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We finally saw @Dumbo and loved it. #ad

We have been trying to be better at going to the movies to see all of these wonderful movies that keep being released.  Thing is, it gets rather expensive when you buy the tickets and then what movie watching is complete without drinks and snacks?!?  We had totally planned on going to see Dumbo, but the weekend we got there to get tickets, we realized it had already left the theaters! 
I honestly don't know who was more excited to see it... The kids, my mom or myself.  Either way, we were all so excited to learn that we would be getting it for review.  That just turned in to all of us watching the mail to see when it would show up.  We have been dealing with things at home (more on that later) so this was a great distraction for all of us and we were ready for this family movie night! 

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