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Weekend Take Me Back - Twenty One?!

Thanks for stopping back by!!!
I hope that my little weekend take me backs are letting you see more of who I am... If you missed any, feel free to stop over at these links:
You can read how awesome my mom was for my Sweet 16 . Learn about the day My brother was RAN OVER. Oh, and the story of the Snake Whistle.
For today, I want to talk about my 21st birthday. As I mentioned before, my mom is pretty stinkin awesome. I did not realize or appreciate it at the time, so... I guess part of these posts are to share with everyone just how cool she is!!!

When I was away at college, my mom always sent me mail. You know, regular "snail mail," guess that is why I love it so much!
I was living in Atlanta. I was turning 21. My parents were taking my roommate and I to LAS VEGAS to ring in my 21st birthday. Leading up to then... I was working at Diggers, the sports bar that I started working at as soon as I moved to Atlanta. Normally, I would work... Go home, eat lunch and relax...
Then, back …

What To Expect - The Movie FILMED NEAR ME!

I am pretty sure you have all heard of the "pregnancy Bible," What To Expect.
Well, it was pretty neat for us the other day...We were driving and I noticed all these trailers and big rigs in a parking lot. Me, being the ever so curious... I whipped the car around to find out what was going on.
Come to find out, they were filming scenes of What To Expect. Now, I for one, am very curious as to how this is going to be made into a movie.. I just can not figure it out... Unless, they took Heidi Murkoff's advice and then wrote a screen play for it... I dunno...
What I do know is I was looking online to see what I could find out about it... Me being the person I am, I am adding a link for you if you want to check it out...
Click here to "Meet the Cast of What To Expect."

Other than that... I can not show you any pictures of the area... They had it locked down tighter than Ft. Knox!
I laughed and told Marc I had never seen something so secured... Top Secret, must have the President fi…

Will You Click?

I am all about helping a good cause... With that being said... I just received an email that will allow you to click to donate. No, it doesn't cost you anything... But - Your - Time. Pretty Simple. Stonyfield has teamed up with For every click you make, Stonyfield will donate 10 cents... They have almost raised $2,000.00 already!!!! Don't you want to help out?
(It explains it better than I can!)

We wanted to share with you this great campaign that Stonyfield just launched to support the nonprofit The campaign is part of an ongoing partnership between and Stonyfield. Earlier this year, launched its Organic Living section, which is part of the organization’s global Think Pink, Live Green initiative. The goal of Organic Living is to help people understand how the outside environment affects breast health through the chemicals in food, bever…

Furniture Fix #giveaway - As Seen On TV

I always wonder about the As Seen On TV Ads...Do they work?
Is it junk? So, I do buy some from time to time... Sometimes, I am happy, others... Not so much!!!

I had the chance to review the Furniture Fix.
Now, with 4 growing boys, as well as the rest of us... You can imagine how much the couch gets used!
Oh, and game day?
Forget it!! Up and Down!!! It gets crazy. That being said, our couch needed a bit of support. We could really use a new couch, but financially, lets just repair what we have for now!!!!
So, furniture fix... Was it going to be a helper or not?
As soon as the box arrived, I had to open it and try it out...
The box comes with 6 grooves to put together. It is to repair one seat. So, I picked the area of the couch that seemed the worse. (You can purchase more to make it fit the whole couch. One box for a seat, two for a loveseat, three for a couch... You get the picture?)

Wow! Talk about a MAJOR improvement!!!
I was impressed. No, I have not hauled it over to Wal-Mart to buy more yet...

Aloha Friday - Comedian

Is it me, or do the days of the week seem to fly by lately?I mean, summer is sort of ending... Well, summer fun is over, but the temps are slowly leaving...
Football season is underway and all is well :)
It's FRIDAY, which means...
ALOHA FRIDAY Question time:
I am linking up with Kailani at Island Life.
My question this week: Who do you think is funnier? Jim Carey or Adam Sandler?
My answer... I just LOVE ADAM SANDLER. I think we have most of his movies too, he cracks me up.

Broxton's "Buddy Fruits"

I do not know about you, but whenever we go to the store, I always notice the Buddy Fruits Products. Every. Single. Time. Quite honestly, it is the simple packaging of the white with the cute friendly little green apple that catches my attention. The simplicity and how cute it is ... That certainly catches the eye of a child too!

