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Having worked in a Sports Bar for ages, I am all too familiar with the whole good eats / great sports atmosphere.  Now that I am no longer working in that environment, I can honestly say that sports is not 24/7 for me... But that does NOT mean that sports (mainly FOOTBALL)  are not a huge part of our household.   When gearing up for great sporting events, you also want to plan on good food to munch on throughout the game, but let's get real... Do you really want to be in the kitchen the whole time while everyone else is enjoying the game? With us, we normally just order a pizza... but that is totally changing now!!  

I was recently given the opportunity to work in a review to share a great way to enjoy it all...  Where we live now, Walmart is our best friend even more so now... The prices are great and the selection is awesome.  (Not to mention we LOVE the day time staff!)  

*** DiGiorno Pizza - currently on ROLL BACK at WalMart
Last weekend, I was headed home and called to ask Marc if he was in the mood for Pizza.  I think he thought I was going to order one, but I was ready to try out the Rising Crust DiGiorno Pizzas from Walmart and Nestle.  The awesome part was that with people preparing for the Big Game next month, you can LOAD UP on Pizza right now.  They are on Walmart's famous ROLL BACK right now and you can grab a DiGiorno Pizza for only $4.50!   I was shocked at the price and impressed with the selection.
With Marc, he would laugh if I walked in with a Cheese Pizza, but I knew he was going to love the selection of Supreme, Three Meat, Pepperoni or Sausage - all at $4.50 each!
Broxton picking out our dinner.

Ended up getting several different pizzas to try.
I ended up grabbing several different ones, as I wanted to see which was his favorite...
Also, he isn't a fan of any pizza crust, so I knew he would need more to fill up!!!

Once home, as we prepared to watch the later playoff game, I headed to the kitchen to make a pizza for us... 
Sealed for ultimate flavor.

I was so IMPRESSED with the quality!  Marc loves olives, I hate them, so with the Supreme Pizza, I just grabbed the olives off of half and added it to the other half.  No lie, I knew it was a frozen pizza, but it did not look like it.. It seemed like someone had ran to my kitchen and made it from scratch right then... Talk about fresh!  Once the pizza was finished, I put some on a plate for each of us and waited... Marc was totally impressed... and I was too, as he even ate the crust!!!!  Talk about being shocked!  
Marc agreed that it tasted like it was fresh made and had he not seen the box, he never would have known it was frozen!  Besides that, it was only $4.50 (and that whole pizza costs less than a meal at a fast food place!)

The final product.  DiGiorno Pizza seriously looks to me like it was made fresh in my own kitchen!

Someone is very happy with the pizza he helped pick out!!!
 As I mentioned, the Big Game is coming up... I don't know about you, but I love the commercials as much as the event... So I know I don't want to be the one in the kitchen worrying about cooking.  These are simple to cook... easy to have a wide variety to please everyone... and very affordable.  While they are on Roll Back, I plan on stocking up, because it was just the ticket for nights when we want a great tasting meal.
(Baseball season is starting for us soon, so this would be great for those nights when games last a bit too long and we need to eat great and fast!)
Even DiGiorno is packaged to remind you about the Big Game coming up!

This not only looks great, it tastes amazing!!
As I said, it tastes great... I mean, honest to goodness, it tastes like it was made fresh in our home kitchen!!!!
So - the question is this...
Are you planning on watching the Big Game this year?
If so - keep DiGiorno in mind - your guests will Thank You for it!!!


Healthy Snacks from @GourmetBasics

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A  bit ago, we were sent a great selection of wonderful goodies from Gourmet Basics.  
I was excited to try them out, as we are always looking for great alternatives of snacks and lunch options for Broxton, the thing is... when they arrived... he wanted NOTHING to do with them!!!
We were sent all of the flavors and I wanted to try the Honey Mustard and Onion flavor first, as I am a HUGE fan of Honey Mustard!!!    We then tried the Sea Salt and Broxton was HOOKED!!  Since then, with each new flavor I have introduced, Broxton has enjoyed them as a nice after school snack.
It makes me happy that he is eating "Smart Fries" versus a more unhealthy option...   and he is actually a fan of all of the flavors now!!!
We had the boys here and they tried out several of the flavors as well...  they ate them, but were not requesting more... Meaning, they would eat them if they did not have an option... but they would have preferred something else...
Bottom line is this - I would buy the smaller sizes and try each flavor before stocking up on them all. You might be surprised with which flavor ends up being your favorite!!!

