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Let's Be Cops - Available November 11

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We absolutely LOVE Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr on New Girl...  
So, to say that I want to see this movie is a bit of an understatement. I am really really looking forward to it!  They make me laugh each week on their tv show, so to see them in a movie will be awesome!   

The Hilarious, Break Out Buddy Comedy Hit of the Summer Lands on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD November 11

Let’s Be Cops
When two struggling pals dress as police officers for a costume party, they become neighborhood sensations.  But when these newly-minted “heroes” get tangled in a real life web of mobsters and dirty detectives, they must put their fake badges on the line.

Special Features
Deleted and Alternate Scenes (Blu-ray only)
“Let’s Be Cops” Camera Test (Blu-ray only)
Real Funny (Blu-ray only)
Brothers in Blue
Audio Commentary by Luke Greenfield
Audio Commentary by Nicholas Thomas
Theatrical Trailer
Image Gallery


Put a label on it... @kidecals #MakingMyList

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With Broxton starting Kindergarten, I was planning to label everything...
Until the note came home - It said to ONLY label their notebook and their napmat.... Other than that, it was all community use.  I did not think much about it, but once he was in class...  I knew I wanted to label his things - you know, water bottle, lunch box, his book bag.  I think personalized book bags are cute, but I also think they are not safe, having their name on the outside, easy for weirdo creepers to make them think they know them.
So, I was offered a chance to check out the labels from Kidecals and I have been really impressed.  
We went with the round camo boy stickers.  I like that we ordered the everyday set and were able to get several large circles and then several smaller ones as well.  I have been able to use them on all the things that I want to make sure return home to us.  (You know, like his MINECRAFT Jacket that he is obsessed with!)
With these stickers, you can move the name and number to have it positioned just the way you want them and you can choose what you want printed on there.  For us, we went with his name and my phone number.  
No worries if you don't need to label kid items.. They have so much more!  
You can purchase keyboard stickers  to personalize your keyboard.  I personally like the US flag one, but was also drawn to the ones that had flowers on them.  
They also have labels if you are into canning or if you want to have a nice and organized pantry, you can even get chalkboard labels to keep things nice and neat!   Make sure you head over and check to see what all labels they do carry. I am sure you can find several things you will decide you need!!

The Doc is In -- With 2 New Books @DisneyReads #DocMcStuffins

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I tell you this, Disney NEVER ceases to amaze me!  If you watch Disney Junior at all, or if you have seen a little girl under the age of probably 7 or 8, you more than likely have seen Doc McStuffins. She is the character of choice on several book bags at Broxton's school and on "Career Day" several of the girls in Kindergarten dressed as her!
I love that Disney has a girl that is not a princess!   She is a doctor ---  of TOYS!!!!  
Just in time to start your Christmas shopping, there are a few new Doc McStuffin books that will be huge hits this year!  
First we have Doc McStuffins - Doctor's Helper.  This is a hard back book with beautiful, colorful illustrations on each page.  In this book, Stuffy finds a toy in need at the park... and they end up getting Ellie the Elephant all taken care of... but there is a problem... Ellie needs to get back to her owner, since her owner has Asthma.  Ellie helps her friend remember to breathe... So it is important that they get back together!  The end of this book has a page dedicated to information on allergies and asthma for caregivers to take note of.  

No lie, this just might be one of my favorite books I have received from Disney Books...   Doc McStuffins- Doc's Big Book of Boo-Boo's.  This hits you with a 1-2 punch and you know that you will be one of the best gift givers if you present this to your Doc McStuffins fan!   Why?  Well let me tell you... It is a spiral bound book - making it different than most.  Add to it a great story in the beginning where Doc has forgotten where she placed her Big Book Of Boo-Boos!   Then, SURPRISE!!!   Several pages of stickers for your little Doc in training... But here is the kicker... after the sticker pages you have your VERY OWN big book of boo-boos!  YES!!
Each page in the "notebook" has a drawing of the patient... then the scenario... Then you draw what you think needs to be done... The book prompts you, but leaves it open for you to do what you think is best!  The book ends with a "DOC IS IN" sign that you can even hang on your door!
This is just too cool and I am telling you now.. If you have someone that loves Doc McStuffins, you will WANT to HURRY up and buy this book... It will be the hit of the holidays!!!

