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Disney Characters, Books and Stickers - Oh My!!!!

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Are your kids into stickers?  Broxton has recently (within the last year) really started liking stickers and we actually made him a sticker book.  Side note- we also tried the "pen pal" route and had one girl that we were exchanging stickers with... He LOVED IT!!!     For his birthday, one of his aunts sent him a sticker book and he was so excited.  That being said, I knew when I saw the two sticker books from Disney that he was going to be so happy!!  As much as he loves stickers... and as much as I am hoping he loves reading... Talk about a win - win situation!!! 

I am not sure if your house is into Doc McStuffins, but if you aren't... You need to be!   We love that show! It is so cute!  Doc is an adorable little girl that is a "doctor" to all of her toys, fixing them when they just aren't the way they once were.  The best part?  She writes (draws) the diagnosis in her "BIG BOOK OF BOO BOOS" and her diagnosis for each toy is just the cutest names!  
I might actually be feeling a bit of miss-broxton-a- tosis right now, as he was giving great hugs and kisses before school today!
Anyways, in Leilani's Luau, we meet Leilani, a little Hawaiian luau dancer that Doc's grandmother sent her from Hawaii.  Leilani teaches the other toys about her dance, but then she no longer dances... Read along in Leilani's Luau to see what Doc needs to do to make her dance once more!!!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Birthday Bash came right in time to go with Broxton's birthday...   So you know he was excited to get this one.  Hey, he did dress as Jake one year, so you know he loves this cartoon!    In the Birthday Bash, Jake is celebrating his birthday with his pirate crew (he even lets Smee, Sharky, Bones and Captain Hook come along, as he wants EVERYONE to have a good time!)    We get to follow a treasure map to have singing to Jake... and then play a couple of different party games.  It looks so fun and to be honest, its a great birthday party idea for anyone looking for a Jake themed party!  
Once again, Broxton was laughing and smiling the whole time we read this book.

The added bonus to both books is that while the story line and illustrations are from Disney, so we know they are awesome...  We also get the enjoyment of over 60 stickers inside each book!!!

The Jake book was available for purchase on February 4, 2014 and the Doc book will be available March 18, 2014.  Both of these books are geared for ages 3-5.


Disney Book Group New Releases

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

We never really do anything for St. Patricks Day, yes... We try and wear green, but that is about it...  Last year, a silly little leprechaun caused chaos in the classroom... but nothing at home... I am thinking that this year the leprechaun might pay him a visit, would you like to know why???

Mainly because he will randomly talk about the silly leprechaun and his craziness at school last year, but also because now he is ALWAYS on the lookout for the little green clovers in our yard.  Actually, he looks for them in all yards!!!    I love the excitement and enjoyment from that little 5 year old... and like several of my posts this year... I want life to be more about #MakingMemories.  If having a crazy leprechaun come have fun at our house will make great memories, lets do it!!!!  

As many of you know, I absolutely LOVE to read and I really hope to pass that love along to Broxton.  So far, it is working, as he loves to have me read to him!!!   We were recently sent a few new books to check out  and I was thinking if any of you wanted to have a silly leprechaun come and leave a treat or two leading up to St. Patricks Day (or maybe after as a "thanks" for cleaning up any mess that he / she might leave)    what better than books???  A great thing about the two books I am going to tell you about today... They are UNDER $5.  You read that right!!!  

Up first, Jake and the Neverland Pirates invite us along for a fun day of Surfing in Surfin'Turf!!
I am still new to the "level" books.. but I am really enjoying them so far!  In this book, we start with the Pirate Password and then a Pirate Pledge.  (Broxton was THRILLED to get to yell these out...He love him some Jake!)  As we read the book, we see Jake and his crew having a great day with a mermaid.. but you know Captain Hook, along with Smee, is going to try and come along to cause trouble.  Join along and see if Jake and the gang can save the day!!!
On the corner of some of the pages (like where "Disney Junior" is located on the cover) they have little snippets for interaction with the reader and the book... For example, the illustration on the page shows a surfboard... and there is text going along with the story.  At the bottom corner, it asks how many flowers are on the surfboard.  I thought it was a great way for the reader (maybe mom or dad) to discuss more of the book as they read it to their child.  

In Sophia Take the Lead, I was thinking that Broxton might be totally against it, since it was about Sophia the first.  You know boys... he is all "That is for GIRLS, MOM!"  right now...    Well, surprisingly, he snuggled up and we were able to read this one together.  MORE- THAN-ONCE!!     I thought the book was cute and although it has a princess as the main character, it was cute and would appeal to both girls and boys, as they are out in the woods on a hike!!!   
In both books, the illustrations are Disney quality!  We have really enjoyed these books and I have even caught Broxton sitting in the chair "reading" them as I work on dinner!!! Talk about making Mama Smile!!!!
Click on over to the Disney Publishing Site and see what other World of Reading Titles are available.  Both of the books mentioned above will be available March 4, 2014 and are geared for kids age 3-5.  

Built To Amaze #RinglingATL #makingmemories

The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

While the city of Atlanta was dealing with the crazy winter weather we have been having, the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circus was in town!   The opening night was postponed, due to the weather... so that meant that our tickets had to be exchanged for another day.  We luckily were able to go to one of their day time performances and even had the chance to bring a friend along with us!
We have been lucky to go to the circus the past few years and since they come right around Broxton's birthday, we always work that into the celebration week of it all!
This time was no exception and he had  good time.  

I am not sure where Broxton went... but as with every fun event like the circus, we have to buy popcorn.  When you buy a big thing of their popcorn, you get these silly clown glasses this year.. At least at our venue.  This kid was beside me and enjoying the popcorn... Then, he took the mask off and it was BROXTON!!  What?!    

