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No need to worry with Stouffer's in the freezer! #TasteFitKitchen #ad

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When I was pregnant with Savannah, I got really nervous as to what my husband and son would eat while I was in the hospital.    I knew we really didn't need to add "dining out" to our list of bills since we would be having the hospital bill, as well as new baby expenses, to take care of.  I went and grabbed a few frozen dinners to have on hand for them and was super lucky when my moms group started bringing us meals to eat the first few weeks of adjustment to life with a newborn.  I sure do wish that STOUFFER’S ® FIT KITCHEN™ would have been on my radar then, as we have been enjoying the new dishes that are now available.  

When we go out of town, daddy isn't always able to take off and go as well.  We both know that after working all day, he is not about to come home and cook himself a meal. I have made meals in the past and kept them in the fridge ready to go for him, but lets just take a minute for me to be honest:

I am planning to go out of town with two kids.  
I have to pack my stuff and theirs.  (I seem to pack the whole house when I have a baby to pack for.)  
I just really do not feel like cooking meals to leave behind. 
Luckily, I now have Stouffer's to the rescue!  We shop at Walmart for basically everything these days and I am happy they carry these products!  It is just so easy to get in and out of one store when you have kids, in my opinion!  If you want to try out the Stouffer's Fit Kitchen menu items, just head to the freezer section and be ready to let your taste buds enjoy! See?  It says convenience meals.  It is meant to be CONVENIENT... and they hit the nail on the head!   

As I mentioned, they have a few new flavors that they just released, so we were able to stock up! The new flavors offered:  STOUFFER’S ® FIT KITCHEN™ Teriyaki Chicken, STOUFFER’S® FIT KITCHEN™ Chicken Poblano Enchilada, STOUFFER’S® FIT KITCHEN™ Sweet and Smoky BBQ Beef and STOUFFER’S® FIT KITCHEN™ Roasted Red Pepper Chicken.

From the looks of what I saw, the meals offer a protein value of between 25-30 grams, depending upon the meal you select.  I love that they seem to be branching out and letting our taste buds get a treat as the new flavors are taking it up a notch!  
Of course we had to grab one of each to see what would be our go to meal.  Packed full of protein, they are encouraging everyone to " Taste Fit to Believe It" and we were up for the challenge.
While the reason I want to keep these stocked is to have food options for the hubby when we are out of town, I couldn't let it go by without me trying it as well.  Fourth of July called for a day of BBQ, so guess what the hubs took to work that day?

That is right.  When you have to work when the world seems to be BBQ'ing, your wife packs you BBQ to go!   Stouffers Sweet and Smoky BBQ hit the spot according to him. He couldn't stop going on and on about the flavors in the sauce!  (Mental note, keep these stocked, he really seemed to enjoy them!)

After being at the pool all day, I just wanted to come in and cool down. Since I didn't have to cook a meal for the husband, I was able to try a meal out for myself! It didn't help that the Chicken Enchilada kept calling for me to give it a taste!  I was really surprised with the flavors in there. It was great and the meal filled me up. 
For those that want to keep fit, you will be happy to note that the box also gives you a break down of the nutrition information.  I love that these not only taste great, but they have so many options to choose from that even the pickiest of eaters will find a meal they want to try!  (Broxton doesn't know it, but he will be eating the Teriyaki Chicken soon. He has been begging for Chinese, so here you go!)

Since we have the Stouffer's Fit Kitchen meals on hand, we have had more time to go out and about exploring.  If you have not tried them yet, make sure you do soon!  

Out of town trips happen often with a little one, as they want to see them as much as possible.  We all know how much babies change from day to day. Having the Stouffer's meals stocked in the freezer lets me know that I can go out of town and my husband can still eat a great meal.  Hey!  Having a wide selection stocked also lets him pick and choose based upon what he is in the mood for that day! Talk about a win - win situation for all of us!  

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Have you tried the Stouffer's Fit Kitchen line yet?  If so, what are your favorites?  

Have you been to teamLab Future Park at the Mall of Georgia?

We were recently invited to go check out the TeamLab Future Park at the Mall of Georgia and we had a blast while we were there.  If you are near the area, try to plan now and go check out the exhibit, as it is not a permanent one, they are set to leave on July 31st!
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As soon as you walk in the door of the teamLab Future Park, you realize you are in for something pretty cool.  The entrance has you go behind a black out curtain, you know... sort of like what is behind the curtain for the Wizard of Oz!!!   Once you head into the darkness, you are immediately in overload and want to do it all... right then!!!!!  

