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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Rise of the Turtles

I remember my kid brother being a big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
I just had no idea that they would become so popular again! 
Did they even leave, or did I just stop noticing?  I am really not sure....
But I am sure that Broxton saw a couple of episodes and decided that he loves them. Thank goodness that one of the fast food places had the toys in their kids meals, as he now has a couple. 
I just saw a friend of mine of Facebook post about her sons TMNT birthday party...
Glad to see Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello are still grabbing the attention of kids!!!
We were recently sent the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle DVD for review.  Rise of the Turtles.
Broxton was very excited and has already asked if he could take it to school! 
Once again, those Turtles do not disappoint! 
This would be a great gift to give to a younger kid you know! 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rise of the Turtles Episode Synopses:

Rise of the Turtles (Double-Length Episode)
Four sewer-dwelling turtles go above ground for the first time and rescue a teenage girl, April O’Neil, and her father from a near abduction. Before long, they’re caught up in a complicated conspiracy.

Turtle Temper
When a video surfaces showing the Turtles topside, Master Splinter worries that their secrecy will be compromised. Meanwhile, Raphael struggles to keep his anger problems in check.

New Friend, Old Enemy
Michelangelo accidentally befriends Chris Bradford via social media, a henchman who's secretly working for Shredder!

I Think His Name Is Baxter Stockman
When the Turtles sneak out against Splinter’s wishes to spend time with April, they battle Baxter Stockman, a deranged inventor in mechanical battle armor.

Donatello invents a remote-controlled robot to stand in for him during a battle with Kraang.

This DVD is available for purchase on February 26, 2013.

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Soladey Ionic Toothbrush

I will admit, when I read about the Soladey Ionic Toothbrush, I was expecting something different.
I don't really know what I was expecting, but I will say, I did think it was supposed to be different. 
I just saw that it was an Ionic Toothbrush... If you didn't have water.. no big deal.  No need for toothpaste... What?! I thought that this was going to be a great toothbrush for Marc. 
Being that he is Military, I am always thinking of that what if...
What if he gets deployed?  I thought that this was going to be a great idea...
A toothbrush that he could use anywhere... No need for water or toothpaste.  Only thing you need is the actual toothbrush and a light source.  No, you don't need to have it in the sun for hours, you need just enough light that would operate a calculator! 
So - the toothbrush arrives and it is pretty "far off / The Jetsons" for me...
But get this... it seems like a normal toothbrush! 
Yes, I guess I was thinking it was going to pull my teeth out, hand polish them and then place them back in without messing anything up.  Or maybe I was expecting it to jolt me with power and shake my face off trying to clean my teeth. 
What I got was a nice relaxing toothbrush that you have to hold to let the light get to the solar panel...
I can not tell a difference yet, as I have not been to the dentist... But, it is gentle on my teeth and they are clean when I am finished!!!!
Read on so that you can learn more about the Soladey Ionic Toothbrush:  
This toothbrush looks like any ordinary toothbrush – the difference is that it combines semiconductor technology with an integrated solar panel to provide natural environmentally-friendly oral care.  The Soladey J3X uses less water and virtually no toothpaste to fight plaque – one of the leading causes of tooth decay.
This ionic toothbrush was developed in Japan more than 15 years ago and is used widely there – it’s being reintroduced in the US by incorporating the solar panel into the handle of the brush.  But the toothbrush really looks and works just like any other one – it’s not electric or battery-operated…looks just like the $.99 ones that you can often buy – but because of its high tech this one is priced a bit high – at about $59 retail, but there are coupons available!   Basically it work like this:  when light strikes the solar panel near the end of the handle, electrons are generated.  These electrons move along the lead wire from the negative pole toward the built-in semiconductor (found at the top of the handle, near the area where the brush head is attached).  When light strikes the wet semiconductor, which is comprised of titanium oxide, electrons are also generated in a process called photocatalytic action.  The plating on the metallic body of the toothbrush is specially processed to help raise the electrical current rate.  The electrons generated at the solar panel and the semiconductor, these electrons move to the inside of the mouth through saliva.  The double electrons then remove the hydrogen ion within dental plaque, allowing the plaque to break down.  As a result, dental plaque is easier to remove, brushing is more effective leading to healthier teeth and gums – and the toothbrush is available for adults – and children.  And, all this happens and the user isn’t even aware of it!
I think that this is a great product...
This would be great for several types of people:   Campers, Military, Parents, they even make them for kids now!!!!
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Food Play - Makes Eating Fun

