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Sidewalk Chalk is so fun

Granted the weather has been nasty the past couple days...
(Thoughts and prayers to those affected.)
We had a bit of good weather, at one point, so we try to take advantage of it.
(When we can.)
We play on the porch, we go to the park...
Whenever we can go and get fresh air, we do!

The other day, we decided to bust out the sidewalk chalk...
On our porch!
We tried learning our ABC's
Time to work on our shapes!
Broxton just loved being messy!
But he did enjoy drawing too!
But the mess is so much fun!!!!
I just love those toes!!!
Covered in chalk or not, I think they are too cute!
After all that fun, he had to play with his cars in the "dirt."
Once they were good and dirty, he had to run them through the car wash!
(I think I need to win a sand and water table from a blog!)


Disney Live

Well, I heard that Disney Live: Mickey's Magic Show was coming to my hometown..
I told my mom and after a bit, it was determined...
Broxton just "had" to go!
He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I knew he would have a great time!

Of course, my mom thought so as well, so she treated us to a day with Mickey and Friends!
We went to visit my mom and headed over to the Civic Center to see the show.
I tell you what, they don't mess around...
It said the show started at 2:30 and bet your money...
2:30, the show had started!
This particular one was Mickey and Friends hosting a magic show.
We saw Mickey and Minnie.. Donald and Goofy...

We also got to see several of the Disney Princesses.
The other characters started off with a bit from Alice and Wonderland...
We saw so many different characters and I will say...
My absolute favorite was the Aladdin scene!

As for the drawbacks...
I thought that our tickets were reasonably priced, considering it was a Disney Show...
BUT, I did think it was just absolutely RIDICULOUS to have to pay for a kids ticket at the adult price.
Meaning, we bought 3 tickets for like $35 each...
Broxton did not even sit in his chair at all...
He could not see, so for the entire show...
He sat in my lap.
Or stood in my lap.
Either way, he was no where near that $35 seat we bought.

They said ALL kids were required to have tickets...
Yes, you want to take your one year old?
Ticket please...

Then, I thought of a way to maybe ease the pain of that $35 ticket...
Allow a meet and greet after the show?
Maybe like 45 minutes after the show, let the kids try to meet them.
Or at least let you take pictures OF them.
There were NO photos allowed at any point during the show...
Well, I snapped a couple during intermission...
I wanted proof that we did take him!
Want to see my "proof?"
The stage, before the show started and we were told, "NO PHOTOS."
Broxton and his Maw-Maw...
(At this point, he had his eyes on the light up Mickey that he just had to have...
Yes, he got it!)
Ha, this is funny.
The mood was perfect. The scene was dark. It was cool (temperature).
The music was slow... and Broxton went DOWN FOR THE COUNT.
I could not resist, I had to take a picture...
Yes, the camera police came to tell me no photo's...
Then they saw what I was photographing and just laughed and walked away!
Over all, we had a great time... Broxton was so excited to see the magic tricks...
Loved seeing Mickey and the gang...
He LOVES his Maw-Maw for taking him!!!

But, I still feel that paying adult prices for a kids ticket is just a bit crazy...
Am I the only one?


Aloha Friday -

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.

Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

My question to you:
Have you heard about the Postage Paid Cards from Hallmark?
( I wanted to ask if you watched the Royal Wedding, but I figure others will be asking that, so I went in a different direction!)

I saw them on the tv the other night..
I think it is a great idea, one less thing to have to worry about!
Then, I was contacted about the chance to review them!
Now, you can enter if you want by clicking HERE.

Feel free to click the giveaway tab up top and enter all my current contests!!!!

Hallmark Cards are best! Review & Giveaway

Are you one that likes sending and receiving cards?
As long as I can remember, my mother has LOVED them!
She even has a box of them for all occasions!
I remember when I first went off to college, she made it a point to mail me cards all the time...
I think that is why I now love them!

We used to get cards for every occasion!
You name it, we would get a card...
She doesn't send as much as she used to, but the main events...

I am sure one reason for the lack of cards is due to postage...
When ever I am thinking of sending a card, it normally gets pushed to the side, since I am (9 times out of 10) without stamps...
That is just slack on my part, I know... but still.

That is why I love the direction that Hallmark is heading in!
Yes, you can now purchase Postage Paid Greeting Cards!
You see, Hallmark is made of people that are in the same situation as we all are...
Life gets busy, so they want to help ease some of the things we deal with.
If not having to swing by the post office can eliminate one thing off your to do list, Hallmark is helping us out!

