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Weekly #Giveaway RoudUP

Here is just a little roundup on giveaways currently going on at Jumpin Beans...  Would love to have you enter... 

Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band CD - ends 8/18
SugarFree AllStars CD - ends 8/18
Babar Complete Series Season One DVD - ends 8/17
Angelina Ballerina: Dreams Do Come True DVD - ends 8/16
Fireman Sam: Heroic Rescue Adventures DVD - ends 8/15
Howard B Wigglebottom Book of Choice - ends 8/22
Master Lock Laptop Lock - ends 8/21
The Glades - Season Two DVD - ends 8/16

More Giveaways Coming SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

Who Knew Lines and Dots Were THIS FUN?! #giveaway

If you are looking for a fun and funky CD to enjoy on a road trip with the kids... I will tell you one with a techno feel to it... (Well, at least I felt that way) a Potluck by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band!!!!! When my days consist of theme songs to PBS, SPROUT and DISNEY JUNIOR, it was nice to get a change of pace for musical tastes in the car... 
I loved listening to the upbeat music... It was also a treat to look in the rear-view mirror to see Broxton playing a mean air guitar and he was also killing it on drums!  Like a one man band!   I really enjoyed it and I have to say my favorite song is either Squirrely the Squirrel or Lines and Dots... 
This would be a fun CD to have at a kids party... Or just on Saturday afternoons!!! It really is hard to sit still while this is playing!!!!!!!!!  (For parents and kids!)

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpos…

Sugar Free Allstars Make Car Trips FUN #giveaway

Broxton has a  love of music and that makes me so excited ! We listen to a little of this and a little of that... The only problem I have is that he is just a little like me TOO much...  If I hear a CD I like, it gets played over and over again when it is so new... Yep, Broxton is the same way..  We have been listening to one of our newest CD's... Sugar Free Allstars. I have to tell you, the lyrics are silly.. but the beat is awesome and of course, it is very catchy! Normally if it is "Broxton music" Marc is not interested in it at all..  Well, as soon as I put this in to get his opinion, I noticed his foot was tapping to the beat!
The first song is GOTTA GET UP.  It is awesome, it is talking about having to get out of bed, you sleepy head!  Broxton has been singing it around the house and the sound of music coming from him puts a huge smile on my face!  I asked Marc to help me try and describe this music... We agree it is rather catchy... With hints of a "New Or…

Babar The Complete Classics Series Season One DVD

I was never one to watch Babar with my brother when he was younger... actually, I can not even remember if he ever watched it...but I have noticed that Broxton and I watch it from time to time... I was always a bit curious as to how the lady that was human lived with Babar and the other Elephants... Since Broxton received the Complete First Season Of The Classic Series Babar, I now know!
We received The First Season, so I was able to see how it came to be. I will tell you this, the first episode deals with the hunter and his mom is killed... Talk about a bit scary for the kids... Broxton was a bit spooked by it, but I was able to try and talk to him about it... He just kept saying she was hurt, it was like death did not make sense to him...
The episodes include: DISC ONE: Babar's First Steps City Ways Babar Returns The City of Elephants Babar's Triumphs Babar's Choice Race to the Moon
DISC TWO:No Place Like Home An Elephants Best Friend The Show Must Go On To Duet or Not t…

My New Best Friend, His Name Is Hoover

I have determined that I must actually be an adult now!  Want to know why?
Well, I was recently chosen to be one of the lucky ones to have the chance to review the new Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Cleaner.  I was SO EXCITED when I got the news... To the point that I started somewhat stalking the delivery guy... I did not know who was going to be bringing it, but it was like a kid looking for Santa at Christmas... If I saw a delivery truck, I was peeking out the window to see if he was stopping here... The day it came, I was so stoked!  Like, Marc heard my excitement while he was asleep... so when I ran in there to tell him "IT CAME!" he already knew... 

So, on to my prize... 

We opened the box and took out the pieces..  There were really not that many and in just a couple minutes, it was ready to go...  Those couple minutes also had me turning the water on hot to get it ready to go into the water holding area, adding the cleaning solution and everything. 
We li…

Need A Drink and A Laugh? Mommy Mixology Is the Cure

Ever read a book and just crack up laughing?   I just did as I read through the Mommy Mixology book.

If you are throwing a baby shower (or know someone who is) this is a great gift for them.   Not only will they be able to rock the mommy cocktails for the shower (great sounding non-alcoholic drinks)  but they can then turn around and pass it along to the mommy to be, as she really will enjoy it.
I think it would also be funny for the guests to flip through, find a great drink and if they are moms themselves have them share a story to relate to it as well.

