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Yesterday I told you the sad news of the summer... and I told you to come back today to hear the happiest news of it all.  If you follow me on Instagram, you already know, but if not...
Savannah is here!!!

Through out the summer, we had many issues to deal with, but at the same time,  I was enjoying being pregnant.   Marc and I had presumed we were done having children.  We had let "nature take its course" and nothing had happened...
I was a bit sad, as I did not realize with Broxton that he was not only the first for everything, he appeared to be the only and last too.  I will admit that I was a bit sad.  I had totally thought that we would have more than one, so to look back and realize that while I was enjoying the firsts of everything going through being pregnant,  I would not get to experience it again.  Then, it all changed.  I was pregnant and would get to experience it all again.  We knew that this time around would be the last, as I just wanted 2 babies of my own.  I was lucky to never really be sick, so I have no horror stories of morning sickness or anything like that.   I was able to enjoy it all.
Feeling her kick from the inside.  Knowing that I was growing a precious little one inside me.  I tell you, God never ceases to amaze me.  I am blessed and I know it!

Seeing Broxton with his little sister is the best feeling.  I love this photo as it captures his excitement.  I just hope his love for her carries on throughout their whole life, because as of right now... he is one protective big brother!   He loves holding her, feeding her, helping to bathe her.  He gets upset if she isn't there to pick him up after school.  He had to take pictures of her in to show his class when she was born.  He had to "show her off" at the school Open House.  He is in love and it makes me so happy!!!
This picture is so special to me for several reasons.  One, it is my baby girl  Two, the pink blanket she is laying on was made for her by her Great- Great Aunt.  Three, the blanket she is wrapped in was made by her Great Grandmother.

She is such a sweet baby.  Having her here is a blessing and we are enjoying each day with her.
Stay tuned for more posts, I just wanted to explain where we had been lately!


So Much To Update

First of all, I want to say Thank - You to those of you that are still around.
I know that I have not been blogging much lately, but it is about to change.

This summer brought about so much and I wanted to try and update you..
Make sure to come back tomorrow, as that is a good one ;)

Up first...
Broxton finished Kindergarten.  Where did the time go?  Seems like just the other day I was sending him off to preschool and crying as I walked back to my car.  (Day 2 was harder than Day 1 of preschool, since he did carpool and I literally saw him growing up as he walked in the door!)
Well, we now have Kindergarten out of the way and I guess before long he will be headed to college. How does time fly like that?  It can slow down whenever it wants!!!  We all knew he would be finishing school for the summer, so it wasn't a shocker... but so much was going on.

My granddaddy passed away.  Yes, I was sad... selfishly sad.  He was 80 and led a great Christian life.  He suffered from Dementia and Alzheimer's, so we had already lost him before.  As I said, selfish to be sad, but hey... it was my Grandaddy.  The service was a nice one, but my Mema is still having a hard time adjusting to losing her husband of 62 years.  If you are one that prays, I would love it if you could lift my Mema up in prayer to find peace in all of this.

As if that wasn't enough... My mom went to the doctor and they found an issue with her Kidney.  She ended up having to have her Kidney removed and the mass was in fact cancer.  She is good now, as they got it all out.  No chemo or radiation was needed, but it sure is a scary thing to hear cancer and mom in the same sentence.

Remember I was also pregnant while dealing with all of this, so besides my normal high level of emotions, we got to add in the pregnancy hormones and you can just imagine.

No, this was not a sad post, although sad things happened.   Broxton (and mommy) survived Kindergarten.  My granddaddy is HOME now and is back to being his old self.  My mom is on the path to being more healthy!

Come back tomorrow so you can read about the happiest part of the summer.  The below picture is right before we headed to the hospital.


How Do You Go? #Greek2Go #LALAGreek

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School is back in for most people, that or it is starting really soon.  So, how do you go?  Some people are on the go all day long, from sun up to sun down with little time to rest and enjoy.  Most people are busy and always on the go and you don't even have to have kids to have a hectic schedule.  
Recently, LALA Greek Yogurt introduced their Smoothies and with the three flavors being Strawberry, Peach and Mango, I am sure everyone can find a flavor they enjoy!  
We were sent all three to try and while I am a fan of the peach, Broxton quickly grabbed the strawberry one for his own.  It was a great addition to his breakfast on the go the other morning and it was a way to ensure he got plenty of protein in him before a hard day at school!  

So, how do we go???   
Well, with the big first grader having to help with his sister every morning before he can go to school (his decision, not mine) our mornings can be a bit rushed from time to time.  On the morning we are hurried, I can count on him enjoying the LALA Smoothie and even on occasions we can use it as an after school snack if we have a busy afternoon!    
While LALA Smoothies are great to go, it is nice to slow down a minute from time to time and enjoy the sweet treat!   It has a great consistency and an awesome flavor!  

Right now, there is a coupon for the LALA Smoothies, so head on over to their site and grab a coupon, what better excuse to try their new product?
Let me know what flavor you enjoyed the most!   
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