With Mothers Day right around the corner, Hallmark has now announced the arrival of over 90 Mothers Day cards with the postage paid envelopes!
What makes it even better?
The postage bar code acts as a "forever stamp."
(Please tell me you know of these, as these are THE ONLY stamps I buy now...
They are sold at the current postage rate, but they are valid till forever...
Meaning, when postage rates increase, those stamps will STILL work!)

So, back to these cards...
You can purchase more than just Mothers Day cards though...
They have over 200 other cards that have the Postage Paid envelopes!
(Birthday, Thinking of You, Thank You, Fathers Day... and so on)

Great thing about this...
You can get the Postage Paid Cards not only at Hallmark stores, but also at CVS, Wal-Mart and other places that Hallmark cards are sold!
The price range is from $2.69 to $3.99, so they are not totally ripping you off for convenience...
PLUS in my book!

I will tell you a secret...
I love the ones I received for review, but it did take getting used to the fact that the postage was already on it...
I saw our mail lady and forgot to put them out, because I was thinking I needed stamps...
Then, I looked and remembered that I had the postage paid ones!

Here is a video clip from one of the Hallmark writers:

Two winners will win a card pack of the every day greetings postage paid pack!

Mandatory Entry -
Tell me around how many cards you give throughout the year.
(Please leave email address if not visible in your profile)

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Contest will end May 12 at midnight.
Contest for US residents, 18 and older. will select the winner.
Winner will have 72 hours to respond to winning email or a new winner will be selected.

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I have a message4u - Review

Back before I had the best job in the world (being a mommy!) I worked in the restaurant industry.
Long story short, I worked since I was 15... always in restaurants!
When I moved to Atlanta for college, I said that was not a permanent job, it was simply a job to help pay the bills...
Well, 10 years later...
During my past work history, I waited tables at times...
I think I gave great table service and from time to time, I would get a note of thanks left with my tip.
Now, those were always special, as people are quick to criticize, but hard pressed when it comes time to praise... Know what I mean?

I always think it is nice to call attention to outstanding service and there have been several times that I have asked for a manager to let them know when I receive outstanding customer service...
From the grocery story to eating places... it is nice to be acknowledged!

I was recently sent a deck of message cards and I was so happy to have the chance to review them!
Instead of having to jot down a "great job" on a plain white napkin, you can leave a cute note on a simple little card!
I LOVE this!
Not only do they have sweet inspirational messages, they also have beautiful pictures on them as well!

Now, if you are not one to leave messages like that...
You know you can leave them for family and friends as well!
Think about it, what a nice thing to slip a note into your loved ones purse/wallet.
Leave a message in your kids lunch-box/book-bag.
You could leave one on a co-workers desk.
You could even leave one at the house of the host for that party you went to!
Hey, you could even randomly send one to a friend in the mail...
What a nice surprise!

The options are endless and the smile you will put on the recipients face will make you smile as well.
One thing that I really like about the cards?
They are not just basic cards... they have 2 rounded edges and then the 2 basic edges!
I like that, since it sets them apart from others!

On one side, you have the website information...
(It also has a beautiful picture on it)
The other side has a picture and a message.
I also like that you can even write a personalized note underneath the printed message!
There are several different photos and messages, so you can mix it up depending upon your mood as well as the situation!
Messages4u offers different sets of cards...
We were able to review the inspirational cards, but they have even more!
You can buy card sets for children, for friends and for love.
Head on over and order today!

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The Pesky Peanut - Book Review

(Image from Amazon)
My grandaddy was a farmer his whole life.
I remember getting peanuts and corn and all that yummy food fresh when I was growing up.
So, I never really gave it any thought about people being allergic to peanuts...
They had always been around and it just never crossed my mind!
So, imagine my wonder when I had Broxton and they said just one of the reasons for not introducing peanuts early in life was because of peanut allergies.

Thankfully for us, he is not allergic, but there are many people out there that are!
I was happy to have the chance to review The Pesky Peanut Book and share it with you.

The author of the book write it after dealing with peanut allergies with her son.
Now, I hate that she had to deal with this, but at the same time, I am thankful that she wrote a book to share the information with all of us.

The book starts with Kelly eating birthday cake...
How something like a birthday cake could lead to the knowledge of this just yet again shows how much I still have to learn...
I never would have even thought about that, until reading the book...
But I can tell you, after reading it...
I totally understand the severity of it and I now see why Five Guys Burger and Fries has signs posted on their door (BEFORE YOU EVEN ENTER) about the peanuts in their place...
What a way to look out!
It makes me wonder if someone in their family has the same allergy...

Anyways, back to the book.
I liked how it was informative, but also written on a child's level!
The best part to me was when they realized that Kelly had never even seen a peanut...
As allergic as he was, he did not even know what it was he was allergic to!