If you remember my review on Healthy Foods from A to Z, you know I would love to share with you more information on introducing healthy foods to our young ones...
Here is a Guest Post from Stephanie Maze (the author) for you to enjoy:
Food Play That Makes Eating
Healthier and Fun

by Stephanie Maze
Millions of people make resolutions to improve their lives--both at the beginning of a new year and throughout the year. In addition to personal resolutions, parents often promise to make their children's lives healthier and more productive as well.
Since children love to play and are eager to learn, here are a few fun projects adapted from Moonstone Press LLC's children's book, Healthy Foods From A to Z / Comida sana de la A a la Z, that make eating healthier both simple and fun:
1.  Young children who are learning their colors can sort through a variety of fruits and vegetables, and put them into piles of red, green, yellow, orange, blue, etc. Older children can practice their spelling by writing note cards for their younger siblings and having them label each pile. Specific colors--and their corresponding foods--are assigned to specific days, and certain cards are made on those days. At least one meal is devoted to that special healthy food and color (such as red tomatoes or green broccoli), and is served on that particular day. All family members have to agree to at least taste the food item--especially if they haven't tried it before--making it fun for everyone! They can then share their impressions and decide whether they liked it or not and why. Was it too sweet, sour, or spicy, or did it feel too mushy, crunchy, or slimy? Perhaps a new food item is added to the regular shopping list, in which case an older child or a parent can also give a quick explanation of what type of food it is, and where is grown in the world.
So try one new, healthy food each week--whether it's an avocado, a pomegranate or some tofu... Who knows, it could become pretty popular around the dinner table!
2.  Create your own edible fruit or vege bouquet. Using cookie cutters or a knife (and with the help of an adult), children cut food items into various shapes, place them on skewers and insert the skewers into half a cabbage. Once the bouquet is finished, young children can practice identifying shapes: are they squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, stars, or something else? After that it's time to eat the fruit--or vegetables--for snack or dessert.
3. Make an animal out of an apple or pear, using toothpicks to hold berries, nuts, and other healthy foods together for the  ears, eyes, a nose, hands and feet. At the same time, discuss what types of healthy foods animals eat every day, and how they compare to those of humans.
4.  Decorate an old hat with pictures of healthy foods from a magazine or a child's drawings. Use a glue stick or adhesive to create an "imagination hat"!
5. Carefully carve your own stamp into half a potato or apple, dip it in paint, and press it down on paper to create amusing designs! Then once the ink or paint dries, use these creations as place mats.
Children learn through playing, and learning about new foods while "playing" with them will often take away any mystery or fear of something new. It may also make picky eaters more open to accepting a wider variety of foods--and even develop new favorites!
**** I was not required to post this, I just thought it was a great reminder how we could introduce foods to everyone around us. 

Shari's Berries - Delicious Delivery (Coupon Code)

*** Updated with Coupon Code Link at Bottom!  ***
Broxton is at the age where he sees something and thinks that he just NEEDS it right then.  Christmas saw much of that, with every infomercial or toy that crossed his line of vision.  He might think he "needs" it, but hate to break it to ya, he doesn't get it all...
Just recently he spotted an advertisement on TV for Shari's Berries.
That wasn't just a "need" for him... He decided that the whole house needed it.  I laughed and kept going about my business, but I was smiling so big inside because I had recently ordered some for review and they were headed our way!!!