I was cracking up from the first page all the way until the end.   This book is more than just a mixology book, it also contains short stories that will have you reliving your days of mommyhood as well! Mommy Mixology starts when she finds out she is pregnant...  Remember those days when all your friends were celebrating throwing back cocktails of your great news? (Well, they did when I shared our news, but remember I worked in a sp…

The Artisan Soda Workshop

If you are a fan of flavored drinks, you will want to look into The Artisan Soda Workshop.   There is no secret that we are big fans of soft drinks here...  We have a Soda Stream and I love it..  (Not to worry, these recipes sound like you could just buy a bottle of seltzer water and mix all sorts of tasty drinks at home!)
This book is pretty neat in that you can make these syrups and use them to make delicious tasting drinks.. You can also use it to create other flavorful dishes. As I was reading some of these, I was thinking back to the days when I worked in the bar and how I bet that they would have been popular alcoholic beverages as well!
I love how they are SIMPLE recipes (you know I am not one for cooking, mixing or anything like that)
I also love they call for FRUIT.  FRESH FRUIT!
(Example, strawberry, lemon juice, water, raw cane sugar and seltzer... Yes, that is the ingredients for one of the recipes! Easy things that are easy to get, not that you will have to go searchin…

Calling All GLEEKS - Season 3 Out SOON

Talk about a great birthday gift...  Season THREE of GLEE is available for purchase on August 14th!   If you are a fan of Glee, these recipes will make you smile....  and then head to the kitchen!

Finn’s Grilled Cheesus

·8 slices white bread ·4 slices cheddar cheese ·3 tablespoons butter
1.Preheat a skillet or grill pan over medium heat 2.Butter one side of a slice of bread and place facing down onto skillet. 3.Add 1 slice of cheese. 4.Butter a second slice of bread on one side and place butter side facing up on top of sandwich 5.Grill until lightly browned and flip over; continue grilling until cheese is melted.
Mercedes’ Tots

·8 medium potatoes, peeled ·4 tablespoons flour ·½ tsp. pepper ·1 tsp. salt ·Canola Oil
1.Using a grater, finely shred the potatoes. 2.Stir in flour, salt and pepper. 3.Heat enough oil to come up the sides the bottom of a deep fryer or pot. 4.Form the potato mix into small balls and drop into oil. 5.Fry till slightly golden. 6.Drain tots onto paper towels. 7.Seaso…

Broxton Has a Big Boy Bed With @BeyondBedding

Marc and I have been trying to figure out the right time to put Broxton into a "big boy bed" and with him getting ready to start preschool, we thought it was a perfect time to do so!  He had been in a toddler bed for a bit, but we wanted to make a big deal out of this, as he is growing up!   My parents gave him a twin bed with the drawers underneath it and I was able to look to pick out an awesome bedding set for him!  

At first, I was looking online for something for the boys room.  I have a couple idea's in mind (that are some-what in the works...but I still wanted to look at other looks)  I went over to check out the teen bedding sets that Beyond Bedding had and although I loved them...  I did not think it was something that the boys would like... They were super cute sets, just only a couple were what I would think the boys would like, the others seemed to be geared more for girls.
That worked out perfect for Broxton, since I was on this really affordable site, I he…

Angelina Ballerina: Dreams Do Come True #giveaway

A friend and I were talking about stereotypes the other day... With Angelina Ballerina being a little girl mouse that dances, you would think this would be for little girls, but both Broxton (and her sons) love the show.. Maybe it is the dancing, the moving, the music...but it captures there attention.. They even have a boy dancer, so not to worry! So, if you have a little one, check it out! Please enter to win a copy on the Rafflecopter form below.  
PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Life is but a dream and Angelina is determined to make hers come true!  Come along for the fun in the all-new feature length movieAngelina Ballerina®: Dreams Do Come Trueon DVD, Digital Download and On Demand August 21, 2012 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.   Angelina,Alice, Viki, Gracie, A.Z., Marco and their teacher Ms. Mimi continue to make the best of every situation, reveling in dance, music and friendship while inspiring little ones to pursue dreams of their own.
SYNOPSIS It’s a dream come true! When Angelin…

Memories For A Lifetime : Field Day and A Coke

Are you on of the millions of people that just so happens to be watching the Olympics?
We are really getting into them!
Actually, Broxton has been excited to see the "Pa-Infents" every time they come on!
From the opening ceremony, until now, we have watched at some point each day!
I learned more about my husband too, I had no clue that he would genuinely take an interest in each sport... from Boxing (that was a given) to the trampoline (okay, let me be honest, I had no clue they even HAD trampoline as a sport)  we are loving it...
Side note, (totally time for me to toot my own horn here)  I met an Olympian once...
Yes, true story!    A friend and I went to Seattle on vacation one year and we went over to her aunt and uncles house for dinner... Her younger cousin came in (for just a bit and then was out the door to go practice) and we had a brief meeting... Well, how about that little cousin that I met those years ago...
Just happens to be COURTNEY THOMPSON...   Number 17 on the …

Fireman Sam: Heroic Rescue Adventures #giveaway

If your kids love Fireman Sam, then read on...  A great new DVD with Fireman Sam is Available August 7th!   (Broxton has decided that he is "warming" up to him!) Enter to win a copy on the Rafflecopter Form Below!