This was a great book, actually I think it should be available at all libraries to help kids both with and without the allergy more aware.
I believe that it would also be great for parents that are trying to explain it to their children!
Once again, for the one with the allergy, as well as the siblings that need to understand the severity!

Don't forget, you can follow The Pesky Peanut on facebook and twitter!

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Zip Bin- Road and Rail- Review

Broxton has plenty of toys...
From stuffed animals, to balls...
Trains and cars...

Trains and cars are his favorite!
He puts his cars on the train tracks...
He races the trains with the cars...

The one problem we have...
Storage of all those train tracks!
I like to keep them together, but once you open the pack, they no longer have their own "place."
Until Zip Bins.

We were able to review the Zip Bin Road and Rail.
Can I just say...

Have you heard of these?
Do you have kids?
If so, you have got to get one/two or several!

Let me tell you..
We picked the road and rail because of all of the toys...
but, I think we need to get more.
If anything, because it is storage... and another toy!
Let me tell you about ours..
It is a bin that zips up into a box to close...
That has a lid.
That means perfect for storage.
The Zip Bin Road and Rail opens up to have a little town on it...
With roads and a rail road track.
See how it holds a little of everything?
You store all of your cars and train stuff in it...
Then, you can UNZIP it to have a play area.
It isn't just a little play area either.
No, I am not saying it is a placemat...
Nor am I saying it is a whole room...
I am saying it is perfect!
Broxton had to be silly to show me just how big it was!
When it came, we had the boys here...
One of them still loves his hot wheels, so he was like "WHOA! That is so awesome!"
See, kids of all ages love it!

The best thing, it could be packed up for travel!
Say you are going out of town for a week...
You know you will need toys to keep the little one busy...
Just grab your zip bin (everything should be in it already from when you cleaned it up) and go!
Not only does it zip into a box and have a lid...
It also has the sides cut for hand grips!
See how he has both his Dinosaur Train and his Chuck trucks on there together?

Now, just because I am showing you the amazing toy we got for Broxton, that does not mean that they do not cater to little girls!
They have Mansions and Castles...
and for the Barbie lover... A ZIP BIN DREAM HOUSE!

Side note, if you are not wanting something so big, but still like the idea...
We also now own the Racer Play Pack!
(It is a book bag looking thing, in the shape of a car, that once unzipped is a racetrack!)

***** Spring Cleaning now? It would be a perfect time to invest in these to declutter the toy room! (While also adding a neat addition!) *****

Be sure to follow Neat-Oh (the makers of the Zip Bin) on Facebook and Twitter!

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6 Ways To Save Like an Extreme Couponer - Guest Post

I know we can all use help saving money...

Just wanted to share a Guest Post with you:

6 Ways to Save Like an Extreme Couponer

1. Start Small
Don't try to go extreme all at once. Take it step by step, rather than show up at a checkout with 50 coupons and little idea what you're doing.

2. Never Pay For Coupons
There are some things in this life you just shouldn't pay for, and a coupon is one of them. Paying someone to clip or organize your coupons defeats the purpose of living frugally. Instead, surf Sunday newspaper ad supplements for coupon savings; ask your neighbors for their unwanted papers; or dive inside a recycled dumpster or two. Also, free online coupon sites like give consumers access to a multitude of coupon codes and printable coupons for thousands of merchants.

3. Get Organized
A little organization can go a long way. Always create a shopping list and have your coupons and shopping strategy organized before you even enter the store. Use an expandable coupon binder to sort coupon inserts by date, categories and expiration dates. Transfer to a small couponizer only those you'll need for a specific shopping trip.

4. Location, Location, Location
Where you shop is a key factor in making the best use of your time and coupons. Only shop at locations that allow coupon stacking and combining coupons with in-store offers. Don't be afraid to call and ask about policies before you show up. You don't want to wind up embarrassed at the checkout line with a handful of useless coupons.

5. Loyalty Rewards
Always take advantage of club membership rewards. These programs are usually free and have many savings perks, like rewards points, cash back programs, and double points for every certain amount you spend.

6. Don't Be Greedy
This is often where extreme couponers cross over into the world of hoarding. Only shop for items you actually need, products you can stock up on that aren't perishable, and those you can donate. Remember, a bargain is only a bargain if you can actually use the purchase. If your pantry has expanded into your living room and the kids are sleeping on rolls of toilet paper, you've probably reached hoarder status.

As a media expert source, Andrea has been featured on NBC's Today Show, FOX & Friends, MSNBC, ABC News NOW and many more. To view recent interviews or get more information, visit or you can also follow @AndreaWoroch on Twitter to receive daily savings tips.