For the review, I was allowed to choose what I though would be best for our family.  I will admit, it was hard, as every-single-thing on there looks amazing and I wanted it all.  I looked for a bit and logged off the computer.  I went back later on and looked a bit longer.  Not able to order it all, I thought it over for a bit longer... and decided on a delivery date. 
The next day, I went back and I tell you, as great as it all looks, I kept returning to the same couple of items.. so I knew that the strawberries and cheesecake trio was ultimately what we would be getting. 
The ordering process was rather simple.  Click what you want, fill out the billing/ shipping information and head on about your day. 

My mom was coming to visit, so I wanted to order it when she would be here to enjoy as well. 
I also took advantage that they come with a notecard and wrote a sweet note to Marc to be included. 
Oh, let me tell you with the shipping... You can pay an extra fee if you want it delivered before a certain time. I didn't need that option, since I knew I would be home.. but I did think it was a great thing to offer, for those that would need it delivered in a certain time frame. 
The package arrived and I was ready to dig in!  (But, I did wait until Marc and Broxton were both home.)  It comes in a basic box.  You open the box to see they have it packed with one of those freezer packs to ensure freshness.  I did go ahead and open the box to remove our treats...
I was impressed with how they packed it in there, with my note to Marc right on top for him to see.  No having to look all in the box to see who it was from! 

Once Broxton was home from school, I told him I had a surprise for him.  I handed him the box and guess what... He saw that Shari's Berries Logo and squealed with excitement!!! I was even called THE BEST MOM EVER!!!!

His little fingers immediately reached for the white chocolate covered strawberry as soon as I opened it for him.  He loved it and it was so fun for me to see his little face light up! 
Broxton takes after his daddy... want to know why?  As soon as I gave it to Marc, he too headed for the white chocolate one first. 
I decided to try the dark chocolate covered one.  Seems as though everyone I know is NOT a fan of dark chocolate (myself included) and I knew those would be the last to go... I was impressed that once again, I did enjoy the dark chocolate.  I guess getting older has me loving it more, as I have now enjoyed dark chocolate on more than one occasion.  Knowing my mom likes Milk Chocolate, I had one of those for her... Not to mention that Marc had eaten some during the night when we weren't around to join in on the joyful tasting experience! 
The strawberries are nice and juicy.  Broxton actually had the juice dripping on the plate....  but they are not so juicy to be a mess to people eating it... I think that the size of the strawberries had Broxton taking smaller bites, resulting in a small mess.  They were delicious and the box says best if consumed within 48 hours.  I will tell you now, that was NOT an issue in this house! 

I did order the set that came with cheesecakes.  I am a lover of cheesecake like no other... and honestly, with it being Shari's Berries, I wanted to make sure that they were known for great products besides just the berries...
Honestly, we have not tried these yet.. They are for tonight. 
I did like that they come packaged with a note that says you can freeze them if you need to. The note says they are best within 5 days if refrigerated, but that you can freeze for up to two months.
I was very impressed with the quality of the product and if you start price checking chocolate covered strawberries, you can spend a pretty penny on them.  The size and taste is way above others we have tried...

If you are looking for a "sweet for your sweet"... lets be serious too, if you just want a delicious treat for yourself... (Nothing wrong with giving yourself a treat!) Keep Shari's Berries in mind!
Don't forget, Valentines Day is February 14th.

If you want to check out Shari's Berries... Make sure to look and see what Coupon Codes might be able to help you out!  You know, more for your money!

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I Care... and So Does Kohl's

We all know that I love adding books to Broxton's library.
I just hate that books for kids are so expensive...
Well, most of them are... but if you keep Kohl's in mind, you can save a bundle!!
Not only does Kohl's sell books, they also donate 100% of the net profits to kids' health and education initiatives!  

