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Baby Body Signs - MUST HAVE

Baby Body Signs is a must have for all parents!
At least that is my opinion of this book!
This book covers everything you might think of, from the time they are born...
On up through the toddler years!

I know that our pediatrician would have liked for me to have had this book when Broxton was first born! I had to have asked a million questions...
I wanted to know every detail!
Aren't all parents like that? or was it just me?

First of all, the book is broken down into Chapters based upon the part of the body...
Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose... You get the picture.

Then, each chapter has several different sections...
The most recent section I looked at was the ears section...
Broxton has been trying to put things in his ears...
I wanted to make sure it was out of boredom versus an ear infection..
Sure enough, there as a section on that...

Here is the book description:

Like most parents, you probably notice -- and often worry about -- every little change in your growing baby. Why is one of his pupils bigger than the other? What's that bald spot on her head? Why is he walking on tippy toes? Drawn from the latest research and reviewed by a panel of pediatricians and other medical experts, Baby Body Signs will answer these and other troubling questions. You'll also learn

  • when snoring is normal and when it's a sign of sleep apnea
  • what type of freckles may signal a rare genetic disorder
  • how a simple baby photo can help uncover an eye tumor
  • when swollen breasts in babies are a sign of a hormonal problem

This indispensable book will help you decide when to call the pediatrician and when to relax and stop worrying. You'll want to keep it close at hand throughout your baby's infancy and toddler years.

I really like this book and I know that it is one that will be in our permanent library...
I also think that this is a great gift for a baby shower...
Not everyone gives books, but I know I will be one to do so!

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Bridgewater Candles - Review and Giveaway - UPDATED

With Labor Day weekend being this weekend...
This contest has been extended until 9/7.

I have not had candles in the house because of Broxton , so when I saw that Bridgewater Candles were candles with a "clean burn" I thought that I would like to try them.
One of the things that originally drew me to the candle was the tagline, "Snapshots of Life."

Taken from their website:

God created us with a sense of smell so closely associated with our memories that scents remind us of people, places, and events. Bridgewater fragrances are forever linked to special moments and memories. We're ready to create thousands capture Snapshots of Life. We look forward to celebrating new seasons and successes with you.

Now doesn't that make you want to start making a few wonderful memories with such a nice candle?

I was lucky enough to be able to review the Cookie Jar and the Frosted Berry.
Ha! Let me tell you a little thing about this "cookie jar" candle...
They are not joking when they say Cookie Jar! I lit the candle and before you knew it, the whole house smelled just like I had been baking cookies all day!
Now, we all know that would never happen... But, for just a split second, I wondered if I had put some in the oven! (No, not me making them... but some already made cookie dough or something, lets be real here!)
Then, I worried if I should try and get the smell out before Marc got home! I did not want him coming in thinking that I had made cookies... No need to tease his stomach like that!
But seriously, the house smelled wonderful!!!!
I like how I burnt the candle for a good amount of time and it really does not look like I have burned it too long. To me, this lets me know that this is a candle that is going to live up to its burn time. (140 - 160 hours!)

We are saving the Frosted Berry for when it starts to get colder out...
I know that this scent will smell so nice after being outside in the cool air!

Bridgewater Candles has even launched a campaign that I think is awesome!
It is the "Light a Candle, Feed a Child" campaign.
For every candle that they sell, they donate a portion of their proceeds to feed an orphan for a day!
If you are going to purchase a candle, wouldn't it mean more... to you (or the recipient of the candle) if you helped to feed an orphan as well?
It really is a gift that keeps on giving!
On each candle is a cute little sticker with a hand-print that has the campaign phrase on it...

I am so excited to share this wonderful company with you!
Bridgewater Candles has generously offered to host a giveaway of their Frosted Berry as well as the Cookie Jar!
How awesome is that?

There will be 2 winners!
Winner will receive : (In either Frosted Berry or Cookie Jar scent)
A jar candle, a votive candle and a scented sachet.
Tell me? You would not want to win this?!

Mandatory Entry -
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Head on over to Bridgewater Candles and tell me another fragrance that they carry.