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Have no fear, Fireman Sam® is here!  Ready to save the day with six exciting, courage-filled episodes is Fireman Sam: Heroic Rescue Adventures, coming to DVD, Digital Download and On Demand August 7, 2012 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.  It’s ready-set-rescue with Fireman Sam, Station Officer Steele and his team of junior firefighters Elvis, Penny and Trevor as they teach the residents of Pontypandy and young viewers all about safety, responsibility and good citizenship.
DVD SYNOPSIS Fireman Sam and his fearless crew are reporting for duty! The courageous team of heroes next door shows off their cool demeanor in a variety of hot situations! Whether it’s Norman stuck in a fiery tower or deep in a wishing well, Mike or Penny dangling in a peril…

Does Your Little One Listen? We Are Teaching With @hbwigglebottom

I am so excited for Broxton to start school soon.  I know I will miss him and it will be harder on me sending my baby off to school than him going to meet new people and learn new things...
One of my main concerns right now is that Broxton has a problem listening.  Now, he can hear just fine (hearing test for school showed that was true) He has what my mom likes to call selective hearing.  It must be inherited, as I have it, my brother has it, my parents have it, Marc has it and the other boys do too!

When I heard of the Howard B. Wigglebottom books, I was excited to show Broxton that other kids also do no listen, but that they do LEARN to listen.  I want him to know how to listen for several reasons.
One, it will make it easier at home for all of us.  Two, it will be easier when we go out in public. Three, he will get more opportunities, if he can show that he can listen!
Four, listening will allow him to learn more. Five, by listening, he will allow those around him to learn too!

What DID Happen To Oz? After The Wizard

I know pretty much everyone has watched The Wizard of Oz at some point or another in their life, right? Even now, at over 40 years old.. whenever it comes on, Marc will normally stop and watch part of it, if not all of it.  It is just a timeless classic that is sure to be around for FOREVER. With that in mind, I was eager to see the movie, After the Wizard.  With a tag line of "Where One Story Ends, Another Begins." you are curious as to what will happen.   In this movie, we meet a little girl that is living in an orphanage.  The lady that runs the orphanage calls her "Elizabeth" but she is constantly correcting her, claiming that her name is "Dorothy."  
I can not honestly say if I recommend the story or not...  It has pro's and yes, it has con's.... 
I was not a huge fan of the acting.  You can tell that this was not a multi million dollar budget film, but they try with all their heart and soul to make it seem that way.  That is very much evide…

Keep That Laptop Locked! #giveaway

When thinking of back to school supplies, you need to also remember security. When my brother started college, he had to stay in the dorms his first year.  He did not know his roommate (That would be an issue with me, as I have a HARD time trusting people.)
He knew his name and what not, as it was on the paper he got in the mail, but he was not rooming with a friend or anything.  He bought a laptop lock, but I am not sure why...
(I liked the idea, but he seems to be the kind of guy that is like "whatever" about EVERYTHING.) I do not know if it was on the suggested "bring to college" list, if my parents told him to, or if he was just being cautious... but I thought it was an awesome idea.
I like the ease of it all...  It is a thick metal cable that you place around a stationary object.  You then hook it into your computer.  It is simple to use, but can save you tons of money!  (Think of a bike lock, for your laptop!) The lock has the trusted MASTER LOCK name, so you know…

Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamins with SkinnyGirl Daily

I always have a hard time remembering to take pills...
Be it prescription medicine, or vitamins, they just do not get taken on a daily basis..  When I saw that  Bethenny Frankel  had created Skinny Girl Daily ... I was eager to try it out..  I mean, just mix a packet in your water and you are good to go?!
Sounds easy enough...
I will admit, I am not a fan of the flavors too much... But I have noticed that lately with several different drinks... The berry used to be ones I enjoyed, but lately, they have all had a weird after taste to them.  It is still easy to chug a water to get the vitamins (and daily water amount) in me...
I did like that it was easy to just dump the packet, shake and go...
They come in several flavors, all with a different result in mind.
The different packets include: 
+Energy & Alertness For days when extra energy feels unattainable, reach for +Energy & Alertness to give you a boost of power. With Green Tea Extract and extra Vitamin B12 in a delicious Strawberry …

Bormioli Rocco Italian Glassware Allows You to Bring Italy Home

When decorating...  Are you one for fun and funky colors?  Or are you more of whites and neutral? Personally, I think fun and funky are just that... FUN and FUNKY. My mom is more of whites...  Browns...
I was so excited to have the chance to review the Bormioli Rocco Italian Glassware...  I mean, Italy?  LOVE LOVE LOVE...  (Dad's family is Italian.. My grandaddy was FROM Italy!)
First up, we had the chance to check out the  Sorgente Colored Cooler Glasses. You can purchase from Bed, Bath and Beyond, but you can also purchase from Amazon.   They offer fun colors such as Red, Orange and Blue in BB&B... but also have Fuschia, Purple and Green from Amazon.   These are great functional glasses... 
I mean, think about it...  Sending your child off to college?  They need glasses to drink out of ... Make a statement with RED glasses for those going to UGA (or other schools with red as a school color.) LSU is the school of choice?  The PURPLE would be awesome for them!   We were sent the blue …