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Bella Sara- Emma's Wings #Giveaway

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I have never in my life heard of this... but it must be pretty cool..
Lucky for you, one reader will win this copy.

BELLA SARA: EMMA'S WINGS, the first ever feature-length movie based on the trading card sensation, takes viewers on a magical journey to "North of North," a mythical, horse-filled land where earthling Emma comes face to face with the evil Ivenna, who is out to destroy the herds, steal their magic, and take possession of the land herself. Now, it's up to Emma (the voice of rising country music star MacKenzie Porter) and her new friend, Sara, to overcome all odds, rescue the horses and learn her true destiny.

This first-ever movie based on the multi-million selling trading card series (160 million+ cards sold and counting!), the world of Bella Sara also includes numerous licensed products, such as apparel, puzzles, games and apps, as well as, a hugely-popular virtual world with more than 3 million registered U.S. users.  Don't miss out on the BELLA SARA phenomenon, soaring onto DVD this April!

  • MacKenzie Porter (Guess Who's Coming to Christmas, The Horses of McBride

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Creativity Day in Georgia - FREE EVENT

*** This is not a sponsored post.  I just thought it would be cool to share if you are looking for something to do this weekend and you are near a location...

New research suggests kids' test scores for creativity are falling and while Atlanta school’s CRCT scores are also declining, some parents wonder if might have something to do with the prevalence of smartphone and tablets.
A nationwide movement designed to unleash kids' natural curiosity and introduce them to the world of creativity is underway across Georgia this weekend.
Creativity for Kids was created nearly 40 years ago by two moms who had a dream of providing creative opportunities for all children especially when access to the arts in many schools is diminishing. Studies link creativity to academic performance and their mission is to get kids making things to unlock their potential. "So far, we’ve even seen children using the can itself in Atlanta and the results are awesome. Kids have created amazing, fantastic and unique objects and characters, often with imaginative narratives,” said Marcia Harris, spokesperson Faber Castell Creativity for Kids. 
During Saturday's free events, kids will get creative as they pop open a cardboard "Creativity Can." Inside each can is a mix of fun materials a child can make into anything. Kids can then share their creations in an online gallery.
The Creativity Can is designed for kids of all ages, including those with special needs. There are no instructions in the Creativity Can. It is completely open-ended and there is no right or wrong way to create something.

Creativity for Kids, offers these suggestions for parents in search of low-cost to no-cost ways to help kids develop creativity at home:
1) HOUSE HUNT ADVENTURE: Take your kids on a discovery tour at home, helping them find items inside the house they can use to make something new. That empty cereal box, the toilet paper rolls in the recycle bin, or the dry macaroni shells are perfect choices, for example. Once they’ve gathered up enough items, let them create.
2) TREASURE HUNT OUTSIDE: Take them on another discovery tour, only this time do it outdoors in the backyard, at the park or on a hike. Help them find leaves, grass or plants. Then take them home and encourage them to create a brand new nature scene on paper.

Creativity Day will be celebrated Saturday, July 12 the following locations in Georgia. 

Learning Express
Jul 12, 2014
7300 North Point Pkwy
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Learning Express
Jul 12, 2014
1401 Johnson Ferry Road NE
Marietta, GA 30062

Learning Express
Jul 12, 2014
Roswell-Wieuca Shopping Center
4407 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA 30342

Learning Express
Jul 12, 2014
Toco Hills Promenade
2953 N. Druid Hills Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30329

Jul 12, 2014
100 Peachtree Pkwy North Suite 8B
Peachtree City, GA 30269

Learning Express
Jul 12, 2014
Next to Kroger
2295 Towne Lake Parkway #136
Woodstock, GA 30189

Skin Tight - Body Serum from @mioskincare

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Life eventually wears your body... but there are things you can do to help prevent aging... or rather "aging beautifully."  I was sent the Mama Mio Eye Know Serum for review... long story short, it took some time to finally get to us, and now I see that it has been discontinued.  Now, I see that they have a product, called SKIN TIGHT,  that sounds about the same.. but this is a "tightening BODY serum" where the product we were sent was an "eye serum."  The thing is... this body serum says it is facial quality... so that is a great thing!  I will say that I liked the way it felt, but I did not use it regularly enough to notice a difference.  