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Winners- Lots of them!

Time to announce a few more winners...
Then head on over and enter the current giveaways!!!!

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Aloha Friday - # 48

Aloha and Good Day! :)
Time to hop around and visit a few other Aloha Friday Participants...
Then relax and enjoy your weekend!

My question:

If you could have any hair color, what would it be?

My answer...
I am a redhead and that is just fine with me!
I like it, not everyone has it!
(and from what I have seen, when I get older, it will go white, not grey!!!)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Wonder Hanger = "Wonder"ful

I love you all..
I really do!
But no, I am not going to do a before and after picture of my closet!
Let me just tell you that WHOA!
It was clustered, to say the least!

Now, there is a bit of organization!
I do know that I need to go and buy more!
As soon as I put the Wonder Hanger in my closet and saw how much neater everything was, I immediately called my brother to tell him he needed to get some for his new apartment!

Okay, so I know it still needs lots of work, well...
LOTS more Wonder Hangers!
But, it is an improvement!
Now, we have all of Marc's LSU shirts on one Wonder Hanger....
and then all of his button up shirts on another... Solid Colored Polos...
So on and so forth!

Once we get more hangers, it will look a million times better, but like I said...
This is a major improvement! Before the wonder hangers, you could not even see the back wall of our closet!

This is no joke!

The great thing about it is:
You get 8 Wonder Hangers!
Each Wonder Hanger will hold 5 of your hangers!
(Add it up! That means 40items!) WOW!!!!
Yes, YOUR hangers, you do not need to go and buy their hangers, just use the ones crammed into your closet!
You can use it for whatever you want, pants, shirts... You decide!

Seriously, I am so glad that I was able to review these...
Now, I need more!

The only bad thing?
Once I get more...
That means more room to go and buy more clothes!

I hosted this review on a blog tour with Parent Reviewers and Wonder Hanger.

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Your Baby Can?

Have you ever caught yourself watching the "Your Baby Can" commercials?
I see them all the time and I wonder, could it actually work?!
Could Broxton actually start reading at that level?!

I have been so lucky to have been able to review the "Your Baby Can" read!!!!
We have been doing it a little under a month.

The main thing that I like about the DVD is that there are children doing the "teaching."
I feel as though at his age, he will be more responsive to learning from other children, versus an adult. You know, because they relate better?

I also like that the DVD's are not that long.
They do a bit of the "teaching" then they play music (also an educational tool) then back to more of the "teaching."

They even include a Parents Guide as to how to use the kit...
Top it off, they have each section clearly labeled and color coded to help you!
I also like how instead of it JUST being on the TV, they also have flash cards and books to help you teach them as well!
I think for us, Broxton seems to enjoy the sliding flash cards better!

I have a hard time getting Broxton to sit for the whole DVD.
But, they even give you a few pointers to help with that problem!
Just look at their suggestions for active children on the website!
( We are working on these now!)

We are making progress!
It is just that there is so much he would rather be doing! He is not a huge TV watcher anyways, so that really did not surprise me!
I do know that he is learning though, because he is making some of the gestures right when they do it... as opposed to before when he did it after they were finished!
I wish we had started it sooner, but I know that with the program they have outlined, he WILL be a reader!

Want to know another thing I really like?


Want to enter?
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Follow my blog publicly, then visit "Your Baby Can" and tell me the name of the doctor who created this program.
Can not get easier than that!

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Marc and his deployment

I am not going to go into the whole story about us being pregnant and all that good stuff...
But, I want to skip to when Marc was set to deploy.
I was pregnant... Recently out of a job...
Husband was leaving for training and I was a bit nervous!
I knew in my heart that he would come home safe...
It was weird, I was never worried about that...

Marc left for training... and came home for the birth...
Then he had to leave for more training.
There were many nights of us staying in hotels, just trying to enjoy as much time as we could before he left...
Of course, in the hotel, Broxton slept with us in the little co-sleeper thing.

I hate to admit it, but once Marc left...
I think I needed Broxton close to me more than he needed me!
I know that God gave me Broxton so as to have a piece of Marc with me until he returned...

