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Aloha Friday

It's Aloha Friday! I found this on another blog, Two of a kind, working on a full house .
So, since its FRIDAY, it is time to relax!
Answer this simple question, then go and post one of your own....
My question is:
What is something you wished you had known or been told before you became a mom?
My answer is:
WOW! Way to many things to mention, but I can tell you one..
BUY CLOTHES of ALL SIZES! I had a big baby and we had alot of newborn clothes, to big to fit in those! Luckily, other friends gave me 3-6 mo, and 6-9 mo clothes, so we were good to go!
I am going to blog about this subject in the next few days! Would love to hear some of your thoughts!
Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!



So, I went to Target today...
LOL, that is actually how I could start a blog about once a week.

Anyways, I went last week to buy some shorts for Broxton. Yes, I know winter is coming soon, but it doesn't really get THAT COLD in Georgia, especially any time soon! So, I bought him some (6mo. and 9 mo.) No, I didn't try them on, I just figured they would work! :)
I got home and tried them on, the 6 mo. were a NO GO! But, the 9 mo. worked great!
That was the original purpose of the Target trip today...
While I was returning them, I wanted to look for a little bag to actually use for Broxton. That is a story for another day though! Well, I made the return... Easy enough, they put it on the card. Now, lets go look for the bag...
Okay, found a couple bags I needed..
But, I wanted a duffel bag for when we go on trips and I have not found what I want yet..
Nope, still the same CLUSTER that has been back there for a while now...
Like, not even organizing the area... Unless, the SAME people come and look at the SAME bags and place them back EXACTLY the SAME as the last time...
Well, lets go look at one other area for the duffel bag....
UH OH...........
WRONG PLACE for me...
Back to school items were on sale!
Like I need them, don't have a child in school yet except for the boys (my stepsons) and I already bought their school supplies last time I saw them!
Why did I need to stop and look?!
I didn't, but the sale prices were SO GOOD!
Crayons for 20 cents! Cute 1 subject notebooks for 35 cents! Little bitty composition books for like 68 cents! (plan on keeping them in my purse for reminder notes!)
Well, needless to say, I bought SEVERAL items!
Think about it, what a cute added little gift?
Christmas, Birthday, Get Well Soon, Just Because?
Now, where to put it all?!
I have not figured that out!
Then, I remembered I needed to get some cream for Broxton..
But, on the way there, we stopped to look at bibs..
He is teething, so I needed the waterproof ones!
Bought some bibs..
Went to check out..
Of course, just one register open!
No matter what time of day OR day of the week I go, ALWAYS..
Just one.. then you hear,
"10 items or less, guest services can take you!"
I look in my shopping cart..
I have WAY over 10back to school sale items.. .
Not qualifying for that speedy checkout!
Oh no, Never got the cream for Broxton..
Gotta back up and head over there...
Okay, grabbed it!
We need to go.. Mommy can not spend ANY MORE MONEY!
Finally got to checkout...
and then we headed home..
I am NOT ALLOWED back at Target for at least a month..
But, I know I will be there sometime next week!
I love that place!
Maybe they will hire me part time, just for the discounts?!
But seriously..
Head to Target and get the great deals on back to school items,
pens/pencils/notebooks/notebook paper/binders/index cards...
it never goes bad!

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