A Little Help From My Friends... The WONDER YEARS - FINALLY on DVD #MakingMyList

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Winnie Cooper.  Kevin Arnold.  
Okay- do I have your attention now???

I don't know about you- but we have been waiting for this day to come for what feels like FOREVER!!!!   The Wonder Years are FINALLY on DVD!!!!!   It is HERE!!
If you are a fan of the show the wonder years (If you aren't go and watch it again.. I will be here waiting... I know you will love it,)   
On October 7th,THE WONDER YEARS: SEASON ONE will be released nationally to retail - the first time the critical darling and Emmy® Award-winning fan favorite will be available on DVD since the series left the airwaves in 1993.

The 2-disc set, available for $19.95srp, includes all six unedited episodes from the unforgettable first season (1988), and features every song from the original broadcasts, with classics by Jimi Hendrix, The Byrds, Joni Mitchell, The Monkees, Steppenwolf and Smokey Robinson, plus Joe Cocker's timeless rendition of The Beatles' "With a Little Help from My Friends".  The episodes, which feature closed captioning, include "Pilot," "Swingers," "My Father's Office," "Angel," "The Phone Call" and "Dance with Me," and highlights include Kevin's experiences with young love, his school's well-intentioned, though comedic, attempts at classroom sex education, and the incredible social pressures behind an innocent junior high school dance.  Fans of the series will also thrill to the two hours of specially-produced bonus features, including  "A Wonderful Day: Highlights from The Wonder Years Cast Reunion" (May 28, 2014, Los Angeles); the featurette "With a Little Help from My Friends: The Early Days of The Wonder Years" and brand-new, in-depth interviews with creators Neal Marlens and Carol Black, as well as series stars Fred Savage (Kevin Arnold), Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper) and Josh Saviano (Paul Pfeiffer).

If you can't contain your excitement and want to purchase the whole collection, they have that available as well... $249.95 - $299.95 will get it for you!   

Please - tell me...  Are you / were you a fan of The Wonder Years?
Are you as excited as I am?????


Ready for Fall? Air Wick Introduces their fall line

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How your house smells when someone walks in needs to be a top priority...
Do you want people leaving talking about it smelling nasty, or that you welcomed them in with a warm and inviting home that had a lingering scent of a fall favorite?
I will let you in on a little secret, I have ALWAYS been a fan of classics such as "clean linen" or "cotton" or any of the fresh scents.. but since being introduced to Air Wick's line... I love all the different scents that they introduce and am always eager to see what comes next!   
Air Wick has continued their partnership with the National Parks Foundation for their second fall National Park Collection. With five scents inspired by our National Parks, this collection includes three scents that were chosen and voted on by consumers as their favorite National Park Scent through Air Wick’s Facebook contest last fall—Great Smoky Mountains, Shenendoah and Acadia. This collection will also include two brand new scents inspired by the essences of Isle Royale and Cuyahoga Valley

The Five Scents: 
Shenendoah - The aroma of the ripening apple harvest combines with cedarwood and cinnamon spice to inspire rich memories of the fall in Shenandoah National Park.

Great Smoky MountainsInspired by the view of a spectacular fall sunset, Warm Spice and Twilight captures notes of amber, clove, and anise to transport you to the majestic ridges of the Smoky Mountains.

AcadiaSweet Vanilla & Pumpkins brings the magnificence of Acadia National Park to life with its rich blend of sandalwood, vanilla and creamy pumpkin.

Isle RoyaleExperience natures beauty at Isle Royale through rich fall tones of the sugar maple and the creamy yet sweet notes of hazelnut with just the right amount of crisp.

Cuyahoga Valley Indulge in Cuyahoga Valley’s lush orchards with fresh picked sweet pears ripened by the fall amber woods and complemented by touches of warm cinnamon and nutmeg.

We have Air Wick products all over our house and when the Shenendoah line showed up, I knew we would be happy!  The smell of fall always puts us in a happy place.  Fall to us equals football, cooler weather, leaves changing, cinnamon & apple scents and pumpkin carving!

What scent from their fall line sounds the best to you?
What is fall to you??  