W/W - Got the Haircut

My last W/W post was dealing with Broxton needing a haircut...
Well, he got one!

His first haircut ever was from my hairstylist and dear friend, Ally...
Well, once we moved back up here, we found this cute little place called Pigtails and Crewcuts.
We went there a couple times, but then last December, we stopped by a supercuts/greatclips whatever it was called... It was out of convenience...
It was so short, we were worried he would not need another haircut until he was 10!

So, when his hair was FINALLY ready to be cut, we went back to Pigtails and Crewcuts.

Wrestlemania - Pictures Finally

Okay, a couple weeks ago, I posted the sneak peak of our trip to Wrestlemania...
I said that the next W/W I would post the rest, but then I got to the picture of Broxton showing how bad he needed a haircut and I totally forgot about Wrestlemania...
Well, I wanted to post a few pictures, if anything but for those one or two people that might love it!
(Thanks for the reminder, Clueless Mama!)

We took the boys, they LOVED it.
We were totally in the nosebleed section.
I mean,!!!!
I could have hung from the rafters if I stretched my arms up.
I was praying that I would not have to go to the bathroom, because that meant having to walk all the way down those 27 million stairs... and then back up them.
Luckily for me, I held it in!

The reason for telling you in advance of the nose bleed section?
Because in ALL of my pictures, I made it a point to have the big screen in it as well.
I knew there was no way in the world I could tell who was in them otherwise!
The boys wanted pictures of every single wrestler that came out, but I just could not do it..
LOL, sorry boys!
I thought this was a cool one, just because of the picture in the background...
Also, please notice the boys shirts...
Hosted by, THE ROCK. Hubby was happy... I admit, it made me smile too!
They had just inducted the Hall of Fame for 2011 the night before, so they had a moment and introduced them to us.
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin was there... Now, that brought back memories!
I remember taking my little brother to see him once!
Then there was the whole Undertaker / Triple H match that was the topic leading up to Wrestlemania...
I just think this is a great shot of Undertaker coming out.
Remember how I started the pictures with notice their shirts?
Yeah, we got sucked in and bought them each a shirt...
Talk about a pricey night, but the memories will last a lifetime!


Name Frame - Review and Giveaway

As we all know, I have been working on redecorating Broxton's room.
I knew I wanted a "transportation theme" and it was going to be more of Reds and Blues.
Yes, a bit of Red, White and Blue for you!

Well, I was so happy when I was able to work in hosting a review and giveaway for Name Frame.
This site is so easy to use and navigate...
That can be a good thing, or a bad thing...
The good thing?
It was super easy to order...
Bad thing?
Now, I want to order more and more!

Let me tell you about Name Frame.
You start off and enter the name you want to do.
Of course, we did Broxton...
but you can do anything..
Love, Happiness, Family, your last name...
Whatever you want...
As long as it is 9 letters or less.
You can even choose uppercase or lowercase letters.

Next up, picking the font.
They have 5 to choose from and they are all great!
( I think we went with the SIMPLE font.. Don't quote me on it, but I believe that is right.)

After that, you pick your frame.
We went with the wooden one, but they have several to choose from.
(You can choose no frame at all, but then that means you would have to buy one down the road)

Then, your matting.
We got a red mat behind his name, I think it adds a little pop and with the red, it is great for his new room!
They once again have several options, as well as cute designs you can have cut into the mat.

The final step?
(Also the one I love the most)
Upload your photos.
Once again, you can choose to not do that, but I like this step.
You can have it sent to you as just the cut mat and you can do it all later, but think about this...
If you do it later, you will have to size the pictures as to how you want them to be...
On here, you get to go ahead and size and move them around on the screen.
I just think that you adding the photos minimizes the work on your end once you get it.
Besides, aren't you going to want to go ahead and see the final project?
Not have to wait until you get all your photos sized just right?

So, what did we do?
Well, let me tell you...
Since Marc was gone for Broxton's year of firsts..
That is what it was focused on.

We have it start with a picture of Broxton at the hospital.
We have Broxton in daddy's hat right before he deployed.
Broxton's first Easter, Time in a pool and Christmas.
Then we have a cute picture of him outside in a chair that my mom had when she was a little girl.
The photos end with Broxton's first birthday.

I love this, as it tells his first year and we can always look at them and know how much fun it was and how much I learned!
This would be an amazing gift:
Just a few suggestions...
Mothers Day, any birthday or holiday where you give a gift, or GRADUATION.
Let them fill it full of friends and family!!!!

Get ready...

