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What does Google know about me?

As I said, I am learning all this blog talk!
I was on another blog, and I found this "meme." It was so fun! I decided to post one with my name!
Check it out..
Go to google and type it in...
See what you get!

"Your name needs":
just make sure you put your name and then the phrase ... IN parenthesis...
Here's mine!
Noelle needs:
me to come over and clean out her spa because she is lazy and will never do it by herself.
Noelle looks:
like a little girl at the mall.
Noelle wants:
county prisoners to replace union janitorial workers.
Noelle does:
not have any Contacts at this time.
Noelle hates:
me! Even more now!
Noelle asks:
for another favor in order to continue helping with her homework.
Noelle likes:
sitting up by herself and playing with Mommy and Daddy, but Grandma is more comfortable
Noelle Eats:
Cereal for the First Time...and Loves It.
Noelle wears:
the ring only to throw men off.
Noelle was arrested for:
alleged prescription fraud.
Noelle Loves:
to Paint.

My love...

I know I say it alot... but I love my husband!
Marc is THE LOVE of my life!
We got married in 2007 and we welcomed a baby boy in 2009!
He is in the National Guard. He is currently deployed. He is my hero!

Actually, while I was pregnant, they left for training.
So, the last month of my pregnancy I was just, well...
I really had an easy pregnancy! I never had morning sickness or anything.
(Yes, I know that means that my next pregnancy is going to be HORRIBLE!)
Anyways, I was pregnant and Marc was training...
He was in Louisiana at that point.
They decided to induce me... The "little" one kept growing and growing! At one point, they were saying he was going to be around 12 pounds! GOODNESS!!!
Well, we set the date to induce and then started the process to get Marc home!
Luckily, the women in charge (I guess that is how I should put it?) were a great help!
They gave me the names of who to contact... they even helped me get in touch with the right people!
Next thing I know... Ashton and I are at the hospital waiting on everyone to get there!
Ashton went and got Marc..
I have to tell you... Laying in the bed, hearing the door open and seeing a dirty pair of combat boots walking in has never been so sweet in my life! Yes, I cried! I was so happy and thankful! Then the rest of my family showed up...
The next morning, they induced... and we waited!
I finally had a c-section and our bundle of joy was here!
Marc has seen Broxton for less than a month of his life... When Marc gets home, he will be over a year old.. Like I said, he is my hero! I love him!
Marc was here for the birth, then back for training... then home a few days... gone for more training... home and then the deployment started... I am new to the whole deployment thing... I am also a first time mom! So, as you can expect... I am learning as I go!
But, again... I love my husband..
He is over there doing what he has to do.
You know what else he does? He asks how we are... How Broxton is sleeping... He tells me ALL THE TIME that he is proud of me... Proud of me he says! I am the one that is so very proud of him. He is the love of my life! I am the lucky one..
Well, I can ramble on for hours and hours, but I know that I am the only one that wants to know all of that!
(Just a side note: If you are planning on getting pregnant... MOVE TO ATLANTA! Have your baby at Northside Hospital! I loved it... )

New to Blogging

Well, I have been saying that I wanted to start blogging for a while now...
and I can happily say...
I figure I have all kinds of thoughts that go through my head and I will just let it flow!
Maybe people will enjoy it, I hope everyone will!
So, with that in mind...
I guess I need to go and try to figure out what to do to edit my blogsite!
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