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Summer Lovin' With @Carmex #Giveaway

While we might be preparing for "back to school," lets remember that summer is not over yet! There are still days left to get out and enjoy the sun before winter hits us! From beach trips, pool parties and just enjoying being outside, Carmex literally has you covered!  I was like a kid at Christmas the other day when a random package came for me... 
I opened it and immediately was in love!  You see, I received an awesome Carmex beach tote that included their six Carmex sticks!  These are not just random sticks, but flavorful ones that also contain SPF 15.   Now, I don't know about all of you, but I tend to fry easy... and I never think about applying something to my lips when I am outside!  Okay, I do apply lip balm at random times, but I never think about needing SPF coverage, that was what I meant!   So, back to this Carmex surprise....  As I said, there were six flavors... Want to know what they were?   Original (can't go wrong with that!), Cherry, Strawberry, Vanill…

Great DVD for your Preschoolers Collection

Broxton never ceases to amaze me... and I get so proud when he talks about things he has learned.  Yes, we work on opposites, alphabet, numbers and more, but to hear him using things in conversation still gets me excited, as that means he paid attention!  With opposites, there are so many things to learn and I am glad that this big purple dino is helping ME teach my little one all about them!  

Opposites attract, especially when there’s fun and good friends involved!  Join Barney and his friends for exciting adventures and games in Barney:  All About Opposites, arriving on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand July 10, 2012 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.
Come along as everyone’s favorite big purple dino teaches about the opposites that we see around us every day, including stop and go, hot and cold, big and small and more!SYNOPSISThere’s nonstop fun as Barney and his friends go and learn all about opposites! Everyone helps Baby Bop understand concepts like up & down, in & o…

Kicking Off For School: Thomas and Friends : School House Delivery DVD

Knowing how much Broxton loves Thomas, it was nice to get a Thomas DVD geared to "back to school"  as that is all we are talking about these days...
Broxton will be excited to watch this and I think we might watch it after his school orientation where he meets his teacher and classmates! PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Thomas and his engine friends are taking you right to the head of the class in the all-new, release Thomas & Friends: Schoolhouse Delivery, available on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand July 10, 2012 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.  Get ready to learn about loyalty, friendship and fun with the engines on Sodor with special deliveries and new adventures on the tracks. DVD SYNOPSIS School’s in session and there are important lessons to be learned on the Island of Sodor. Diesel gets a hero’s welcome when he makes a Really Useful delivery to the schoolhouse. Percy gets a lesson in responsibility after he runs into trouble trying to be like the bigger engines! Henry g…

It's Timmy: Happy Birthday, Timmy!!!

It still amazes me how Broxton gets into watching this show... With some shows, he is mesmerized the whole time, with others he has to listen to it, but he is busy playing and doesn't really watch... Well, with Timmy Time, you have to watch, as there is NO DIALOGUE... but he cracks up at it and asks for it from time to time...   Make a Wish! Preschool favorite Timmy, the lamb with a penchant for mischief and merriment, is celebrating a birthday and you’re invited to the party in Timmy Time: Happy Birthday, Timmy, available on DVD July 17th, 2012 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. Full of slapstick humor and not a single line of dialogue, Timmy Time follows a day in the life of barnyard preschoolers.  With diverse animal characters, along with a rich and colorful nursery school backdrop, Timmy and his friends learn life lessons that every preschooler needs to know.  Put on your party hat, grab a slice of cake and join the festivities in this whimsical new release!   Timmy Time is …

Look At You, Do You Have the Next Boo? #Gund

I think most (if not all) of us are familiar with the name brand, Gund.   I think they are absolutely ADORABLE...  So, when I heard that they were holding a contest looking for the next "BOO"  it made me wish I had a cute pup to send a picture in of .... 

Right now, you can submit a picture of your pup for a pretty cool opportunity.   They are having a TOP DOG contest with 4 categories:

·      Most Beautiful Dog
·      Ugliest Dog ·      “Doganista”/Best Dressed Dog ·       Dog that Most Resembles its Owner

Then, the GRAND PRIZE winner gets a limited edition GUND dog in the likeness of theirs that will be sold during 2013.  How fun would that be to walk in and see YOUR pup in the stores?

I know several blogs I follow have cute pups...
So, this should be interesting!!!!!

Just head over to the GUND FACEBOOK PAGE and enter today!
The contest will run July 16 - August 15, 2012; winners will be chosen the week of August 20th and announced the week of August 27th.

