.  Let me explain... It (to me) is a snack food, it is a frozen food and it comes in taquitos or tacos... That being said, I thought it was going to be in the MAIN frozen food section...  It wasn't - it was in the stand alone open top frozen section that is in between the frozen food aisles and the meat department.  To be honest, I NEVER look there - unless I am looking for the pre-made frozen patties (chicken or hamburger)  other than that.. That section NEVER crosses my mind.. So, I over looked it on a couple of the times I went. I thought it would have been in the section where the frozen snacks / appetizer /pizza/taco section would be.  Major fail on my part.  I finally found it  and I can say that both Broxton and Marc were very happy!  I wanted to get something in Broxton's tummy, since he doesn't always eat his lunch.. and I wanted him to have something in there since baseball practice can be draining...  This was great for us!  (With "TACO TUESDAY" coming up, this works great for a dinner option too!) 
Our Taquitos.
We all enjoyed that you could cook them in the microwave (1 min 15 seconds)  and that you can cook them in the oven too.  Our personal take?  We enjoyed the microwave version better!
 Happy Kid.. Happy Belly!  

We also grabbed bagel bites while at Walmart too!  This was always a great snack -- bite sized pizza?  Real cheese?  Homemade sauce with 0g of trans fat?  Can't beat that!  If you aren't a fan of just cheese or just pepperoni, do what we did!  Add a bit of extra topping to it!  

Cheese with onions and mushrooms on it!  YUM!!!!!!!

With the bagel bites, we were not really fans of them out of the microwave (but they are great if in a rush for time...) but the ones out of the oven?  AMAZING!  Like, Broxton wasn't a fan of the microwave versions.. but inhaled them from the oven!  Yeah!!!!

Since money is tight at times, we always can use coupons, right?
Currently you can click on the links for Bagel Bites and/or Delimex coupons!
If you are like me and need help in the creativity department, make sure you visit the Bagel Bites website to get more recipes!

What are your after school snack ideas?

Think You Need Glasses? Calvin, Look Out #ReadWatchGrow

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Do you happen to know anyone that might need glasses and could possibly be having a hard time dealing with that?  I know glasses are sometimes a tough pill to swallow, especially when you are younger... So I am glad that they have started addressing issues such as that in childrens books!
I remember getting glasses... It was 5th grade (I think) ...  but I don't really remember much else about it... I was having a hard time seeing the board in school... I guess the kids weren't that mean to me, or maybe I blocked it out, but I know it was an adjustment. (Same thing for braces in 7th grade, but lets not go there!)   We have actually read Calvin, Look Out!  a few times now and love it each time like it was the first time reading it...   In this Calvin book, we get to see how Calvin is struggling before he gets glasses...
By the way, I loved the way that they did it... He was at the library:
He curled up to read about his favorite subject, Dragons.. but instead found himself reading about Wagons!
Then, he decided to shift his attention to a different book so that he could see better... one about dinosaurs.. but the "dinosaur" in his mind?  Well, it turned out to be a chicken!
The librarian spoke with him about his vision and since he was already at the library, he did a little research to learn about his problem.
You can read the book to see how he ended up going to the eye doctor.. and how his cousins all made fun of him when he came home with glasses..  BUT - you can also read to see how his glasses that were so hilarious to his cousins ended up being just what he needed to save himself... and set an example to the other birds!  
Image Credit - Sterling Publishing
Calvin, Look Out  (Ages 4-8)
Everybody's favorite bookworm birdie is back—and something's wrong! When Calvin reads the word “wagons,“ he sees “dragons” instead, and he's tripping over the library chairs. Calvin needs glasses! When his family checks out the new specs, though, they just tease him. Poor Calvin. But when he gets lost and trapped in the forest, it's Calvin's glasses (and smarts) that save the day. Soon EVERYONE thinks glasses are great—and Calvin's clan becomes the coolest flock of starlings in the sky.
Jennifer Berne has been a long-time contributor to Nick Jr. Magazine, and a writer for both print and TV. She has published numerous award-winning books for kids, including On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein (Chronicle), and Calvin Can't Fly (Sterling). Jennifer lives in a house she designed herself, in the rolling hills of Columbia County, NY.
Keith Bendis's work has appeared in the New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Fortune, and Time. Keith was the illustrator for William Safire's “On Language” column in the New York Times Magazine, and for nine books includingCalvin Can't Fly (Sterling), William Kotzwinkle's The Fan Man (Vintage), and the bestselling The Illustrated Casey at the Bat: The Immortal Baseball Ballad (Workman). He lives on an old farm in Columbia County, NY.

I think that I might take this book in to the school to see if any of the teachers want to read it to their class, especially since they have the vision test coming up soon!  I really enjoyed seeing how Calvin could take a negative, such as them making fun of him and turn it into a positive with great results!  


Have One that Doesn't Want to go to School? #PrincessCupcakeJones Won't Go To School

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Around a year ago, we were sent a book to review... It was called Cupcake Jones and the Missing Tutu.  It was super cute, but not really a book for little boys to get into and enjoy.  After I posted the review, I learned that the illustrator had actually hidden the word LOVE into each picture...  That little bit of "extra" was enough to make us go back and read the book just to look for the hidden words!  When Cupcake Jones Won't Go To School showed up, I was so excited!  I was really hopeful that they had continued this extra feature and I was excited to read the book to Broxton, since school is still up in the air for us...   
He doesn't like it - since they can't play as much as he did in preschool.. but then he also loves it because he gets to see all of his friends.  It is a love-hate relationship and each day still provides a challenge as to if he will be excited or not! 
While I thought the first Cupcake Jones book was cute - this second book was one that was much more up our alley...  Most kids have mixed emotions about starting school, be it preschool, daycare, kindergarten and even some kids have issues as they get older...  It is always the whole starting something "new" - new teacher, classmates, school, schedule.... The "what -ifs" are usually always there! In Won't Go To School, she has an excuse ready to have her mom not make her go to school, but the Queen is always a step ahead...
I loved the thought process... 
Many times adults get to caught up and seem to forget what goes through a little ones head...  "What if I don't like school?  What if no one likes me?  Or my tutu's not cool?"
The best to me?  Reassurance from mom " Don't let fear stop you from doing something new."  
We have really enjoying this book and it is a great book to read as kids are adjusting to back to school!  Also, keep in mind that the author created this book since she seemed to have a hard time finding books for her daughter that had African American main characters!  This is a great book to have for so many reasons!  
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