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Mabel's Labels for Back-to-School Readiness

I am a Mabel's Buzzmama and I just wanted to remind you that Mabel's Labels has all your sticky's for back to school. From Allergy Labels to shoe stickers... (You know you need both!)

I never really gave it thought before, but yes, when Broxton starts school, he will be all "Mabel labeled" out!
I would hate to lose his jacket or shoes... Or lunchbox or thermos!
Wow, just so much to keep up with at a young age!!!

So, head on over to Mabel's Labels and order the back to school combo today!

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Robby Wash is just the neatest thing! #giveaway

I think I just might have to back track in this post... So, please bear with me!

I heard about the Robby Wash and was really a bit curious as to the whole thing. A ball that you just throw in your wash? No need for detergent?
None? Huh? Does it work?

My mind started racing.... If you are a college kid, you know that your dorm room isn't that big.
(Or, if you have a college kid, ask them... their room isn't big enough for all their stuff AND detergent! There are more important things!)
So, just think... If this Robby Wash worked, it would be the best thing!
Instead of having an area for your big bottle/box of detergent, you would just need this little area for the ball. Or, if you live in a small apartment, less room for detergent, more room for other items!
Even better, you have kids and enough to juggle without trying to haul in a huge thing of detergent!
See, I told you...
Mind racing, great concept...
Now, to the question...
Does it work? With Marc's job, …

#Giveaway : Barkley "secret" Secret Service Dog

While the boys were here, we were sent a cute chapter book, Barkley Secret Service Dog : The Case of the Purple Diamonds, for one of them to read...He was excited about it, but wanted to read it before bed... Well, when bedtime came around, his older brothers wanted lights off to watch TV, so his night time reading got pushed further and further behind... Until, it was time to go and he had never read it.
I wanted to read it, as it looked cute, so I picked it up to check it out... It is geared for 8-10 year olds, so it was a super quick read...
I thought it was cute!
Barkley is a "secret" Secret Service Dog!
What does that mean? Well, he is the dog to a Secret Service Agent...
So, he gets to snoop all around the White House!
But, he is also (secretly) an undercover agent!
Ha Ha!!!!
He goes snooping and trying to solve cases, using all his techygizmo's!
Once it is time to solve the case, he lets his owner know... The owner solves it and gets the credit!!!

It was such a cute litt…

Weekend Take Me Back - Snake Whistle

I have been wanting to go and share different thoughts that come to me... Maybe they will make you laugh, I hope they do... But, either way, I know I will enjoy writing them!

So, for the next couple weeks (or longer, depending upon how I feel!) I will be doing "Weekend Take Me Back."
I would love it if you would join me in this, it can be anything at all, that was in the past. Past meaning yesterday or earlier... Totally up to you!

This is just a way to share more about our personal lives... If you do decide to "play along" I would love it if you would let me know....

So - This week. Mom, this is all for you!
I know when I was younger, we had Showbiz Pizza and Putt-Putt golf. Many a party was held there!
Remember all the cool arcade prizes you could win? When I was younger, it was like hitting the lottery!

Think about it, you would end up with all these tickets... You counted them and then had a hey day on picking out all your "AWESOME" prizes!!!
Photo By:hosulli…

Photo's for Sale - What do you think?

I have finally decided to try and sell some of my photos. I will post a couple each Friday in hopes that one might grab your attention. If you like one, please leave a comment with a way to contact you. Or, feel free to email me : Jumpin.beans09 at

Bourbon: Break These Chains: Yellow Long Way Home Beaten Path
Prices are as follows: (Plus shipping) 8x10 = $30 11x14 = $50 16x20 = $75
They can also be printed on canvas, for an additional charge.
Thank you so much for your support!

I am posting them here for now, until I figure out if Etsy is a good way for me to try and get more exposure. I would LOVE for you to share this link with your family and friends!

Have a great weekend!!!!

Post-It Brand Keeps Popping Up!!!

I remember when I first saw the different colored Post-Its!
I was at my dad's office and I thought it was just the neatest thing!
They were no longer just yellow!

Another time, I noticed that they now came in this little black dispenser.The paper was accordion type and it was just so neat to see it come out!

The Post-It Brand keeps popping up with new and creative items that make a momma proud!
Long gone are the days of simple yellow sticky sheets... Now, you can get an assortment of fun colors!
Not only the color has changed, but you can also get the super sticky!
(Have you seen the commercial with the dog hanging from it, trying to get the Post-It down?!)

