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Caillou's Outdoor Adventures on DVD

As we all know, Broxton is a big Caillou fan..  We love watching Caillou... Playing with our Caillou Doll...  Looking at Caillou online... and of course singing the Caillou song..
I was so excited to get the newest Caillou DVD for us to add to our library.
We watch all the time, but there are times when Broxton just really needs to see his "brother" and come on, they just don't play Caillou 24/7... Although I am sure Broxton would love that!
The latest DVD is Caillou's Outdoor Adventure.

There are several great episodes on there and one of my favorites is the one where Grandma sets up all sorts of activities for Caillou and his friends to compete in the backyard for different ribbons.  Why is this one of my favorites?  Well, Clementine comes over and has on a ribbon that she just won and then Leo starts talking about how he won a ribbon before too.... Caillou was upset that he had no ribbon to talk about.. Instead of Grandma just giving him a ribbon, she sets up fun…

Around Kids? You Need The Kid Dictionary!

If you are one that loves to laugh, (and who doesn't?)  You will find yourself cracking up when flipping through The Kid Dictionary by Eric Ruhalter. We were sent a copy for review and I admit it, I was literally laughing out loud at some of his words..   You see, Eric took situations that those around kids are all way to familiar with and made up words to go with them.   The first word in the "dictionary" is FEELABUSTER.  Definition:  To pat down your toddler before she leaves a play date at someone else'e house to make sure she isn't stealing any toys.   Ha ha... No, we have not had to deal with that yet... But I can only imagine... That right there was the opening, so I knew it was going to be good...
Has your child ever been "FULLISH?"  I know Broxton has on more than one occasion...  What is FULLISH?  Oh, it is "too full to eat more carrots, yet fully prepared to consume an ice cream sundae!"  Come on, you know your kids have done that a…

What TV Show is This? Answers!!!!

If you stopped over for my Wordless Wednesday Post last Wednesday, you saw these pictures... Today, I wanted to answer where you might know the scenes...
WALKING DEAD  Up first:   This was the abandoned house that Daryl goes to looking for Sophia. Remember the Cherokee Rose in the back yard?

This is the campsite for the finale. Remember Rick says "this is no longer a Democracy."

Ha!  Did you guess this?  This is the entrance to the bar where Rick and Glenn find Hershel drinking. (Later the boys from Nebraska show up... Remember that?)

The back door where Hershel and Glen escape from the bar... 

Now, can you guess this? This is the pharmacy on the left (where Glen and Maggie got supplies)  and then the "carriage house" on the right is where Randal jumps when he's shooting at them... later getting his leg impaled on the fence. (No, there is no fence there in real life... it was a prop.)

So, how did you do?  Did you guess them?

Novica For ALL Your Gift Giving Needs

I admit, I had seen Novica ads on several blogs before, but the idea of all of these products being handmade and from other countries? There was NO WAY I could afford that...  Then, I actually had the chance to work with them and I am glad I did... There products are great and the best part?
I tell you this, if you are one that wears Sterling Silver Jewelry...  You will be amazed at all they have to offer...  There was so many to choose from and I am in love already!  Especially when I looked at their Silver Pendant Necklaces...   The turtle one was just adorable and I have several friends obsessed with owls! If you are like my mom and love all different earrings, you can spend the day choosing between which ones you want to settle on.  I had no clue what she would want, but I was thinking that the Amethyst Dangle Earrings would be great ones... what did I finally decide on?  A beautiful silver ring!  

I did have the chance to get a little gift for myself... (and…

Recycle in Style - Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler #Giveaway

If you did not know it, let me just tell you now.. 
Marc and I should have stock in Coca Cola with the amount that he drinks.   I think at times he thinks that they are going to stop making it, so he has to try and drink all he can before then! Okay, he is doing much better now that he is drinking flavored waters, but still... We do keep Coke on hand! That being said, I was so glad to have the chance to review the new Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler!   You see, we tried saving to recycle before, but there just wasn't anywhere to do it.

