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7 Common Mistakes First-Time Parents Make

I was emailed this article and with a friend of mine as a first time mom, I thought I would share it with all of you!

7 Common Mistakes First-Time Parents Make
By Lisa Pecos
Parenting is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have, and no stage is more difficult than the first few months with your first child. It is easy to be led astray by misguided assumptions and poorly thought-out plans, and it is practically impossible to completely avoid making any mistakes. Parenting is after all a learning process, but you can avoid some of the most common mistakes simply by being aware of them in advance. Here are seven of the most common issues that arise for first-time parents.
1. Not sleeping
Everyone knows that new parents are commonly sleep deprived, but it does not have to be so bad. Especially if you and your spouse can find ways to share the load and balance your time, then you should be able to get close to your usual amount of sleep every day. Granted, the sleep may be patchy and at unconventional times, but you can get it if you try.
2. Unrealistic time expectations
Many new parents like to think that they will still have plenty of free time when the baby is sleeping or entertaining herself, but you might be surprised by how much of your time is occupied by baby-related tasks even when the baby is asleep. Yes, you should be able to preserve at least some of your personal time, but it may not be as much as you expect.
3. Believing everything you hear
There is a lot of parenting advice out there, and while most of it is harmless, the advice-givers are not always consistent in what they say. Rather than listening to and believing everything you see, try to formulate your own philosophy about parenting, and then listen only to those experts whose beliefs are in line with yours. Also keep in mind that some so-called “parenting experts” are not all they claim to be. Listen to your doctor first and foremost.
4. Spouse neglect
There is no getting around the fact that your baby will be the center of attention in your household, and not just for the first few weeks or months. Parents have to be willing to give up much of themselves in order to care for a child, and this will last until the child is old enough to be independent. For now, try not to let your child get in the way of your connection with your spouse. Find time to talk, to snuggle up without the baby, and to keep your sex life going. Otherwise, bad feelings may develop, and this can affect the entire household.
5. Over-worrying
Many new parents spend so much time reading and worrying about all the things that can wrong with a new child that they become all but convinced that bad things are inevitable. Any time you suspect that something may be wrong with your child, it is best to listen to your intuition and take the child to your doctor as soon as possible. But try not to let your paranoia project problems that are not there, or else you will just make yourself crazy.
6. Over-spending
Although we do not like to admit it, much of what we buy for a newborn baby is more for the parents’ benefit than the child’s. A newborn baby does not need much more than loving parents and a place to sleep, so you do not have to deplete your bank account in preparation for the birth. Get the things you need, and do not forget that you can get a lot of the non-necessities after the baby is born.
7. Losing perspective
First-time parents tend to get wrapped up in the life-changing nature of the event, and as a result they risk seeing the birth of their baby as a much more momentous event than it actually is. Of course, it is one of the most important events in your life, but it is not such a big deal outside of your family. Try to keep things in perspective by reminding yourself that babies are born every day, and do not take it personally when others do not share your wild enthusiasm for your child.
Lisa Pecos, a wife and well accomplished writer whom firmly believes in natural colic treatment for infants. She has authored numerous articles in Parenting Journals on the topics of toddlers, kids and teenagers.

Tellurian Baby Line "Pure and Natural" - Review (Extra Entries)

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I know that our bathroom is cluttered with all sorts of bath products...
Bar soap, liquid soap, hair products...
You name it, we have it in there.
Any way to reduce the clutter would be perfect.
I was pretty happy to see the 2-in1 shampoo/body wash from Tellurian Naturals.

We were sent the Tellurian Baby Product Line for review.
Now, this line has several different products.
From the oils/lotions to the shampoo/body wash.
I will admit, the 2- in - 1 Shampoo and Body Wash is by far MY FAVORITE!
Not only does it smell absolutely to die for...
It also eliminates the need for 2 bottles.
That means less clutter.
Have you heard of Tellurian?
I hadn't until recently... and I am glad I was able to review it.
Can I share a secret?
I use the 2-in-1 for myself just as much as I do for Broxton!
It really smells great... and it feels wonderful to!
Same thing goes for their lotion!
It feels like I am rubbing a special potion on my skin! :)

Tellurian seems to have the right marketing department for their product as well.
Each of their bottles is brightly labeled.
Also, each item has its own label color.
You know, purple bottle is lotion, blue bottle is the 2-in-1.
I think it is super cute how they have the ABC/123 on the bottle as well!
With Broxton, he is always wanting to check out the bottles while he is in the tub, this way, we end up teaching too!