There were times when I just needed to snuggle with him, to somewhat help me get to sleep at night. I even had a t-shirt that Marc wore right before he left that I kept in my nightstand... just to have the scent of him close to me...
Well, now that Marc is home, Broxton still ends up in bed with us...
I know it is my fault, but what was I to do?
As a first time mom, scared to death that something would go wrong...
Top it off, my husband was around the world fighting in a war...

I am so glad that Marc is home safe... and I am so thankful and so very lucky to have such a sweet baby boy... even if he does think that his bed is ours! LoL!

Snoedel - Review and Giveaway

We have a new night time friend, we call him "Snoedey"
As I was reading one of the many blogs that I follow, I came across a review for a "Snoedel."
Of course, I had to check it out and visit their page!
As I was looking, I got to thinking about when Marc left for his deployment.
This would have been wonderful for Broxton (or me!) when he left!
So, I of course sent an email about this great idea!

I think one of the main things that caught my attention was their tagline - "Aromatherapy of the very best kind - the scent of mom."
Isn't that the truth?
Think about it, whenever you are sick or anything, you always want your mama!

The idea behind this is that they are made with love...
They are actually baby bonding aids for your little one!
We were sent a cute little blue one.

Here is what you do:
You get your "Snoedel" and mommy (or daddy) sleep with the doll for a couple nights.
Now that the scent of mommy or daddy is on the doll, you place it with your little one!
When they are laying there...
They have that scent to comfort them for a better nights sleep!
Isn't that just the best idea?!

Like I said, I wish I would have known of this sooner!
But, we are too late!
Broxton snuggles with "Snoedey" when he goes to sleep..
But once he wakes and realizes that I am not there...
Nothing will help! (I know, do not go there, please!)

You can bet that whenever Marc and I have another one, we will for sure be using a Snoedel to try and eliminate this sleeping arrangement!
This would be a great personalized baby gift... need a toddler gift? They make larger Snoedels for them as well! Are you ready? Get this... Need a unique pet gift? :) Going out of town without your dog? Get a pet snoedel for to help with the dog separation anxiety!

Want to hear something pretty amazing?!
If you order a Snoedel... Enter the code SLH in your shopping cart and they will donate a snoedel to "Saving Little Hearts"

Want to win one?
Sharon has kindly donated a Snoedel for you to win!
( $ 24.95 value!)

(Please leave contact email if not visible in your profile!)
Just tell me which one you would like to win!

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Language of Love and Respect - Book Review

Several months ago, I was able to read "The Language of Love and Respect" by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. Being honest here, I had a very very hard time reading it. I tried...
Then, I put it down and said I would try again.
I tried again, but once again, I felt as though I just could not follow it.
This book seems as though it would be great to help with your marriage, but it just not what I am looking for. This book is supposed to help with communication in your marriage.
Do not get me wrong... Our marriage is great! I talk alot and Marc talks very little!
Ha! This is seriously a case of opposites attracting!
I thought this book would open the door for more communication between us, but I could not read it for the solution. In my opinion, this book made me feel like I was taking a class... Not what I wanted!
I believe that this would be a great book for someone else... Just not me!
I am going to try and read it again, down the road when I have more time to devote to it.

Here is the description from their site:

An in-depth study of why your communication styles are not wrong, just different!

Finally an answer for the number one problem in marriages—communication! This analysis of the vital principles of cross-gender communication helps couples recognize they speak two different languages. They are sending each other messages in "code" but won't be able to crack that code until they realize that she listens to hear the language of love and he listens for respect.

Most advice on this subject fails to understand that husbands and wives are wired very differently, and when those wires get crossed, the communication sparks can fly!

Dr. Eggerich's best-selling book, Love and Respect, launched a revolution in how couples relate to each other. In The Language of Love and Respect he shares how that message can be applied.

Formerly titled Cracking the Communication Code.

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Kohana Skin - Review

Have you ever been to Hawaii?
Wouldn't you love to?
I know I would!
Since I can not go right now...
I would like to tell you about a great product that at least "takes you there" in spirit!

