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Looking For a Conversation Starter? Download the Weird #HolidayGiftGuide

If you are having a hard time trying to get a gift for someone on your list...  I highly recommend the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Download the Weird book! We were sent a copy for review and it has been passed around by everyone! As soon as it arrived, I sat it out and my husband was the first to jump into checking it out! For one that "doesn't like to read" he was turning pages and reading everything that was printed! To the point that Broxton wanted to look and he had to tell him to hold on as he wasn't finished reading the article!  Yep, he wasn't just looking at the pictures! Once he was done, Broxton decided it was his turn to check it out... He has picked it up several times wanting me to tell him about what is on different pages... Yes, we have officially reached the phase of life where everything is a question....  It is good, but it is also not that great when a simple answer will not work! We went to visit my parents the other weekend

#Family Movie Night with Crooked Arrows

 Have you ever watched a movie and immediately felt that you needed to start facebooking and tweeting and calling to let everyone know about it? I know that I posted about a not so family oriented movie earlier, so I needed to share this with you now! Truthfully, it is that good that I wanted to go ahead and let you all know about it, in case you were planning your weekend, you can consider watching this for a family night at home! Crooked Arrows was a great movie and it is for sure family friendly. I do not think I heard them say any profane words and I even noticed where most movies would have chosen another word, they said "tail." Okay, it does have a few scenes in a casino... and girls dancing on the bar for about a minute, but that was really it... Just a heads up, the caption on the screen says "vagina" twice I think... but it was just where the kids got a translation wrong... they were not being perverts or anything...  So, what is it about Crooked A

Movie Selection: The Watch Available November 13

Ever since I heard about The Watch, I knew it was one I wanted to see...  First of all, it has Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller, so I knew it was going to be funny. Then, it was filmed RIGHT NEAR US... So, I really wanted to see it. I like watching movies in area's I have been to see if I notice anything. Actually in The Watch, it was filmed in Marietta Square (we have been there several times and Marc actually rides by there all the time on the train.) Also, it was filmed in my cousin's neighborhood.  As in they could watch filming in their yard! It was originally called Neighborhood Watch, but then they changed the name to just The Watch.   What did I think of it? Well... Truth be told, I was busting out laughing at several scenes...  It was funny, but that was to be expected with the cast.  I like Jonah Hill too, but he is in some "not family friendly" movies... so he is never really a "must see" actor.  The other guy, Richard Ayoade was pretty goo

Ornaments With Love #HolidayGiftGuide #Giveaway

If you have been around Jumpin Beans for the holidays, you know how much I love tradition...   Also, hopefully you remember one of my traditions is getting a new family ornament each year!   I am totally in love with the speed and quality of the Ornaments from Ornaments With Love...   Lucky for all of us, they were excited about offering a giveaway for one lucky reader!     Each year, we try and pick out a cute family ornament for us to add to our tree... The first year I did it, the boys were so surprised and they kept talking about how much they loved it. So, when I saw how happy that made everyone, I knew it was a new tradition we would do. The original tradition was just a Christmas ornament for each boy, so that way when they grow up and have a tree of their own, they will have ornaments to place on their tree to relive the memories! I will tell you one thing, each year I have such a hard time deciding what personalized family ornament to get, that truthfully, I h

Keep Paper Coterie in Mind for the Holidays

If you know of a kid in college and you will be buying for them this holiday...  Let me remind you of Paper Coterie..  I know when I went to college I had a box of "memories" from my time there...  This would have been perfect and actually, I might go back and upload a picture from my time there and make one for me now!!!! Paper Coterie  has Memory Boxes. They had the bog one (that I ordered for Broxton to keep his Pre-K items in...)   But then they came out with a 10 x 10 Memory Keeper.   I actually ordered that one with a picture of Marc and I on it and plan on having it for our keepsake box... The link in this post is an Affiliate link.   I have enjoyed Paper Coterie and thought you might want to keep them in mind for the holidays. *** As an affiliate, I was able to review a Memory Box.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.  ***