Tellurian was founded by Jane Leeves and Ron Lewis.
They wanted to offer a baby care line that was both pure and natural.
You can click HERE to learn more.
Tellurian, by definition (, means an inhabitant of the earth.
Seems like a great line for a product that is so earth friendly!

Now, I don't use baby oil that much...
I do use it at times after being at the pool...
I see myself using their lightly scented oil as it is made naturally to replenish the oils/lipids.
Chlorine and sun dry me out, so this might work perfectly!

If you head over to Tellurian, you can use the current promotional code they have for 20% off your order! They also offer FREE shipping on orders over $50.

Since learning about the Tellurian Baby Product Line, I have now learned that they offer an adult line as well to help combat the signs of aging...
I guess I need to check them out as well...
(I'm not getting any younger!)

Last thing, but certainly not least...
With every purchase of Tellurain Naturals, a portion of the proceeds will go Tellurian Cares!
I love a company that gives back!!!!!

With the packaging on their bottles, I think that a gift basket with an assortment of their products would make a wonderful (and pretty) baby shower gift!
Now, if only I had the talent to try and make one to show you!

Please follow Tellurian on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.
They have several great quotes up on their facebook page right now!

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Aloha Friday- Drink

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.
Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and link up with Kailani.

My question:
What is your favorite drink?

My answer:
I wish I could say that I love water...
But, my favorite drink would be sweet tea!!!!

The Odd Life of Timothy Green - Small Town on the Big Screen

When we were at my parents a couple months ago, we heard that there was a possibility that a Disney movie would be coming to town for filming.
Of course, as soon as that was talked about, I started looking it up.
I wanted to know if they would or not.
For a couple different reasons...
One, the money that it would bring is much appreciated! :)
Hotel room rentals, not to mention food and gas.
Two, I really wanted to see it being filmed.

Well, we were home last weekend and lucky me!
They were filming it!

The movie is " The Odd Life Of Timothy Green."
It stars Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton, Dianne Wiest, and Ron Livingston.
If you go to The Odd Life of Timothy Green IMDB page, you will see that the movie is about a childless couple that bury their wishes for a child in a backyard. Soon, a baby is born...
That is about all I can get out of it!
I am not sure when the trailer will be released for this, as they just finished filming it.
Actually, the day I got to watch was supposedly the last day of filming!
Whew, Almost missed it!

I was able to talk to some of the crew and from what I was told...
They have several location scouts that looked all over.
The movie was filmed in Atlanta, Ga (as well as a few other places) but the location scouts picked Albany, Ga for the fact of our tree lined streets.
I LOVE our Tree Lined Streets, I think they are beautiful!!!!

They filmed for about 9 weeks... (Less than a week was spent in Albany)
There is still no release date, which I am dying to know when it is...

Oh and get this...
The highlight for me..
I got to talk to one of the still life photographers...
Of course, I wanted to know why you need a still photographer when it is a film...
(Maybe a dumb question, but I wanted to know!)
The reason they do that?
It is to measure the light so they incorporate it back in the movie.
He actually showed me a few of the shots he took!
So very nice!!!!!
This was a shot of the film crew as they filmed an actual scene in the movie.
This is after they filmed and were headed back for another take.
From what I was told, this is the site of a scene with the two main characters (the two kids) walking. I got there right as they were packing up... But that allowed me to sneak this picture:
This is the bike that they ride...

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my hometown...
As well as a sneak peak into "The Odd Life of Timothy Green."
I will let you know if I hear anything else.
I just think it is cool, DISNEY - Movie- My Home Town!!!!


W/W - Bath Time Baby

Let's Go On a Picnic - Go Picnic Review

If you need a quick "go to" meal or snack...
What do you normally do?
With us, I will make Marc sandwiches for lunch.
Snacks are usually chips of some sort...
Maybe cheese and crackers.
Believe me, I do not have many creative bones in me...
So I don't spruce it up or think "outside" the box.

Just think how happy I was when I heard about GOPICNIC.
They are actually extremely cute and taste really good.
Top it all off, they are not just basic meat and cheese.
To me, it is a mini gourmet picnic!