How to use 
Use once (or twice!) a day for 30 days for maximum results. This is facial quality skincare to tighten crepey skin and you are going love how this makes your skin look! Feel free to get inventive about where you apply Skin Tight tightening body serum. This retexturising serum is multi-purpose. Boobs, tummy, backs of arms, tops of legs and droopy knees can all benefit from a little ‘lift, tighten and tone’! Reality check – improving the texture of your skin is a commitment. Anything that promises instant results will not work; it will take 30 days to obtain maximum results. Once you achieve your desired result, use Skin Tight three times a week to maintain it.

Fit Skin Tip 

If layering under other bodycare, apply Skin Tight first. Amuse yourself for 15 seconds, and then apply the other product.

How it works 
Skin Tight smoothes, retexurises and brightens uneven crepey skin. Think juicy grape not wrinkly raisin. It takes facial peel technology and applies it to the body. Its four stage action of exfoliation, skin tightening and massively nourishing moisturisation with antioxidant protection will combat crepey, slack, tired skin - anywhere you need it. 

This serum gives both a short and long term benefit with exfoliating Papaya Enzymes, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, brightening Vitamin C, antioxidants Pomegranate and Green Tea plus our unique firming Oat Protein Complex that fights off future wrinkles and sag.

Have you ever used a Skin Serum before?

I'm gonna check your ears check your eyes find out how much you've grown #DocMcStuffins

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Now that I have the theme song in your head... Or maybe its just in mine... Side note, I LOVE hearing Broxton singing the Doc McStuffins Theme song...  "The Doc Is In... and she'll fix you up... If your a TOY- YOU'RE IN LUCK!"  Well, now we are singing the song even more, because we have a few new books from Disney Books!  
We love Doc and I love that the creativity of kids is shown in this character!  Broxton has said at one point he was going to be a doctor when he watched this show...

First book?  Doc McStuffins - Starry, Starry Night  (Ages 3-5)
I LOVED this book!!!!  It starts off with an introduction of the characters on the show, so for you parents /grandparents that aren't familiar, here you go... A cheat sheet!   
Once you start reading the book (it is a Level 1 book,  Beginning Reader... meaning Simple Text.  Word Repetition.  Great for Pre-K through Grade 1)  The book has us seeing Doc getting ready to watch a meteor shower, but the telescope isn't working... Doc and her crew find out what is wrong and get things back to working order, right before the show starts... but the part that makes it even better?  The book ends with Doc giving the kids reading the book tips to protecting their eyes!!!! (I bet you can never in a million years guess the diagnosis... You will have to read the book to find out!)  

The second book for us, Doc McStuffins - Doc's Mobile Clinic  (Ages 3-5)
This book is a great board book perfect for the younger kids... I love how this book starts with Hallie and her really country accent!  "Jumpin' June Bugs!"  Well, Hallie and the other toys load up in Docs mobile clinic and head to the park to help out all of the "sick toys."  From hula hoops to basketballs ... Doc has the answer!  The book ends with Doc giving tips on how to make sure you take care of all of your toy patients!  

The final book we were sent was Doc McStuffins- Brave Dragon  (Ages 3-5)  This book will be available on August 5th, so be ready to grab it when it is out.
This is a Pre 1 level book, meaning it is Reader in training... Pre-K through Kindergarten.  Easy Vocabulary, Word Repetition, Short, Simple Sentences.
This book lets us visit Doc and the toys as they play at the park.  Stuffy gets a bit scared and Doc tells him to be a brave dragon.. This is repeated through the book --  remember this is short words...  simple sentences...
I liked how this book ended with Docs tips on playground safety.
These are great books and I know that we will be reading them over and over again.
Are you familiar with Doc McStuffins?  

Looking to Plan A Party???? @MyMainEvent

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Last week we were able to go to the official opening of Main Event Entertainment in Alpharetta... What you didn't know is that we were there just a few days before learning what all is offered when you have a birthday party there... (You also might not have known that we went back last weekend when my parents came to town...  We really love that place... Also, we had friends that saw our review that headed there today...  we might have tried to meet them, but it was just not happening today.)  
So - today I want to tell you about their birthday party options... 

