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Aloha Friday - Celebrities

It is Friday! Time to link up with Kailani and enjoy the weekend!!!!

My question this week:
Are you a celebrity junkie?

As in, do you like meeting celebrities?
If there was a movie/tv show being filmed near you, would you go to try and see if you could catch a glimpse?
I am... Marc isn't and he thinks I am crazy for doing so, but I just think it would be neat!   Like the story I can tell Broxton about when ANN MARGRET held him as a baby...  See?  Great stories!!!!
Have a Great Weekend!!!!

Up, Up and Away with Thomas and Friends

Knowing how much we LOVE Thomas in this house... You can imagine the excitement when we opened up the new DVD.  Up, Up & Away today!!!!
Thomas and his engine friends reach new heights of fun and adventure in Thomas & Friends: Up, Up, & Away, a collection of four soaring episodes available March 6th from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.  This all-new release special feature content includes a game and puzzles, exclusive only to the DVD.  Timed to the release this spring, five Thomas and Friends toys will also be available so kids can reenact their favorite Up, Up, & Away adventures.

Synopsis: Thomas and his friends reach new heights in these high-flying adventures!  Thomas and Percy have a special adventure as they try and try again to bring balloons to Mr. Bubbles' Big Balloon Show.  At the Children's Steam Fair, Emily learns there are great rewards - and laughs - in helping others; Kevin tries his hook and Hide and Peep and Thomas has a wonky whistle!  

Episodes …

Party With Your Princess: Angelina Ballerina: Ballerina Princess

What Little Girl doesn't love to dance?! Celebrate Angelina Ballerina's latest DVD release with a dance party of your own!

Once upon a time there was a graceful mouseling ballerina who loved to dance, and put on magical performances with her friends. Her royal mouse-ness is back doing what she does best – charming and entertaining aspiring young dancers – in AngelinaBallerina: BallerinaPrincess, a new, five-episode collection on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand March 6, 2012 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.  Leap into the fun as everyone’s favorite dancing mouseling tracks a mysterious tutu, learns that every role is important, uses creativity and dance to tell a story and more! SYNOPSIS:  Join AngelinaBallerina and her friends for enchanting adventures filled with princesses, princes, kings and queens. Dancing their way through Chipping Cheddar, Angelina encounters a bad fairy, uncovers a Cinderella-like mystery, treats the king and queen to a regal performance and bri…

Here's a Little Help From Barney: Clean Up, Clean Up

We can always use help with getting Broxton to clean up around here... Who better than Barney to help show him the way? While watching Barney : Clean Up, Clean Up ... Broxton was eager to help... Now, I am not saying this will turn your child into a cleaning machine, but it does make it a bit more enjoyable... and who doesn't love the Clean Up SONG?!

Who says being tidy can't be fun?  Let preschool favorite Barney show cleaning up is enjoyable when everybody works together in Barney: CleanUp, CleanUp ...  from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. This release is accompanied by 19 fun songs including everyone's favorite "CleanUp, CleanUp" song and an all-new game, "CleanUp Time," found only on DVD!  Barney and his friends prove that kids can have a great time being cleaning machines!
Barney shows how to make cleaning fun; from painting the caboose, to washing windows, to putting away toys! See Riff  learn new tricks when his litterbot leaves him in …

Make it Fun @funbites Review and Giveaway

We have decided that it is time to put Broxton into preschool...
He is always talking about wanting to be a big kid and go to school... so, we have decided not to hinder his learning... We thought about it alot and after prayer and thought... He will be starting next school year.
He will be going to preschool at the church we have been visiting.
That being said, I am already starting to plan for when that time comes..

One thing?  LUNCH.
He will take a lunch to school each day and I want to keep it fun and healthy.

I have been seeing this product, FUNBITES online and lucky enough, I was able to get one for review...
(One lucky reader will win one on here as well, so stay with me!)
We were sent the Funbites Green squares for review.

This is just too cute.
It is basically this little cutter that helps make mealtime fun!
(They also have one that makes a heart, but we did not get that one.)

Luckily for us, we had just received the funbites when we received another review item.
(Gourmet Br…

Stouffer's Farmers Harvest- Meals for One

If you are ever looking for a quick dinner for one... Keep Stouffer's Farmers Harvest in mind. 
I know there are times when Marc is working, Broxton is in the mood for cereal... and I am still wanting a good meal... This would be a great dinner idea to have in mind! 
Great thing is that it is in the freezer and ready to be prepared!  Love that they are in BAGS, that way you can make a nice presentation and then These Farmers Harvest Meals are packaged in single serve bags... Available in grocery stores nationwide.  Make sure you check them out soon... With 5 varieties, I am sure you will find one you love!!!! ·Chicken Florentine: Grilled white meat chicken and penne pasta with spinach, carrots and broccoli in a creamy parmesan sauce. ·Creamy Shrimp Scampi: Shrimp tossed with penne pasta, broccoli, yellow carrots and red peppers in a creamy lemon garlic sauce. ·Five Cheese Tortelloni: Tortelloni pasta stuffed with a blend of five cheeses and tossed with yellow carrots, peas and zu…

Easter Memories

My parents LOVE to see pictures of Broxton..  And I just have a couple to share with you today...

We have been visiting a new church... and we are really loving it so far.  

The other day, they had an egg hunt for all the kids in the community... (I heard thousands of eggs were dropped)  and of course, we took Broxton.  It was his first "real" egg hunt, as he normally just hunted them in our yard... and as the only child...

It was fun, they had area's sectioned off for each age group:
 They even had the Easter Bunny Show up for pictures!!!!

If that wasn't enough excitement... They even had a bounce house... one for bigger kids... and one for Broxton's age:

Hope you had a Wonderful Easter.