I was recently sent a box of goodies full of Post-It Products and I was totally FLOORED by all they offer. I have turned into my mom by needing to have a pad of paper on the fridge. She uses hers for grocery lists... but, I use mine for everything... Note taking, scratch paper for Broxton, grocery lists... You name it.
It was so excit…

Marley and Me - The Puppy Years Review

I told you that Marley and Me: The Puppy Years was hitting the shelves...Well, we just watched it and it is adorable!!!

I will say, when it first started, I noticed that the introduction seemed especially long. Now, if you are a huge dog lover, you will love watching it, as it is pictures of different dogs and the cast members names...
But, if you are trying to watch it with a child, that part eventually gets missed...

I thought that Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson were going to be in it again... But, in this one... They are on vacation and have someone else dog sitting... In Marley and Me: The Puppy Years, Marley is being watched by a teenage boy. He decides that he wants a puppy and since he is watching Marley (at his grandads for the summer) he asks his mom to let him, if he can show he is responsible and can train Marley.
The movie puts the focus on Marley being trained for a dog event... There are other cute pups in the movie, so of course Broxton enjoyed watching.
Of course, the grand…

LOL- Crazy Things Parents Text - Review

I can remember when texting first started... I absolutely loved it!
It was easy to text and ask a question. No need for long conversations when a simple yes or no would work. Or, if you were running late... Just send a quick text and keep getting ready. No need to slow down.
Then, my brother taught my mom how to text. At first it was just a text here and there... Now, she thinks she is the text queen!
(Love ya mom!)
My brother at times wonders why he taught her, and then we laugh.
She is the one that will text 7 questions at once. Never, EVER does she use any of the slang terms / abbreviations. Although you will occasionally get the "K." That is the extent. Truth be told, she probably knew about the website, Crazy Things Parents Text, and she did not want to end up on there... As if.. Yeah, she was probably right!

I was able to review the Crazy Things Parents Text book and I tell you, I was cracking up the whole time. Granted, there were some that I can just not even believe would take…

Hallmark get Carded Challenge - #giveaway

If you know me, or have read a few of my past posts... You will know that my mom initiated the love of snail mail to me.
I remember in college, I would get mail from her at least once a week... I was so worried that I would be that college kid that never got mail, but my mom made sure that was never the case...
Once I moved and got my own place, she kept up with that as well. Maybe not once a week, but I did get real mail and not always bills...
I was emailed to see if I wanted to participate in the Hallmark Get Carded Challenge. Of course, I said yes!
I love mail, so I know others do too!

The Get Carded Challenge is simple. You mail a different card to a different person for 7 days in a row. Pretty simple.
Of course, the first person I wanted to send a card to was my friend, Melissa. I had been meaning to go and buy a card for her, but I admit... Trying to go and pick the right card gets trying with Broxton... I like to look at every single card that the store has... What 2 year old wants to wait…

The Help - Have you seen it?

A book that I head so many things about has hit film...THE HELP.
So, I was just curious... Have you seen the movie? Read the book? I want to do both... and soon!
So, until I see it...
We can watch these clips:





I think that I am going to just love Minnie!!!!
So tell me, have you seen it?

Win Win Comes to DVD August 23rd

To prepare for the Release of Win Win on August 23rd, I get the chance to share this cute little "grocery list" with you... (Part is filled in, others left open for you to fill in yourself!)

There Are No Losers as Two Down and Out Guys Wrestle Their Way to Happiness in WIN WIN Coming to Blu-ray & DVD August 23 Laugh, cry and win when WIN WIN comes to Blu-ray and DVD on August 23, 2011 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. WIN WIN is not just another sports movie; the unconventionally uplifting film combines action on the mat with the hilarious highs and heartbreaking lows of a new kind of family. Indie film writer-director Tom McCarthy (The Visitor) guides a celebrated cast including Academy Award® nominees Paul Giamatti (Sideways, “John Adams”), Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone) and high school wrestling star and newcomer Alex Shaffer in this quirky coming-of-age tale.Academy Award® Nominee Paul Giamatti* stars as a lovable yet long-suffering lawyer and high-school wrest…

Wordless Wednesday - Apples

This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it...
Can you tell he LOVES apples?!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Marley and Me - The Puppy Years on DVD 8/16/2011

Marley and Me: The Puppy Years was just released at Wal-Mart today!!!!
I am so excited, as Marc and I (with the boys, Broxton was not even 4 months old) watched the first movie, before he was deployed.I can remember it like it was yesterday, so I was excited to see what this would bring!