The day of the party was our first time at Main Event and you pull up to a massive building, it is very festive looking and let's face it... Who isn't ready for a good party??  We invited some of Broxton's friends... They new it wasn't his birthday, but it was just a "celebrate summer" party...  

The building --- Eat Bow Play
You walk in and since we were having a party, we had a party host immediately greet us and start getting names and shoe sizes for the kids...  They had a big plastic bin that they put the kids shoes in, so that when the bowling was over, you could just grab your shoes and get ready to head on over to the next part of the party.  
Just part of the bowling lanes.  There was a whole different area over to the right on the other side of that wall.  

The different seating areas for the bowling party.  
We were throwing a party for 10 kids... so they said we would have 3 lanes.  * The number of lanes depends upon the number of bowlers.*  We were glad that they did 3, 3 and 4- they were able to get a whole game in during the bowling hour.
I did note that when we got to the lanes, they were trying to input the names of the kids...  (Our party was a training event for them to work the kinks out prior to opening...)  I mentioned that I thought it would be best to have them input the names of the guests when they were getting shoes, as to not cut into bowling time for the kids...  
The bowling slide / guide.  
Now, I have NO CLUE what this is actually called, but it is a slide/guide to help those that need a bit of help to get the ball down the lane.  We were able to have one for each lane, so that was a big plus.  It was also pretty cool that they DO OFFER bumpers... and you don't have to have it up for every person.  They let you check off if that particular bowler needs them and then they pop up when it is their turn and then lower when their turn is over.  That was really cool to me, I thought it was all bowlers or none.  (Great for a party with different skilled bowlers!)
The bowling theme that was for our party.
I did think it was absolutely awesome that they did a birthday party theme on the bowling screen...  *When we went back with my parents, we learned that they have TONS and TONS of themes...  and that time we went the TOONS theme... where they had OUR pictures on cartoons.  Talk about a great laugh.  I highly recommend that for EVERYONE to use!!!!
Party table set up.
Once the bowling hour was up, they helped everyone get their shoes and then they returned the shoes to the counter.  I did note that they had all the kids line up and had them go to the bathroom to wash their hands before heading over to the table for the food.  
Their Pizza was very filling...All the parents agreed.
When booking your party, you get to choose what food option you want. (Options are hotdog, burger or pizza.)  We went with pizza (since most kids seem to like it.)  You got to choose between pepperoni, cheese or both... We chose both.   I did like that when they brought the pizza out, they had half cheese/half pepperoni on each one...  The kids ate some and the parents snagged a piece or two as well.  We all agreed, it was delicious and very filling.  With the food choice, you also get to choose 2 drinks.  We went with water and lemonade.  They had several soft drink options, I noted to the party planner that they might want to eventually offer an additional juice as most kids aren't soda drinkers... and just lemonade and water might not please everyone.  
The "free game" zone.  A BIG HIT!!!!
After you eat your food and open gifts or whatever you want to do... The kids each get their game card and at that point, they are free to go to the game room. * Parents, that is when you keep an eye on your kids the most... They are no longer part of the party and are back with you completely now.
They do have a "free game" that is a game on the floor that ALL the kids loved... it had several games and they stayed there for a bit before heading to the arcade.  

A ropes area is an additional package you can add for your party.  It is actually ABOVE the arcade.  
Laser tag is another add on option that you can add to your party.  
My friend and her oldest son enjoying one of the simulator games... They were "riding a roller coaster."
Broxton and a friend riding snowboards!
Another friend and her son driving the Batman race game.
I loved that they had games that both catered to boys and girls... and kids of all ages.  
Broxton by one of his favorite games - the fishing game.
We ended up staying there for I have no clue how long... All the kids had a blast... The parents had a blast too... it was an amazing time and you know I am all about "Making Memories!"  