·         Entries: July 16 – A…

Lucky You: @KleenSlate01 #giveaway for Back to School Fun Times

Great News!!!!!!!!! Remember when I told you about the awesome product that I had the chance to review, the Kleen Slate? Well, get this... I get to hold a giveaway of them now!!!!!!!!! Yes, I though it was an amazing product (and really wished I had them when I was in school)

Please visit my Kleen Slate review to learn more about them... (Feel free to leave comment love on there... I sure do love comments!)   But basically, it is a dry erase surface on a paddle board.  Great for asking questions... having them write the correct answer and then hold it up when they are done versus yelling the answer out.  Or maybe a pretend auction?  (Or a real one, I don't know!)  The ways to use this are endless!!

We have been using them with Broxton in "school"  where I write a letter/number/shape and then hold it up for him to tell me what it is...   He likes to "draw" me pictures of things and I have to guess what they are... 
Now, a lucky reader gets to win a set for their …

Eat Right - Freeze Dried Fruit is YUMMY

Once again, I want to share with you another great idea for lunch idea's in my back to school bash.  Not to mention that these would be great after-school snacks... Also, it is an AWESOME way for mom or dad to refuel themselves during all the hustle and bustle of running in a million different directions ....
We received samples of Crispy Green FruitziO and Crispy Fruit for review... I though they tasted amazing and I was so excited with the wide variety of fruits to try out... I immediately jumped into the KIWI.  OMG.... Wonderful!  Broxton was a bit surprised with the taste (and truthfully, I do not know if he has ever even tried Kiwi before that time...  He had a funny look on it and gave up on that bag.)  We both tried the apricots and cantaloupe the day the package arrived...
Now, we have been eating them as snacks,but I am dying to try adding it to give a bit more flavor to cereal... and possibly want to try mixing it with yogurt or maybe even oatmeal...  I love that it is ea…

Sounds Crazy, but Try @toejuice For Eczema Issues

We all know how kids can be... and some things just can not be helped.
I remember when I first noticed Broxton's eczema.  We had been in Atlanta and were heading to Albany... I noticed he had this nasty rash looking stuff all over him.  Of course, as a first time mom with a husband out serving our country in Afghanistan, I was FREAKING out as to what it was and what I needed to do.  Yes, I scheduled a pediatrician appointment for the following day and we went to figure it out...
Seems that he has eczema.  To be honest, before then, I really did not know what it was... but I learned and we started watching his lotions, bath products, detergents and everything else...
Now, his eczema isn't that bad.. but it does get bad from time to time..
He is one for flare ups and I hate it, as I don't know what it feels like.  

We had the chance to review TOE JUICE and I was excited...  Well, once it got here, I was a bit nervous... You see, a couple weeks after the Toe Juice arrived, so did…

Loving @WittleBee Clothing Club

One of the fun things about back to school is always: SCHOOL CLOTHES!!!! I am so excited that we get to get new clothes for Broxton for the school year ahead!   I admit, he wears the same clothes most of the time, but that is because we don't really go places where he would need several outfits!  So, with school starting soon, I want to make sure he is ready to go!!!!

I know that "subscription boxes" are all over the place now, from craft projects to beauty supplies...  I was so excited to hear about Wittlebee... It is a monthly box subscription for KIDS CLOTHING!!!!!!!

Let me try and explain it to you:  Okay... first of all, it is $39.99 per month.   (If you click on myWITTLEBEElink, you will get $10 off your first box.) Then, you set up your account.   You fill out your information and then start to input the information for your selections.  

First up, GENDER...  Then, size  - They go from 0-3 months up to 5t. After that, you pick your style: Casual, Hipster, Preppy, Sporty, Mix …

Creative Concepts With @KleenSlate01

Am I the only one that sees all of the products out on the market today and wonder where things like that were when I was a child?   I know that my generation had some pretty cool items.. (Teddy Ruxpin was AWESOME!)  But seriously... 

