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Potty Training? Diapers Are Not Forever #Giveaway

Elizabeth Verdick has so many great books in The Toddler Tools Series.
She also has another series, The Best Behavior Series.I was able to review one and I think we need to get more of this series soon!

We went with Diapers Are Not Forever. Broxton was doing pretty good at potty training. We were going tee-tee in there, but the other was a problem.
Then, it seemed as though he just wanted NOTHING to do with it at all. I would ask, we would go.. Nothing.
We told him that big boys went in the big boy potty... We praised and rewarded. Sticker chart... Pretty good. But then, nothing...

We started reading the Diapers Are Not Forever Book... Yes, he has been in pull ups for a bit... So, the diapers are gone... BUT, I want him to be potty trained!

He now goes potty in there, but the tee-tee is an issue for us!
I even had the big brothers read the book. Want to know the neat thing about this book? Yes, it tells the reader that Big Kids go potty. Big Kids get bigger. Bigger clothes and yes... UNDERWEA…

What We Have Been Doing... @BowlAtAMF

Remember when I told you about the Free Bowling with AMF Bowling?We took advantage of it and took the boys... Now, you still pay for shoes, but still... You get the game for free! Daddy showing Broxton how to bowl! Big Brother: "I'm The King!" Other Big Brother: "I'm not so good today. Can we get the bumpers out?" Daddy teaching Broxton how to pick up the ball. Broxton giving it another try...
This time with bumpers up, to make all the Big Brothers Happy! Guess he wanted to make sure to get the best view!!!!
He loved Bowling, but did try to run down the lane at one point... Now, this is not sponsored or anything, but have you ever been to an AMF Bowling Lane before? I never had, until this trip. You get there and pay... Then, go around the corner to get your shoes... That is also where you can measure to see what size ball you need... (As in the holes to pick it up, as well as the weight you are comfortable with.) We really had a great time and would love to go again... If…

Clean Up! Clean UP! It's time for clean up! #giveaway

Clean Up Time by Elizabeth Verdick has been a great book for our house!
As with all of Elizabeth's books...
She represents kids of all ethnicity and gender!
She has wonderful illustrations and the story is simple enough for little ones but still gets the message across!
Broxton LOVES getting the toys out and loves playing... But come clean up time, he thinks that there are other things to do... Not anymore!

We have read over this several times. Clean up .. Get the job done!
I love that Elizabeth also ends with the Toddler Tools books on a fun note!
We sing Clean up now and he actually helps faster than before. Now, don't think that he cleans super fast and it isn't always easy... but, its an improvement!

With Clean Up Time, we also look at all the toys and spy what they forgot to put up!
Besides reading and knowing Clean Up Time brings more fun, we also know that clean up time makes it easier for the future!
Clean Up and put in the right place?
You know where it is next time!

One lucky read…

What we have been doing... @Bass_Pro_Shops

I have been pretty quiet on visiting blogs and on personal posts...I apologize for that, but we have been busy enjoying the summer!

The boys were here, so it has been lots of pool time. Lots of play time. Lots of FUN time!

One thing we did do... Go to Bass Pro Shop. Ha!
I am sure they thought we were crazy, but we just went and hung out for a bit, playing around and looking at everything...
We saw a shark!!! First, daddy went and took a picture... Broxton was not up for it, notice the hand in picture... Then, big brother had to get his picture!!!! Of course, after the fun of the sharks... We had to slow it down a bit and go fishing!
Broxton caught one that his great grandaddy would be proud of... See how big it is? Finally, Broxton had to go all Davy Crockett.... Out with a bang!!!!
Nope, Bass Pro Shop has NO CLUE that we spent the day there having our own little photo shoot/amusement park adventure... If you live near one, I think you should go and enjoy it like we did!