I will say, I was very impressed with the communication between us during this time... This was the email confirmation telling me what package we had "Booked."
The party package that we went with was called THE BIG BLAST:
*A Party Host to guide you through your event
*One hour of Bowling, including the rental of Bowling Shoes
*45 minutes at a party table with all of your party supplies. This includes plates, cups, napkins, a bundle of five balloons, candles, matches, and a cake cutter. All you need to bring is a cake!
*A Party Menu selection for all of the kids (you choose pizza, hamburgers, or hot dogs for everyone).
*$5 FUNcards for every member of your party to be used in the Arcade.
*Complimentary invitations; you can follow this link to create your own virtual invitations through

*** If you are in the area this upcoming weekend (July 11-12th) ***

They have even more excitement planned for their newest location!!!!!

See what is going on:  (This is a tentative plan, so don't hold me to it!)  
Friday we will have two different radio stations broadcasting from 2pm- 8pmOn Saturday we will have the events going from 10am- 4pm and one radio station broadcasting from 2pm- 4pm. On both days we will have a carnival type setting out front of the building with a face painter and a balloon artist. We will also be doing a game called Passport to Fun, which is like a scavenger hunt around the facility and you get a prize once you finish.


Latest Release from @LilTeammates? Lil' Troops - #Giveaway

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We have plenty of little collections of toys and what nots around here... Since Broxton loves sports, we have several of the Lil Teammates that we have reviewed in the past...   Back when I went to the AmericasMart, I learned that they would eventually be releasing Lil Troops and you know we were SO EXCITED!    After the LONG WAIT...  We finally got an awesome toy to review!   Since daddy is Infantry, you know that we were thrilled to get the Infantryman for review...   The other we received?  The dessert trooper.  You know that we were thrilled with them and Broxton has been playing with them over and over again... I thought he would for sure add them with his Lil' Teammates, but nope... they have not socialized with the sports figures, they have been commanding the troops (the green army men.)   
Broxton was very happy with his Lil' Troops Infantryman and Lil' Troops Dessert Trooper.  

Each of the Lil' Troops comes individually packaged and you get to see the accessories that comes with them.  The Infantryman comes with a flag and the Dessert Trooper comes with a canteen and a radio/phone. 

The back of the Lil' Troops package lets you see the other figurines that are being sold.
I did enjoy that the Lil' Troops have arms and legs that move and let you pose them.  This was a nice feature, especially to a little boy that loves playing with them all the time.  

·      MSRP: $7.99
·      Can be found at, local AAFES Exchange Stores, and online!
·      Fully licensed, 3" tall vinyl figures.
·      Collect all 5 Series 1 Figures!
·      Ages 4+
·      For more information visit

Now, one lucky reader will win 2 figures.
These are selling out quickly, so the figures you request might be on hold or sold out.
The will try their best to accommodate the one you want.  (Infantryman is currently out of stock.)

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Body Exfoliator from @MioSkincare

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Summer time means needing to take better care of your skin... I say that, but at the same time, I know that winter also means taking care of your skin... In actuality, we should all be taking care of our skin- every day.  We received the Mio Body Buff for review and I was surprised that Marc let me use it on him...  It was a gritty type lotion... that I rubbed on him. I was able to rub it on his back and his shoulders/legs... Then, he got in the shower and was able to enjoy a nice shower with fresh buffed skin!  I have actually used it on myself a few times and I tell you, the smoothness my skin feels is great!  

• softens and hydrates for skin that feels brand new 
• perfects and brightens uneven skin tone 
• fine formula that prevents ‘cheap scrub skin damage’

How to use 
Use at least twice weekly. Massage into DRY skin before showering off. Double Buff is super easy to use. Feel free to use on your wet face too - you don't want your face feeling jealous of your lovely legs! Double Buff is the perfect skin prep for any of our Mio Firming Faves or Moisturising Miracles.

Hot Tip 
Double Buff is a brilliant prep for your skin before applying self-tanner. This means the tanning lotion will go on without streaking or leaving you with orange knees and Shrek toes. It is also an excellent prep for your skin before getting in a bikini - skin always looks better and healthier when it is smooth and exfoliated.

How it works
This is double action body buffing in 30 seconds flat. Your skin will feel and look different the very first time you use Double Buff, superbly soft, smooth and dewy. Exfoliation is key to fit skin. It increases cell regeneration (younger skin cells = younger looking skin), improves strength and elasticity and makes your skin very, very, very touchable. We developed Double Buff to avoid the 'big bits, little bits' problem with many salt/oil scrubs. These can make you feel well exfoliated but, in reality, the big shards of salt or sugar rake your skin. If you saw this under a microscope, you would never use chunky scrubs again! Our Double Buff uses perfectly rounded spheres of Pumice, Lava and Bamboo blended with Papaya and Pineapple enzymes to dissolve away any roughness.