I was excited to see that they have the "Buddy Fruit Bites" now. We have seen the Blended Fruit (and I want to try the Fruit and Milk soon.) But, we have never seen the bites.
I hate to admit it, but we normally just buy the fruit versus the fruit snacks. I would love to have the fruit snacks, but then I always wonder... How much is fruit and how much is all the other junk?
I was happy to see that the Buddy Fruit is 100% Fruits!
(They even tell you on the packaging how much was used for that bag!)
We tried the Orange... That would be 8 orange slices and 7 apple slices in there, in case you wondered. Broxton loved them!
He ate some, put them up and then went back …

Angelina Ballerina - The Shining Star Trophy (Review)

With Broxton, we pretty much watch the same characters, but I am always up for trying something new...
If not, how would we ever branch out?We were sent the new Angelina Ballerina Movie, so I was curious as to if he would actually sit and watch it... I put the DVD on and he came to join me.
I have never seen Angelina before, but of course, I had heard of her... I am not sure how all of her shows go, but the story in this movie was really cute. I loved the message!!!!

The point of this movie is that there is a competition and they must each come up with a talent to showcase. The winner wins "The Shining Star Trophy." Right at the beginning, they all wanted to win... I mean, who doesn't like winning? But - then it is pointed out : It is NOT about winning, but it is about expressing yourself!!
What a great thing to share with kids that would be watching this!!!
Angelina seems like a great friend to have, as she is trying to help all of her friends find a talent to use for the show... Sh…

W/W - Football Season @babyfans_inc

Football Season has OFFICIALLY started and you know what that means...Cold Weather should be coming.... Football brings happy days here (just don't mention the UGA opening game... for this time, we will just talk about LSU, as that is Marc's team and they won... Yes, I am still a bulldog, but a sad puppy at this time...)

So, I know it is wordless/wordful wednesday... I want to give you a sneak peek into something pretty neat:
Babyfans! We found this place yesterday and Broxton is so happy!
He is now the proud owner of an LSU toddler Jersey!!!! Stay tuned... Exciting things are headed your way!!!!!
Until then, check Broxton out!!!!
(He had to change in the parking lot to wear his team!) and yes... He is still showing off his adorable boots!!!
Hey, it was raining here... He HAD to wear them!!!!

***** This is not a sponsored post... I think Broxton is adorable in his shirt and wanted to highlight that for my W/W post. *****


Tons of winners to announce: So, lets get right to it!!!! Feel free to grab my button to share with everyone that you won.... And that they need to head on over and enter the current ones!!!

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September brings fun things to Disney Junior

Just sharing:
Disney Junior (which we enjoy!) is bringing along fun this September!!!!

Disney Junior is ramping up in September with a new "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Space Adventure" special and a "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" Talk Like A Pirate Day marathon and new episode. The month will also feature the debut of the new animated series "3rd & Bird!" and musical short-form series "Small Potatoes," as well as new episodes of favorite Disney Junior series including "Handy Manny," "Special Agent Oso" and "Jungle Junction."In addition, has launched a new "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Space Adventure" micro-site featuring space-themed recipes and crafts and "Mickey's Out of This World Treasure Hunt," where players can assist Mickey and his Clubhouse pals on their journey through space. A Talk Like A Never Land Pirate Day micro-site will also debut Friday, September 9, that allows …

Do You Use Rewards When You Travel?

We do not get to travel much...With Marc's job, it just doesn't happen that way. Also, a family vacation would not really be that fun if it didn't include him, know what I mean?
Whenever we do travel, I plan on taking advantage of the Rewards programs that are out there!
If you think about it, grocery stores offer rewards cards, why not hotels too?
Do you travel often? I know people plan vacations during the summer, but they also plan them for the winter as well. Also, if you are a big football fan, you might plan to take advantage of the away games to work into a family getaway weekend...
Well, I have received a couple emails that I wanted to share with you.
Wyndham Hotels has the "Wyndham Rewards" program. It is the "largest lodging loyalty program" and it seems to have locations everywhere!!!

If you are looking for a fun getaway, check these out:
(This was just copied/pasted from their email, but it explains it pretty clear how wonderful this program can be... …