GoPicnic's founders developed the concept of the shelf-stable picnic meal in 2004 for a major US airline whose existing buy-on-board fresh food service program was costing it millions of dollars annually due to high levels of waste from unused meals as well as incremental personnel expenses stemming from the need for in-flight food preparation. The shelf-stable snackbox solution that the GoPicnic founders created to address these issues generated profit for the airline for the first time in its food service history and provided customers with a reliable quality product at a good value. Recognizing the many benefits such shelf-stable "picnic" meal programs could bring to a wide array of other industries, the GoPicnic founders expanded on the original concept, making nutritious high-quality shelf-stable meal solutions available to new markets and clients.

One thing that I think sets them apart?
They have several great combinations!
Besides just the meat/crackers...
You also get a couple "side items" to enjoy!
We were sent two different varieties...

One that we were able to review is from the Classic Deli Meal Line.
It was their Salami and Cheese one.
Broxton enjoyed the Salami.
I really enjoyed the Cheese Spread!!!
Included in it :

  • Old Wisconsin Beef Salami Slices
  • Late July Organic Classic Rich Crackers
  • Copper Cowbell Asiago Gourmet Cheese Spread
  • Sweet Perry Orchards Cashew Medley Fruit & Nut Mix
  • Late July Organic Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookie

  • The other we reviewed was from their All-Natural Meal Line.
    I have NO clue how they knew I was a huge lover of Salmon...
    But I was so happy when I opened it up and saw that was the other choice!
    We got the Salmon and Crackers picnic!!!!
    I (of course) loved the Salmon Spread...
    But, surprisingly, my favorite was the Ginger Zip Fruit and Nut Mix!

    Now, with all of these yummy food items, you would think they were done...
    Nope, they even include the proper eating utensil to complete the meal.
    With the Salmon, we had a fork...
    Salami and Cheese spread brought us a knife.
    I love how they are also individually packaged, so you can eat it all now...
    Or snack on it throughout the day.

    This would be perfect for a road trip...
    Little nibbles on snacks throughout the journey...
    Maybe you don't want the food offered on the plane (if your flight even offers anything)
    Or, you could always keep this in your desk at work...
    Options are endless, they don't require refrigeration!

    Here is the kicker...
    Are you ready?
    They even provide the entertainment!!!!
    Like I said, they thought of it all!

    Please follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
    (At the time of this posting, they have a giveaway going on their facebook page!)

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    Feeding Buddy - Big Belly Banks - Review and Giveaway

    I am so excited, that I really do not know where to start...
    Let me start with how this came about...

    I was online and someone mentioned "Big Belly Banks."
    Well, I had never heard of it, so of course, I had to stop and look them up.
    These are just THE CUTEST banks that EVERY child needs!
    Yes, I said it!
    Every child needs one! :)

    These are not just some run of the mill bank, they are all handcrafted and AMERICAN MADE!
    (You know how I am about the AMERICAN MADE items!)
    I looked at each and every single one of them...
    Just thinking how much fun we would have with it...

    So, I emailed and John (the inventor) and we discussed sharing Big Belly Banks with you!
    Let me just say, how cool is it that he created these banks for his 5 children...
    Whoo, he must be tired, 5 kids... Wow...
    Moving along...

    These banks...
    They are wooden...
    ( I love that idea, wooden just seems more of a classic keepsake)
    They have the patented coin track.
    See, they are not just basic banks..
    They are fun!
    You put your coin in and it slips and slides down the track until it reaches the "belly" destination.
    You see, the opening is up top, be it a mouth or what not...
    Then, you drop your coin in.
    (It takes quarters to penny's)
    It zig zags down the track until it drops in the belly.
    The belly is a clear hard plastic bubble.

    The package arrived safe and secure...
    With extra packing around the wooden area and plenty of space around the belly...
    You can see they take pride not only in the production, but also in the shipment and presentation!
    Broxton received the blue dinosaur.
    He IMMEDIATELY named him Buddy.
    (I am guessing that is from watching Dinosaur Train?)
    We went and got a few coins...
    Then, he had to "feed Buddy."
    This went on and on...
    Each time, Broxton would yell, "I DID IT!"
    Just to see that expression and hear him yell, I would have given him a million dollars in coins, if I had it!
    Come on, you don't think that is a cute "I DID IT!" expression?!

