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Aloha Friday - Who is YOUR favorite?

It's that time of week... Time to keep it simple and learn a little about one another...
My question to you:
Who is your favorite Disney character?
I love them all, but I guess I will have to go with Mickey... I mean, he was the theme to my first birthday... :) Broxton and I went and checked out his house while we were at Disney... CUTE!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Don't forget to enter for a custom canvas from canvas press HERE.

WW - Here's lookin at you!

I just love watching a little one as they see themselves in the mirror!
When Broxton was younger, I just HAD to go and buy a mirror for him to play with... I would sit him in front of it and he would just have such a great time playing!
Look at how happy he is!
Happy Wednesday!
Let me know if you have a W/W, I would LOVE to stop by!!!

Canvas Press - Review and Giveaway

As we all know, I have been in the moving process the last couple weeks...So, first of all, I must apologize for not announcing this awesome giveaway I get to share with you!
I recently had the privilege to work with CANVAS PRESS to create a one of a kind masterpiece for our new place. I knew that we would eventually be moving (nope, did not realize it would be that fast!) but, I knew I wanted to have a really cool piece of artwork to hang up.
Canvas Press sent me the okay to go ahead and order and it was surprisingly easy and really fast!

First of all, Marc and I decided which picture we wanted to enlarge.
We decided on one that we took on our honeymoon to New Orleans. :) (Yep, Good Times!) We went to the canvas press order site and it was a very simple upload process.
We were offered the 1.5" Gallery Wrap for review, so that was our first click. Next, we chose the 16 x 20 size as that was for our review. You then get to choose what border style you want. (We went with the Imag…

You know that show?

Okay, I have tons of stuff... I am not going to lie about it, I like to "collect"things. BUT...................... NO!!!!
I am not a hoarder!
LOL, the commercial for the show "hoarders" came on and Marc gave me "that look."
I immediately asked what that look was for... I know that I have things, but I am NOTHING like that! Top it off, we are still unpacking from our move, so, yes... we have boxes everywhere... I will admit that I have a hard time getting rid of things, but mostly it is because of a sentimental reason. Also, I have tons of pictures... Yes, TONS!!!
I have photo albums, scrapbooks, and the storage boxes FULL of even more pictures!
One of these days, I will get more organized, but I like it... The mess? No, I don't like that ... But the items I keep? Yes! Love it!

LOL, is there anything that you keep/collect?