I like that they have a theme when they do their Kohl's Cares program.
For their Spring Program, they are going with Dr. Seuss.  The great thing about it?
The books are HARDBACK (love that!) and they also sell plush items that correlate to the book!  (The Cat from Cat in the Cat, Horton from Horton Hears a Who and so on and so forth.)
Not to leave anyone out, when they introduce their program, they also include items for adults. 
With the Dr Seuss line, they also have note cards... as well as two different cookbooks that are great for New Year Resolutions!

In the Spring Line, they have introduced:
Kohl’s Cares Cause Merchandise for Kids
·         The Cat in The Hat and Cat in the Hat plushJoin Dick and Sally as they embark on an unexpected adventure with a giant cat wearing a hat, transforming a rainy day into a fun-filled afternoon. 
·         Horton Hears a Who! and Horton plush: Children adore the story of loveable Horton, an elephant who hears a cry for help from a tiny speck of dust and does his best to protect the tiny creatures who live on it from those who see them as insignificant.
·         Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book and Sleeps plush: The perfect bed time story that is sure to help everyone wind down from the hustle and bustle of the day – including the grown-ups!
·         Dr. Seuss’s ABC book and Alligator plush: A quick and colorful way to learn the alphabet with Dr. Seuss and his colorful friends.
·         ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Happy Birthday to You!: Everyone loves their birthday and with Dr. Seuss’s joyous tale, readers will see firsthand the thrill of celebrating a birthday as it is done in Katroo.
·         ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Dr. Seuss’s ABC book’s Rhino plush: Fun to snuggle and huggle this adorable Rhino plush, kiddos will have a new friend to read with.
Kohl’s Cares Cause Merchandise for Grown-Ups
·         Good Housekeeping Light& Healthy Cooking and Good Housekeeping Drop 5 Lbs: Spring into Healthy Eating with two great books! Following the treats and sweets from the holiday season, testing out new recipes from Good Housekeeping Light & Healthy Cooking and getting diet and healthy eating tips from Good Housekeeping Drop 5 Lbs is the perfect way to stay true to New Year resolutions.
·         Dr. Seuss All Occasion Note Cards: As a thank you note or just to connect with a friend or loved one, these delightful all occasion note cards are sure to bring smiles to the faces of recipients with their colorful and quirky illustrations. 
We just kicked off our "Wild About Reading" goal at school... but Kohl's has several Key Dates for us all to remember...
Key Reading Dates

  • January 23 - National Reading Day
  • March 1 - National Read Across America Day
  • March 2 - Dr. Seuss’ Birthday
  • March 7 - World Book Day
  • April 12 - National D.E.A.R. Day
  • April 14 - National Donate a Book Day
  • April 14 – 20 - National Library Week


    Finally, February 1st kicked off their Kohl's Cares Scholarship Program.  From February 1st through March 15, anyone over the age of 21 can nominate a child between the ages of 6-18.
    More than $425,000 in scholarships and prizes will be distributed! 

    Make sure to buy books and make a difference, not only in the lives of your child, but across the country to other children as well!

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    Madly Madagascar for Valentines

    There is NO hiding that we are HUGE Madagascar fans..
    All of us love these cartoons and no matter how long or short, we are always wanting more! 
    I was excited to have the chance to add their Madly Madagascar (Valentines) DVD to our collection.

    In Madly Madagascar, we have Alex trying to show how important his love of Valentines is.. Thanks to his time in New York City...   But the thrill of giving Valentines to everyone (for him, it was to get them back in return) is quickly interrupted when a love potion seems to just fall from the sky!

    We follow the Madagascar gang as they seem to celebrate Valentines doing different things... and yes, we even get to enjoy those silly Penguins! 

    This is a very short adventure, at only 22 minutes.... but it was still cute and worth watching!!!!
    Would make a great Valentines gift instead of just chocolate that will be gone soon enough! 
    Note, I did say JUST chocolate... not instead!  Need both! 

    In the extras they have a short called First Flight...
    Make sure you watch it too!  I don't normally watch all the extras, but for some reason, I watched (and loved) this one!

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