    Worried about how to get your money out?
    Well, there is a bolt type thing holding the belly bank in place, just unscrew it..
    Take your money and screw it back closed!
    Pretty simple!

    I like that it is more than just a bank.
    It can also be considered decor.
    They come in 2 different sizes.
    We have "Buddy" sitting right beside Broxton's door.
    (Although, when Buddy first got here, Broxton had to get him and bring him in the living room to play cars with him!)
    He doesn't weigh that much, empty...
    But you can imagine the weight will quickly add up once the belly gets full!
    I just love this whole idea!

    This would be great as a gift for that someone you love!

    What you will win:
    Your choice of a Big Belly Bank.

    Mandatory Entry:
    LEAVE me the LINK to the bank you would like if you won.
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    Family Game Night with Hasbro and TOMBSTONE

    We all love the games that Hasbro brings us...
    Well, at least my house does!
    Did you know that right now, Hasbro has a promotion going on?
    In keeping the FAMILY GAME NIGHT thriving...

    If you purchase ANY Hasbro game...
    Head on over to the Hasbro site..
    Click on SPECIAL OFFERS and fill out the form!
    You will be mailed a coupon for a FREE TOMBSTONE Pizza!!!!
    (Value of $7.01)
    This special offer ends on 4/30/11.
    Check them out on Facebook for all their deals and offers!

    Stylish Blogger? Me? YAY!

    Okay, I am not even going to hide the fact that I love when I get blogger awards...
    I do... I really do!
    It's not like I am going to be awarded for an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy or any of that...
    I am taking it where I can get it!

    Moving along........
    I was so excited to find out that I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award!!!!
    Jean, at Typical Suburban Family was the one to put a huge smile on my face!

    Now, let me start and tell you about Jean.
    She has 2 adorable boys and I was following her blog...
    Well, I was lucky enough to sit behind her at THE CIRCUS when it came to Atlanta.
    We spoke a bit during the show... and then.....
    I saw her again at THE DOLPHIN EXHIBIT at the Georgia Aquarium the other day!
    Now, Atlanta is not small, so it was pretty cool running into each other again!

    So, THANKS Jean! Love the Award!!!!

    Now, on to the rules:

  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded you. Okay, that was super easy!
  • Share 7 things about myself.
    1 - I absolutely love THE ELLEN SHOW. She cracks me up! I would love so much to meet her.... and hope that I one day get the chance. Truth be told, she helped the days of Marc's deployment go by... I started my day with her and actually got to laugh at how fun she is!
    2 - I think that the art of letter writing is a dying thing... and I wish it would come back! I love mail, always have... and if you think about it... by sending mail, you are keeping the USPS employees EMPLOYED!
    3 - I love Cinnamon, but I am allergic to artificial Cinnamon flavoring.
    4 - I don't cook, not because I can't read the cookbook, but because I don't know what half the ingredients are! I would be SO MAD to cook a meal and then one ingredient be all funky and make me not want to eat it!
    5 - I love salad! When I was pregnant, many salads were eaten... and luckily, Broxton loves them too!
    6 - I am terrified of falling. Not of heights... I can stand at an observation deck all day long and look, but do NOT put me on a bridge... FEAR!
    7- I love blogging and love making new bloggy friends!
    Award 5 to 15 other blogs that I follow/love.
    I am actually going to cheat on this...
    I am awarding it to all of you...
    If you follow me and you blog, leave me your blog link, that way if I am NOT following you... I can start. (and I am apologizing now if I don't) I can not wait to read your 7 things!!!!!

    Please stop and show Jean love... She has a cute blog with a cute family!!!
  • 4.4.11

    Georgia Aquarium - Dolphin Tales - Review

    If you have ever been to my blog before, you know that Broxton and I recently spent the day at the Georgia Aquarium.
    We had a great time, although my pictures did not really turn out the way I planned, we still have the memories.
    You can read about / check out my photography by visiting Aquarium Part One and of course, stop on over and visit Aquarium Part Two.

    This past Friday, we were part of a selected group that was able to go and watch the Dolphin Tales Exhibit before it opened to the general public.
    I thought it was really neat, we got to go through a special entrance.
    (That was cool, as that area had its own viewing area of fish that people do not see, unless they are in the Ballroom.)

