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Aloha Friday #4

It's Friday!
Know what that means!
Yep, Kailani over at Island Life has Aloha Friday. Basically, Aloha Friday means RELAX and get ready to enjoy your weekend!

So, what Kailani does is posts a question. Nothing that needs a long response, but you answer hers... Then post a question of your own.

My question:
Are there any shows you watch that "make you mad" with what is going on?
LoL.. For me:
I am still pretty upset that George is gone...
SERIOUSLY?! Come on... It was GEORGE!
I am also pretty angry with whatever is going on with ONE TREE HILL.. I mean, really... What kind of show is it without Peyton and Lucas? That really has me angry.. But, truth of it all..
I am still watching OTH, just because I want to know how they are playing out this season..

Okay, your turn.. Tell me!!!!

POM Wonderful

You know how you go to the grocery store and you see those really cute little bottles of Pomegranate Juice in the Juice Section?
Well, I have to admit, I have always seen them... but I have never tried them. Until NOW...............
I was fortunate enough to be able to try POM Wonderful.Okay, besides the cute little bottles and the great taste, they are actually GOOD FOR YOU as well! I also like the fact that it is 100% Pomegranate Juice. What else? It is made here! This juice is pure, pomegranate juice from California. I love it!
You can drink it straight, but sometimes I cut mine with a bit of water... It makes the drink last longer!

But yes, I want to say it again...
It tastes good and is good for you.
Go check out their website! It has tons of information..
Health Benefits... All of their product varieties. They even have recipes for other items!

I am excited to be able and try the Iced Coffee!
No, it doesn't come in a pomegranate flavor! :)
Okay, head on out and grab a couple bottle…


Okay, so I am riding along...
I think I am behind the slowest car, EVER...
I get over to try and get on up ahead..
I am riding along and then the car like 3 cars up (must have seen me coming because right then) decides that they no longer like that lane, they want to get over and SLOW me DOWN...
That annoys me!
But what is worse?
That, or the car that is driving SO SLOW on a 2 lane road... You FINALLY get the all clear to pass them and then what do they do? SPEED UP!
Yeah, okay... why weren't you driving like that the whole time? You wait and go for the actual speed limit when I want to pass? I was tired of going 30 in a 55, so then you decide you are ready to go 60?

Anyways, as you can see...
I do not like being behind slow drivers!
Well, slow drivers and then those people that go SO slow whenever they see a cop.
I was talking to my dad about that, I think when cops come up to a group of cars, they intentionally slow down to see just HOW SLOW the lead car will go..
Me? Nope...…