I had the chance to review one of those items that makes me wish for it to to have been around back when I was in school... I think it is THAT COOL!!!!
No matter if you are homeschooling your children, or if you are active in helping them with their homework/studying... This would be a great item to have at home...
(Totally off topic of school, but it would also be great for games at home as well.) Kleen Slate is a dry erase surface on a paddle board!  It is just too cool!
We were sent the rectangle one, but they also make them in circles.
Now, want to hear something even cooler?
They have sheets that let you customize exactly how you want your board to appear.
One of ours has a solid dry erase on one side... and the other looks like graph paper.
The other …

Time Management Helps To Achieve Academic Success - Order Out of Chaos Academic Planner Review

School is a time for education, but also for fun... I think that if you spend ALL of your time stressing academics, you will miss out on life lessons that you might need down the road.  I remember when I was in school, I would get a planner to try and help me with the school year.  From trying to remember my work schedule to my school schedule to chorus practice and so on and so forth.
I think that a nice well developed planner is a great tool that will help you more than you ever know!   That being said, I was so excited to get a planner to review and share with you from Order Out of Chaos.
But, this isn't just any planner...
It is a planner that really has room for everything!
First of all, I love that it is a nice size.  (8 1/2 by 11 on the overall cover, but the inside actual PLANNER pages are 7x11)  The reason the cover is larger?  So that you can write your class schedule on the outside and have it line up with the inside for slots to help you plan for time management.

Expand Their Vocabulary With Word Girl

With school coming up, I know Broxton's vocabulary is going to continue to grow.  We work on reading and talking daily, as I really want him to have a large vocabulary... but we also watch television and DVDs and it is okay with me.  I figure that as long as they are good and educational, I am not to concerned...  Like lately... Word Girl.  Now, Broxton isn't a huge fan of the show... It is weird... Some days, he is really into watching the "superhero" and other times, he could care less... That is fine with me, as I am obviously NOT going to PUSH him to watch the television!!!! I do like Word Girl though and I hope that as time goes on, that he continues to watch it from time to time.  

Have you ever sat there and watched an episode?  I love how they introduce new words and not only use it in a sentence, but they also define it!   We received WORD GIRL  : THE RISE OF MISS POWER for review and I admit, I was still watching even after Broxton had left the room to go and p…

Welch's Fruit Snacks : Made with Real Fruit and REALy Good!!!!

As I work on my list of items to get for Broxton's school year, I still go back to the lunch idea's.   I know a few I will be getting, but then I had the chance to review the Welch's Fruit Snacks and I had another great item to send to lunch!   We got to review a few different flavors and loved them all.  I was just surprised to see what the big assortment of flavors was they offered.   You know, most places just have the basic fruits...
Not with Welch's Fruit Snacks.
The flavors:  
Mixed Fruit:  Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange, Concord Grape and Peach Berries 'N Cherries:  Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Cherry Tangy Fruits:  Tangerine, Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, Cran-Grape, Cherry and Green Apple Island Fruits:   Strawberry-Banana, Tropical Punch, Pink Grapefruit, Guava-Kiwi, Mango, and Pomegranate-Passion Fruit Fruit Punch Strawberry Concord Grape
White Grape Raspberry White Grape Peach Welch's Fruit Snacks Reduced Sugar  (35% less sugar than regular fruit…

Show Your Pride and Protect Those Boo-Boos! Sports Shield

I do not know about your house...
But around here, sometimes the ONLY thing that can make a boo-boo (or bo-bo in our house)  better is a bandage of some sort.  I have been known to sport a bandage with the latest character obsession too!  I have no shame in it and I think that at times, it just makes the day go by a little bit better as well!  Maybe there is something about it really helping make things "all better!"
Well, being as though you can get basic bandages, or the ones with cartoon characters, it was about time that they came out with fun ones for the sports lovers in our houses!!!!!!!
Sports Shield has just introduced a new line of bandages that are sure to be seen on the sidelines and benches this year!
They have them for several sports, including baseball and soccer.. but get this..  They also went ahead and marketed to all those cheerleaders that are there on the sides cheering them to victory!  From actual injuries, to imaginary ones...  These sports shields will…

Eat Healthy with Peter Rabbit Organics #giveaway

As we know, I am nervously preparing for Broxton to head to preschool this year.  I know he will be fine and he is so excited to go, but I tell you ... This mama here is worried... Things go through my head all the time, but I will tell you one thing that I have started thinking about and trying to plan for...  His lunch time. You see, as a stay at home mom, we had endless options for lunch idea's...  But now that he will be going to school, he also takes a lunch too!   I do not want to send him with a sandwich and chips each day, but I don't want to send him with fruit and veggies only either.  I want to mix it up... Make it fun and different... and not only be good for him, but make sure it also tastes great!!!!

That being said, I was excited to try out the new flavors that Peter Rabbit Organics introduced.  (They have 11 flavors total now!)

·Peach and Apple – New!
·Banana and Apple – New! ·Pear and Apple – New! ·Pear and Pea – New! ·Pumpkin, Carrot and Apple – New! ·Apple and Gr…