You have these huge colored balls over to one side making different noises.  You have a table with these adorable little people walking around with fire and rain.  There are two huge walls with digital images on them (one is an aquarium the other is a bunch of roads... with a huge dinosaur type creature coming out that you have to fight!)  If that isn't enough for you, take a turn on the interactive hopscotch game or watch others play!  We loved it and after around 2 hours, Broxton was begging to stay but it was past bedtime for both kiddos!   
Light Ball Orchestra was a big draw for us as soon as we walked in.  They have two separate areas. One is smaller and set up for the younger children. As you touch and move the balls around they change color and also make different sounds.  I thought we would stay in there longer, I think if she was walking alone we would have, but she hasn't started that yet...  So crawling did not allow her to see everything going on...  As soon as we made our way to the hopscotch, that was where she wanted to stay.

As I said, this was her go to spot from then on.  Hopscotch for Geniuses.  The more you play, it seems like you learn more tricks.  She loved crawling up and down the aisle and she learned to hit the colors as she went.  You could work on teaching shapes and colors, or just let them play and have a great time there.  
One of my favorite area's was A Table Where Little People Live.  I am honestly not sure what it is about that one, but I just loved watching the little people.  You can move the rain to water the plants. You can bust up the big cupcake to make a bunch of little ones to feed them.  Move the clouds to make it rain and put out the fire.  It was just cute and fun to me.

Connecting! Train Block was a fun one too!  I know if you have a fan of trains, this will be your spot for a bit,. You see the blocks? You move them to make the railroads and streets and what not. 

The Sketch Aquarium / Sketch Town / Papercraft ended up being the big one for Broxton that night.  See the Jumpin Beans truck I colored? Yeah...  well Broxton colored a green jet for his first one..  do you see it below?  (On the screen)  How about you pick a paper, color it how you want and then you go scan it.  The next thing you see is YOUR CREATION on the digital screen!!!  You can color something for the aquarium and use the scanner to make it go onto that screen, or you can color something for the town and watch it come out on that screen!  
The cool thing about the town is that they have an additional bonus. You can choose to make a 3d image of it to take home!!!!!!  Tell me that is not awesome!  With both of the digital screens, they have an interactive game of sorts too!
I loved being able to take Broxton and Savannah to this!   I know I showed you pictures (and if you follow me on Instagram, I posted a few videos) but you really have no clue what to expect until you actually go and enjoy the time doing it yourself.  

I know it isn't near us to plan to do so, but this would be an AMAZING place to have a birthday party!!!  (Broxton even asked if we could have his birthday party there!)   We really did have a great time and I just think it is so neat that something like this is near us and that we were able to go and check it out!   Let me know if you go!  Remember, they are leaving July 31st, so try and go soon!  


Don't Mess With the Babysitter!!! #AdventuresinBabysitting

Are you a child of the 80's?  If so, you might be familiar with a little movie called ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING.  Ring a bell?  That was a movie I absolutely LOVED when I was younger, so when I heard Disney was releasing its 100th Disney Channel Original Movie on DVD, I was excited to know that we would be getting a review copy.  Of course, I was a bit skeptical, just because I was such a fan of the classic, but I also really like the two girls playing the babysitters (one from Girl Meets World, the other from Descendants... both Disney girls!)

FTC Compliant Review Policy:  The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.
"Adventures in Babysitting," inspired by the hugely popular 1980s film of the same name, is an upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie starring Sabrina Carpenter (of Disney Channel's hit comedy series "Girl Meets World") and Sofia Carson (of the hit Disney Channel Original Movie "Descendants").  In "Adventures in Babysitting," a dull evening for two competing babysitters, Jenny (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lola (Sofia Carson), turns into an adventure in the big city as they hunt for one of the kids who somehow snuck away.

Sabrina Carpenter as Jenny Parker, Sofia Carson as Lola Perez, Nikki Hahn as Emily Cooper, Mallory James Mahoney as Katy Cooper, Max Gecowets as Trey Anderson, Jet Jurgensmeyer as Bobby Anderson, Madison Horcher as AJ Anderson, Kevin Quinn as Zac Chase, Gillian Vigman as Helen Anderson, Gabrielle Miller as Donna Cooper, Michael Northey as Tiny, Ken Lawson as Scalper, Max Lloyd-Jones as Officer James, Kevin O'Grady as Barry Cooper and Hugo Ateo as Hal Anderson.

My thoughts?
While I originally thought it was going to be cheesy, (but still had to watch) I should have known that I would love it. I thought it was cute.  It was seriously a new take on a movie I loved when I was younger.  They just "modernized" it to fit in the world today so that a younger generation could relate. Phones being switched.  Kids sneaking out. Crushes on boys and feeling "invisible"  yes, I do believe kids today can relate to the mishaps in this!!!!   I thought it was cute with the "baby sitter rules" and of course the rap battle was awesome!

Download Adventures In Babysitting Activities

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