    Then, we were escorted to the Dolphin Tales Exhibit.
    You go up the escalator and then you go down a hall..
    You then see the viewing window of the dolphins.
    Of course, everyone was crowded around there...
    I think the dolphins are so relaxing, that people could stay there all day!

    They were staffed well beyond what you would expect.
    At every turn, you were greeted by people telling you to enjoy the show.
    The smiles and attitude from the staff was just a small glimpse into what was in store.

    We chose a seat in the middle, down towards the front.
    (I think now that it is opened, it will have assigned seats, like a concert or show. Not really sure, but I noticed all seats were numbered.)
    The seats were like you would expect, plain plastic (don't really want fabric at a show that includes water!)
    Promptly at 2, the show started.
    It lasted right at 30 minutes and I caught myself not only enjoying the show, but also enjoying the expressions on the spectators!
    Old and young alike had the sheer expression of ENJOYMENT throughout the entire show.
    Now, they said NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.
    So, I can not show you what it looks like...

    But, you get there and they have 3 drop screens.
    Once the show starts, they use it as visuals...
    and then...
    The star spinner takes you on a voyage and you see the dolphins perform.
    I loved that it was very interactive...
    At one point, the Star Spinner (the character of the show) has the audience sing along with him...
    At another point, he asks for help is getting the wind to blow.

    I really enjoyed it and I LOVED watching Broxton's face as the dolphins swam...
    They jumped and did all sorts of tricks.
    They even had the people swimming on them and with them...
    Waving at the audience, doing their flips!
    It really was beautiful to watch!!!
    If you live in or near Atlanta, or if you are coming here for vacation, I for sure recommend making this part of your trip!
    You can read more about the AT&T Dolphin Tales show by clicking HERE.

    Just remember, it is new and very popular, so plan accordingly and buy your tickets in advance.
    Oh... One more thing, you know the bar code scanners? You can download it at and have it on your phone... Once you have that on your phone, you can now scan the codes throughout the Aquarium and read more of the information that they have for each exhibit!
    (I really thought that was cool!!!)

    ***** I was given complimentary tickets to go and view the Dolphin Tales Exhibit. *****

    Football Season Doesn't HAVE to be over - Kaskey Kids Review and Giveaway

    Are you a football fan?
    What about the rest of your family?
    Maybe baseball is more your thing...
    Either way, Kaskey Kids has you covered!
    We just received a set of their Mini Football Player Guys for review.

    I was really excited to get these, as they reminded me of my dad's Army Guys from when he was a kid. (Know what I am talking about?)
    Anyways, I wanted to get them for Marc and Broxton to play with.
    I'm a huge fan of UGA Football, Marc is a fan for LSU.
    So, when these came, I was glad that they were more of a blueish purple...
    That way, he couldn't try and say they were LSU. :)
    I know how Marc likes watching things and explaining everything to Broxton, so I knew it was going to be so fun to watch this interaction.
    I also wanted to get them so that Marc could try and explain it to me.
    I love college football, but I have NO CLUE anything about it.
    I know... I know...
    I love it, really...
    but all the positions and stuff?
    Just SCORE and I am happy!

    Well, we got them and got ready to play.
    It was the cutest thing...
    Marc lined them up like they were on the field.
    He told Broxton each player as he placed them.
    Oh yeah, check it out...
    See the UGA football over there?
    Broxton had to go get it so that they had one to play with!
    LoL, he is always so funny!
    The one thing that I wish they would change...
    They had each player individually wrapped and then in a bigger bag.
    I wish they would have not had them wrapped separately and instead sold them in a resealable bag.
    We ended up getting a zip-lock bag to keep them all together after playing.
    Maybe they could put them in a zippered bag, or even a drawstring type bag.
    Just something to make it easier for storage and cleanup.
    Other than that...

    I know that Broxton and his brothers will have fun playing with them together!

    Now, who would like to win a mini set for their household?
    You can purchase them from their site.
    Use code : Sports for 20 % off
    You can also try and win them here!

    What you win:
    A Mini Set of your choice.
    (Either Football or Baseball Players)

    Mandatory Entry-
    (Please leave email address if not visible in your profile)
    Tell me if you would choose the football or baseball players

    Extra Entries -
    (Please leave a separate comment for each entry)
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