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Aloha Friday - Happy

Today is Friday...So, we all know what that means... Answer my question... and yep, I will come over and answer yours!
:) My question today... What has made you smile today?
For me... Several things... Eating breakfast with Marc and Broxton. Watching Broxton as he took my brush and started trying to brush his hair... When Broxton leaned over and gave me a big kiss!
When Marc walked up behind me and whispered that he loved me.. Just think, it isn't even noon yet!
I am such a lucky person!!!!
Aloha! Have a great weekend!

Urgent - Prayers Please

I am begging all of you to PLEASE take a minute and say a prayer for my friends, Tom and Maranda. I am not sure if you remember when I posted about Ward Wright, but long story short... They are friends of mine and little Ward, their son... is sick. I am just going to copy the post from their caringbridge site...
Please pray hard for Ward! Ward has gotten worse through the night.

Our first update during the night from Maranda:

Please pray for Ward. He has become very ill, very quickly tonight. His temp is 39.9 (don't know the conversion-this temp is off the chart) and he is miserable. His face is swollen and he's been sick to his stomach. We just learned that he has a line infection so we don't know if the infection is the cause of this or if its associated with the treatment.

Our update this morning from Maranda:

Our Doctor just called in and instructed staff to stop treatment. He reviewed Ward's labs from home and Ward's kidneys are not functioning well enough to co…

w/w - shoes

Why is it that children LOVE to play in adult shoes?
I think it is the cutest thing...I looked over and Broxton had put one of my shoes on... At that point, he was not sure what to do next!
:) The ones in daddy's boots are cuter! Will post those soon!
Happy Wednesday!

Random ... Tuesday Thoughts

Well, today is Tuesday... and I felt a bit random!

With that in mind...
Lowe's :
I want to know why it is such a big secret that Lowe's offers military discount... oops, I guess it isn't such a big secret now... I mean, really... It is like a whispering ordeal for the "military discount." A friend said she went and the cashier saw her ID... He whispered and asked if she was military... She said yes and then he quietly told her that they offered a discount, but that it was not an advertised thing... Hmm... Guess that is why I ALWAYS ask, everywhere... I think it is super cool and I love that! Shhhhhhh... do not go telling everyone!
Wal-Mart :
I think it is awesome that they have such LONGGGGGGGGGG parking lots...
Want to know why?
From what I have ALWAYS heard, Sam Walton has them that way, and the lights are ALWAYS on... Just so that the truckers will have a place to pull over and rest if they are tired... How cool is that?!
Target : I went in a few weeks ago (with th…

Bamboosa - Review

I am not sure if you have heard of Bamboosa, but let me tell you what...
Besides being a company with a great product, they also give back to their community!
I contacted Bamboosato see if I could possibly host a review for them, I was lucky enough to be able to do so, and in hosting this review, I get to tell you how YOU can help to give back as well! Bamboosa sells clothing for men, women and babies... All bamboo and that means SUPER SOFT!
Bamboosa is based out of Andrews, South Carolina. From their site: "All of Bamboosa's products are made in the USA. We buy some yarn in China and also import the fiber from China and have yarn made in South Carolina. All fabric production as well as dyeing and sewing are also done in South Carolina. Bamboosa is committed to U.S. jobs, increased sustainability, social responsibility, environmental awareness and good corporate citizenship. We encourage our employees, our vendors, and our customers to consider their choices and to make decisions…