Do you ever use a Body Buff on your skin?

Encyclopedia of Disney Characters

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Disney has been a name we have loved for as long as I can remember. I had tons of the movies on VHS (yep, totally dating myself now!)  and now we are trying to add to our DVD / Blu-Ray Collection.  With all Disney movies, you get to learn... and fall in love with... all of the characters.  
In this Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters, we start with ABU and end with ZURG.  This Encyclopedia is a hard back book that features fun facts, tricky trivia, and cool quotes about over 150 Disney heroes (and villains!)
I loved that it even had Jiminy Cricket in there, he was always a cute character to me.  This book is so up to date, it even had SVEN in it (from Frozen!)  
Besides the character pictures, it also has:
"Tricky Trivia!"
One example is from Pongo and Perdita (101 Dalmations) " What is the puppies' favorite TV show? "  Answer- " The Thunderbolt Adventure Hour."
An example includes " Monsters wear " odorant" to make themselves extra smelly.  Some popular smells include Old Dumpster, Low Tide and Wet Dog! "
Example from Olaf " Some people are worth fighting for."  

We have really enjoyed looking at this book and I love hearing Broxton's excitement whenever he sees a character he loves.  Yes, there are many in here that I have no clue about.... Edna Mode?  Colette?  Pascal?
That just means there are plenty of Disney movies and books for us to still explore!  
Who is your favorite Disney Character?  


Graduations All Around!!!!

I am not sure how your summer has been going, but ours has been fun... and so very busy!
If you remember, we started summer off with Broxton graduating Preschool and finishing up his first season of baseball....
Then, we have had birthday parties, play dates, getting to go to Comic Con in Atlanta, Lego KidsFest and SO MUCH MORE.....
As I have said, life is about making memories... and I love the opportunities of the memories I am getting to make with him!
One thing that I have yet to share with you???

One of Marc's other boys recently graduated High School!!!
Can you believe it?
One graduating High School while One graduates Preschool... The same year!
Where does the time go????
 Not the best of pictures, but I thought it was a great capture of how exciting that night was!  

Both of the graduates!  
We are so very proud of him and know that there is so much out there for him!   

Live Well Equipped with @Boltwell

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Ice storm of 2014 --- Do you remember that at all?  I know I for sure do.  We had like back to back issues... Marc's dad had just passed and we had to make an emergency trip to deal with things... leaving us stranded in a hotel for days (since the roads home were closed.)  
Luckily for us, we were in a hotel... Others were stuck at home and were having other issues of their own.  As a mom, I like to think that I am pretty much prepared for whatever might happen our way, but truth be told, I didn't have a "go to kit" or anything like that...  

We had ice... We had snow... We made memories... and lucky for us, we had power!  
The ice on our trees out front.  
As I said, we were lucky that we had power and were safe, but there were many people left stranded... In their homes, in their cars.. at school... you name it...  and they just basically had to "deal with it." We now have an emergency kit to have on hand if we are ever in that situation again... I tell you, it would have been great to have this when we lived in our apartment, because every time it started raining, our power went out...  Anyways... We were sent the B*101 "Live Well Equipped" Kit from Boltwell for review and of course I had to show it all to Marc and get his opinion on the contents.  

 The kit was sent in a nice and sturdy box for easy storage until you were to need it.  I did wish that it would have been in a plastic storage container, but then Marc said he thought it would have served a better purpose being in a METAL container --- in case you needed to boil water, you could actually USE the storage box!  (I thought that was an awesome idea!)
The box was packed nice and neat and it literally had a little of everything to help you in case of an emergency.  Of course, the main space taker was the first aid kit.  This was a nice plastic zip up bag that had plenty of medical necessities inside it.  Marc liked the radio the most... but he was also impressed with the "toilet kit."
Included in the box:
Weather Radio (with flashlight... and SOLAR POWERED!), Hand Sani Pen, Mutli Tool(cuts, saws, screws, opens files, bottle opener), Food Bar, Ultibrush (all in one toothbrush), Toilet Kit , Quick Dry Chamois Towel, Dry Shampoo, Pocket Lantern and First Aid Kit.