One of my favorite parts of anything is when they present the American Flag.  Maybe it is because I am married to a military man... Maybe it is my patriotism.  Maybe I just love red, white and blue... Or maybe it is all of the above, but at the end of it all, I love seeing her bright colors waving for all to see and most times I will always try and take a photo of her whenever I can.

As with all of the previous Ringling Bros shows, they come out full force, letting us see all of the people that make the show a success and to be honest, after the flag, that is one of my favorite parts... They have pretty much every act of the circus out there in some way or another and although it is busy, it is so exciting and I get so energized.  The bad part of it all was that there was just so much going on, I was not able to get a good photo of it all, but take my word... AWESOME.  

Once the show started, we were entertained with the clowns (that I also saw walking through the stands beforehand taking pictures with fans.)  Mental note - try and get there early, as they open up an hour before to a preshow where you can get down on the circus floor and get up close and personal.  

They had horses and acrobatics and all sorts of spectacular shows going on, but one thing that I was excited for was when they brought out the human cannon.  Broxton was not really sure that they were really going to shoot someone from it, but he was so excited to see that big cannon right there in the middle of it all.   Sure enough, that girl up top slid down there and a few seconds later, she was flying across the place- landing safely to a bunch of cheering!!!

The other act I enjoyed was the Tigers.  There is something about those big cats that makes me smile. Maybe it is because Marc is an LSU Tiger fan?  No- seriously... they are so pretty... yet scary at the same time.    Its like you want to get close to them, but then the fear makes you keep your distance.

We had a good time, but I will admit, when they did intermission... We left.  I am not really sure what it was...  I don't know if Broxton was preoccupied having a friend there, maybe he wanted to play more than watch the show?  Maybe it was because we went to a day time show (when he is normally being active, versus an evening show when he is calming down more.)
Something just did not feel right.  I personally felt it was lot more tame than previous shows...
There seemed to be less going on.
In the past, I said there was just so much going on that it was hard to watch everything at once...   It was literally a "THREE RING CIRCUS" with three events going on at the same time and you had to choose which was more exciting...    This time, it just seemed like a more slower feel to it all.
Yes,I loved ladies doing their show in the air, but it was just really long and seemed to drag on.  That was going on while the horses were doing there bit and after a few minutes, I was sort of over it as well.  

I do wish we had stayed to see the motorcycle act... Or the one where they run on those hamster looking wheels - in the air- while doing flips and what not... but we decided to head on out.
I know those are always so exciting, but I wasn't feeling that great.. the kids were ready to go and play... so, while it was a first time for our friends, Broxton and I had been before and we decided to leave.   

I do wish I had more pictures to show you... but I do hope you enjoy the few I did post.
Don't forget that Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey travel all over... So, they should be headed your way soon.  I am honestly already thrilled that they will be coming back next year.  *Each year brings a new show!!!    While this time wasn't the best for us... I know that I will go again... but will more than likely go at night, as it seems better suited for us!!!   


How We Do It....

If you read my post last week, my little boy is now a big 5 year old.
I ask you this, WHERE does the time go????
It seems like just the other day he was born and though all the milestones are flying by, I am loving every single minute... Although I do wish they would slow down just a bit... 

Anyways- he had his party this past weekend.
We invited a few friends kids and then the kids in his class at school and his karate class.
We actually had a nice turnout and we really liked the whole thing.
I LOVED the smiles and excitement on all of the kids faces...
From the time they walked in, until they left...
It was screaming, yelling and a great time!
I did want to share a few pictures, but I also wanted to make sure I was not showing any of the other kids, so the pictures are limited... 

Sitting on the "cake" while all the kids were introduced to one another.
  (They also all had to give Broxton a high 5!)
One of the activities?  Knocking down this triangle.  The kids all loved it and they incorporated Star Wars character names in the game, since he wanted a Star Wars/ Lego party!!!
Another activity?  Walking on the Air Walk.  (Pretending they were flying in space... going with the theme!)
I had a hard time deciding the cake, so we went with a picture I took of him, with Star Wars Characters!
WIN WIN on that one!!!
Once home, he got to open all of his gifts.  One gift?  A brand new BAT for his first season of baseball!  

I think the party was a success.  That makes for one happy Mama!!!!


Dinosaurs Everywhere!!! @SterlingBooks

FTC Compliant Review Policy:
The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Working with Sterling Publishing, we have been so lucky to have had the chance to review several lines of their books... Up lately is the Dinosaur Books from Paul Strickland.  Let me tell you, if you have a young one that has a fascination of dinosaurs, make sure you check this out....  You will not be disappointed!  
We were sent Dinosaur Numbers, Dinosaur Colors, Dinosaur Shapes and Dinosaur Opposites.  Granted, they all seem geared for the younger kids, as Broxton already knows all of the subjects that are covered, but he did still enjoy looking through the books and they will be great to work with him when he is working on his reading.  I just wish they would have been available earlier, since they made learning fun!!!  
Check out the books and let me know what you think!!

ONE big dinosaur standing all alone …
TWO hungry dinosaurs biting on some bones.

Short, long
Weak or strong,
These dinosaurs are the BEST!
Who is on the biggest square? How many circles are there?
How many sides does a rectangle have? 

Dinosaur red, dinosaur blue, dinosaur yellow … and purple, too! 
I think this would be a great gift idea.  You could give someone the set of the books with a stuffed dinosaur or even give them the books and a dinosaur cartoon or something?  Either way, these are super cute and will surely put  a smile on the face of the little reader you know!!

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