I am heading to watch it now, and you should head on over to Wal-Mart and buy it...
Before you run out the door, I wanted to share with you other memorable dogs in Film:

(Sorry, I could not get the pictures to come up.) 10. Homeward BoundHomeward Bound features two dogs, Chance, a young and adventure seeking dog, and Shadow, an aging and much wiser dog, who are left behind with the cat Sassy while their family goes on vacation. Unsure why their family has left, the group sets out on a very dangerous quest through America to find their family. Yet after several days they feel their family must be in trouble and make the long journey back home.9. MarmadukeMarmaduke hits the big screen as a Great Dane who …

Bob The Builder : Super Scrambler Review

Can we build it?
Yes WE CAN!!!!

Broxton loves Bob the Builder and I think the show is super cute too!
I love how the machines and Bob and Wendy work to get everything taken care of.Also, I think they are cute how they are machines, but they are portrayed as children...
We were sent the newest DVD from HIT ENTERTAINMENT. Bob the Builder: Super Scrambler. This particular DVD has 4 episodes with those lovable characters on it.
I think that the episode I enjoyed the most was "Scratch and the Dream Home."
This was my favorite because it talked about following the plans. In this one, Bob is building a "dream home" for scratch.
He has the layout on his computer and tells the others that is how they are going to build it. Once Scratch hears "dream home," he wants to add a slide to it, to make it his dream home.
Of course, Bob says they can do it!
So, they leave to go get the slide. While they are gone, the machines and Scratch decide to go ahead and build the house, you…

Can you dig it? We can dig it! Handtrux review!

We had planned to go to the beach or something this year... My aunt has a place and we wanted to go to get away for a few days... But, it just did not work out for us.
I was excited, as Broxton hasn't seen sand since he was just a baby... Also, we had a new toy for review and I was ready to play and have a blast with it!
What new toy would make it for a road trip? Well, the crazy HandTrux!!!!
Have you see this thing?
If you live anywhere that your kid can dig... Or you go to the beach/mountains... This is something you have got to add to your wish list!

Basically, you just put your arm in it... and your hand holds onto this little bar. You then use it like your hand, but it is also like a backhoe!

Living in an apartment, we had no where to try it out. So, when we went to visit my parents, we got to use it for a bit...
I pulled it out and let Broxton play in the dirt with it... Now, my mom was worried we were going to dig the whole back yard up. (The yard is grass, so it would not have looked…

@DelMonteFresh : Teacher Monday #Giveaway

Do your kids like fruits?Luckily for us, Broxton will try just about anything... Now, he might not try it the first time we offer it, but over time, he will at least try it.
Whenever we go to visit my parents, he has to ALWAYS help my dad eat his lunch.
My dad... Oh my dad... He is so set in his ways. Typical lunch:
Couple pieces of lettuce (aka his salad)
A little piece of meat of some sort. A couple grapes. A fruit cup and then a Popsicle.
Every time he gets to the fruit cup, Broxton has to grab a spoon to help. To the point that when we come to visit, my dad normally sends Broxton home with a pack of fruit cups!
(Isn't that just the sweetest?!)

When I checked my email the other day, I was smiling to see an email about Del Monte and their new contest: "Teacher Monday: Cash for Classrooms."
What exactly is this contest? Well, it is an initiative to get teachers to promote healthy eating and living.
Sixty teachers will win!!!!

So, if you are a teacher...
Or know a teacher... Hey,…

The 5th Quarter on DVD August 30th - Review

Have you heard of The 5th Quarter? I cried. I have thought and thought and thought of how to come up with a way to describe this movie.
I remember hearing about this movie and saying that I wanted to watch it. Yes, I knew it was a true story. I knew it dealt with death, but for some reason, I wanted to watch it really bad.
I was able to watch it this past weekend and I can not stop talking about it... I sent my mom a text: Have a movie you have to watch! Tear Jerker. I told one of the leasing agents at our apartment complex... It comes out August 30th, you have to see it... I called friends, once this movie is out...
Must watch!

I can not say it was a good movie. How can I? Someone lost a brother/a son/a friend. What I can say is that it moved me...
The 5th Quarter is the true story of how the death of a 15 year old in Powder Springs, Georgia not only affected his family, but also affected so many around him. Luke Abbate was killed in a car crash at the age of 15, a life taken much too soon that le…