It takes a Village... @fathersdotcom

Life has been pretty busy here lately... Broxton started kindergarten...  Enough said!  
No seriously, he started kindergarten and I signed up for PTA... and he also plays baseball... So, like I said... busy... but so fun.  Something has been going through my mind lately and I wanted to share with you...
The first couple days of picking him up after school did not go as smooth as I had hoped for.  He came home and all was fine,but there were a few tweaks needed...  As I was talking to the principal at his school, she made the comment "It takes a Village."  Never has it been more true than now, at least for us.  The first couple weeks of the school year, we were all adjusting and I was very impressed as to the hands on approach of the WHOLE school.   

I love how they ask the parents to be involved and work as morning greeters...  Just one more friendly face before they head into the school to start their day.
I have been doing it for several weeks and I will admit, I do love that time!
Some kids are still half asleep, some make you question what home life is like (they just look so sad) and then there are a few that greet you at the same time... I keep having to remind myself, it is REALLY EARLY and many of them are still so sleepy!
The biggest smiles I get?  The "HEY BROXTONS MOM!!!"  Yells and high fives as his classmates walk by!    

Just watching him learn and grow, it makes my heart so happy!! He is so full of life and although some mornings he is sluggish and asking me to please let him stay home and have a day of rest, as soon as we are out the door, my energetic little boy comes ready to greet the day!
Our school has even teamed up to be part of the WATCH DOGS....
I think it is great and Broxton notices when the "watch dogs" are on campus...  They also have guest greeters that come every so often and they are on the "morning news".  Seriously, you never know what your attitude and presence means to all the kids around you.
Yes, it does take a village.... and I am so glad that the village around us seems to be a pretty good one! If you have time, try and volunteer at your child's school...  You don't even have to do it weekly or even monthly.  Just pick one day a year and help if that is all you can do...  Or ask the teacher if there is anything you can do at home.  I actually cut out school work for our class yesterday.  Little things add up.   Anything you can do to help, it not only helps the school /teacher out... but you are also setting an example for your child.  Remember, it takes a village....  


Family Fun at @therockranch #Giveaway #makingmemories

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Life has been busy lately... With Broxton in Kindergarten and me on the PTA and all of that good stuff... but you know me... I am all about #MakingMemories with my little guy and when I learned of The Rock Ranch, I was SO EXCITED to be able to take him for a day of fun.
I heard of The Rock Ranch from visits to Chic-Fil-A - but lets be honest, how much can you really learn from a little brochure at the check out counter or a mini poster on the window?
We were invited for a media day and I am so glad I was able to attend... Now that we have learned of this not very well known secret, I want to share it with everyone!!!   
Their theme this year is Wizard of Oz - so it was fitting that they had a few special appearances from a couple familiar faces!   
They were so friendly and it was a nice addition.. but let me tell you - the Scarecrow... HE ROCKED IT.  At one point, I looked over to see him playing pattycake or something with a child... He answered all of Broxton's questions and was just overall an awesome kid!  After a brief little meetup with some of the staff, we were treated to a bit of a behind the scenes tour of the Ranch... 
 Up first?  We were able to visit one of the houses you can rent to stay a while.  The farm stay that we were able to check out had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a cute little kitchen and a nice sitting area.  They even have a couple board games and really promote spending time with your family!  
 As soon as Broxton saw the Covered Wagons, he started in that he really wanted us to stay a night there!   I absolutely LOVED the set up of it all... Camping at its best!  Each of the wagons had 4 bunk beds, so sleeping 8 would be no problem.  They did include port-o-pottys so that you did have a place to go to the restroom. Also included?  Fire Rings and picnic tables!   Tell me this isn't a picture perfect opportunity?!  
 After touring the lodging accomodations, we were free to explore the ranch and that is just what we did!  We were headed to the Corn Maze when we had a slight detour and ended up at the corn launching area!   The next thing you knew, Broxton was shooting Corn Cobbs at targets and the sound of the launch was making great expressions on his face!  (He had better aim than me, yes... I will admit it!)  
 Soon, I will be sharing an aerial view of the corn maze, but I wanted to tell you about the entrance... Since it is a Wizard of Oz theme, you know they had to have a "yellow brick road" to get us started! It was great that they gave you a flag, that way if you got lost, you could wave it and have an employee come help you!  I was determined that we would NOT wave that flag, but we ended up following a few other people out when the employee came to help them... (Not us, you notice we cheated, but we never waved our flag!)  
 Broxton was thrilled that he was able to ride a pony... and of course I was loving that the pony rides are included in your ticket price.  Just to let you know, pretty much everything is included in your ticket.  The "add on" features are the rock climb, the zipline and the carousel.  
One of Broxton's favorite areas?  Tiny Town!  It was a mini street with tiny buildings, perfect for kids!  They had a jail, a courthouse, a school house, a church and so much more!  Of course, the kids loved the firestation with the firemans pole!  
 An add on feature that brought a smile to both of our faces?  The carousel.  He loved it and I loved watching that smile circle back around to me over and over again!  
There were several great places to take photos all over the property!  I fell in love with this shot when we rode by on the train.  Yes, you read that right...  They even have a mini train that sort of circles it all.  Broxton wanted to ride it because it was a train... but then he wanted to ride again to make sure we saw and did everything that was offered....   WE DID.