About Gourmet Basics:
We produce naturally delicious healthy gourmet snack foods. Our innovative snack products are "Better-For-You" than most other snacks out there. Our snacks are made with Low-Fat All-Natural ingredients of the highest quality. We are passionate snack enthusiasts, perpetually creating distinctive flavor rich snack products, using only superior ingredients.
You can follow Gourmet Basics on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


Looking for Fun??? Lego Fan? @LDCatlanta #MakingMemories

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Having a 4 year old little boy an almost 5 year old big kid...
We are getting into the Lego Phase of life... Boy, I thought Army men hurt when you step on them, lego walking is a whole new experience.  *All you parents out there know what I am talking about.

Anyways - getting into the Lego Phase has also brought about a new "want" in our lives...
Broxton has heard of "LegoLand" and he really wants to go...  Seeing as though we are not in a state that has LegoLand, we had to steer him in the direction of "LegoLand Discovery Center" here in Atlanta.
We went once and he had a BLAST... We were there for HOURS and he was in heaven playing with everything there...  I then asked if I could go and review LegoLand Discovery Center to tell you all about it.

We went last weekend (it was Star Wars Weekend)  and invited a couple friends to come along with us.  

Broxton and Keegan at the entrance of LegoLand Discovery Center
 As soon as we got there, they had a Lego Batman out front waiting to greet everyone.  I am not 100% certain, but I would guess it is in anticipation of Lego the Movie coming out February 7th. (*Yes, we have the date memorized, as Broxton is DETERMINED to see it ASAP.)

If you have never been to LDC (LegoLand Discovery Center) let me tell you a bit about it.
First of all, it is NOTHING like Legoland, so don't go thinking that at all...
Now, to tell you all about it..
When you first get there, you get to go to the LDC lab.  In there, you learn how Lego's are made.  They have you do different things (you have to go to learn!)  and then as you finish that area, each child gets a souvenir Lego brick to take home.
After the "lab" you get to head to the first ride they have...    The first ride has you ride and shoot targets, trying to save the princess.  Broxton loved this one... and when it is over, they have where you can purchase a picture of you on the ride, if you like...

Broxton trying to make the match in the Lego Lab.
 The neat part for us is that they have a miniland.  In our miniland, it is an honest to goodness mini-Atlanta.  It was SO COOL to me... Marc and I loved it the time we took Broxton.  They have all the iconic area's of Atlanta... The Fox Theater (showing the play "Bricked")  they also have the Falcons... the Braves...  The Varsity and so much more.  Another awesome feature?
They have it set on a timer.. where it goes from day to night...  You have to see it to totally understand it and appreciate all the hard work and precision put into this.
As I said, we went during "Star Wars Days" and it was awesome to see how they had Star Wars items throughout the miniland exhibit.  This is one of the many scenes throughout. 
Obviously, we are in "lego heaven" so there are plenty of activities going on...
Broxton headed to the Earth Quake area and they had a great time there for a bit...
Here, you can try and stack them high and then turn the level up to see if you made your creation sturdy enough to survive the shaking...   Or, you can just play and have fun like the three of them were!!!

Playing in the Earth Quake area.
The first time we went, we were surprised that they have 4D movies there...
They show a new movie every 15 minutes...   Well, the day we were there, we somehow saw the same movie both times... No clue... Well, this time around, we were able to see 3 of the 4 movies they offer!!!
The movies are only 15 minutes long (and are included in your entrance fee.)

Broxton loved climbing up here and yelling "Tickets Please!"  over and over again.
(Not to worry, other kids did it too!)
I just love seeing that face!!!  He loved the movies and I loved seeing his interaction throughout the movie!!!

LegoLand Discovery Center was a great time for us...
Not pictured .... but they also include another ride and an indoor play area.  The indoor play area is for a certain height, but if you have a little one, they also offer a "Duplo Zone" where the smaller kids can play.  
They also have a Racer area where you build lego cars... and then there are two areas.  One is where you race your creations... and the other is a hill where you can let them speed down!!!
Finally -- and Broxton's favorite ----  They have a Master Builders area.
This is a room off to the side.  Each day, they have a master builder there and they have a mini class where they teach them how to build something.
Broxton stayed in there for a good amount of time (the first time we went) and loved it.  

If you are in or near Atlanta and have a Lego fan, I would totally recommend going...
If you are planning a vacation or something and will be near Atlanta, I would try and squeeze in time to go.    The times we have been, Broxton has really enjoyed himself.  I love that he is having fun and being creative.   I will tell you this, we went Saturday and Sunday --  Sunday was much more slower paced than Saturday....  Also, if you buy your tickets ONLINE you can save more money than if you purchase walk-up tickets.  

**** If you are a Star Wars Fan, make sure you visit my blog next week... I will be posting the pictures from LDC Star Wars days then!!!****

Have you ever been to LegoLand Discovery Center?  

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FTC Compliant Review Policy:
The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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