Our county doesn't recycle and we didn't want bags or boxes just sitting around to collect the items in.   Our pantry isn't big enough to hold 2 trash cans, so we just did not do anything to help, just added more trash to the landfills! 

The times, they are a changing!   We were sent the Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler and it was so easy to assemble that I did it in about 3 minutes... (That included taking it out of the box.)

You basically just t…

I SEE ME Contest

This was too good not to share.. How can you pass up the chance to win such a great package? Let me know if you win!!!!
***** I have reviewed I SEE ME books in the past.  I was not required to post this, just thought you might like to enter! *****

The Bear Went Over the Mountain by @IzaTrapani is a Nightly Read Now

We had the chance to review a new children's book not to long ago and it has a permanent place beside the bed for night time reading!!!! The Bear Went Over the Mountain by Iza Trapani is such a cute book!   When we first got it, I read it to Broxton a few times..
We looked and talked about the different items in the pictures... From counting to finding to talking about the different senses...
Then, Broxton had Marc read it to him one night..
Marc started reading it and was like "this is like a song to me" ... It was then that I showed him the music in the back if he wanted to sing it!

I had no clue that this was a "classic children's song" but I am glad that it was made into a book.
We have had so much fun discussing the five senses...  We had been talking about them a little, but with the book, I have noticed that we talk about it a bit more now.  We also have been talking about the four seasons.  I never really thought about the fact that Broxton would …

Can You Donate to Relay for Life?

Hey all ... One of my best friends, Billie, is doing the Relay for Life Walk this Friday, April 27th. She will be walking from 6pm to 6am at Roswell High School in Georgia. If you are in a position to make a financial donation, I would love for you to visit her donation page. You can click BILLIE'S RELAY FOR LIFE PAGE here... (It says they will take donations as low as $5.00) If you are not in a position to donate, I would love for you to keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she does this to raise money.   Thanks so much and have a great day!

What TV show is this? W/W

While the boys were here for Spring Break, we took a little ride and went to see where a certain TV show is filmed...  I will do another post to tell you the answer, but I would love for you to see if you know what show it is based upon these pictures....

ANY GUESSES??? Happy Wednesday!!!!!


We all know that we are not the biggest water drinkers in this house.. But, I will drink bottles of water... I just do not like the thought of a tap water glass at dinner... That just isn't me....  not really sure why, but it could be because where we used to live (before Marc deployed) was just WRONG.  I mean, really REALLY wrong. That water was so funky... It had an odor to it when you drank it, yes... that also meant it affected the ice. Anyways, that ended our quick sips of water... and we were bottled water drinkers from then on.
I finally realized how much WASTE was being made by our house with the trash from drinking bottles of water and I decided that we should try the water pitcher idea. Actually, that was what I asked my brother to get me for Christmas and it worked pretty good for us. We were able to drink water ... without all the trash.
I was recently given the chance to try the ZEROWATER pitcher and you guessed it... I am impressed! So much that I have now figured…

Comfortable and Classy When Wearing @zutano

I admit that I love looking at how cute kids look wearing different outfits.  Sometimes I think that parents are crazy to spend the amount of money on some clothes... I just do not get it... Why spend hundreds of dollars on a dress for a 3 month old baby girl?  Why spend tons of money on shoes that they will outgrow before you can think about it?
I was wondering what made Zutano clothes special enough to be a bit higher priced than what I normally pay for Broxton's clothes... Zutano cargo shorts:  $30  Zutano t-shirt : $22
Then they came.  Wow.. Super cute.. Super soft... I could not wait to put him in this outfit!!!!

We were sent a cute pair of cargo shorts and an adorable t-shirt for Broxton to review.
It was orange and greens and blues... and just fun and festive and happy ... very spring/summer like.. 
So, we decided that he would wear it to the Easter Egg Hunt at the Harley Dealership... (Harley Davidson = orange... so I thought it was cute!)
The print style is "Golden …