The Rock Ranch isn't right off the road - it is a good 20 minutes or so off of I 75, so to get there, you must plan for it.  While I hate that it isn't super easy to get to, I realize if it was convenient, the charm of it all would not be readily available.... That leads me to be extra thankful that we were invited to go and check it out!
If you live near enough to make a day trip, I highly suggest it. They are open on Saturdays from 10 am until 8 pm...  One tip I will share with you?  Get there at 10, as you really want to spend the whole day there... Also, make sure you wear tennis shoes...
They have paddle boats, pedal cars, family dodgeball and more.  If you have on sandals, I do not think they allow you to ride them...   

Now that I have told you all about it, I get to offer one reader a chance to win a family 4 pack of admission tickets to check it all out!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ahoy, Mateys!!! Jake and the Neverland Pirates Book Selections @DisneyReads #MakingMyList

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Do you have a pirate fan on your hands and they want to be a pirate like Jake?  Maybe they want to be like Izzy with her Pixie Dust?  They could even want to be like Cubby with his great sense of direction... Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is that they probably really enjoy Jake and the NeverLand Pirates... So what better way to get them to love reading than to grab a few books with their favorite characters???  
We were sent a couple book selections featuring Jake and the gang (not to mention that pesky Hook and his sidekick, Smee!)     The books were great and talk about a selection.  They sent us a board book, a regular book and even a book with stickers!   

Jake and the Neverland Pirates- Sailing the Never Sea.
This is a board book that is actually cut out in the shape that you see above.  In Sailing the Never Sea, we travel with Jake and his crew to reclaim the GOLDEN ANCHOR that they gave Bucky... Yep, you guessed it... Hook stole it from Bucky!!  We get a special visit from Marina the Mermaid and they end up working together to return the golden anchor to Bucky!
Super cute and a great read for kids of all ages.  Younger ones (and parents) will love the board book chunky style for young hands!  
Jake and the Neverland Pirates - Cubby's Mixed- Up Map 
Cubby to the Rescue in this one!  It even includes stickers to add to the pages or place elsewhere!  In this book Captain Hook and Smee overhear Jake and the gang talking about a Golden Dinghy that they are going to find with the help of Cubby's map.  We know what that means...  Hook STEALS the map and then it is a race to find out who can get there first!   Luckily Cubby drew the map, so they are on the hunt!   You have to read the book to find out what happens to Hook, Jake and the others!  As with these books, I personally love the little extra's in the bottom corners.  (In this one, Skully is cracking jokes...  Such as - What is a pirate's favorite type of cookie?  Answer - Ships Ahoy!)   Broxton loves the additional features on the bottom as much as the actual books in the Jake series!
Jake and the Neverland Pirates - Treasure of the Tides 
We get to see Izzy as a mermaid with Marina and the others in this book!  The funny part?  Hook doesn't even know what the treasure is... He just wants to get the treasure so that the mermaids DON'T.  How crazy is that???  Of course, since Izzy is a mermaid, she doesn't have her Pixie Dust, so how will they beat Hook to the treasure?  Read the book and see what happens in the Treasure of the Tides!  

These would be great books to do a book countdown to Christmas... They would also make great gifts to go under the tree!   
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