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December @LootCrate #Galaxy was my favorite so far!

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Oh Me Oh My!!!!
You know how we received the  November (Combat theme) Loot Crate box?  Well, I was very happy with it and I am normally not impressed with subscription boxes.  I almost fell out when we received the next one.  It was full of "Discovery / Galaxy " themed items, including Star Wars and as a new Star Wars fan, I claimed this for myself. Maybe it was a late Christmas treat for me.. or an early Valentines, I am still not sure!  

My model happily showing off the Loot Crate straight from the mailbox.  He was excited to see what was in it as well.  After the last one we received, he knew it was going to be full of goodies!   

As soon as it was opened, he quickly claimed the shirt as his and since it is a medium size, it was perfect to use as a sleep shirt until he gets older and can wear it. He did try and wear it to school the next day, but I stopped that one, since it was too big!  The shirt has a space theme and was designed by Drew Wise.  (You can read all about it in the booklet included in your crate.)  

While he has yet to play Halo, he has head of it and was excited to get something "Halo" theme.  Being that daddy is ARMY, he was thrilled to have an ammo box to hold more of his Army Men items.  He was excited for the ammo box, I was excited for the Han Solo Bobble head ... and the BB8 SOCKS!!!  That might be my favorite.  (See below) 

As I said, I was thrilled over the BB-8 socks, but a little boy has tried to lay claim to them.  Ummm... I don't think so.  I love that little guy (BB-8 too!)  but no go on the socks kiddo!!!

Inside the ammo can included items like the Han Solo Bobble Head and a Galaxy Quest Patch. 
As of right now, he has the ammo can, the bobble head is put up for collection and the patch is waiting to find a home.
My favorite?  The BB-8 socks.  Another thing I like is that they include a brochure with all the items that are in the box.  One -you can learn more about each product.  Two -  you can make sure that you have all of your products that are supposed to be there!  

 See where it says FLIP ME INSIDE OUT?  Yeah... I just found out that you can flip the box and keep it all year long full of treasures. If you are a 6 year old  big almost 7 year old... you can find a way to grab lots of treasures to store!   Now you have awesome boxes to keep it all!

As well as the Loot Crate box, remember they also offer the Level Up accessories.  I totally FLIPPED on this...   Look at what all was in there: 

Star Wars PJ pants - Broxton claimed (and I said yes) 
Kylo Ren socks - Broxton claimed (I said nope, they are mine!)
Darth Vader bag charm - Broxton claimed (think we will share)
BB-8 clutch - I claimed.. Broxton wanted, but again.. No go, I explained it was a clutch and for mama!!!   Seriously, what would he do with it????
*** Not pictured, R2 D2 / C-3P0 socks --- I have worn them over and over and over... need to instagram them for you!  

Again, with the Level Up, you also get a brochure to tell you about all the products.  

As of right now, Loot Crate has a special going on (until Feb 7th) that you can purchase certain past crates.  Supplies are limited, so don't wait. They could sell out and you not get it. 
Head on over to Loot Crate to see the different subscription packages that they offer. 


It's Back.... AYCE Pancakes @Ihop

FTC Compliant Review Policy:
The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation

All You Can Eat Pancakes...
Now that I have your attention.  (Hope you are still here and have not headed out to Ihop!)  All you can eat pancakes are back at Ihop from now until February 14th.  We had the chance to go and have a short stack and as always, it did not disappoint. 

We went the other day to try it out and instead of checking out the menu, we just dove right in to the pancakes.  You can choose the bacon and eggs, ham and eggs, sausage and eggs or even just pancakes.  Ihop has several options to satisfy any craving you might be having!   You can choose to add a topping such as apples or peaches, but I went with basic pancakes and then tried out all of the different syrups. (I always go with Butter Pecan, but this time I tried the Blueberry.  YUMMY!)  

The different syrups:
Old Fashioned, Blueberry, Butter Pecan, Strawberry
They also bring HOT SYRUP when they drop off your food! 

The side of pancakes. They bring out 2 at a time and keep them coming as long as you ask for them!  We were up for the EMPTY PLATE CHALLENGE.... So we gave it a go.  
From the IHOP SITE: 
The 2016 Empty Plate Stack Challenge
One hungry team will take the top prize. Could it be yours?
Last year, our teams competed weekly and won bragging rights. This year, we’re
upping the stacks—er, stakes!—by going one more: we’ll award one winning team the
2016 Empty Plate Stack Challenge trophy, and customized team t-shirts for the entire team.

How can you join in on the fun? It’s simple:
1. Grab some friends, co-workers, family members, strangers—whatever—and come up with a team name.
2. Go to IHOP and see how many plates of unlimited stacks you can conquer together.
3. Stack each empty plate when finished, then take a team photo with your empty stacks.
4. Tag your photo with #Panuary and #Entry along with your team name and number of pancakes eaten and upload on Instagram.
5. The team who’s had the most pancakes between January 4th and February 14th wins!
Every team photo entered will have the chance to be featured in our Panuary Gallery!

This is our stack... It was good trying to eat them, but we had just 2 on our team, so we couldn't get a stack like other teams... 

Let me know... Will you be attempting the Empty Plate Challenge?  


Near Powder Springs, Georgia? Try Marco's Pizza

***  I reviewed for Marco's Pizza in the past. Happy to share this for all of my readers. ***

You guys... I have a deal for you!!!!
Remember back when I shared our review of Marco's Pizza in Powder Springs

Well, the owner is all about giving back to the community.  He and his wife are awesome and very hands on.  He is proud of his location (and he should be!)  As a way to say thanks, he is giving you guys something for free.  You read that right!!!

Stop in to the POWDER SPRINGS, GEORGIA location. (You can place the order for dine in or carry out, totally up to you)  While you are there, he would like to show his store off to you. That way you can see the love and dedication that goes into this location.  

Place an order for anything off of their menu and you will get an order of CHEEZY BREAD for FREE.  It is AMAZING and a great way to taste just how super their crust is!!!  Just writing this for you now, makes me want to go order a pizza and cheezy bread for dinner!
*** Note, they do offer delivery, but to get the free order of cheezy bread, you do need to go in to order.  Once you do, just show them the coupon on the bottom of this post and you will be that much closer to tasting the cheezy goodness!    ( You can save the photo to your phone if you are worried about hoping online once there.)  Make sure to LIKE Marco's on facebook! Feel free to leave them a WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD post on their wall too! Let's show them the love!!!!!

Chris (the owner) is doing this as a way to thank you for checking out a new store to the neighborhood and I get to share it as a way to thank you for following Jumpin Beans Blog!!!

What are you waiting for?
Have younger kids? This is a great place to take them for a mini field trip!  Don't have little kids?  You don't need the excuse to come have a great meal!  They seem to really be eager to be active in the community, by us dining there, it keeps the revenue local to Powder Springs!! 


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