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Back with a #WordlessWednesday post! All about #LEGO

It has been a while since I posted a Word-less/Word-full Wednesday post.  I know I share many pics on my Instagram, but thought I would share some over here.  Sorry if they are some you have seen before, I will try and get better at posting them more regularly here! 
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Since moving back down south, we have had to adjust to the limit of things to do around here.  In Atlanta there was always plenty of stores to go to, plenty of festivals, lots of friends and always an invite with something to do with the blog.  Now don't get me wrong, I love being close to my family.  It is nice that the kids get to see my parents so often and I would not trade that for anything... but it is still totally DIFFERENT than Atlanta. 
This is a picture of when the local art museum had a LEGO exhibit.  I thought this was one of the coolest pieces of work the artist had on display.  He had several that were bla…