One Lucky Reader will win:
A personalized name frame

Mandatory Entry:
Tell me, what name would you get.
(Please leave email address if not visible in your profile)

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Contest will end May 27 at midnight.
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Lock It Up- WordLock Review

With Marc having a locker at work ...
and footlockers when deployed...
We know all to much about locks and what not.

A while back, we were out and about, he needed to swing by his job to get something, but needless to say, he did not have his key on him.
Instead of a quick stop, we had to come all the way home, then go all the way back over...
That could have all been eliminated if we had owned the WordLock then!

I was so happy to find out that we would be able to review the WordLock!
Marc picked out the black one...
I think he should have gone with Pink, just saying!
But seriously, I like how they offer more than just your basic silver lock.
You can pick between Red, Pink, Silver or Black.

Once we got it in the mail, it quickly was opened and placed on his locker.
No more worrying about keys now!
I asked Marc how he was enjoying it...

The only thing he did not LOVE about it, was the fact that a couple of the words he picked would not work.
That is a good thing though, they only allow for your "locked word" to be 5 letters.
Also, they only have so many letters that can be used on each turn.
I guess they could expand, to include them all...
but that would just make the lock big and bulky instead of small and sleek like it is now!

Not to worry, he was able to use another word and all is well!
I know that this would be cute for kids in school...
(Do they still have lockers with locks these days?)
Especially ones that have a hard time with keeping up with things...
This way, no key, just a word that YOU picked!

Another great thing with the WordLock?
You can choose from several different kinds.
We picked the padlock.
They also offer BIKE locks, LUGGAGE locks and COMMERCIAL use locks.

Final thing to share with you..
They are currently running a campaign on facebook.
It is simple to do and it donates money to the American Heart Association!
Just head over to the WordLock Facebook page.
Once you click "like" - they donate 10 cents!
You can also take their poll to see where your "word of love" falls in with other poll takers!

What are you waiting for?
Head over and LIKE them now!

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Get Out of the Kitchen and INTO the family! Review

I have made no secret on the fact that I do not really cook.
Not that I don't know how to, but I really do not try new things.
As I have mentioned before, it is the fear of the unknown that stops me, nothing else.

When I start looking at a recipe to cook, all the ingredients seem to overwhelm me and I get a bit flustered!
I would HATE to go and buy all those things...
Cook and everything...
Just to find out that one of those million ingredients doesn't taste great to me.
I know, it is a dumb reason, but I am being honest!
Think about it, I just mixed ALL those ingredients, but I have no clue which one I don't like.

Imagine my delight when I saw an email asking if I was interested in reviewing a new cookbook that would help me out!
I know Marc was excited...
Let me tell you why.

Do you see now?
Of course I jumped at the chance to try it out!

Let me just tell you..
This book has you covered!
From those like me on to those that already know and love to cook, but just want something fast and easy!

I love it!
Because this book breaks it down.

First of all, the foods:
Sauces & Salsas,
Light Lunches,
Sides - Salads & Dressings, Potatoes & Rice, Vegetables
Mains - Beef, Chicken & Turkey, Fish & Shellfish, Lamb, Pasta, Pork, Vegetarian
Desserts - Cakes & Cookies, Pies & Pastries, Ice Cream Mousses & Fondues, Fruit & Candy

So, are you hungry yet?
If not, you will be soon...
I want to share just a couple of the items that I want to cook for Marc now...
Breakfast - Praline Toast.. Hey, he's from New Orleans, he loves Pralines!
Appetizer- Crab Dip & Smoked Salmon Dip... (Okay, these are totally for me!)
Dessert - Key Lime Pie ... Marc would live off of that if I let him!
Now, they have tons of delicious and easy sounding meals, but I just wanted to point out that the breakfast is far from just eggs and the dips are not just cheese!

Besides the cookbook part, I am in love with the back of the book.
There is a section that talks about foods perfect for preparing a lunch for school (or work!)
It even breaks it down into Fruits/Veggies, Dairy, Protein, and Sandwiches!

Next up... Drinks!
From Juices to Punch, this section will surely make great drinks for any party, as well as a random Tuesday!

I think the best might just be the section that does the combination meals.
Not only do you get a cookbook with so many items, but this also pairs it up..
As in Roast beef, Horseradish cream, seasoned roast vegetables, hearty homemade bread!
Talk about dining out... IN!

The last part?
Just a few household tips that are helpful for all of us!

I think that this would be a great gift...
Mothers Day, Graduation, First Time Moms...
Or just because!
What a great addition to your kitchen!

And guess what? They even have "an app for that!"
Check out the 4 Ingredients Website!
You can also LIKE them on facebook!

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