I have been reviewing Kohana's Soothing Lavender Masque.

This is a really nice treat after a hot day!
I really liked the smell as I applied it to my face!
It is not an overbearing scent as some are, but rather a nice light lavender scent!

According to the directions, you can apply it and then leave it on for 5 - 15 minutes before rinsing to let it rejuvenate your skin... OR you can apply and just leave it on.
With it being hotter than anything these days, I normally apply it to my face whenever we get back inside...
I end up leaving it on.
It actually works to rehydrate my face, as well as cool me down!
I do not put tons on, but I do put enough on that it does its job!
I even found out that another person has used it to help with their sunburn!
Since we have not been back to the pool lately, I have not had to deal with that painful issue..
But, at least I have another option for relief whenever it does happen!

Kohana Skin was developed by Christie and her family.
They were frequent visitors of Hawaii and their love for the islands has resulted in a great product line!
It seems that Christie took the natural elements of the land and created a skin care line that everyone can enjoy! She has eczema, so the fact that it is a safe product for her (why else would she create it?!) shows that everyone can (and should) try it!

You have a few options to go about ordering the right product that suits your needs!
You can go the route of choosing based on the collection:

Or you can choose based on the category:

I know that I will eventually want to order the bath salts!
Tell me that the bottle is just not the best!
You can use it for the salts and then I am sure that there are hundreds of other reasons you can use the bottle! Talk about a gift that keeps giving!

The final thing I would like to tell you about is the art that is on the bottle.
It is a signature painting from a local Hawaiian artist!
Don't the colors invite you to fly on over to visit?

Please stop by the Kohana site and see what all they have to offer!

A HUGE thank you to Christie for allowing me to review such an outstanding product!
(And at least pretend to be in Hawaii!)

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation


w/w - hotel

Doesn't this look so nice and relaxing?

Just a friendly reminder

Just wanted to remind you that I have a couple giveaways going on...
One ends tonight, so head on over!!!!

Toothsoap - ends 8/18

My new look

Not sure if you noticed, but I have a new blog look!
Marc got it for my "bloggy birthday" (Jumpin Beans turned ONE yesterday!)
Anyways, just wanted to share that the people who did my blog makeover are holding a contest:

Bloggy Blog Designz is having a Giveaway!!! They are giving away all kinds of goodies. Plus ALL entrants will receive 20% off any purchase through the end of the month! Be sure to check out their website for more information, or to enter yourself. Take a look at their portfolio and packages to see what's right for you.
The first 5 entrants will receive a $15 giftcard. The giveaway will close on August 21st, so be sure to have your posts done and comments left by midnight! Good Luck to everyone!


My 29th

Two years ago...
I was pregnant..
(I actually told everyone I was pregnant that night!)

So, what did we do?
We had girls night out...
We went to a place where you painted a piece of pottery!
It was so fun!

The girls were allowed to bring food and wine...
We hung out..
We laughed..
I got the BRAND NEW " New Kids On The Block" c.d.
We danced to NKOTB!

So, what is my pottery to remember this fantastic, memorable night?

That is mine on the bottom, the brown big plate....
Right after I painted it...

When I went to pick it up, she told me that mine was the one that broke in the firing process!
You have to be kidding me?!
Nope, so......
what was my keepsake?

A picture of the best night out with my group of girls!

Talk about a fun night!!!!!


Just thinking...

Remember a few years ago when gas prices went sky high?
I do!
My dad called me and told me to fill the tank, they were going to keep rising!
So, I left and went to fill it up!
After waiting in line.....
FOR AGES..........
I finally filled my car up!

I then went to work to let them all know.
I worked in a sports bar, so I asked my co-worker if she wanted me to go fill her car for her.
She would not be getting off of work until the wee hours of the next morning, and they were talking about gas running out!
As I sat... and waited, they raised the prices!
It went from like $4.??
to $6.??

It was nuts!
People were fighting and arguing...
Pumps were running out...

Did you have chaos like that?

I found these pics of all the cars waiting and that was what reminded me!

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