Toddler Tools - Sharing Time #Giveaway

I have blogged before about how much I love Free Spirit Publishing.I think that they are a great company and I love what they stand for... I also really like their Toddler Tools books and luckily I was able to review a few more. Today, I want to tell you about the book, Sharing Time by Elizabeth Verdick.
We really needed this book, but so far, Broxton is just not getting it!
As a Stay At Home Mom, he isn't in childcare or anything at this time. He has been really good as far as sharing when it comes to the couple times he was in childcare settings...
Also, when we go to the pool, he has been really good at sharing then... BUT lately... Not so much.
With the boys here, he does NOT want them messing with his toys. He will quickly have a meltdown or temper tantrum if they are messing with his toys or anything. I have not realized what causes it... Is it that he is HORRIBLE at sharing? Or, is it because he gets annoyed that they are purposely messing with him? I can not figure it out, but I was ha…

Wanna Tattoo Like Daddy - W/W

Every Single Time that Broxtonsee's Marc's tattoo...
The next thing is that he wants one....
There were a few times where Marc drew a mini tattoo on him... But, the other day... Broxton started in wanting a tattoo like daddy... Marc upped his talent a level.

He drew Mickey for Broxton. Let me clarify, this is not a weekly or a monthly thing... It is just a very rare thing, but I think it is cute!
(and I think Marc did a pretty good job!)

#Giveaway 1.2.3, I'm Taking Care of Me - Calm Down Time

Calm-Down Time by Elizabeth Verdick is a great book for little ones.I know that at different times, all of us tend to get a bit fussy.

With so many things going on right now, this is a great book for us to pull out and read from time to time!
We read it when it is just our time. I love our time... It is quiet, Broxton snuggles up in my lap and we enjoy the books!

For some reason, every time we get to the little girl that is crying, he points to her tear.. He then makes a sad face and says, "She's crying."
Every. Single. Time.
He has a heart of gold!
Broxton loves making the different facial expressions for the children... He loves this book as it tells us to count to three... 1.2.3. I'm taking care of me!!!! Calm-Down Time tells you that there are several options to calming down... Go sit in your calm down place... Rock... Sing... Talk to an Adult. There are several choices!

Love this book.. and you will too!

One lucky reader is going to win a copy of:
Calm Down Time!

Mandatory Entry:

It's my birthday month!

I used to celebrate my birthday for as long as I could... But now, it is just that one day, unless I can manage to sneak an extra day or two in... This year, I am going to talk about my birthday ALL month long. No, I am not going to post about it every time, but don't you worry... You will know it is my birth-month! :)
With that in mind... I am trying to get feedback from y'all...
I saw this company, Fair Ivy, on another blog. I was just curious as to if anyone has ever received one.
I would LOVE to receive a Fair Ivy Box.... HINT HINT HINT...
Fair Ivy is a company that sends out SURPRISE Packages! You can chose from 4 groups... Women - Fair Ivy Men - Fred Ivy Teens - Fun Ivy Pets - Fur Ivy
With these surprise packages... Each item is handmade! Yes!!!! How cool is that? You get a box of goodies... All handmade!
Now, I have never worked with Fair Ivy... (Although I sure would love to) I have never received one... (Once again, I sure would love to) If I ever do, I will post all about it... (I sure would l…

Only Two Minutes? @TwoothTimer #Giveaway

Do you brush your teeth for two minutes?
Did you know that is how long you should?
I never really gave it much thought, until I read about the Twooth Timer!
Talk about a great idea for those learning to brush their teeth, as well as those that are needing a friendly reminder about how long they need to be doing it!
The Twooth Timer is a timer that is in the shape of a tooth. It goes for two minutes (the recommended time) and then a loud buzz goes off!

Once the Twooth Timer arrived, I wanted to know how I was doing in the whole scheme of things. I actually wasn't too bad!

The first time, I went way over... I am not sure if it was because I was trying to make sure I "beat the clock" or if I just brush for a long time...
Then, another time, I brushed for not as long. Hey, I am just being honest! Broxton loves to turn it on. We normally do for two turns on him...
The first time, he brushes them himself... Then, we turn it on and I brush them for him!
It works and we are all happy!

I worked a…