All in all, we were both really impressed with the Boltwell kit.  Can you think of anything that you would need in a kit like this?  

Organize the Bathroom - @ToiletTreeProd

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

You would think I would be better at terminology than I am... but I will not even try.. That being said, our bathroom has a nice big tub... but it also has the separate shower that is in the glassed off area.... (Whatever that is called.) Anyways, having that stand alone shower is great, but it also doesn't give much room for my bath products and Marc's too.  
Think about it---  I need shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and face wash... 
He needs his own shower gel and whatever else we think we may need...  All of that and we just have one little square to put everything...  When I was contacted to review the Shampoo and Soap Shower Dispenser by Toilet Tree Products, I was so excited!!!  Marc came home and he was just as excited as I was... It took two of our bottles to eliminate the need for them in the shower.  Of course, I put MY shampoo and My conditioner in there...  
It was so easy, you literally just peel the backing off the tape pieces on the back.  Then stick it to wherever you want it to go...  You can take the top off the containers to fill them (the white part on top) or you can actually slide the whole container off to refill them, whichever is best for you...   For me, I just took the top off, filled it up and went on about my day...  
I was so impressed with them...
Just one push and you got a dime size amount (you know, what the "directions" say... although I never use that little of an amount, I hate to say that outloud!)  Just a couple pumps and I was good to go.  Also, it never leaked!  I was so excited....

Then, it happened.... I was sound asleep and I heard a boom sound.  Scared the crap out of me... I went to see what had happened and sure enough, the whole set had fallen off the wall and was on the ground, shampoo and conditioner coming out all over the floor.
I was so mad.  I cleaned it up and placed the shower organizer in the sink to dry off.
A few days later, I decided to try it again.  The tape to adhere it was still sticky, so why not?
I thought maybe because I tried putting it on the fiberglass (?)  wall that it wasn't a good stick.  (If you can see in my picture, the wall had grooves in it, so it wasn't flush against it all the way...)
This time, I decided to go with placing it on the glass.  I knew for sure that this was going to have no air bubbles or anything, so I was ready for it....
Granted, the time it stayed up was much longer than when I placed it on the wall, but it also fell off.
Let me say that I think that this was a pretty cool product and that I really wish I would have tried placing it in one of our other bathrooms that had the shower curtain and a fan in there... I really do think that it would not stay in that particular shower because of all the moisture.  The bad part?  I can't move it to another shower this time... The tape was still sticky, but the hooks that hold the container to the back were broken off, leaving it not able to be used anymore... 

Would I recommend it?  If you are going to use it in a shower that has a fan to help get rid of moisture, I for sure think it would be great...   Or if you wanted to put it in a bathroom near a sink ... (you can buy a single dispenser)  I say yes... I would buy it...
But, if you are planning on using it in a stand alone shower like we did, I think that it might not be the best for you.  (Even suction cups don't stay on that long in there...)  


What Type of Robot Would You Like?

FTC Compliant Review Policy:
The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Robots are pretty cool to me, but lets be honest, it is the kid creations of robots that I love the most.  We were recently sent a Time for Kids Explorers - Robots for review and I hate to say it... but it made me happy and sad at the same time.
It was neat to see the robots of the past --  an automatic man in the 1900's (to pull a carriage)...  a "robot" from a play in the 1920's...  the list goes on and on...
I thought that was neat, but then I started seeing the robots around today...
Fireman robots, Police officer robots, even soldier robots.  I think that is neat, but at the same time, the more the robots do things, the less need of actual humans ... then what will we be around for?  It was pretty cool to see the different ways they have used robots... from "robots that work" to "robots that protect" and even "robots that help."  There are many others, but if I told you all about them, you would not have any surprises when you go through the book!  

After looking through the book, I will say that my favorite section was Robots that Kids Make.  It is so fun to see the creativity that kids have and to see when they follow through and complete things... This book has close to 100 pages and the pages are full of robots for you to enjoy!!!  This would make a fun book to enjoy this summer!!!
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